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These 45+ Trash Panda Shenanigans Will Make Anyone Laugh

Raccoons have always fascinated human beings – mainly because of them being so astonishingly multiskilled. Some people even get captivated by the mask-like pattern around these animals’ eyes, which gives them an air of mystery. That’s why the creatures got the nickname, little ‘bandits’ – wild raccoons get inside people’s homes and steal food, so their appearance justifies that label.

Nevertheless, no one can deny that these furry animals can be pretty adorable and likable, especially ones who have gotten domesticated. That’s right; some people have found a way to tame these wild scavengers to make them home companions. Following that development, it’s come to light that raccoons are highly intelligent creatures and can be pretty affectionate toward humans. So here is our compilation of adorable photos that would convince anyone just how fascinating trash pandas genuinely are.

Raccoon’s Fluffy Friend

Even if raccoons can occasionally be mischievous, we cannot deny that they are cute. It’s the reason why many people try to domesticate them – these furry critters can easily rival dogs and cats when it comes to their loveliness. If there’s a more adorable than a cuddle raccoon, it would be its stuffed counterpart.

This furry creature gets it because when presented with the fluffy toy, he immediately embraced his look-alike. We bet the stuffed replica quickly became this trash panda’s constant companion in the days that followed their first meeting. Now we’d just like to see a whole series of pictures documenting the adventures these two must go on every day.

Is That For Me?

It’s not surprising that many people don’t like raccoons since we have all heard that they are pests. These animals have the reputation of being aggressive, have a mischievous nature, and are disease carriers. So naturally, people tend to stay away from them. Likewise, raccoons also evade people for fear of being harmed.

So, when a kind human decided to offer this trash panda some food, it couldn’t believe what was happening. Some would say the raccoon’s expression was just a camera trick, but is it unacceptable to believe it felt touched being treated kindly instead of shooed away? It even stopped midway while eating because the emotions were just too much.

A Kind Gesture

Acts of kindness like these toward raccoons are always surprising; although, that’s not to say they are unwelcome gestures. It’s just that we are used to people disliking thrash pandas that it’s surprising there are a few who choose to show gentleness towards them. Yes, raccoons can be troublesome, but they have their reasons.

The person who did this indeed got raised well and was probably shown kindness while growing up. So, when they chanced upon the sleeping animals, the good-hearted individual decided to put up a sign so the little ones wouldn’t be disturbed. We are pretty sure the mother of this litter was grateful that someone protected her babies while she was away.

Rocket Dropped On Earth

This hilarious photo is giving us a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy vibe. For one, that is a Rocket expression when he gets caught red-hand doing something naughty. If we are to give this picture a story, it would be that of Peter Quill dropping one of the Guardians on Earth after a disagreement.

The two characters often fight over who should be their ship’s captain, so when Quill has had enough of Rocket, he leaves him on Earth even for just a while. The moment the anthropomorphic raccoon dropped on this roof, someone witnessed it and took a photo. Let’s just say the photographer had a few minutes to post this online before his device got confiscated.

Adorable Furry Friends

Wannabe owners of raccoons who think domesticating one is impossible do not despair; it can happen, and here’s proof. Someone was lucky enough to make a pet out of a trash panda and pushed the envelope a little further by making it live with a dog.

Some people would have told the owner of these pets that it was impossible for a raccoon and a dog to coexist but were proven wrong. As seen here, Taco, the dog, happily welcomes his trash panda buddy’s embrace – they appear to have been taught as well to smile for the camera! Not only do these two animals live together, but they’ve also become pretty terrific friends.

Please Let Me In

Homeowners often dub raccoons as ‘unwelcome guests’ because they enter homes without consent. Furthermore, most of them trash the places they visit as if they own them. Moreover, believe us when we say closing doors won’t stop these intelligent animals because they can grip handles and turn them.

So, if there are wild raccoons around, it’s better to lock all thresholds and windows, like how they did it here. Because of a glass sliding door, residents of this house saw this hilarious view – a raccoon looking inside with a defeated look on its face. People inside were probably eating, and the poor animal felt sad it couldn’t get in.

