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45+ Times Wedding Lovers Shamed Those Who Ruined It For Them

A wedding is a gala event – not just for the bride, groom, and their families, but it’s an important day for many people. A lot goes into the preparations, but let’s be honest, one can never have a hundred percent perfect D-day. There’s just too much chaos and, inevitably a high potential for disasters.

From an upset relative, bridezilla horror stories to tasteless decors, fights, spoiled food, and uninvited guests, something or the other definitely goes wrong during the nuptials. It’s almost like a custom, albeit not a very pleasant one! Let’s have a look at these dramatic, embarrassing, and delightfully juicy wedding stories that get passed on from one person to another. Things like these go viral instantly, and after this read, people would be glad they do!

The Girl With An iPhone

Invitees at weddings want to take pictures to show off on social media, probably. Yet, the stars of the evening will cherish the occasion forever instead of forgetting these moments after 24 hours. Thus, photographers put in a lot of effort to capture every little detail, and here’s what can go wrong.

An over-enthusiastic guest sabotaged the photographer’s work, and they completely lost it on the internet. It’s understandable, though. Look at the frame – it would have been such an amazing, emotional picture of the bride walking down the aisle. Unfortunately, someone interrupted with their iPhone, and the moment was already gone for any possible re-takes! How unfair!

A Spicy Roast

It’s an unsaid rule to roast the bride and groom during the wedding toast. Often friends and cousins prepare their speeches with the utmost care. Still, it’s still a risky moment as they know too much, too many potentially embarrassing stories, and one must know what to filter out.

Perhaps, this best man didn’t bother much or thought it would be hilarious to talk about his friend’s first marriage during the reception of his second. We hope this idea only stayed inside his head, or else he would have to write yet another speech for a third wedding, for sure!

A Feline Faux Pas

Talk about uninvited guests and pets top that list. People do not think twice before bringing them to a party without even considering if it is a feline-friendly event or not. Just take the stressful condition of this bride, for example.

The poor woman is so frustrated with one of her expected guests that she burst out in front of a random cashier. Apparently, this invitee thought it was perfectly acceptable to ask the bride what type of flower arrangements would be at the venue because her cat is allergic to certain varieties. They’ve got some guts, we must say!

An Entangled Love Triangle

No love triangle is simple, but this one is messy beyond imagination – two close friends and one guy! Still, sounds like a usual tale? Here’s the twist. When the friend originally dating the guy moved on, she found her name credited on their wedding website. Her BFF and the guy who dumped her in favor of her buddy were thanking her for the introduction!

Was this couple trying to add salt to the girl’s wound? Well, she could have turned the tables instead of worrying or feeling agitated. She should totally crash the reception, raise a toast, tell the actual story, and give them some of that same salt!

Selectively Sensitive

Apparently, having personal opinions is a sign of instability. This bride clearly doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. She paid without reading the clauses carefully, and now she’s asking for a refund of a non-refundable deposit. All of this is because of the wedding planner’s personal views.

We understand a person can change their mind anytime, but threatening a professional is not a solution in any case. The woman would have probably made an exception if the bride had been polite, but she didn’t leave any scope for that. With the attorneys involved, both parties would have to suffer unnecessary complications!

Calm, Collected & Contagious

The government authorities are taking necessary steps to end the global pandemic, but the public should also do their bit. Still, some people don’t take anything seriously, not even when innocent lives are at stake. Here is a detailed account of a family with unwell and contagious members that still held a wedding reception.

When the management found out that the groom’s mother is absent due to sickness, they immediately decided to stop the celebrations and shut down the venue. Shockingly, the newlyweds insisted on finishing their first dance and cake cutting ceremony. They clearly had zero guilt about risking the well-being of 150+ people! How irresponsible can one be!

Mischievous Groomsmen

Weddings are boring without bachelor parties, which usually entail numerous pranks, but this one was a bit of a stretch. The bride received a beautiful flower bouquet, which read “I Don’t,” signed by the groom. Now anyone would panic after getting this note hours before their big day, and so did she.

The furious woman reached out to her wedding planner, and they tried to dig up the truth. Luckily, it was all a joke from a groomsman, and the fiance was sound asleep, having no clue about what was going on! This poor lady would probably never appreciate flowers as gifts anymore!

