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29 People Who Thought “What Could Go Wrong?”, Then Things Went Wrong

A quick idea pops into your head, and you think that you are a genius. It almost feels like the odds are in your favor, but is that really the case? There are instances where you can get away with committing a small infraction, but always remember, the gods of risks may turn against you at any point in time.

Besides, knowing that a bad idea is actually bad doesn’t require you to conduct a survey. You can just go through this list and see for yourself how undue risks make life a lot harder than it already is. If you are still thinking, ‘What could go wrong if I don’t read this?’ then… Go on and read it! Why take a chance, right?

What Could Go Wrong if You Have a Pet Bird

Having pets is a beautiful experience, especially when it’s a soft furball in a bird’s shape. Parrots or budgies are amazing pet birds, but there’s a downside of keeping them at home; their droppings would be everywhere. From your dining table to television, to cosmetics and expensive machines such as laptops, hairdryers, etc. – the winged creature will not spare anything.

But all is not lost! You can train your pet birds and save yourself from the trouble of running with a tissue paper each time the birdy sits anywhere!

What Could Go Wrong if You Forget to Tie Your Boat

No one wants to be overtaken by their own boat while driving. So, ensure to choose robust ropes and strap your machine tightly before you drive off. It’s an expensive and a very harmful mistake if you forget to do so! This will save you from damaging the vehicle, boat, heavy fines, increased insurance rates, and god forbid, if anybody gets hurt, then it’d include hefty medical bills as well.

So, the moral of the story is – keep yourself and others driving around you safe. Have a pleasant ride, and of course, you can thank us later!

What Could Go Wrong if Adults Invade the Playground

There’s a saying that no matter how old a person gets, they will always be kids at heart. And this is true! Many people still enjoy playing video games and collecting toys. Some go the more traditional route and spend time in playgrounds instead. Unfortunately, these kiddie zones aren’t built for big humans, so expect troubles along the way.

We wonder what this person thought when he decided to squeeze his body inside the spiral stairs. He must have thought it would fit him easily. If he doesn’t get out soon, bystanders might have to call in the fire department to rescue the poor guy!

What Could Go Wrong if You Excessively Hoard

Some people enjoy stockpiling on grocery items on a regular day, especially if they are on sale or if they have coupons on-hand. However, the real problem begins when a global crisis is ongoing, much like the COVID-19 pandemic.

For instance, senior citizens don’t have the luxury of getting their hands on grocery stocks first. Take a look at this older man in the picture. They are left with no choice but to pick what’s left on the shelves. It’s great to prepare ahead, but let’s be mindful of others in the process too!

What Could Go Wrong if Yeast’s Improperly Disposed

Waste disposal is crucial whether one is getting rid of batteries or dirty diapers. In this overflowing dumpster, someone made the mistake of throwing live yeast, and it grew over time. It looks like a scene from a science-fiction film and would probably scare anyone who comes into contact with it!

To avoid this from happening, it’s best to add bleach to unused yeast before throwing it out. This extra step will kill the remaining active yeast, saving yourself from a messy situation. Unless you’re experimenting, then you might as well follow this tip.

What Could Go Wrong if Drones Flew Freely Inside the House

Drones have become a must-have for both aspiring vloggers and gadget enthusiasts. So, having them around the house is no big deal. But what happens if the drone’s propellers would find its way on an unsuspecting head? The unlucky victim in this scenario is this brunette lady who’s gotten herself in a tangled predicament.

Her long locks are knotted to the blades so much that she might result in cutting it out of desperation. Hopefully, it won’t get to that as the hair is every woman’s crowning glory! We have a feeling, though, that her brother might be the culprit behind this catastrophe.

What Could Go Wrong if Cargo Isn’t Secured

This is a lesson learned the hard way that could have been avoided easily in the first place. But, one can’t blame the driver – we guess he was just in a hurry!

If there’s one cardinal rule in transporting cargo, it’s to secure it. Otherwise, one could face an accident down the road. On the other hand, the mishap could happen within the vehicle too! Maybe the car owner thought the weight wouldn’t make the thing tilt forward, but it did. Now, he has to pay a hefty sum to have his rear glass fixed.

What Could Go Wrong if a Plastic Board is Used to Cook Pizza

Sometimes, common sense is not so common. But often, we end up committing errors due to absent-mindedness. For this example, the person baking a pizza used a plastic tray instead of a metal one. As expected, the tray melted right through the oven!

Maybe it was their first time using the oven, or they simply didn’t realize they were using the wrong tray. It’s a mess either way – surely this is the last time this will ever happen. But on the bright side, the pizza looks great, albeit the toxicity!

What Could Go Wrong if One Attempts an Over-the-Top Beach Photo

Let’s admit it: teenagers do the dumbest things just to snap a cool photo. There are times when they do it unintentionally, too, like what probably happened in this picture. In his best efforts to emulate a Kung-Fu fighting scene, he hit the girl’s face instead.

