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That’s Not How It’s Done! 40+ Times People Placed Objects The Wrong Way

Disorganization is enough to make any sensible person feel out of place and confused. How often have we heard people renovating their houses because the window panes were crooked or the ceiling fan was not centrally aligned? In some cases, people even find themselves straightening paintings on other people’s walls because they seem to hang awkwardly.

The whole concept of tidiness and organization is something that will never grow old. It’s the satisfaction that comes from looking at a neat setup that makes us happy. Still, there are people who have a hard time managing their surroundings, and end up with disheartening displays of poor workmanship and quality. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this list and see how alignment is an abstract idea for some people!

The Odd One Out

Printing mistakes while manufacturing goods are not that rare. What must be uncommon is assuming nobody would notice and going ahead with distributing the defective item anyway. Well, in this case, we believe hoping to avoid detection didn’t quite pan out in the end.

Replacing the misprinted product would have hardly been a tiresome job for the packaging personnel. But, at the end of the day, an otherwise perfectly fine pencil should not go to waste for a printing error either. As they say, waste not, want not. Although, we think that perhaps selling such pencils separate from the regular ones might have been a better idea.

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

These delivery guys have one job, to ensure that packages get safely delivered to the customer. But it seems on this day their mind was tied up elsewhere, or maybe they were just in too much of a hurry to hang around until the resident collected it.

With that said, the least the drop-off guys could’ve done if they were in such a hurry was to place the item in a safe spot. Now this package is helplessly caught between a rock and a hard place indeed. Just one push of the main door and the entire parcel would go tumbling down the front steps – pity.

Something Isn’t Right

This place must have confused a lot of people. We just hope this misunderstanding got nobody in trouble, but it is astonishing how somebody could get such a simple task wrong, or maybe someone was playing a prank? It’s unclear.

If we hadn’t known any better, we would have assumed that it was some sort of contribution to the whole inclusivity movement, but it’s pretty evident that it’s a mix-up and a pretty basic one at that. Hopefully, the restaurant gets the issue resolved, or the establishment may just end up in hot water with the customers!

Who Did This

There is a way to eat a Kit Kat bar, and we’re sorry to break it, but this is not it, far from it. Munching on a whole bar like this is quite simply not acceptable. These are delicious wafers layered with smooth, creamy chocolate and are enjoyed best with delicacy. Thoughtlessly nibbling on one in this manner detracts from the whole essence of an indulgent experience.

Although pausing to think for a moment, it does seem physically impossible for someone to successfully bite into a whole bar of chocolate from that angle unless they nosedived into the candy bar. Which leaves us wondering, was this a prank?

Not Where It Belongs

This bottle of soda appears to have lost its way and walked into the wrong turf. The worst part is, it’s the competing brand’s territory that it has found itself in. This is clearly a prank because the logistics of this mix-up actually happening at the manufacturers are nigh impossible.

Both products belong to different companies and are therefore bottled at entirely separate locations. Though some cola purists might disagree, fizzy drinks are just fizzy drinks at the end of the day, and getting one different bottle in a 6-pack doesn’t actually ruin anyone’s shopping experience.

A Complete Fiasco

People who slice beautifully baked cakes like this are the same ones who had trouble coloring within the lines when they were kids. Sadly, they sometimes fail to grow out of that habit. Notice how the baker has even drawn lines for the cutter’s convenience.

But the unfortunate part is, this person managed to ruin the cake nonetheless. When it comes to serving with elegance, a little care and attention go a long way. We just hope it wasn’t a big birthday party or anything, and there were fewer people present to witness this complete disregard for symmetry and tidiness.

Designing Gone Wrong

Ever walk into a store and see an unsettlingly life-like mannequin sitting at the entrance? Now imagine walking into the shop and witnessing this one. It would indeed manage to spook anyone, although perhaps this was some marketing maneuver on the owner’s part.

The strategy would certainly grab the attention of whoever walks in through the door, and perhaps that is the whole point of it. Though there’s a slim chance, anyone would buy the shoes that the dummy is wearing. At least the unconventionally put-together mannequin will get people talking, making it the perfect ice-breaker and comic relief for the shoppers.

Taking No Chances

Without a doubt, it is important to ensure that one’s Wi-Fi is password protected. We could prevent a lot of cyber damage if our web access is foolproof. But some of us can be a little lax about it. Not this person, though, nope, the determined Wi-Fi owner in question is not willing to take any chances.