Uber Frugal

It’s a bold move to take an Uber to one’s own wedding, let alone booking a shared ride! On top of it, this couple got mad at the third passenger for using the same service. It sounds unfair, but the only silver lining is that at least it’s a perfect match – both bride and groom seem to think alike!

Moreover, the duo probably reached late at their reception, but thankfully, they were in this together, or else the other partner would worry sick thinking they got stood up on their big day. We just hope their fellow passenger didn’t wish them both bad luck in anger!

All Isn’t Fair In Love & War

People already do enough emotional blackmailing in the name of family and love. For example, this lady got pressured into attending her cousin’s wedding, whose fiance is her ex-boyfriend. Moreover, he cheated on her with that same woman – Twisted, right? The entire family knows this, and yet they are okay with this weird relationship.

“Family is all we have” is the excuse everyone is using to convince the poor lady. Her outburst is understandable. She could probably go to the party and take revenge for her betrayal. After all, a little drama at a wedding can sometimes livens up an otherwise dull evening.

Bridesmaid Clones

Okay, we get it – the bride is always the star of her wedding, so the bridesmaids should bow down to all her wishes. Still, there is a limit to what she should ask her bridal entourage to do. Here is one of them who’s asking her bridesmaids to cut and dye their hair!

Even little girls cry and throw tantrums when their moms take them to the salon for a haircut against their wishes! So, we could understand this lady’s dilemma; she isn’t out to shame the bride; she just honestly did not know what to do for fear of disappointing her friend.

Mother-In-Law Of The Year

There is always that one future mother-in-law who would do just about anything not to lose the spotlight. Apparently, her son getting married was not enough to make the day special for this mom, so she thought of an additional event to rectify that situation.

While some groom’s mothers wear show-stopping outfits to their son’s big day just to get attention, this woman planned something more epic – a renewal of vows. Of course, that’s just a discreet way to say she was also getting married! Nevertheless, it wasn’t low-key enough for her soon-to-be daughter-in-law to not notice.

Big Wedding No-No

One of the frequent queries guests often make before a wedding is if they can wear white, particularly women. Of course, the answer is a big no! The only exception to the no white-outfit rule in weddings is if the couple requests their guests to wear that particular color.

Even so, attendees should definitely not wear gowns that look like wedding dresses, like this lady over here. No wonder she appears uncomfortable in this photograph; all the guests must have been talking about her attire. Even if there was no plan to steal the bride’s thunder, that was the impression she’s unwittingly left.

Art Outsiders Dialogue

Clearly, this exchange was between clueless people that are “art-world outsiders.” They do not know the correct value of artistic works since they assumed $1,000 for a live painting was too expensive. On top of that, one of them even thought that Picasso’s works could get sold for the same value!

Those who know and understand art know better, like the last person who commented. This dialogue is a perfect example of refraining from speaking about a subject one has limited knowledge of. We could understand they don’t want to spend a thousand dollars on a painting, but they still shouldn’t undermine the value of a painter’s hard work!

Gutsy Lady

This woman should receive an award for having the courage to speak up on a group page that’s obviously about wedding planning. As we can see, she has had it with insensitive people getting married, so the lady called them out one by one.

If there’s one thing that we can expect from couples getting married during a pandemic is to downscale their wedding celebrations. Yet, there are still those who appear pretty oblivious to what’s going on worldwide, so they go ahead with a grand event! Moreover, there are still brides out there who don’t mind complaining about even the little things.

Dressier Than The Bride

If there’s any person who could get away with wearing an outfit that looks like a bridal gown at a wedding, it’s definitely the bride’s mom. Mama bear seemed extremely happy with her daughter’s nuptials, so she was not likely trying to upstage her.

The bride seems to think so as well since she chose to laugh about it, hence this photo and the accompanying caption. People would agree the blushing celebrant looked gorgeous despite calling her dress simple – it would have been hard to steal her thunder. Although, honestly, if the mom were holding a flower bouquet, we would assume she’s also getting married on the same day.

