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Baby Announcement Special! These Pregnant Parents Have Some Unusual Ideas To Share

Back in the day, baby showers used to be the go-to event when one became pregnant. All of us used to shower these would-be-moms with the best gifts we could afford! Somehow, things have changed since the advent of social media, and now, fancy pregnancy announcements have taken over our feeds. Everyone wants to share their big news uniquely – no gifts necessary. As such, people come up with surprising antics to stand out from the rest of the crowd!

We all enjoy seeing these reveals since it undoubtedly brings a smile or two – it can even inspire others to have a kid themselves. Regardless, prepare to feel some baby fever coming as we see which of these announcements top the list!

Ready For A Family Tournament

Just like technology, baby announcements have evolved over the years. For instance, this particular image is solid proof that even gaming consoles can be a great way to let friends and family know there’s a bun in the oven. Although, not everyone can probably relate to it until they see the cheeky caption!

They say that a family that plays together stays together. So, perhaps adding a new player to the list might bring a brood closer to strengthen their bond further. True enough, we foresee a whole lot of tournaments happening in the future once that happens!

Yummy Baby Bun Coming

Here’s an oldie but goodie baby announcement that’ll always tug at our heartstrings no matter how many times it’s been played out. Yes, many people would say the catchphrase ‘bun in the oven’ has no wow factor anymore, but its cliché element is what makes it endearing.

Perhaps one way to elevate this would be to place an actual bun in the oven or maybe switch it up with muffins. Whatever baking treat that may be, it’s going to be an effective way to let loved ones know that a cute cupcake’s due to arrive anytime soon!

A New Hero’s In Town

Look out, world – it seems there’s a new superhero coming who’s going to steal our hearts with his chubby cheeks and fingers! All jokes aside, couple James and Alisha Doherty were clearly over the moon when they heard they were expecting, so much that they decided to have a fancy photoshoot to commemorate the moment.

Being DC fans, it’s only expected they’d have a theme in ode to their favorite characters! What’s interesting is how Batman looks like his peaceful life is about to end after Batwoman presented this adorable Robin the Boy Wonder onesie. Congratulations on the promotion, Batdaddy!

The Return Of The Baby

Being pregnant is like eagerly waiting for Christmas day – we can’t wait to unwrap the much-awaited present, which in this case is a precious baby. One family had the same thought and figured why not involve the siblings in a mini pictorial to make biding their time extra fun!

It’s evident that this family are Star Wars aficionados based on how they cleverly used some famous one-liners from the film! With another addition to the brood, the parents might as well purchase some extra lightsabers ahead as their household will have a bunch of Jedis running around the place. May the force be with them indeed!

Eviction Notice, Served.

Welcoming a child into a family is usually a beautiful thing for everyone involved, from the parents to the siblings. Yet, in this case, the soon-to-be older sisters are about to find out what it is like to have someone else have the attention of their parents, and from their expressions, they don’t like the idea.

Still, with the baby coming in the next few months, they’d better get used to it. Also, can we talk about how the firstborn isn’t bothered by this at all? Well, she has been through the experience twice; what’s one more time? She can handle it!

Playmate En Route!

What better way to introduce a new member of the family than by using one’s favorite game? That’s what this couple did – after exploring a myriad of ideas on how to break the news to their friends and ilk, they settled on Super Mario.

They needed the older brother to cooperate to pull this off, and when he was told that he would soon have a playmate, the boy was ready! So the little kid, aka Mario, donned his costume and now awaits to see who his fellow would be. Shall we say, ‘Let the games begin’?!

Ice Cold Announcement

We’ve seen witty pregnancy announcements in the past, but we don’t think there’s any that gets nerdier than this. Anyone who has listened to Vanilla Ice might know what’s going on here since one of his songs still is a significant hit despite being released over three decades ago.

Well, for the younger folk, read across from left to right, and all will be clear. No, it isn’t ‘ice, ice, love-heart,’ but something catchier, like ice, ice, baby. We bet anyone who’s heard the piece of artistry is humming along to the catchphrase, and we have to commend the couple – that’s how one introduces a new member of the family!