A Trash Panda Ladder

People who are still doubting the intelligence of trash pandas would finally concede after seeing this photo. Something was unreachable, but they did not give up; instead, they found a way to get it. Likely, there weren’t any things lying around to make into a pile, so these innovative raccoons used their bodies to form a ladder.

Although trash pandas have gotten branded with many names such as mischievous, bandits, thieves, and scavengers, one that stands out most is clever. Researchers have found that raccoons have an average of 438 million neurons in their tiny brains. No wonder ‘Marvel’ even made one into a superhero!

Please Don’t Get Mad

A picture indeed could paint a thousand words, just like this one right here. From this one image alone, a writer could come up with a short story, or better yet, a whole book! Having said that, please allow us to tell a short one – a woman fond of raccoons decided to get a tame one for a pet.

One of the things the furry creature loves is eating. So, its owner made it a point to lock the kitchen cabinets and the fridge at night. Yet since the raccoon is intelligent, it was able to open the refrigerator and eat all its contents. When finally confronted in the morning, the animal showed this adorable sorry face.

Mission Impossible

Those who think there is a limit to what thrash pandas can do, think again. We believe flying is the only activity that these animals could not do. So if we are to guess what these groups of raccoons are doing, it’s probably trying to get inside this house.

Maybe they were in the habit of just entering through the home’s doors and windows, but the owners found a way to keep them locked at all times. So, the intelligent creatures thought, there’s another entry point, and it’s the chimney. Then the group’s leader said, follow me – so, up they went. Since there wasn’t anything to use as a ladder, these thrash pandas scaled the wall like professional wall climbers.

A Late Night Visitor

We usually don’t expect visitors at night – it’s called bedtime for a reason. It’s even worse when the unwanted guest is a thief; the next thing to do would be to alert the authorities. However, when the sudden guest turns out to be a trash panda, what’s the next thing to do then?

Perhaps that was also the question bugging this house owner when he saw this raccoon at his doorstep. It had been an uneventful week for this man until he realized a possible burglar was in his home. Who knows what this little critter’s been up to? Would it even make sense to call the police on this little fellow?

This Raccoon Wants Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? They’re yummy and crunchy, and they’re the perfect snack for movie time. This love for cookies isn’t limited to just humans; animals love them too, including raccoons. So when this trash panda found the family’s cookie jar, he did what every other person would do – binge away.

Imagine the family members coming out for their traditional movie time and discovering that someone else – an animal – has beaten them to the house cookies? Funny, though, the jar looks a lot like the raccoon. Perhaps that was why this critter thought that whatever was in the container was rightfully his.

Trash Panda GPS

Raccoons always know where to get their next meal; it could be in a neighbor’s garbage bin, some bird feeder, or even inside someone’s kitchen cabinet. It’s almost like they have this internal navigator that directs them to where they’ll get their next fix.

Sometimes, though, these little creatures might need help. That could probably be why this trash panda was using this phone – to consult Google Map for any nearby food center. The seat belt and serious expression make the whole scene look comical. He looks like a businessman who’s in the middle of a serious discussion. Well, food is a big deal and should get taken very seriously.

A Penny For Those Thoughts?

Raccoons are multitalented creatures, no doubt about that. While their main business is to hustle for food, they can also double as the neighborhood gossiper or a family pet. It seems like this particular critter is the community psychiatric and has decided to set up shop to that effect.

Now, anyone who’s got something on their mind can walk into the raccoon’s office and pour out their mind. This trash panda will definitely listen and even offer some advice – all for a few bucks. Now we’re wondering what the little critter’s going to do with all that money, though. Our top bet is that he’s just going to use it to get more food.

The Odd One Out

A typical description of a raccoon would be – gray with dark and white markings, bushy striped tails with mask-like strips of black fur under their eyes. With that said, like all other wonders of nature, there are always the occasional oddities, though they are scarce.

That is why we’re thankful for this photographer who saw this rare raccoon and decided to take a picture. Then again, who wouldn’t want a keepsake of one of the more rare sights in the world? This raccoon is an albino, and that’s why it’s all white and doesn’t have any of the telltale signs of a trash panda. We’ve got to admit; the creature looks quite beautiful.

This Raccoon Just Struck Gold

Just like humans, raccoons have their high and low days. While ours can be a result of various factors, the only thing that makes these raccoons happy or sad is whether they get food or not. Then there are days when they strike gold and suddenly there’s no problem in the world.