RSVP In Cash

How does a couple politely tell family and friends that they couldn’t invite them to their wedding? There are so many ways, and some of them are through a voicemail, email, or a mailed note. Well, it seems this couple got the memo and sent this message.

Unfortunately, they were not polite in doing so because they asked for cash gifts! There really should be a seminar on politeness for couples planning to get married. It’s one way to prevent some of them from offending loved ones. The first two paragraphs were quite perfect, but they went on and ruined their message with the last one.

In Sickness & In Health

For couples planning to get married but are afraid of the contagion going around, it’s probably sensible to just cancel the celebration. Of course, there’s also the option to exchange vows virtually or with only the celebrants and the individual officiating are present.

On the other hand, pushing through with the event but reminding guests to observe all these health protocols is pretty ridiculous. Obviously, this soon-to-be husband and wife were scared people would fall ill during their wedding, so why go ahead? No one would be happy to look at wedding photos with attendees wearing hazmat suits!

Not Quite So Professional

There is a reason why couples hire wedding coordinators to assist in their planning – they are the experts. They are the ones who are knowledgeable about events, particularly about proper etiquette. After all, planners usually tell couples what to do and what not to do.

Additionally, these experts are great at communicating, so this list from one of them shocked many. Someone who makes a living out of nuptial celebrations should at least know how to spell the word “ceremony” correctly. That’s not all; there are also so many offensive requests here that we wouldn’t blame the guests for feeling quite put off by the whole affair.

Revealing Priorities

One of the things that couples do to make their marriages last is to give each other personal space. Nevertheless, this move is off in so many ways; we don’t understand why the groom wanted to make it clear what comes first in the relationship – his friends!

The sign meant their big event was moved to a Friday to give way to “boys night.” Even if it was only a joke, it’s offensive to the bride; why she agreed to it in the first place, we’ll never know. If we have to guess, the woman probably felt like she had little choice in the matter.

No Centre-Puppies At Weddings, Please

Of all the unbelievable wedding ideas, this one takes the entire bakery for its impracticality and insensitivity towards pets. We aren’t debating that puppies are adorable no matter where they are, but as centerpieces at marriage venues? No, thank you.

Yet, these guys wish to get a dozen or more puppies to tie each to a table so the wedding guests can pet them. Oh, the horror that would be for the dogs, not to mention the utter chaos it’d become if they started barking and wouldn’t quiet down. Being tied up in the vicinity of delicious and aromatic food is not exactly a terrific idea, either.

No One Missed The Unmasked

We are living in a time when it’s more important than ever to be responsible citizens. If wearing a mask and social distancing can save lives, then some people are diligently following the new norms, so everyone gets a chance to lead a safe life.

So, it comes as an unpleasant reminder that not everyone wants to take responsibility for others. Here’s a family invited for a wedding that doesn’t believe in masks and is asking if they can still attend without following the mandate set for everyone. Well, no can do- Though it looks like they genuinely, regrettably missed the important day. Good for the new couple, though.

A Fishy Choice

If there’s one thing that shouldn’t be part of any wedding celebrations, it’s live animals. For one, there’s too much loud noise to scare the living daylights out of the poor pets. Fishes are no exception. They need extra care and attention, especially when kept in fishbowl.

What seemed like a terrific idea to the bride and the groom turned out fatal for the poor creatures. Carelessly kept as centerpieces, many things could have gone wrong, from the type of water to the bowls that weren’t the right fit for them. They need specially treated distilled water and a bowl wide enough to hold them comfortably.

Mother Of All Wedding Mismatches

We will play a game of ‘who’s there in the pic?’ – a newly wedded couple, right? Nope, try again. No one can guess right because there’s no chance anyone would imagine these two to be mother and son. Trust us, feeling shocked is an appropriate reaction.

Yes, she dressed up in a wedding gown for her son’s wedding. If that doesn’t surprise anyone, there’s more – she even wore a white floral fascinator in her hair. We cannot help but wonder about her daughter-in-law taking it all in on her special day and mulling over what she has gotten herself into.

A Loaded Choice

For starters, this reads more like an invitation to engage in conflict than a wedding of two people in love. Instead of blessings and gifts, bring arms to play guard or, worse, use them if necessary is what it says. How does that even make sense? Isn’t the groom putting everyone, including the one he wants to guard, in danger?