Keep Her Steady

Love finds us unexpectedly and in strange places, and this couple is no different; the pair met at a racing track brought together for their passion for speed. Still, after dating for a while, they hit a bump, pun intended, and have to slow down as they wait for their new addition to the speed family.

Good old ‘dad to be’ now has to take care of things and slowly lead his family through the good and challenging times of life. While we don’t think they’ve lost the thrill, there will be some moderation now, and we wish them all the best. Drive along safely, people!


Like the rest of us, it seems like this couple loves to play Pokémon, going by their choice of announcing that they’re having a baby. The dad and mum found out, then revealed their news, and now we wonder, who would it be among the characters?

They wouldn’t have to wait for long, though, to find out. What we do know, though, is that this couple has its work cut out in managing a Pokémon, and they’ll have to take turns to make sure that they are well taken care of. Nevertheless, we do not doubt that they’re suited for the job.

Baby Boom

It seems this dad got tired of waiting for their bun in the oven to mature and decided to take matters into their own hands. Once the couple pulled up into a petrol station, the dad pumped in some air for the young one to consume and grow faster.

It seems the guy’s bluff worked, and sooner than later, there was a bundle of joy right before them. The dad was ecstatic, and the mum was probably grateful they had to skip the whole nine-month adventure. Their drive home must have been one interesting one, with plans to use this method more often.

Eviction Notice

Somebody get this baby a lawyer! It seems the parents are doing the young girl dirty by carrying out an unlawful eviction after getting the news they’d be expecting a new member to the family. That’s a bit harsh, and we demand the baby receives justice.

At least give the little one some room to grow and make plans to move out! That being said, the little one is not having it and has resorted to loud protests. Maybe the lawyer might be unnecessary, and this form of protest should be enough to help. Perhaps she can bargain with a bed extension?

We Dub Thee So And So

It’s not every day dogs get knighted, so here we are witnessing a special occasion. These dogs are happier than ever with their new titles hanging across their necks. They have been helping mummy a lot once they figured she was pregnant, and this is their reward.

Going by their new titles, we doubt this family will have to invest in babysitters. They have the best caregivers anyone could want, and the best part is, it won’t cost them an arm and a leg. All they need is some chow, love, and a trip to the park from time to time.

Taking Turns

Getting pregnant is a big deal for many people, and they go above and beyond to make sure everything turns out okay. What’s even better is getting twins, depending on who is asked. Babies are expensive, after all, so two is usually a stretch.

Luckily, this couple has all hands on deck, and they have figured out a working system for their new responsibilities. They’ll be taking turns managing the babies all through since no one can run that ship on their own. We sure hope they’ll have extra support now and then.

We Are Not The Only Ones?

For a long time, these two dogs have been running the show in this household. Sadly, that’s about to change. Mama has a bun in the oven, and this one they cannot steal and enjoy in secret. Their eyes say it all, and we are not sure what to make of them.

Many things will change as soon as the baby arrives, and the dogs must be worried about their toy collection. They have been collecting and amassing them over time, so will they have to share? Hopefully, they are generous fellows so they’ll become friends with the little one.

A Horror Story

Halloween is fun and all, but we all know the candy and the stories are what we look forward to. So maybe that’s why this man looked like he wasn’t ready for this revelation, and we are pretty sure he didn’t see it coming.

The man’s partner took it upon herself to mark the special occasion by announcing that they’re expecting a different kind of treat. It’s such a creative way to make an announcement, and it seems dad is more than happy about the new development. Meanwhile, those pumpkin carving skills are pretty legendary.

Too Much Information

We believe this falls under the umbrella of giving too much information, but hey, as long as the point is put across, right? Daddy is in for a fun ride as his partner is full of jokes, and we can bet she’ll use this situation to her advantage.
We can only imagine all the pranks and fun-filled activities lined up for the good man in the future.