This trash panda is in luck; he saw a dump truck and decided to jump on this wagon. He’s definitely going to get a lot to eat. Unfortunately, this truck is now going out of town, and this trash panda will have to find its way back. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, so long as he’s eaten enough to last him on the journey back home.

No Place Like Home

After a busy day, the only thing we want to do is return home and relax. We’ll take a shower, have a meal, relax by the fire, maybe read a book or watch the TV, and forget about the day’s worries. It’s a sweet feeling, honestly.

So we understand how this trash panda feels. There’s no other place he’d rather be than grandma’s lap. She’ll sit with him right next to the hearth, scratch his belly, knead his feet, praise him for how brave he’s been that day, and even read him a bedtime story. The raccoon will sigh and think, “Home sweet home.”

A Welcome Party

Raccoons are introverted animals; they love to keep to themselves and do what they know how to do better than anything else – rummage for food. However, as quiet as these critters may be, they are also highly inquisitive. When this guy came into two, these trash pandas instantly knew that there was a stranger in town.

Well, that’s not a surprise; they’ve probably visited every house in the area, so they know almost everyone who lives there. So this team of raccoons came together to check out the new community member. Maybe they’re thinking, “Is this our new food plug? How long is he staying? Long enough for us to go through his garbage bin?”

The Shy Raccoon

Remember when we mentioned that raccoons are introverted animals? Still, the more time they spend around humans, the bolder they get. Then, the more proactive they get, the more they try to do some daring things. However, we don’t think that’s what’s going on with this critter.

This trash panda still looks like a timid one; he even hid among the leaves to stay away from whoever took his picture. That is just is so cute, and we’re sure the photographer thought that way too. We hope he did something nice for this sweet-looking creature afterward, like getting him some food- The shy little guy deserves it.

It’s Party Time!

Some animals come out to play when the world’s asleep. That way, they can eat all they want without having to worry about anyone disturbing their mealtime. It’s like a nighttime party, with lots of food and water to go around and plenty of other nocturnal friends to catch up with.

Unexpectedly for these raccoons, someone crashed their celebration. Apparently, this man had woken up in the middle of the night, unaware that festivities were going on in his backyard – a gathering he wasn’t invited to. After he got over his initial surprise, he thought that a picture was in order. What’s a party without photos, anyway?

Game Time

This particular trash panda had had enough of lying around in the house and wanted to get some game time with its owner and bond. We bet he’d missed him! Like any other pets, raccoons too also need some TLC, and what better way to show them some love than to play with them.

We’re glad that they got to engage in some activities, and at this point, we think using the stair rail as a slide works just fine as long as no one gets hurt. We’d also love to know what other games this little buddy loves; he looks like the super fun and active type.

Tapping Into Raccoon Picasso

Anyone who owns a pet knows that with time, the animals will adapt to some human characteristics; some will fist bump, others like parrots can mimic conversations. What we didn’t know, though, is that raccoons can be incredible painters; just look at these artistic creations!

Give them a canvas and some paint, these animals can be quite expressive with their artwork, and we must say, it’s as good as anything we’ve seen from the human artists. If we came across this in an art gallery, we bet many people would spend a couple of bucks to get themselves some wild raccoon masterpieces.

Weighty Issues

With their scavenging diet, it isn’t surprising that raccoons can have some obesity issues, we mean, they consume whatever they can find, and we don’t think the animals have a gym they can go to shed some calories. Take this guy, for example, who seems stuck; he can’t go through the hole and disappear into the gutter because of his weight.

At this point, he is probably better off trying his luck elsewhere and using another entryway to get to his destination. Also, we’d recommend that the raccoon association come up with a fitness regimen and a diet plan for its members to avoid such situations in the future.

Hey There! Meet My Sibling!

Sometimes nature serves us a hand we didn’t expect; each species has some creatures that are different from the rest of their ilk and that’s something we’re slowly getting used to. For example, we have seen raccoons with white and black or a mixture of black and gray fur, but we have never seen a hairless one until netizen Oafah showed us this one she met.