Not only would this password be almost impossible to guess, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be tricky to even copy it. We wonder what the user would do if this piece of paper got lost. Unless they had it memorized, in that case, we have nothing for this Mary Poppins fan but respect.

Because Impartiality Is Overrated

Generally, if someone gets asked to cut a food item in three, they will more or less be inclined to slice it into equal parts. Not this person, though. It’s safe to assume that they must not be a big fan of impartiality.

Still, maybe they had a lot on their plate already and made an innocent mistake. The real problem will face the trio who ordered the roll. After all, who will get the larger portion? We hope those folks could settle it with a round of rock, paper, scissors, or maybe they could just politely offer it to their youngest. Sharing is caring, after all.

There Goes Symmetry In The Bin

Puppies are undoubtedly insanely adorable. And when they’re lined like this as they nibble their food from tiny bowls, the cuteness certainly overloads. But only if the person who arranged the pups like this paid a little more attention to the symmetry.

While the pattern appears to be alternate black and blonde, there seems to be an inconsistency on the left. Had it been any other creature, we would have protested the oversight, but since it’s dogs, we’ll just let it pass. They’re too cute regardless! Plus, it wouldn’t be nice to interrupt their mealtime just to rearrange them.

The Stove Concern

Some folks find cooking to be therapeutic. They find comfort in creating a scrumptious meal and are immensely satisfying when other people enjoy it. But such people often find it particularly frustrating when their equipment is not working how it should be, which is the case in this photo.

In the picture, it’s immediately noticeable that the cooktop design is not correct, which looks very dangerous. The manufacturing fault probably caused some grief for the consumer who posted this on social media, making one wonder how it passed quality assurance. We hope the customer was able to get their money back for this.

Not So Perfect Flooring

Nowadays, there are many kinds of social media accounts; there’s even one for tiled floors. Every follower of this page finds it oddly satisfying to see perfectly laid flooring. But sometimes, floor pictures can find a wider audience for a very different reason.

Although we must admit that it’s a minimal tiling concern, which might not even bother most people, aesthetic perfectionists are a different matter altogether. Even a slight lack of attention to detail is enough to spoil the whole design for them. That is why we sincerely hope the person who created the flooring already fixed their small design oversight.

An Inexistent Window Seat

Airplane passengers vary on their preferred seats, with a few folks even finding the middle seat perfectly acceptable. While some passengers prefer sitting next to the window, most travelers choose the aisle seat for easy bathroom access.

We were not sure where this little boy was expecting his seat would be on the plane. But based on his reaction, it appears access to a window was high on his list of in-flight expectations. Sadly, there’s no such opening next to the boy. Without a bird’s eye view to help pass the time, we hope that his parents brought a few of his toys for him to enjoy on the flight.

The Packaging Mishap

These Growing Capsules are a famous toy that many a child has wanted to get. For those unfamiliar, these fun packages contain capsules that turn into different animals when put into water. It’s no doubt an entertaining pastime that every kid can enjoy. Unfortunately, this particular packet looks somewhat off.

The person who packed this had one job: to place the capsules over the designated spaces. That didn’t happen in this case, and the capsules were placed above their intended position. Fortunately, little children usually don’t care about such mishaps, and as long as the pellets did their trick in water, all would have been well.

Is That My Messy Wife?

The longer a married couple stays together, the more they learn about each other. More often than not, people find good things about their significant other, but they may also find some things that need improvement. Something like that is what happened to the person who posted the picture.

This gentleman found out that he has a very messy Mrs. As one can see in the photo, she has somewhat unceremoniously sampled all the snacks in their pantry. The aftermath looks like the handiwork of a naughty child. Although we think if their relationship is strong, the couple can definitely overcome this together.

The Eraser That Doesn’t Erase

As children, we got told to use pencils with erasers to help fix our writing mistakes easily. We may be older now, but pencils are still in use in schools everywhere, and kids still make just as many mistakes. That’s where the trusty old eraser comes into play.

Although instead of an eraser that does its job, the photo shows one making a mess of things. We don’t know the science behind this frustrating situation, but we’re sure that the person who used this pencil is not satisfied with their purchase. With luck, we hope they found a more acceptable substitute after taking this picture.

One At A Time

Everyone gets an idea every once in a while that’s great, but upon execution, not so much. For example, using a white crayon to mark a spot on white paint while not realizing it defeats the purpose. That is just what happened to one social media user at home who needed some slight renovations.