Moreover, if the little one takes after their mum’s sense of humor, April fools will be a rough day for the father of four. That being said, it must be amusing having such lively people around.

Netflix And Chill They Said

The proverbial Netflix and chill seem to have borne some fruit over here, and in a few months, the harvesting shall begin. This couple’s chill session was a bit more epic than they anticipated, and it’s one of those days people never forget.

We can only imagine the baby pictures our little fellow will have lined up in the photo album. This couple seems to have a knack for some hilarious moments, and we can’t help but join in the fun. That being said, we believe the next time a Netflix and chill session comes up, it will be with a child-friendly movie.

A Chip Off The Motherboard

We have a rare situation here, where we get to witness the birth of Intel’s legendary chipsets. We always thought they were made in factories, but alas, they are biological machinery. The sticker should be enough proof, and we wonder which generation code name Luca belongs to.

Moreover, how long is the gestation period for the chips, and does one womb carry one chip or hundreds of chips? We need answers! Jokes aside, we have a pair of computer enthusiasts expecting a baby. Their excitement is quite evident, so baby Luca should be in great hands.

Surprise, Surprise

Baby fat is a real thing, and many mothers and pregnant women can attest to this. That’s why this lady decided to share in the growth by providing some comfort food to her colleague. She won’t be the only one to gain a few pounds by the end of the year.

This is a cute way to make an announcement, and we’d have loved to have a bite of those scrumptious donuts too. The smiley face makes everything warmer, and we are happy for the lady. As for the baby fat, she doesn’t have to worry since she’ll lose it before she even knows it. She might even miss it.

Pregnant? We Have To Study

Without the husband holding a book, this photo is definitely a perfect “tell me, but don’t tell me” kind. One of the early telltale signs of pregnancy is food cravings, so this announcement is on the money! No one can stop a pregnant woman once she has set her heart out for specific foods.

Of course, the cherry on top of this birth announcement is the man holding a book. He wasn’t reading a book about being a new father, but it’s a new dad’s guideline on pregnancy! He needs to study that because it’s difficult to understand an expectant mom’s mood swings.

Dad Did Not Take The News Well

For fathers who already have two young children still in their toddler years, the news of another pregnancy could make them feel faint. So, these expectant parents thought it would be a perfect announcement to take a photo of dad, who appeared to have collapsed after receiving the news.

We bet all the couple’s loved ones laughed out loud after seeing the announcement. Well, that is after their shock has disappeared. Married couples usually space out their children, but if they are not careful, the unexpected happens. Experts agree that spacing children are necessary so that their parents would have enough time to bond with each child.

This Couple Is Not Making Santa’s List

It’s not hard to guess when this couple decided to tell their family that they were expecting. Those two socks, an extra tiny one, plus that chosen text – they announced it during the Holidays! Based on the words they chose, Santa won’t be coming to their house on Christmas Day!

Well, he didn’t need to go, in the first place, because they received their gift in advance. What a great time for a birth announcement, right? Although we have no idea when exactly they revealed the good news, we would like to assume they inserted them into the presents they gave out to their loved ones.

A Spectacle For Additional Spectacles

The birth announcement is a special thing for couples, especially when they have been planning to get pregnant for a long time. So, they make it a point to put in their personal touches in their revelation. Some make grand proclamations, even hiring professional videographers to make a dramatic video.

Still, it’s the simple ones that pull at people’s heartstrings, like this photo. We assume the couple both wear glasses because they have poor eyesight. It’s the one thing they have in common, so they thought to create mini spectacles for their little one in mommy’s tummy.

Quadruplet Surprise

This couple’s loved ones probably looked like how they do in this photo after reading their announcement. How else could someone react after discovering there isn’t one baby to be expected but four? It’s hard for a surprise to be the initial reaction instead of happiness.

Nevertheless, we are pretty sure this couple was over the moon with the fantastic news. Multiple pregnancies are not uncommon and can be caused by different factors such as heredity. One more factor that leads to getting pregnant with quadruplets is medical procedures done to promote fertility. Still, the point is they will have a squad soon as the babies come out!