She got to witness this bald little guy slowly lose all its fur over the winter months, though she couldn’t figure out why it happened. Well, these two siblings make quite an interesting pair; although we cannot imagine meeting the hairless guy at night, it sure would be creepy!

Meanwhile, At The Raccoon Ranch

This looks like a scene from an animal kingdom film, but it is an actual image captured by a netizen called Under-The-Texas-Sky, who posted it on his social media. While javelinas can be somewhat dangerous animals when provoked, it seems this raccoon didn’t fear those tusks and hopped on for a ride.

In all honesty, he looks like he’s about to raid a farm full of corn or is about to start a protest against the animal oppressors. Apparently, this is not new raccoon behavior; the animals are known to ride on the backs of other wild animals to reach their food. That ladies and gentlemen is animal harmony at work.

Plus Points

At this pool party, while surrounded by a lot of attractive people, this guy was approached by this friendly creature, and the two formed an instant bond. Pretty soon, the trash panda got snuggled up really close to him while the young man was rubbing his back and even giving him treats.

They say animals can tell the genuinely good people from the fake ones, so we know this guy’s a keeper. If the females around him knew any better, they wouldn’t let him slip from their radar anymore. Kindness to animals amps up attractiveness exponentially, and this fellow has certainly got his priorities straight.

Critter Care

The woman who took this snapshot recounted that her elderly neighbor recently passed away. She and her husband decided to help their neighbor’s family as they packed up the belongings. As evening came, this group of critters showed up on the premises, looking for food.

They realized that their neighbor had been feeding this group, so husband and wife decided to continue the good deed. They bought some feed and made sure the trash pandas were well fed, deciding, later on, to go ahead and adopt them—such a nice way to remember the generosity of their neighbor. We’re sure these cute trash pandas were very grateful.

A Peculiar Position

The questions surrounding this image seem endless. Was this raccoon practicing his yoga moves or perhaps working out and exercising to drop some pounds; trying a new flexibility program? Or maybe just reaching deep down inside that tree trunk for a tasty treat?

In any case, the woman who saw this odd sight while walking through the woods first thought this was just a pair of twigs. That is until she noticed that the branches were moving even though there was no wind, and when she got closer, she realized those were two raccoon legs suspended in the air. We’re just hoping the poor guy eventually got out in one piece, though.

Reading Raccoons

While people were stuck at home and socially distancing, these raccoons took advantage of all the peace and quiet. This social media user was able to spot the creatures roaming about in the local library, enjoying the solitary time while their human counterparts were mostly in their residences.

What’s not to love about the library anyway? There’s just something comforting about the smell of books and the silence of the space, and these raccoons certainly know how to soak up the atmosphere and bask in solitude while browsing their favorite literary titles. Readers are leaders, and the future looks bright for these literary critters.

A Little Too Clingy

This social media user took this photo of his brood of raccoons who just cannot stand to be away from him for even a few minutes. While he was in the bathroom doing his business, his critter friends decided to follow him and position themselves between his legs.

A little uncomfortable if we should say so (we’re also cringing at the lack of boundaries here), but as long as this person is still able to do what he needs to do, who are we to laugh at him, right? He’s probably a kind person, which is why these raccoons just want to be by his side no matter what.

Cry No More Trash Panda

Blue skies, blue emotions, life is bleak, and all we can do to ease the pain is sit down and breathe. We have all been there, so we understand this panda’s plight. However, we have no advice to give this cute animal but to remember that there would always be more trash to rummage and knock over tomorrow.

Therefore, dear raccoon, get up and move like the world is not spinning out of control and life is not trying to be annoying. The story of such an adorable creature will not end up at the side of the road. So time to cheer up with a burst of energy, little one, and go disturb some unsuspecting human.

No Time Left To Fly

Here is a raccoon in its natural habitat doing some martial art-level gymnastic, big-budget spy movie trick. It is not surprising that this animal is in this position because they are known for being dramatic and doing the most while still being cute and dangerous.

Now, on to more important things, where can we get its workout regiment because that core strength could even put skilled athletes to shame. Perhaps, it can show us mere mortals how to balance ourselves on two trees while maintaining such grace and elegance. At this rate, we won’t even be surprised if we see this creature showed up in an action movie.