The poor lass got her nose bloodied up thanks to her friend’s failed karate move. At this rate, we’re pretty sure these two won’t be taking pictures together again any time soon. But perhaps, they will change their mind considering they got one unique keepsake out of the accident!

What Could Go Wrong if You Decide to Consume a Live Octopus

We are sure you must have heard of many brave acts, and some must-have inspired you as well. And if you have enough courage to eat an octopus alive, we suggest you press pause on your action.

In an attempt to defend himself, the breathing marine creature would try to suck on your skin, which will leave you with many purple bruises. Who would want that? It may sound heroic to try, but please stick to the good old methods where the food is cooked before you savor your meal.

What Could Go Wrong if You Inaugurate an Eatery Against State Orders

There is a famous saying that – rules are meant to broken, but the courageous act of opening a dine-in restaurant in violation of the state orders will result in losing your health and liquor license. You would not want to disappoint your guests on the very first day, right?

To avoid that, implement the business rules and regulations properly before you plan on throwing a big inauguration party, which may end up as a disaster. Postpone the event if you await approval from the government. After all, better late than ever!

What Could Go Wrong if Someone Hides Objects in the Oven

Ovens are not a great hiding place! If the kids find their favorite toys/things being hidden in there, they’d jump at joy and would straight away want to open it without even checking if it’s on or off. Items can get damaged, or someone can get severely hurt if the next person to use the oven doesn’t check it either!

We get it that ‘Friends’ character Joey did hide his novel in the refrigerator, but let’s not get inspired by him and hide our stuff away in heat or cold.

What Could Go Wrong if I Threaten Via Social Media

Being a legal services professional, one would expect K to be right when it comes to ethical and political aspects, but he’s none the wiser. When the man threatened a local grocery chain with dire consequences, his employer wasted no time and jumped into the conversation.

Taking stock of the situation, not only did his company condemn the actions, they went ahead and fired him through a social media post. In all fairness, he deserved it for refusing to comply with the simple rule of wearing a mask inside the store!

What Could Go Wrong if I Share My Food With Just One Monkey

If you have seen ‘Planet of the Apes,’ then you know the power of the primate family! Now, this person committed the grave mistake of feeding one monkey from the entire group. Evidently, the ape’s partners in crime didn’t take it too well, and a gazillion of them chose to attack the food-giver.

What ensued was a chaotic scene, where monkeys pounced on the poor human to get their hands on food. We just hope that they did not end up giving him lice, or something even worse like rabies!

What Could Go Wrong if I Let My White Poodle Out After Mowing the Lawn

Dogs get immense pleasure in rolling on the ground, irrespective of where they are. So, just after a dog-owner mowed the grass in his lawn, this little pet wasted no time and enjoyed a good few minutes of frolicking in the garden. Moments later, it came out covered completely in the color green!

We are pretty sure that the dog got an earful from its master since it now needs a long bath to get rid of its color. At least, he can send the dog to ‘Marvel Studios’ if they are auditioning for Canine-Hulk!

What Could Go Wrong if I Bleach My Hair Using a Walmart Bag

Frugality is certainly a way of life, and everyone should learn to embrace it! There is no harm in hacking your way to completing a daily chore if you know how to do it right. At times, things do backfire – just ask this man, who unintentionally looks like Eminem now!

It was clearly not his day since he ended up looking like the real Slim Shady after using a ‘Walmart’ bag to bleach his hair. On the plus side, he now gets to be the brand ambassador of the popular store!

What Could Go Wrong If You Try to Wakeboard with No Hands

There’s a reason why extreme sports are called such – they are dangerous and should only be done accordingly by professionals. It’s also critical to use the proper safety gear too! But for this guy, it seems he wants to take wakeboarding to the next level by wearing robes and drinking tea while he’s at it.

The photo results are in contrast, with one looking fancy and the other a disaster. One can only guess how long he must have stood on the board, but regardless, it makes for one unique memory! On a side note, we hope he could finish his entire drink before falling into the water.

What Could Go Wrong if You Burn Those Marijuana Trees

A weekday suddenly got busy for the Philippine drug enforcement officials when they got a tip regarding a marijuana plantation in Manila. They bravely cracked down the operations and seized all the trees that were being grown. But they really didn’t think through before burning all the trees in a residential area!

It led to the entire community breathing air that was filled with weed. If that wasn’t enough, one of the police officers inhaled enough of it and ended up looking dazed. Clearly, nothing and no one was left unstoned!

What Could Go Wrong if I Mess With Costco

We live in an age of constant social media wars. Whether it is brands fighting brands or individuals taking on big corporations, the entertainment value of such banters are always high. ‘Costco,’ the popular American chain, stepped up their game by indulging in a row and sending a strong message too.

It all started when a customer refused to comply with the mandatory mask rule at their store. In what came as a bold and humorous response, ‘Costco’ snubbed the patron and refused a refund on his membership too. All we can say is you asked for it, Sharon!