The New Meaning Of Dropping A Pin

For anyone that isn’t big on words but still wants their family and friends to walk with them through this journey, this is certainly the way to go. It’s a brilliant method of sharing the good news without getting into the details of it.

Here’s a tip for the person meant to decipher this message. Hug the expectant parents, express joy, and let them know they have the support they need. Those are obviously folks avoiding lengthy and unnecessary conversations. So keep it short and sweet until they’re comfortable, which is when they will initiate the talk about the pregnancy.

An Unforgettable Painting

Creativity; check. Talent; check. Indelibility; check. We have pregnancy announcements that make us feel all mushy inside, and then there are those like this one that highlights everything beautiful about life. This is the ultimate show off and getting to announce that he and his partner had a baby on the way through his art must have been pure joy for this expectant father.

Yet what would an exceptionally skilled painter do without his canvas that will also be in charge of carrying and delivering the couple’s bundle of joy? Of all the pregnancy announcements we have seen, this is hands down a sure winner.

An Ambiguous Number Two

Anyone who has parented a toddler agrees that it’s hard to keep up with these unnaturally energized humans. One minute they’re by a corner enjoying the meal we have prepared for them, and the next, they’re chasing down the dog for whatever reason. This parent found a solution to ensure her kid doesn’t get out of sight.

The mother, who needed to use the bathroom, placed the kid on the potty, announced that number two was on the way, and went ahead to relieve herself. It turns out that the number two this mummy was referring to was the child she was expecting!

It Doesn’t Get More Awkward Than This

After being in a happy relationship long enough, it’s only natural for a couple to want to expand their family, like this pair. Only one of them decided she would make things happen on her own, without involving her partner. So she did and invited her spouse to the pregnancy announcement session, making it clear that her better half wasn’t the baby’s father.

Calm down, people! We’re just kidding, and so are these two, who mutually agreed on getting a third party involved to make their dream of becoming parents come true. Forget the look on their faces and what the cards read; they’re ecstatic about the baby.

Goodbye, Sleep!

Having a baby is no walk in the park, so don’t be fooled by what’s depicted in the movies. Any expectant parent or a person who has already had a child has had plenty of sleepless nights trying to calm their baby who wouldn’t rest and had to give up a big part of their lives just to take care of their young one.

So we certainly empathize with this expectant parent, who is, unfortunately, spot on with their message. We know for sure, though, that what they will be losing is nothing compared to the joy they feel. In the end, it will all be worth it.

The Super Hero In Charge Of Announcing His SideKick’s Arrival

Every superhero needs a reliable sidekick whom they can trust. This one certainly has an ally for life. Parents may sometimes have a hard time getting their kids to get along, and we can’t think of a better strategy to ensure these young ones know that they’re on the same team, so kudos to these folks!

We hope the close associate on their way will constantly remind this precious munchkin to put on his pants. He seems too preoccupied with saving the world that he might be forgetting the rest of his costume. Adorable would be an understatement to describe this entire set-up!

Lights, Camera, Baby

Give these two their Oscar already! We’re not sure how long it might have taken them to come up with this brilliant idea, but we love it. Now, the kid whose arrival is being announced may dislike this painfully embarrassing announcement for the rest of their life, but netizens got a good laugh over the delivery of the news.

It seems chaotic if we’re honest, but we can tell that they’re excited and will do everything they can to give this child whatever it needs. Hopefully, these two will have saved enough for daddy to afford a pair of pants by the time baby’s here.

Construction Ahead!

Under construction indeed, if one considers the numerous similarities between developing property and having a baby. They both require a huge investment in terms of money and time. They also need a lot of care, but the rewards from each are great in the end.

Without a doubt, it will take a lot to ensure the safe delivery and proper upbringing of this pair’s bundle of joy. Yet, just like construction, which is often tiring and could get frustrating, there’s so much more to be happy about upon the project’s completion.