Mayday, Mayday, No Food In Sight

Fun fact about raccoons, they will scale up posts to try and secure food so they can beat other animals to it. This raccoon, however, took it to another level and climbed up a highway sign, which still remains a wonder to us, thinking about what the motivation was

Unfortunately, there was no food there, but that did not stop the other raccoons from wanting to see for themselves, all to still find out there really was nothing to eat on the summit. We cannot imagine the disappointment each of them felt after their long climb to be met with nothing but empty countryside plains all around.

Spill The Tea Sister

A lot has happened in the raccoon kingdom, and our little friend here is ready to give us all the details. How else are we supposed to know that Mr. George the raccoon just filed for divorce from his wife after finding out she was flirting with the raccoon from the next street- How scandalous!

This right here is premium gossip, and we would not let the fact that we cannot understand a word of raccoon language stop us. This tea transcends the mere language barriers and operates on another frequency. All one needs to do is be interested, and the piping hot tea is ready to be spilled.

It’s Our House Now

What could be worse than rats in the ceiling? Raccoons in the ceiling, and this house looks like it has more than enough. In fact, it looks like an entire family of raccoons has lived in that place and made it theirs for generations. Imagine the owner’s shock when they found out they had unwanted tenants; nothing could have possibly prepared them for that.

Getting rid of these little critters would prove challenging because they can be elusive and very aggressive when approached. Yet, we know this house owner wishes their problem was just rats and not an army of trash pandas. If they cannot get rid of them, they may have to involve a raccoon diplomat to broker peace.

Furry Fishing Companion

We are sure as kids, many of us wanted to own a pet to cuddle and play with, but it wasn’t easy for us to convince our parents to let us have a four-legged companion in the house. Having a domesticated animal came with its responsibilities, including feeding it and cleaning after it.

So it looks like the girl in the picture not only managed to persuade her folks to let her keep a raccoon, but she also delivered on her promise to take care of her furry companion. We aren’t sure who’s more adorable, the child fishing for her pet or the raccoon itself who is eagerly waiting for its freshly-caught dinner.

The Gossipy Raccoon

Apparently, when our pet raccoons aren’t busy eating or being their adorable selves, they are on the lookout for some neighborhood gossip. Whether it’s keeping an eye on people from atop a tree or listening from the window ledge, these domesticated animals can do it all.

Here it looks like the little furry creature in this picture managed to get some juicy tidbits from the neighbors, and the first thing it did was share the story with that young girl. Judging by how the child began to cry, we assume either the information startled her, or she simply wanted to stay away from the neighborhood tittle-tattle.

We’ve Got A Poser Here

No doubt raccoons are adorable little creatures, but who knew they’d look so endearing even in photos. It’s safe to say this species from the animal kingdom is quite photogenic and does not even need filters like us humans to enhance their cuteness. This image where the furry creature looks confident and camera-ready is proof of that fact.

We must say that’s quite a pose, and not many creatures can pull it off with such poise like how this four-legged supermodel has managed to do. What’s more, the clever little trash panda also made sure to wrap its tail around its behind gracefully, avoiding a potentially awkward picture.

A New Addition To The Litter

It’s not just dogs who adjust with children or other pets in the house, but even raccoons warm up to other animals once domesticated. So if one already has a litter of kittens at home and plans to make an addition, these furry little creatures are a great option. Once trained and tamed, raccoons will treat other species as one of their own.

Well, it looks like that is indeed what happened here, and as soon as the baby felines befriended this tiny trash panda, it decided to even sleep in bed with them. Who knows, maybe it will also teach the other critters a trick or two about finding the top trash spots around the neighborhood.

An Unexpected Treat

This picture here broke our hearts after seeing that raccoon peeping out of a drain look for some food in the big city. Luckily this hungry creature was spotted by a kind gentleman on the street who did what we’re sure many of us would do. As soon as the guy saw those two dark eyes staring at him, he decided to help.

The lucky trash panda was in for a treat as the fellow offered to feed him some crunchy Cheetos. Now that must’ve been a real pick-me-up because those are hard to come by in trashcans. Now we’re just wondering one last thing, is that raccoon stuck in the sewer, or does it actually live down there?

