45+ Cases Of Unwanted Pets That Became Family

45+ Dads Who Did Not Want Pets But Fell In Love With Them Right Away

Some of us had pets growing up, and whether we had dogs, cats, or birds, they were always a valued member of the family. For other kids, though, mom or dad just wouldn’t agree with letting an animal inside the house, no matter how much the children begged. In all fairness to those parents, getting a pet is a pretty big decision—and it goes without saying that the adults usually bear the brunt of the work.

In this collated list of wholesome stories, we’ll see dads who were initially aloof and disinterested (maybe even disgruntled) at the furry friends their family members decided to bring home. Yet quickly turned into the biggest lovebugs after the pets had worked their magic. From taking them to trips to building them their very own houses, these dads have certainly gotten converted into the greatest animal-lovers!

Operation Rescue: Success

When Dan’s wife and kids found this poor orange kitty in an abandoned building near the school, they knew it would be wrong to just leave her there. Deciding to bring the cat home knowing that their dad wasn’t a fan of pets was a risky move, but it turned out to be a great decision.

At first, Dan was against the idea of keeping the cat they had named Tabby, but after promises that it would only be for a few days, he finally agreed. To no one’s surprise, Dan quickly fell in love with Tabby, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Greatest Surprise

For some of us, coming home to find an adorable new pet in our house would be a delight, but not for this dad. His kids knew that he would never agree to adopt a pet, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and took it upon themselves to surprise dad with this orange kitty.

It took their old man several hours to warm up to the new addition to their family, but after just a few days, he couldn’t get enough. It was a perfect surprise and based on this photo, dad and kitty look warm, cozy, and totally happy with each other.

Wholesome Adoption

When this dad’s wife and kids wanted to adopt a new dog, he wasn’t having any of it. Convinced that he wasn’t going to give in, he went with them “just to look,” and we can all guess what happened next. After laying eyes on this adorable black labrador, dad’s conviction went flying out the window.

We can’t really blame the guy; just look at that cute little pup! Not only did they give this dog a loving new home, but they also gained a furry family member. Looking at this photo, we wouldn’t be able to tell that dad had been against adopting a puppy just a few hours ago.

Dress-Up Delight

When this dad’s daughter left their house to get married, he was quickly excited for the grandbabies that would follow. Mom, however, was feeling the empty nest syndrome and wanted something to take care of, so she got this adorable little puppy instead.

Dad didn’t care for the new addition at first, but Lola quickly grew on him, as pets often do. He has since stopped asking for grandkids and considers the pup his baby, playing dress-up and parading her around the house. Now, dad and Lola spend their days taking cute pictures to show off to their family members.

Paw-fect Model

This dad wasn’t keen on getting a new puppy, but he reluctantly agreed to keep the peace. Little did he know that he had just made a pretty great decision. It didn’t take long for the budding artist in the guy to realize that their new family member was the perfect portrait model.

Who knew that dogs could sit still long enough for their likeness to be sketched? This well-behaved pup certainly knew the way into the family patriarch’s heart, and he couldn’t be happier! Here we can see dad showing the dog his portrait for approval, and we can all agree that they both did a great job, right?

Personal Chef

Mark wasn’t a fan of cats, and when his family was insistent on adopting one, he threatened that he wouldn’t be helping out with anything regarding the kitty. Well, it comes as no surprise that when Mark saw their new cat Smokey, it was definitely love at first sight.

We wonder how long it took him to go back on his word and do everything for their new feline friend, but we’re betting it wasn’t a long wait. Now, the both of them love each other to bits, as evidenced by the fact that Smokey won’t eat anything unless her favorite guy in the house has prepared it.

Great Big Hug

Giving our beloved pets a big hug always helps to lighten our mood, and we’re sure they all love the attention too. Looking at this photo of a dad giving his furry friend a warm squeeze, we wouldn’t have guessed that he was so against adopting a cat before this moment.

When Snookums came into his life, this gentleman seemed to realize the comfort and peace that hugging a pet brings. He quickly did a 180 and now just can’t seem to get enough. Aside from having the super-cool name, Snookums is lucky enough to have a dad who loves snuggling up as well.

That Escalated Quickly

John didn’t really want to adopt a cat, but when his wife was adamant, he just let her do what she wanted. Soon, one cat turned into two, and two to three, until John woke up one day to realize that he was now living with four new furry friends in his house.