Get The Instruction Manual, There’s A Baby On The Way

If only babies came with an instruction manual. Parenting and life, in general, would be so much easier, right? We own plenty of items that need assembling upon buying, and sometimes not even the guidebook is enough to hit the mark, yet this couple seems ready for whatever lies ahead.

We’re almost certain that if children came with a booklet on how they should be cared for and loved, parenting would still be just as hard, if not more difficult. The look on these folks-to-be’s faces is simply priceless and a reminder that we’re all just trying to figure it out.

More Reasons To Cry Than Be Happy

In this precious little one’s defense, she’s still a baby but would still be given the responsibility of taking care of the newborn. A reasonable request, but most of us forget that they’re all just kids and should have the space and freedom to be just that.

Besides, the child has to share her toys and the attention from her parents with the infant. In our opinion, they’re legit reasons to be wailing rather than celebrating the arrival of the family’s new member. Hopefully, she is constantly reminded just how much she is loved to make the transition easier for her.

Alpha Dog, Alpha Baby Sitter

When it was revealed that the mother was pregnant, everyone in the house wanted to get a grip on how to best take care of the child. Father visited the local bookstore and bought heap-loads of books on pregnancy. No wonder that the pet child does not want to lag behind and is putting in serious hours of study.

The pet’s purpose is to ensure that his position as the alpha dog is not changed just because his mother and father decide to bring a human baby to the house. He will have a crucial role to play in helping the new parents, and he is ready for it!

What The Check-up Says

This lady had gained some weight and was experiencing mood swings so much that she would run to the washroom as soon as it was morning without greeting her partner. Things were becoming worrisome, and so she decided to go to the doctor. Some tests were conducted, and the cat was out of the bag.

The revelation was that her body was experiencing changes because she was pregnant. Have a look at the picture in which the baby has been mischievously drawn. The tiny tot is getting ready to rock mom’s world. In the meanwhile, mom will keep her safe and warm in her tummy.

That Expression!

Mothers are so intuitive that even without taking a test, they can sense that they are having a baby. Some of the symptoms that are tell-tale signs include frequent bathroom visits and vomiting. So when she takes the test, it is just to confirm the fact. Daddy, on the other hand, has no clue about the scenario.

Even if the pregnancy is not the first one, the father is always knocked out of his breath every time he finds out mommy is pregnant. The expression is worth recording, though. Every time it is incredibly exciting and significant. We hope that they enjoy this thrill as long as it lasts.

Why So Late?

There is a movie that is about to be released in nine months, and the genre is post-apocalyptic horror. It is quite gory with a lot of shrieks and screams, and a tiny human being will emerge from a womb. On the other hand, the lady is in a unique state that is causing her mood swings and morning sickness.

The setting begins with seeing two pink lines on a pregnancy test. It is especially complicated if it is unplanned. The central characters are mommy and daddy, who must now buy lots of diapers and feeding bottles. The only way to survive is to raise the tiny tot. If this is not the best way to reveal pregnancy, we don’t know what is!

Upgraded To Older Sibling

The way in which a child reacts to the arrival of a baby brother or sister depends on the way the parents break the news to them. They may feel insecure about not being the center of attention anymore and not getting enough time. If parents make the kid feel that it is like earning credits and they will get an upgrade, how would they feel?

The child will think that they are being promoted to the next level, which is a responsibility that anybody would enjoy. Yes, the younger one will get a share of attention but the older one will know what her place is equally secure and loved.

Sweet Tooth Surprise

This baby announcement is among the unique ones so far – we’re guessing both mama and papa have quite the sweet tooth because they thought of announcing to the world their coming bundle of happiness in the form of a Kinder Joy.

Not a bad comparison if we really think about it. This sweet treat is made of cocoa and milk layers with two delightful chocolate-covered wafer balls inside the egg-shaped container. Also, there’s an additional surprise toy inside every Kinder Joy. Great idea for a gender reveal event, too!

Twice The Fun

When Mel and Vanessa Roy decided to start their family, they made the decision to bear one child each. It’s a unique and truly special situation they can achieve because they are both women, and they did it in a beautiful way.