Doesn’t it feel like he’s going overboard to protect his bride from imaginary protestors who may not be all out to ensure a ‘stay at home’ order? Some people do wish themselves into trouble for no rhyme or reason. For everyone’s sake, we hope no one turned up.

Pre-Wedding Snitch-Hunt Bash

Some folks go the extra distance to customize their weddings right down to the minute details for a specific theme. In this case, the guests got handed a weird dress code that left them amused. So, as expected, someone decided to screenshot it and share it with the public. Of course, it went viral, and many netizens found it hilarious.

Well, everyone except the hosts felt betrayed and humiliated by the person who leaked it. Suddenly, wedding party preparations turned into a ‘snitch-hunting’ bash. With a $99 polygraph test, kit everyone had to attend and pass to be allowed into their marriage ceremony. Honestly, we have no words.

Pricey Wedding Presents Only

Here is an awkward exchange we stumbled upon, a classic case of a misplaced sense of entitlement. Among those who explicitly state – ‘no gifts, please’ on wedding invitations, there are people who send reminders to guests asking them to not only bring one but include an expensive stipulation too.

We still cannot wrap our heads around the fact that someone could demand presents costing over $250, which is quite a lot for many. Good that the invitee turned them down but what follows is worse. Are we supposed to pay for all the food, drinks, and cake we consume at a wedding?

No Kidding, It’s A Wedding!

Here’s a woman who is well on her way to losing her cool, preparing for her impending nuptials. We get how difficult and frustrating it can be for a bride leading up to her wedding. There are so many things to handle, and not everything goes according to plan.

Yet, a no-kids rule at a wedding is a bit of a stretch, so is over-reacting to the news that her bridesmaid, who also happens to be her close friend, is finally pregnant and expecting the baby around her d-day. Instead of being overjoyed, she’s stressing about including a newborn on her guest list.

Fashion Faux Pas

A wedding day is something that a girl looks forward to and rightfully considers it her moment to shine bright. It’s a special occasion where she walks down the aisle in her fine ensemble with a twinkle in her eyes and love in her heart; the unwritten codicil for all guests is to refrain from stealing her thunder.

So, when the photographer captures a girl dressed in a gorgeous white gown that can pass for bridal attire at a wedding, naturally, everyone will assume she’s the bride. Alas, this woman isn’t one; she’s an invitee who decided to dress up to outshine the lady actually getting married that day.

Something A Little Different

It’s interesting how modern-day weddings are rewriting some age-old rules that have become traditions. These unconventional and quirky cake toppers take the conventions out of the occasion and might cause some raised eyebrows. Yet, they might equally get a few hearty laughs bubbling out into the open!

We chuckled a bit, too, and why not? These are pretty funny and whimsical additions to the festive cake. Perfect for anyone wishing to avoid all the decor cliches that weddings are supposed to include. In the end, it doesn’t matter as long as the couple is having fun. It’s their day, after all.

Don’t Hate, Congratulate

Weddings are a beautiful celebration of two people falling in love. It is even better when the couple has fully embraced who they are despite other people having a problem with it. This couple’s love bubble burst when the videographer company decided not to provide services because of the couple’s orientation.

People can take their intolerance way too far. This company threw professionalism right out the window. It’s probably for the best, though, as this lovely couple didn’t need such negativity lurking on their big day. We wish them nothing but joy and acceptance for their future.

Ivory Irony

Here’s an interesting fact: Brides first began wearing white for their weddings because that’s the color Queen Victoria chose for her nuptials centuries ago. Naturally, the young queen was such a fashion icon that the tradition has lasted into modern times. Everyone nowadays knows that white is the bride’s color.

With that in mind, looking at this photo, anyone would think that it’s a double wedding but, it’s not. This guest somehow didn’t get the memo about not wearing white on someone else’s big day. We don’t know whether this was intentional or not. What we do know is that it is pretty unacceptable etiquette.