The interior designer probably thought it was an incredible idea to put the drawer with a long handlebar next to an oven door that opens onto the same space. We’re confident this client is unhappy having to open the oven door whenever they need to open the drawer, and we hope they eventually got it fixed!

Why Not Use The Guide?

Homeowners looking for an organized kitchen can buy such a board to hang their frying pans. Hand-drawn outlines of their cookware will act as a guide on where to place them. That way, anyone who wants to clean the kitchen can quickly know where everything goes.

Yet, someone put all that organizational effort to waste by not being more careful. Whoever cleaned these pans simply couldn’t be bothered to put them in their right place, which must be frustrating for anyone working hard to keep their home as organized as possible. We definitely hope this kitchen space looks far better organized now than it does in the image.

The Delivery Problem

We always hope that a package is properly delivered to us whenever we order. So, why, oh why, would someone leave a package underneath a door lock? Not only is it blocking the door, but it’s also an open invitation for someone to grab it and run.

In hindsight, the deliveryman probably wanted to make sure that the product wouldn’t fall over. It’s probably why he decided to secure it against the door. Hopefully, there’s nothing breakable inside the package, or this would be a whole other story, which we don’t want to happen.

Pointless Pencils

Some people find satisfaction in the little things, like making a pencil look sleek by sharpening it perfectly and efficiently. Sadly, there are instances when no matter how one does it, the end result never looks proper, causing no end of frustration to some people.

That is just what happened in the photo seen here, where a social media user posted this picture of their disastrously sharpened and rather hopeless-looking pencils. We realize the frustration such manufacturing flaws can cause a consumer but perhaps these could be set aside for when one wants to play a prank on an unsuspecting friend needing to take notes. Tempting, no?

A Break In The Pattern

Floor patterns are incredibly fascinating for those who prefer standing or walking with their eyes downcast. It isn’t uncommon to find a few chipped tiles or scratches here and there. But, a deliberately misplaced tile that changes the pattern entirely is not something anyone would miss.

In this store, the broad chequered squares on the floor create a sense of expanse, but the carefully laid dimensions went to waste because a single black tile got placed incorrectly. We wonder if the man responsible plays a lot of Pacman or was short of a white tile. Whatever the reason, it certainly broke the harmony of the design!

Spot The Odd One

Whenever we walk down the aisles of a department store, the rows of neatly displayed products in different colors are a pleasure to watch. Even though identically placed, the goods appear organized, and it’s easy to pick one and drop it into our checkout shopping cart.

Yet here we have rows upon rows of mustard bottles standing to attention on their lids, except for a single one standing out like a rebel refusing to follow orders! Why would the staff do such a thing, to annoy the customers? Certainly not! It’s far more likely to be the handiwork of an errant kid running around the store unchaperoned.

That One Dark Spot

Here is a newly renovated bathroom with tightly packed miniature tiles looking pristine and ready for use. And then one draws the curtain away only to find that solitary little mismatched blotch on the floor! Oh-oh! The first reaction would be to wipe that off, only to realize it’s a red tile!

Short of accepting it, there’s not much one can do. If the homeowner is a stickler for neatness, the spot will always be a sore thumb disturbing the harmonious ambiance. We’re certainly left wondering what the construction workers thought of the anomaly as they were placing it on the floor among so many other obviously different-looking tiles.

A Botched Up 2

As mistakes go, this one is mighty uncommon. We find ourselves genuinely stumped about how this came about; it doesn’t seem like a playful attempt at a prank. Bit it could definitely be one of those slip-of-a-hand things that got the button stuck upside down, only to find it was too late to fix the error.

While one could keep speculating about all the possible reasons, we’re wondering about the people who use this elevator every day. Whether they found out the story behind the inverted button or not, we hope none of the work crew got into a fix because of this.

Thrice Wrong

Shaking the right amount of mustard out of the bottle is a frustrating exercise. For this very reason, condiments dispensers are a blessing! It’s easy to get a generous dressing on our burgers without having to work the arm muscles for it. Such a relief indeed!

Although, when the different condiments get placed incorrectly, we wonder how helpful the dispensers are anymore; anyone can hit the wrong button because none of the sauces are where they should be! This is a perfectionist’s worst nightmare! And if one happens to dislike the taste of relish but gets a good amount on their favorite sandwich, that’s lunch ruined right there.

Short Options For Tall People

Growing taller might be on many people’s wish lists, but tall ones have their own sad stories to tell. From having to bend down to others’ eye levels to constantly picking stuff off the top shelves, height has its disadvantages. And if these folks find themselves in houses with low ceilings, it can get frustrating fast!