What Could Go Wrong if I Test My Neighbor’s Patience

We have all come across adamant people who just refuse to comply with simple demands. Usually, there is no easy way to get them to budge, but Chris’s friend found a way to get the last laugh in such a scenario.

When an annoyingly persistent individual ignored warnings and parked his car in the company parking place, a bunch of scaffoldings was installed on the spot. Now, the driver can keep the space for himself, but that car isn’t going anywhere soon. That was quite the way to get back at a person.

What Could Go Wrong if I Don’t Use the Designated Parking Bay

We get it – shopping for supplies could be a tedious affair! Sifting through those racks, rushing across aisles, and braving long queues can definitely take a toll. But that is no excuse to park your car in the trolley zone of the mart.

When a shopper had a brainwave of the best kind and left their car in a no-parking space, the management gave him a fitting response by crowding the entire area with trolleys. Now how this person got out of the mall is a story for another day!

What Could Go Wrong if I Reveal the Prison’s Blueprint

Just imagine over four hundred people escaping from a high-security jail! That’s exactly what happened when military personnel in Afghanistan posted a picture with a map of the prison in the background. In what could be called a mass escape, a 1000-feet tunnel was dug-up and used to flee the prison.

While the police managed to catch dozens of people, hundreds were missing or on the run for a long time. It is worth noting that even a show like ‘Prison Break’ had only a handful of convicts escaping from a cell, unlike this real-life disaster!

What Could Go Wrong if I Throw Shade at My Boss

After going on a Facebook tirade about the boss, this person was in for a rude shock. It turned out that the manager got a clear look at the post and wasted no time in laying off the unhappy employee.

Here is the golden rule of using social media – never abuse! If you decide to go on an expletive rant about your boss or a colleague in any way, ensure that it wouldn’t reach them whatsoever. And remember, this applies only for those people who intend to go back to work the next day!

What Could Go Wrong if I Use an Uncovered Pen as a Hairstick

Out of all the things, this woman found a pen to keep her hair intact! Now, it is not a bad idea, but leaving the pointed tip exposed to your neck can have both hilarious and dangerous consequences. It is a no brainer that a jerk or sudden halting of the subway can leave a stab wound on the back of her head.

Even with all the hazards it poses, we can’t help but notice that the scribbled portions on her neck look like readings of a seismograph. Or it probably screams that ‘this was a bad idea’!

What Could Go Wrong if I Don’t Tie Up the Father’s Casket

Thanks to the driver’s ignorance, this gentleman in the casket has been involved in a road accident for the second time now! The departed one’s body was placed in the backseat without a shred of protection whatsoever. But why wouldn’t he actually secure the casket by tying it?

The driver probably liked to live life on the edge or was careless about ensuring its safety. Either way, it looks pretty irresponsible to us. We wonder what would the poor soul think as these things happen to him one after the other for no fault of his!

What Could Go Wrong if I Dump Hot Charcoal in the Trashcan

Elementary science dictates that heat and plastic react, thereby melting everything around it. This guy probably missed school on the day it was taught since the person dumped barbeque charcoal into a trash can, causing a wild result. Unsurprisingly, the heat led to the formation of a huge cavity too!

Given the fact that ignorance is being feigned when it comes to ensuring safe practices, we would like to propose a book named ‘Kitchen Management for Dummies.’ That should go a long way in averting disasters in and around the cooking area!

What Could Go Wrong if I Ignore the Signage

Motorists often take traffic rules for granted. Right from speeding on the freeway to parking in a towing zone, we have seen all kinds of laws being violated in America. But there are some aspects of driving, where the slightest use of common sense can avert a disaster of great proportions.

Let’s take the example of this truck driver – there is a clear signboard indicating that the massive vehicle cannot pass beneath the tunnel. And yet, this person went ahead, hoping that the truck would miraculously come out unscathed.

What Could Go Wrong if You Have a Huge Blood Sticker on Your Car

Imagine this. You are out on a long drive, having fun with your family and friends, but police suddenly pulls you over. You wonder why as you were in the speed limit and followed other road rules as well. That giant blood sticker that’s gracing your car is the culprit!

Let us enlighten you, a bad sense of humor is no crime, but in some parts of the world, one can be entitled to pay a heavy fine for using such a sticker. Choose some decent prints and save yourself from all this trouble. Besides everything, it looks exceptionally frightening!

What Could Go Wrong if You Put Your Feet Up on the Dashboard and Get Into a Collision

While we hope you all always drive safely and reach your respective destinations in one piece, the opposite may also happen if you are sitting in the front passenger seat with your feet up on the dashboard and get into a car crash. The sudden jerks may dislocate your hip joint or result in breaking some bones completely. Alarming, right?

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice long drive when someone else has taken over the steering wheel. But the next time, just make sure your feet are exactly where they are supposed to be, and everything would be just fine!