He probably never expected to be the proud dad of four meowing kitties, but we don’t see him complaining! In fact, judging from this photo, they all seem to be enjoying each other’s company and having the time of their lives. It just goes to show that when it comes to owning pets, sometimes just one (or three) isn’t enough.

New Retirement Plans

After retiring from their jobs, Steve and Donna started making plans for their retirement years, including doing new things together and just spending time in each other’s company. Adopting a puppy was definitely not in their plans, but when Donna saw this adorable pup at the shelter, she just couldn’t resist.

Although Steve was hesitant at first, Buddy quickly made him change his mind. Honestly, who can blame him? Buddy looks absolutely adorable! The trio now spends their time going on three daily walks together, and based on this photo, Steve just can’t get enough of his new furry family member.

Jake & Gracie’s Screen Time

Doesn’t this cat look so regal sitting majestically on the person’s lap as if it belonged there? We wonder how long it took for Jake to accept the situation, especially since he wasn’t too fond of having pets around at home before. What could he do but be indulgent when his girlfriend insisted on getting a housepet and naming her Gracie?

Someone caught him being comfortable having the furry friend browse through the channels on the tablet along with him. That’s incredible progress in their relationship. It even looks like it’s a natural everyday thing for the two to cozy up and watch their favorite programs together.

Anything & Everything For Milo

This series of pictures tells an exciting story of how Eric reluctantly but irrevocably fell in love with Milo, the pet dog. He wasn’t too pleased initially, though, and not being a fan of animals made it inconvenient for the man to go about his work without being miffed at the constant presence of the pup around.

The awkwardness gave way for curiosity, and soon Eric and Milo had bonded to become buddies forever. It isn’t surprising because the doggo is beyond cute. How long can a man resist adorableness anyways? Their relationship has progressed so much that the once hesitant person goes to extreme lengths to find a tub for the pet to bathe in.

A Furry Cat For Company

Domestic animals are naturally healing companions who pull at people’s heartstrings with their cuteness and adorable antics. For many, pets also play an essential role in lessening their loneliness. The elderly may initially be hesitant to take in a new pup or cat, but let us say this definitely; they are also the ones who take the fresh additions to the family almost entirely.

Here is a grandpa who had trouble adjusting to being alone and became grumpier by day. The family came up with a beautiful solution to keep him engaged. Soon, the grandkids brought home this little feline as a gift to Grandpa Fred. Judging from this picture, it’s clear they get along fantastically well.

Gaston Becomes Part Of The Family

This happens when pets enter a family’s home, and they let it take over completely. Gaston has genuinely found a permanent place in the hearts of all the household members, and it shows. He now has an entire room and a cozy bed, a night lamp on a bedside table, and also a book all to himself.

Look at that handmade headboard that has his name painted on it- it is so adorable! Is there anything else left to do that screams that Gaston belongs there. Well, the man of the house wasn’t ready at first, but now all bets are off when it comes to the beloved pet. The home is rightfully his too.

Distance Makes The Heart Fonder

Don was one of those people who aren’t too keen on keeping pets at home. Yet, he had to give in when the kids got one. Then came the adorable pup Baily who bounced around the house and brought joy in abundance. The man wasn’t having any of it, though, and kept addressing the little one as the dog.

There came a day when the kids moved, and Baily went along with them, leaving Don behind. Distance seems to have made his heart fonder because the next time the children brought along the doggo for a visit, the father realized how much the pet meant to him. This picture is him making up for the lost time.

Totally Charmed By Binx

Has anyone noticed how sneakily charming cats are? They have this knack for ruling our hearts without even letting us know that they are. Benny here is a classic example; he didn’t want any pets, not even the cute furry kind. The wife didn’t leave him much choice, so he ended up having to cat-sit Binx regularly.

Little cutie-pie Binx smartly charmed the socks off Benny and now has him stretch his legs so the feline can lay on them comfortably. Who are we to comment, though? They seem pretty cozy and happy doing their thing together. Does the person even realize he is under the spell of a bewitching pussycat?

Non-Furry Cat Alternatives

Being allergic to cats and their furs is a problem faced by many. So, we quite understand Lucas’s stand to not have any pets in the house. His partner Guy is an animal lover, and it’s quite a stand-off between the two until the man researched and found a perfect non-furry roommate who was hypoallergenic and wouldn’t cause any trouble.

One day, Guy walked in with a Sphinx cat, and Lucas had no more reasons to say no to a pet. This picture is proof of how attached the latter has become to Prince. We have to confess; this snapshot is worth its weight in gold for capturing such a precious moment between the two.