To enjoy a good shower, one needs space, and if blessed with more than an average height, they are bound to hit a few bumps on their head in a house with low roofing. The look on this person’s face says it all! Small bathrooms sure come with some big issues sometimes.

Unpaired In The Garden

There’s that little corner in the garden that is left vacant without a shrub. The design warrants one right there to form a pretty circle and complete the layout’s aesthetic. Could it be that the landscape artist could not find a matching shrub or didn’t have time to plant one?

This design oversight almost interferes with the serene surroundings for anyone looking at the beautiful lawn from above or meditating amidst the greenery. It’s hard to forget the omission, and someone particular about the patterns will struggle to let it go. Maybe a resident would take the initiative to plant one and bring some relief to the local perfectionists!

A Few Too Many

Honestly, this picture confounds us to no end! It is a case of a few too many dispensers than one would ever need within such a small space as a public washroom! We can’t fathom the reasoning behind placing five over three washbasins!

Any children coming in might probably get a bit playful trying to decide which one to use first. They may even end up pulling one from each since taking a napkin from only one would seem so unfair to the rest! These dispensers make a compelling case for using less water and more paper towels, though, if that was indeed the architect’s intention.

Perfect Imperfections

Anyone who’s tried to gift-wrap a potted plant or a lampshade understands the effort and frustration involved. It’s impossible to get all sides perfect and crumple-free. That’s the exact kind of feeling one gets when looking at this photo. Some decisions are just hard to make, no matter what one chooses!

The car owner has two options – a perfect quantity or a perfect price. Going for the round figure on one would mean compromising on the other. Letting go doesn’t come easy to some people, and such decisions, no matter how small, may seem like a monumental task. In this case, choosing the gallon saves a cent, so why not?

To Dot Or Not To Dot

Being organized may come naturally to some, and they may not need any external help to remember things. But many keep a diary to jot down all their tasks in neat order. To-do lists are absolutely a must-have – like the one in the photo. It’s a good organizer for sure, but look a little closer!

The notebook’s perfectly aligned lines and sections to include everything from personal to professional life are heaven-sent for anyone who seeks order. But, this particular diary in the picture has a dot missing from one of the lines – Easy to miss, but it is a glaring gap for those who seek perfection!

Thinking Out Of The Box

Some things are there for a purpose. A dustbin is used for throwing trash, and the signals are there to direct traffic. Just like that, a check box is made to get ticked. But again, our human brain is known to think differently, and this girl truly thought “out of the box”.

The circle around the box does not just make the viewer uncomfortable, but it also challenges the order we’ve learned to do things so far. But on the flip side, the guy who proposed seems to be in a pretty good mood as just found his soulmate.

Breaking The Monotony

As humans, we are constantly trained to follow a certain pattern. And these patterns follow us everywhere we go. In short, we are accustomed to doing many things in an orderly manner. But when this monotony is broken, it could create an uneasiness inside us, that’s hard to explain.

Something as small as not taking pills in a specific order, just like this picture, can irk a human mind to its limit. But honestly, how hard is it to use the tablets row by row? We hope this person shares the logic behind this.

Parking In A Parallel Universe

A parallel universe is a place where everything happens in reverse when compared to our normal universe. But scientists haven’t found any solid proof of this theory until this picture revolved around the internet.

Not one or two, but every car parked in this parking lot is in the opposite direction from the guidelines. But according to the internet, this isn’t a normal human error. Instead, it is the work of a top-secret cult. Well, whatever it is, one thing is for sure -every driver in this neighborhood needs to take their driving test again.

Gold Medalist Of Errors

The good thing about errors is that they will get recognized by the public eye one day or another, no matter how minute it is. And for the poor on-field person who drew the mark lines at this stadium, it was his day of judgment.

When we look closely, the error is not that drastic. And most probably, it won’t determine the winning or the losing factor of the race. Yet, in a place where everything is decided in a fraction of seconds, this tiny little error sticks out like a sore thumb.

A Road That Leads Nowhere

Sidewalks are considered to be safe for people walking on the road. But what if the same sidewalk could end in a seemingly confusing fashion? Well, whoever built this footpath deserves a round of applause for creativity.

Yes, we cannot remove the pole, so we have to make our way around it. But in this case, the construction team didn’t bother connecting it to the other section. Instead, they just stopped abruptly, making us wonder what happened. Our respect goes to whoever crossed this sidewalk without tripping and falling over.