As seen in these images, both moms went through the same thing their partner did, with Vanessa giving birth to Jax, their son, in 2014, and then Mel carrying their daughter, Ero, the following year. It’s an experience that has connected them to each other in a remarkable way.

The Waiting Game

This mom knows fully well the anticipation that all expectant mothers feel during those months of carrying their baby in their tummy, waiting for the day when they finally welcome their new family member into the world. It’s definitely a test of patience.

Only once the process comes full circle and the baby finally enters the world, all of that waiting and preparation will be worth it. As the mom lays her eyes on her child for the very first time, she realizes that all of those weeks of waiting were meant to prepare her for this amazing moment.

One More Biker On The Way

Both passionate cyclists, Jon and Tiffany, met a few years ago, and their connection was instant. Soon after they got married, they found out the great news: they’re expecting! With the help of photographer Laura Foote, the two decided to immortalize their baby announcement by doing something they enjoy: riding a tandem bicycle.

In this photo, they added a small bike to their tandem bicycle, signifying their anticipation for the upcoming addition to their family. One can already feel the couple’s excitement knowing they will get to share this hobby and other precious moments with their coming child.

A Shift In Space

When the baby is born, it’s normal for lots of changes to take place around the house. Some of these changes are small, and some are major. Like who gets to sleep in the bed? For this dad and his dog, it’s a huge change, for sure!

We definitely understand this new dad feeling a bit concerned about whether he will get booted out of his favorite spot on the master bed. The good thing is this is usually just a temporary eviction; soon, he will take his rightful place in the bed once more. For now, the living room recliner can do, and the dog can have his own bed by the hearth too!

Eccentric But Mouthwatering Cravings

Along with the tiny baby in the tummy, pregnancy brings a small voice in the mommy-to-be’s head telling her that she craves all kinds of food. These cravings are, more often than not, eccentric and in combinations that the non-pregnant population cannot comprehend.

The lady in the picture has a tub of ice cream and peanut butter next to her. This looks perfectly normal until we see the jar of pickles and the slices of pizza and an assortment of crackers also being part of the spread. This is what we call a pregnant lady’s feast.

Role Reversal At Its Best

We have seen the romantic and adorable pregnancy announcements, but this one takes the cake. The dad-to-be indulged in some role reversal and decided to get into a cute dress to let the world know that “there is a bun in the oven.”

His precious belly bulge is cute, but his expression makes this picture all the more perfect. It is a prime example of a man being confident in his masculinity and willing to go that extra mile to bring happiness to his loved ones. We are sure that the lady is set to have a fantastic nine months.

When Pasta Sauce Got Involved

This couple decided to go down a creative road rather than a grand one for their pregnancy announcement. Who knew that a hand-written slip of paper coupled with a jar of pasta sauce could end up being a cute way of letting the loved ones know that a new member is about to arrive?!

What is cuter than the message itself is the smiles on the faces of the parents-to-be. We wish them luck with their pregnancy and hope that they continue on the path of laughter and creativity throughout the nine months and beyond.

Embracing Reality

The pregnancy announcement of this young couple gets as real as it gets. They have embraced the facts and have accepted that a cute little yellow bikini or gaming equipment will no longer have a place in their lives, at least not for the next three years, until their baby reaches toddler status.

These soon-to-be parents have posted the picture and took care of two birds with one arrow. Number one – they told the world that they are expecting, and number two – they scoped out if they could get a sweet deal on a crib. This is what we call a “logical approach”!

Sibling Rivalry

We don’t know whether the mom-to-be is a budding graphic designer or the dad a fan of zombie apocalypse shows! Whatever the case, this couple went down a slightly darker road to design their second pregnancy announcement and came up with this.

Their firstborn prepares to welcome his younger sibling, and the parents have armed him with the tools and the desire to spark a rivalry as soon as the new baby arrives. While the announcement is adorably shady, we hope that the little one gets a fighting chance to show that they are up for the challenge.