Secret Morning Ritual Of Nick & Ollie

Our initial reaction to this picture was to wonder what that long hairpiece was doing on the bed twirled around a sleepy human head. No, it just happens to be our friendly pup Ollie cozying up to his dad, who projects a different image. Nick was no dog-lover and was strict about not letting the pets get on their beds, or at least that’s what their friends and family believed.

Until this adorable picture of the two sleepy heads indulging in their morning ritual shared by his wife went viral. His tough-guy image took a heavy beating, and Nick’s never been the same again. He now lets the whole world know how much he adores little hairy Ollie.

A Queen After Everyone’s Hearts

We couldn’t help but laugh out loud after seeing this picture of Trixie being the queen she is. What a way to capture the entire bed for herself and herself alone. There’s space for a human or two, but no, the feline doesn’t seem like the kind to share anything, let alone the bed.

For proof, look at the bedding on the floor beside the bed. Little Trixie was supposed to sleep on it, but the cat who’s got the house owner and the rest of the family under its spell likes the soft, cozy mattress above better. Moreover, the man who initially wasn’t ready for pets seems to have given in to the feline’s wishes.

Happy Days Are Here Again

Dear grandpa became grumpier after the arrival of the cat. He hadn’t wanted a pet, yet his wife brought one anyway. Moreover, the constant meowing and scratches on his beloved furniture weren’t helping matters either. When everyone in the household thought they’d have to find a solution, this miracle happened.

No one knows what triggered the change, but a few days later, the granddad and the kitty became so inseparable that neither would go to sleep unless cuddled together. Baffling, but true. Not only was the grumpiness gone, but the old man was also smiling broadly every day. Pets do have a way of winning over even stubborn people, don’t they?

Come on, Gillian, Time To Sail!

When it was time for Stan’s children to make their way in the world, they would no longer be able to join him on the weekly boat trips. Yet, someone had to fill that void, and upon his kids’ insistence, it was a furry puppy named Gilligan. In hardly anytime, the adorable dog grew fonder towards its master and never made him miss his children while on a cruiser.

Like a loyal companion, Gilligan became equally enthusiastic about the weekly cruising tours with Stan. We wonder what their secret would be to bond so beautifully and celebrate each other’s company. This budding friendship was as fresh as the sea breeze Stan and his pup loved to enjoy while boating.

Pocket Pal

Being highly sociable animals, dogs are experts in eliminating loneliness. Still, the hassle of taking care of them often discourages us from bringing them in. The feeling was no different for Rob, who wasn’t eager to devote every waking hour to looking after a puppy. Yet, Milo changed his mind in no time!

The mere sight of this adorable doggie was enough to melt Rob’s heart so much that the two became nearly inseparable. See how the pooch is peeping out from its master’s pocket! We don’t know if Milo is assisting his master in preparing dinner, but even if he isn’t, at least the pup is not making a mess elsewhere. Now, that must be a relief for Rob.

Who’ll Have Percy’s Custody?

Okay, this is an ordinary tale where a father never allows his kids to keep pets at home. He ignored their repeated pleading and remained firm about his decision. After the children moved out to start their adult life, they fulfilled their childhood dream. That maybe would’ve led to a happy ending had the dad not reappeared in the scene.

One of the children needed their parent to cat sit adorable Percy, but who knew that the rigid man would hopelessly fall for the furry feline? After only a weekend, neither the pet nor its new master wished to part ways! We only hope the family didn’t have to fight a custody battle for Percy in the end.

Healing The Heart

His doctors prescribed diet, medicines, exercise, and every other possible treatment to help Jack’s heart recover fast post-surgery. By any means, the patient had to keep his nerves relaxed and destress, and that’s when Jack’s family decided to introduce a cute puppy to his life.

Dogs easily have our hearts and are verified stress reducers who fill our lives with happiness and positive energy. So during this rough phase in Jack’s life, this bundle of joy had a calming effect on him, quite evident from this picture. How relaxed and comfortable this adorable duo looks! Perhaps, we should start trusting canines to take care of our cardiovascular health more often.

A ‘Little’ Less Small

Ryan was never happy with the idea of sharing his living space with a canine. Contrarily, his dog-lover wife was determined to bring home a new pet. So the guy made peace with his spouse by declaring that he could only welcome a small dog. Yet, what if wifey had already given her heart to a slightly large pooch?