The Sprinkle That Switched Sides

If anyone is obsessed with even a slight form of perfection, then this image would indeed be alarming for them. This candy sprinkles jar looks perfect till someone notices that the lonely little blue sprinkle has decided to switch sides. It’s followed by that urge in us to make things right.

It also looks like the blue sprinkle is trying to fit in among the mountain of red sprinkles making its way deep into the jar. And we believe this candy was into some exploration expedition by itself, leaving behind its folks. But who knew something so trivial would manage to trigger some humans outside its world?

Maybe The Trees Were Here First

Who doesn’t love an aptly structured avenue which is correctly organized with everything in its order and place? This array of trees is spectacular and picturesque, but trying to make our way through this sidewalk is not going to be a piece of cake.

We believe that these trees might have sprung up naturally, so the designer thought to pave the path around them rather than disturbing them. Indeed the image will hit a sweet spot for nature lovers, but this bizarre placement doesn’t sit well with some of us. Kudos to the men at work for respecting nature, though!

Why Won’t The Lights Go On?

The benefits of eco-friendly resources are immense compared to our traditional fuel and power sources. Besides, solar-powered energy is one of the widely used methods out there. So when we think of installing those solar panels, one would need some sun for it to work.

It looks like someone’s probably been skipping those science classes to have placed those panels in a place surrounded with perpetual shade. Or perhaps it could be due to some lax maintenance which led to those trees growing around them. Well, at least they tried.

Picture Puzzle

It is rightly said art is pretty subjective, and when it comes to one’s opinion of a painting, it may widely differ from another person’s impression of it. Whoever decided to hang this series of pictures in a bizarre order had a different perception from the artist who created it.

Well, we think it seems pretty commendable that this person put their own creativity into hanging this piece of art the way it appealed to them. Yet, we can’t deny it could have turned out to be a masterpiece if only the person respected the painter’s wishes.

Pick The Floor: A Game

Trying to navigate the elevator may seem tricky for someone new in the building, especially if it’s their first time riding it. As in all cases, one would reasonably expect the floors to be labeled in order. And wouldn’t it be the intelligent thing to do?

Whoever designed this elevator panel had a lot of time on their hands or was intrigued by the idea of lift lotto. We are unsure how a simple display panel in a lift can look this complicated, but we surely wouldn’t want to get stuck in this bizarre elevator. That is unless we race to pick the floor with our lift buddies!

Life Of Pie At Stake

A turkey might steal the show at a Thanksgiving dinner, but our beloved pumpkin pie is undeniably the show-stopper of the festive feast. But who knew that slicing, which seems as easy as pie, could turn out to be so hard?

Clearly, this person needs some lessons on carving out portions of food the right way. They say a good tart is all about a great crust. But the ones who dislike the golden outercoat can easily avoid it with a better cutting angle, eliminating the sides. Let’s just say we won’t stand this treatment of our favorite autumnal indulgence!

Bizarre Sprinkles

After the frosting is all set, we usually want to jazz the cake up with tonnes of our favorite edible sequins. No wonder since it is an exciting part of cake-dressing! And what could be a more classic touch than showering some rainbow sprinkles atop the frozen layer of icing?

This person bought a bottle of just such colorful sugar shapes without looking more closely at the outer package. Although the inner contents are similar to rainbow sprinkles, the label portrays a background image of vegetables, including onion and chilies. Call us old-fashioned, but none of those savory items belong on a cake, now do they?

Swapped Sewers

We can bet that the ones who created this mess with disarranged panels were never any good at solving jigsaw puzzles. He probably took hours to fix the perfect piece at its correct spot. But here, the workers have made the drain seals funny to look at!

From the picture, it is evident that the sewer covers have been mistakenly interchanged. They share an awkward piece of each other, just like broken lovers. We still think the workers should fix the panels to avoid any serious inconveniences on this road. Till then, dear pedestrians, please be cautious!

Tear With Care

It is always advisable to open a carton of milk or cream by squeezing the edges together and pushing the spout out, thereby keeping its seal intact. Well, at least that’s the only option for those who wish to store the product and make it last longer in good condition.

In this case, though, the person screwed up miserably while ripping open the tetra pack’s top seal. We’re not saying it’s a disaster, but the poor soul probably wouldn’t be able to savor the heavy cream for very long as a consequence. So next time, we hope they’ll be ultra-careful and follow the guidelines mentioned on the packaging!