Stuck In High School

One thing that can be fun about weddings is choosing a theme. Some themes are classy, but others can be outright questionable. This couple wants a high school musical-themed ceremony in 2022. While the movies undoubtedly rocked, we worry that everyone might end up looking like a cheerleader there.

Almost adding insult to injury, the couple would also like to invite the movie’s cast members. They even asked the guests if they have their addresses as if celebrities reveal where they live. We now feel convinced that this couple has a sense of humor because there is no way they mean this. Or do they?

Hay! That’s Not Gonna Work

Is there anything worse than a bridezilla? Yes, a bride that’s determined to ruin her own wedding. While we are all for protecting the environment, some things are just not suitable for such occasions. This young lady wants a hay urinal at her reception that might end up stinking up her big day.

In recent years, hay bale urinals have grown increasingly popular. They get used to promote water conservation and upcycling. However, as one may expect, there are some drawbacks, such as no faucet around to wash hands. We wonder what the guests had to say about this.

Jungle Wedding

It is absolutely normal for brides to be uncompromising about what they want for their wedding. After all, some people wait a very long time before meeting the love of their lives and, they only get to say I do once, at least hopefully.

This bride seemed to be a little frustrated that the day she curated so well would have a little person dressed like a lion running around. It simply didn’t fit what she had planned and felt it would ruin her pictures. Well, we certainly hope they came to a compromise; in the end, children will be children, after all.

Well, That’s Awkward

Everyone has a right to invite or even disinvite anyone to their wedding. Yet, there are people out there who make things uncomfortable by self-inviting when they weren’t even part of the guest list. We imagine it’s a complicated conversation to have but, sometimes it can go from hard to awkward.

This exchange took a left turn when this acquaintance found out that she wasn’t invited to the wedding. Instead of taking her cue and moving on, she started giving the bride to be unsolicited advice. It makes sense now why she didn’t make it to the list in the first place.

These Tips Are Tricks

There are numerous ways to save money when arranging a wedding, from the wedding gown to the food to the location and decorations. It could mean making smart choices like giving up a band in favor of a DJ, but there is a difference between being frugal and exploitative.

This website provides extremely questionable advice that may save some people time and money. It implies that couples should seek to skimp on paying for a service by striking a free bargain or coercing friends and family. It’s fine to have a complimentary photographer, but only if they make that offer themselves.

Poetic Justice

We all know that the world is not what it used to be these days. For anyone looking to avoid health concerns and stay safe, it is sensible to adapt and adjust. Yet, some brides who are struggling with social distancing are willing to go through the most to get the wedding of their dreams.

This lady is upset because she was unable to gather all of her 150 guests in one location. She was willing to put the lives of so many people at potential risk to get a picture-perfect wedding. In the end, it came at a price for the couple, though they were fortunate to recover.

Skewed Priorities

A wedding is an intimate affair that has nothing to do with anyone else other than the couple getting married. The guests are there to celebrate their love. With that said, some people cross the boundary by making it about their exes. Isn’t that just disrespectful?

We think it is. This bride-to-be posted a dress poll on the internet for everyone to see. She wants to know which dress would make her ex feel more jealous. That must be embarrassing for the poor groom. If she’s making the wedding about her past lovers, it’s probably a good idea not to get married. Let’s hope she got her priorities straight.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

The ongoing public health concerns over the past few years have been a trying time for everyone worldwide. Some people have moved with the times and adapted. In contrast, others are still struggling to grasp that simple reality, to the point of wishing it away. Well, we’re not sure that’s how life works.

This couple decided to have their wedding the way they want it, without any masks, even if it means those attending may be at risk. We hope the guests were more realistic and took reasonable precautions to safeguard themselves because these hosts certainly can’t be bothered.

Problematic Priorities

People have huge expectations for their wedding day since it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. In this case, getting a worldwide pandemic is such a bummer, isn’t it? Nevertheless, we have seen people go out of their way to ensure their guests and themselves are safe throughout the event.

This couple, though, has slightly different priorities. We understand that they want to enjoy themselves with their family and friends on their big day, just dance around, snap photos, and make good memories. Still, it would certainly not be a good memory if someone falls sick right after the reception!

Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Fairytales are very good at deceiving people. Two people meet, and after a bit of dilly-dallies, they live happily ever after. In reality, not everyone is that lucky except for some people, like our friends D and E, two blessed souls who will never part.

We are sure they planned a big fancy wedding for them, carefully monitoring everything only to find one thing overlooked. The cookie design! It’s too late now; what’s done is done, and we know that nothing is perfect. So imperfection had to make its way in an elegant and sweet way.

Too Much To Handle

Weddings can get stressful, so it’s not a piece of cake to arrange a big gathering. One has to look for the venue, decoration, food, music, and the mind-boggling seating arrangement. Hold on a second, did we forget to mention braces? Yes, some people do have such bizarre concerns, as this bride had.

There is no doubt that wedding pictures should be perfect, after all, they remind us of our most special day. We’re just wondering when did braces start affecting people’s looks? We feel bad for the little girl because braces hurt, but having an attitude like this hurts more.

Absolute Determination

How many people still remember the lesson we were taught at school about determination? That we should not give up even if the whole world turns its back against us. It seems like both of these people were class toppers because they took the lesson seriously and applied it in real life.

Times are not as good as they used to be before, and people are losing their jobs and worse, so while everything is affected since everything is on a halt, not this wedding! These people are so determined to get married that even restrictions and state-wide policies couldn’t hold them back!

Stealing The Thunder

Sibling rivalry is a real deal, and if this is a case of such a dispute, we must say that this has gotten way too far and is wrong on the grounds of stealing a bride’s thunder. There’s an unwritten rule against it, but now, we think it should be printed in bold and underlined.

This conversation between friends has spilled all the tea about a couple. Of course, it’s acceptable that one would want to shine at their sibling’s wedding, but certainly not this way! We feel bad for the newlyweds, but we must say we enjoyed reading the juicy gossip as if we were part of it.

Pearly White Crocs

Everyone involved in planning a wedding understands its challenges, from choosing the bridal party to finding the location. Once a date is set, next comes the preparations like picking out the wedding gown and suit. These details are vital because, as we know, all eyes will be on the newlyweds!

Most modern weddings also have a different set of attire for the reception party, like this bride who did not leave anything to chance when she decided to get some crocs. She even went the extra mile to add some pearls to the shoes. We can only hope that the actual wedding shoes did not follow this theme.

Great Job, Dad!

Weddings are supposed to be classy occasions with everyone dressing to the nines to impress. Sadly, some people do not follow the unspoken rule and decide to attend the wedding wearing an outfit that is not in sync with the mood or theme. In this case, that person had to be the groom’s dad!

We are sure that baseball caps are not part of the dress code, especially when wearing a suit. What’s worse is that it’s a political statement, so we can only imagine the stunned stares and whispers among guests! Well, at least the man in the photo did not come wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Bringing A Party To The Party

Planning the wedding ceremony and reception usually entails setting the budget, choosing the number of people to attend, plus making a guest list. We know that for a couple on tight on cash, this could cause a major headache. That’s why before the wedding, they send invitations to the people they would love to witness their union.

We’re not the ones getting married here, but looking at this RSVP card is stressing us out! This guest decided to invite more than 21 people to the wedding, which is very impractical! Aren’t we only supposed to bring a plus 1? We’d love to know how the couple dealt with this.

Grandma Got Giddy

What is a wedding without a cake, right? In fact, one of the awaited parts of the program is the cake cutting, and it’s usually reserved for the newlyweds or a close person of their choosing. Well, in this reception, the bride’s grandma had other ideas.

We all overindulge on these occasions, but granny surprisingly had taken on more than the rest and proceeded to cut the cake using a credit card! So naturally, it was not very pleasant at the time, but we hope the couple finds it memorable and funny now.

What A Best Friend

As grand and beautiful as it is, a wedding may have its protestors. There are times the mother-in-law doesn’t approve of the union, or even a close friend manages to bring up an issue about the gown. In this situation, however, the maid of honor decided to shave her head!

No, it was not a dare or a new fashion statement. She attended this beautiful wedding as the bride’s BFF but opted that this was the only way to oppose the marriage. By the time her hair grew back, the lady finally got her prize. We just don’t know if she also got a new best friend.