It’s easy to guess Ryan’s shock at his wife’s choice, and who could reasonably expect him to have a change of mind? Yet, just minutes after the guy met Murphy, the two hit it off instantly. Ryan fell in love with his new pal and now always keeps his eyes transfixed on Murphy. Size really didn’t matter in the end.

Serenading The Felines

While some people generally love pets, some are a bit hesitant about sharing their abodes with a few four-legged friends. Yet, after some convincing, once they try living with a cat or a dog, there’s no going back. Then they would do anything for their animals, including strumming some tunes on the guitar for their pleasure.

We have no idea what song these cats are listening to, but they seem to be enjoying it, and it doesn’t look like this is the first time such a home concert is happening. While the rest of the family might not be around to support daddy in his new musical endeavor, these felines are making sure there are fans around to hype him up.

Alright, We Can Keep Her

Before this picture got taken, this guy had some serious qualms about having a cat in his house. The idea that every time he walked in, he would get met with ‘meows’ and that he had to pet the feline didn’t sit well with the guy until he met Bently. Well, now the two are inseparable, and this image is proof of their bond.

He’s even okay with having her sit on his lap without worrying about getting cat hair all over the place, and clearly, they enjoy each other’s company. We all know that pets make us better people, and we don’t think there’s a more impressive example than this one right here.

A Dad’s Love

We’ve all met someone who said they wouldn’t do something, but after finally trying it out, they went over the moon enjoying the activity. That’s the case with Kenny, who, after meeting Harley, loosened his stance about having a cat in his house. Moreover, he took his feline’s safety seriously, even getting a kitty camera for her.

Now we can understand that he fell in love with Harley at first sight, but we do think getting a camera to watch her nap is a little overboard. Yet, we cannot fault a guy for loving his pet, and we commend Kenny for the dedicated TLC he’s giving his cat.

Coco – The Perfect Travel Partner

Pets have gotten documented to have a calming effect on people, and when Mark’s girlfriend adopted a dog, he wasn’t utterly impressed since the guy wasn’t a huge fan of pets. Yet when he and Coco first met, Mark, changed his mind instantly, and now they even go on trips together!

Mark’s work sees him be on the road for hours on end, and to keep him company is Coco, the lovely dog who takes naps on her new friend’s lap. We don’t think the man knew he’d be so attached to the very creature he was against and it’s fantastic to see how comfortable they are around each other.

Don’t Disturb Him

Many people who have dogs can relate to this image. Despite this man not wanting to have any pets in his home, this canine changed his mind, and now they’re bosom buddies, sharing the sofa for their afternoon nap. So close is their relationship that dad doesn’t want to disturb the dog from his slumber, and considering that he didn’t initially want any pets, it’s a beautiful sight to see.

We bet even if he wakes up, the pup will patiently wait for him to come back to the couch and pick up where they left off, with no hard feelings. That’s the beauty of having animals in the family; they usually don’t hold anything against their owners for too long.

Turtles Can Be Fun Too

There’s a reason why many people prefer to have dogs or cats as household pets. Not only are they great company, but folks love to snuggle up to their silky fur too. Well, this guy in the image certainly has a unique preference since he’d rather cozy up to a little turtle on any given day.

Believe it or not, this shelled animal is truly an excellent choice since it requires less maintenance and is equally as loveable as any pet. Just check out how this owner is relaxing with his flippered friend as they pick out their snacks for the day – who would’ve thought they’d make such an adorable duo.

Furry Hugs All-Around

Adopting an animal is a huge step for any family, so when Steve’s wife decided to rescue a Labrador dog named Daisy, her husband wasn’t sure whether he’d be happy about it. Interestingly, the pooch must have known she needed to prove she was worth the trouble by showering Steve with love and affection.

It’s safe to assume that Daisy realized she only needed to be her most sweet self in order to win him over – and she was right. The two are now an inseparable tandem, so much that one could even say Steve’s wife might feel out of place judging by this picture. Suffice to say, Daisy has finally found her fur-ever home in Steve.

Nap Buddies For Life

Having a cat at home has many advantages, one of which is having an official nap buddy to cuddle with all afternoon. Felines adore lounging around, yet it seems this one in the picture has other things in mind based on his skeptical expression. Should he stay in bed with this sleeping man or try to attempt a sneaky escape?

On the other hand, the owner, Rob, is clearly enjoying every minute of the siesta despite his initial reservations about keeping this furry creature around. Regardless, we’re confident he didn’t regret his decision as they are genuinely getting along just fine.

Marking Her Territory

Never even in Archie’s dreams did he imagine he’d one day become a fur dad, but he did so with open arms upon meeting Sadie. The canine had such an incredible effect on Archie that he took her on with no questions asked – and it’s likely because he couldn’t resist her puppy-dog eyes.

True enough, these two are clingy as ever since Sadie wants to be around her master at all times, even when he’s busy with work. Archie figured he might as well build a makeshift sleeping nook for his favorite doggy to address this, much to her delight. Indeed, we’re sure there’s never a dull day at the home office with this cute pooch present!


Most folks believe that putting a cat and dog in one room would lead to a disaster, which is also what typically happens in most cases. Yet, somehow, some furry creatures can’t help but get along without even intending to – much like this endearing mutt and the feline curled up on the owner’s lap.

Initially, the animal-lover was doubtful whether the two would bond or end up squabbling around the house like others. So, seeing them entirely at ease in each other’s presence was a delightful surprise for the gentleman. Frenemies or not, there’s no denying this dynamic duo both think the world of their beloved master!

Gizmo Gets The Guy

It was supposed to be just a temporary situation. The sweet little kitty named Gizmo did not have a home yet, so Mel’s wife and kids explained that they wanted to give Gizmo at least a week’s time until the local shelter could find a home. Mel agreed because it was just temporary.

Yet Gizmo had other plans, and they were more of the permanent kind. See, the wily furball knew that the way to stay forever in this loving home was to purr his way into Mel’s heart, just like in this photo where he is seen napping on his shoulder. It’s a happy compromise, and everyone wins.

Humor The Humans

This head of the household was not too happy about coming home from work one night and finding out that this cat named Garfield had been adopted. Of course, dad was resistant, but the feline knew how to turn on the charm using lots of playtime antics.

Soon, the guy discovered just how much fun he had while playing with Garfield and treating him like the household’s favorite toys. The cat doesn’t look too impressed in this photo, but he knows this is his way to win the human’s heart so he can stay in this household for life. Not too bad a trade-off, we think.

Real-Life Partners

Dogs and humans really do share a connection that transcends most other domesticated pets. It has been said that these furry creatures can understand their human companion’s feelings, but any dog parent will admit that the feeling goes both ways as well.

We see in this photo how this dog, who is not feeling very well, is being comforted by Guy, his human, letting him know that all will be okay. They’re at the vet’s office so the canine can be checked because Guy just felt he wasn’t feeling all that great that day. Hopefully, they’ll be back to their usual activities again very soon.

Grandpa’s Game-Changer

Pumpkin, the cat, turned out to be the one who would turn this grandfather into a feline friend. See, according to the daughter, he’s more of a dog person and isn’t into cats too much. Until one time, she had to be away for a few days for work and asked her dad to cat-sit her beloved Pumpkin.

The old guy wasn’t too thrilled about the idea but said yes anyway because it was his daughter’s request. Pumpkin looks like she’s completely won him over, however, because when the daughter asked for an update a few days later, this sweet photo showed her the complete story of their newfound bond.

Cosmo’s New Cuddle Buddy

Cosmo wasn’t supposed to be this close to Allen. In fact, Allen was not too supportive when his wife and kids adopted Cosmo, the cat, and he always complained that the kitty was spreading his stray hair all over the house or scratching the furniture.

One day, however, the Mrs. caught this sweet and candid moment of Allen snuggling up with Cosmo on the couch. Whatever shortcomings the feline may have, it seems he has won over Allen and they are comfortable enough to share the couch and take a nap next to each other. It’s the ultimate heartwarming conclusion to a bond that took a while to develop.

Kimba’s Happy Ever After

Owning a pet comes with a load of responsibilities and before long, all the free time gets taken up by the new addition to the family. It was for these reasons that Timothy was not exactly ecstatic about getting a dog. Thankfully, that choice was taken from him when his partner adopted Kimba from a shelter.

Now where Timothy once preferred lazy afternoons with a bit of woodwork on the side, he has refocused that energy on the furry friend. The new family member seems quite pleased with his new home, especially the storied kennel that his owner has fashioned. If this were a fairytale, it would be fitting to say that Kimba lived happily ever after.

Dusty’s Man Cave

Like most long-haired dogs, Dusty sheds a good amount of fur throughout the year, which was bound to disturb some people. Nick was one of these humans, but the lovable personality of the adorable pooch won him over. His adjustment was a labor of love by making the dog a man cave completely matching with the main house.

It’s evident that Dusty loves his new place with how cozy he looks. Nick will not have to deal with as much of the furry friend’s shedding when it is warm outside. In colder weather, though, Dusty is always welcome inside the family house because that’s just how much he’s grown on them.

Roxy Wins Over Ricky

It is rather impressive that the most stubborn people who want nothing to do with pets end up softening towards them. Ricky wasn’t hearing anything about getting a dog even when his family worked hard to convince him that they would be entirely responsible. If it weren’t for Ricky getting outvoted in the end, Roxy would not have entered their lives.

Thankfully, the Pitbull half-breed was everything the family hoped for and even eventually worked his way into Ricky’s heart. The two are now nap buddies as they enjoy spooning on the couch for an afternoon siesta. It’s genuinely comforting to see such a love bond between a human and a dog.

The Purr-fect Kitty Walk

Larry was not down for having a pet, but when he got a kitty roommate, this guy went the whole nine yards showering him with love. Getting a baby carriage to walk the cat may seem a little extreme, but this does not seem to deter this human. We are here for Larry’s nonchalant attitude and commitment to the whole idea.

The feline friend looks quite capable of walking by herself, but the owner wants to take part in their walk as well. What better way than to have a pram that holds the cat as she also enjoys the breeze? We are a little envious of the purr-fection of this idea and wish more people would embrace it.

Kitty’s Tower of Love

When one uses such harsh words like no cat will be allowed in the home as long as they live, it almost feels like a closed discussion. Yet what happens when the same person gets forced to share a space with the very creature they are condemning? Well, oftentimes, such hardened hearts soften just like this guy.

His change of heart went straight from such harshness to building the new kitty Winnie, a towering jungle gym. The feline seems quite pleased at the owner’s handiwork. We applaud the live-in girlfriend for making such a bold move of bringing Winnie home, unlocking such deep fountains of love.

Winning With Twinning

When people get dogs, it’s not always because they feel something is missing in their lives. Sometimes, they are just so passionate about canines that life feels empty without having one as a companion. Yet, Jason used to be someone who didn’t think having a dog was a necessity.

Since he’d lived most of his life without owning one, he thought there was no need to get a four-legged friend. Of course, his family, especially his kids, didn’t feel the same. They wanted a dog, and not even dad could stop them. This photo is proof that Jason’s past life of not liking dogs is long gone – he’s now dog dad ‘twinning’ with his beloved pooch on Christmas day!

Dad Eating His Words

Before any family decides to get a pet, they should ideally discuss it together first because sometimes there are household members who are not completely on board. That is why, to avoid any possible problems in the future, everyone should agree that the addition would be beneficial for all. Still, some families take a different route.

Take this guy in the photo, for example – when asked by his kid if they should get a dog, he said he did not want one. So, his family disregarded his opinion and went ahead and got one anyway. Today, the man who did not need or want a pet can’t do anything without the beloved pooch by his side.

The ‘No Couch’ Rule Loophole

There is a reason why dog owners have the ‘no couch’ rule, and it’s because their fur is hard to remove from upholstered furniture. It’s also the exact reason why some people do not get pets at all! On top of that, some sofas cost a lot of money, and dogs can mess them up in a matter of minutes.

Therefore, it’s understandable why this dad made it clear that their pup should not be allowed on the couch. His kid almost believed him until this happened, so immediate photo documentation was needed. The man probably felt sorry for not allowing his furry friend on the furniture, so he offered himself as a shield.

Closet Dog Lover

We can imagine this man’s reaction when their dog first arrived at their home – he appeared indifferent as if he didn’t agree to the decision to have a pet. Months passed, he seemed okay with the new addition to the family, yet he appeared not to be very fond of their cute dog.

As it turned out, this dad was a closet dog lover! We have no idea why there was such a need to hide his true feelings, but our top guess is because of the initial indifference he showed. Also, he probably didn’t want to show that their pup is his weakness – its kisses could bring out his most genuine smile.

Who’s Not A Dog Person Again?

Not all humans like dogs, and that’s okay. Some prefer cats, which is understandable, while others don’t like all pets, period. With that said, it doesn’t mean that those who dislike our furry friends mean they are horrible human beings – they simply couldn’t bring themselves to feel love and affection for the four-legged creatures.

Still, a dislike of pets is something not set in stone; there’s hope, and people could still get converted. This man in the photo is a perfect example; he used to be someone who wasn’t a ‘dog person,’ yet there he was with pooch in hand. It looks like these two are pretty inseparable now.