No Invites Needed

When celebrating significant milestones such as birthdays, graduations, or a wedding, most of us like to plan ahead of time for the guests that will be attending the party, which is why we send out invites and ask for people to RSVP. This way, we know just how much food and seats are needed so that we can prepare accordingly.

No one at this wedding sent out an invite to these visitors but, who cares? They wouldn’t miss such an important day for the world. While the newlywed pair was obviously unprepared for this troop of trash pandas, we’re sure they were pleasantly surprised by their appearance and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Hush Now, Daddy’s Here

No matter how challenging parenting is when the kids are young, parents treasure the moments when their children are dependent on them because that changes as they grow older. So we don’t blame this dad for reminiscing on the good old days when he would cuddle with his kids, put them to bed, and ensure they had taken a bath.

His actual grown-up children may no longer need him for all that, but now that he has an opportunity to do it over again, he’s not going to pass it up. Thank goodness he at least doesn’t have to worry about his new brood going off to college and no longer needing the care and attention of their doting dad.

Emotional Support Trash Panda

Very few individuals are patient enough to sit through hours of someone whining about their bad day. Not because they’re bad people, but as humans, we like to try and offer solutions rather than having to listen to a long unending rant.

We would gladly pay any amount to have these raccoons sit with us as we talk about a painful experience because they seem like great listeners and empathizing enough. Just being treated to such a sight could easily have us go from having a gloomy day to being in good spirits. Who needs to spend on therapy when such endearing animals exist?

Trick Or Trash!

There are a few people in every neighborhood that refuse to open their door for kids during Halloween. Now we’ve found a foolproof way to make such individuals finally answer their doorbells. How about bringing along this cute fellow because, after all, who could resist this level of charm.

Since we know such folks are often by their windows watching the kids knocking until they get tired and walk over to the next house, our suggestion is to put this cute fellow on display to do the trick. Even if the homeowners do not have any candy, we’re confident that they will at least offer some nuts or fruit for this adorably festive fellow to munch on.

Tough Call For Animal Parents

Imagine going outside to throw out the trash only to be met with such a scene. Does one still empty their trash can, or do they accept the likelihood of their bins staying full until these precious animals are done for the day and retreat to their natural habitat?

Another alternative could be bringing them all home and adopting them. The problem with that option, though, is that animal parents like to differentiate their pets so that they can cater to their individual needs. That’s impossible because these trash pandas all look alike, meaning it will be hard to tell who’s the early riser, the messy one, and the one who likes morning walks to the garbage disposal.

See No Evil, Eat No Evil

We do not remember raccoons being a recyclable commodity, so why are we seeing this one trying to enter into the recycle bin? The answer is simple, the possibility of a meal. Free food is what has put this little one in this kind of embarrassing situation.

The situation gets even funnier when one realizes that the only reason it is stuck is that it is too big for the hole. It looks like someone’s been having one too many trashcan meals lately. We cannot blame it simply because it is living up to its name of trash panda. Still, we are wondering now if raccoons also go on weight loss diets.

Please, No Paparazzi!

This raccoon got its head stuck in a hole and needed animal control to show up to save it. Now, getting stuck is always a very embarrassing situation, so we can understand why the animal is covering its face trying to hide from the paparazzi who are trying to photograph the shameful moment.

We must thank Office Sadler that quickly came to the rescue, but the raccoon could not care less. It just wants the entire ordeal to be over so it can go back and get its head stuck in another place, then repeat the cycle over and over again. We just hope the officer will be on standby every time to save this habitual miscreant.

Free Cheese Puffs For Everyone

Cheese puffs are obviously not something a raccoon sees every day. So, it must be pretty thrilling to have some all by itself without the stress of sharing with others. Sharing may be caring, but not when it comes to these delicious treats.

Luckily, this human did not have that thought pattern because when they were moving across Chicago and found this little creature, they were more than happy to share with it. We hope that they gave some to the others close by, too, because where there’s one raccoon, there would definitely be more, and we wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out.

Just A Little Taste

Whoever said water is life must have had this little guy in mind; here’s a trash panda willing to risk looking totally crazy just to get a little sip. We have all been there, though, being so thirsty that we drink water like it is about to run away. Okay, maybe not exactly like this raccoon, but we all get the idea, right?

Another thing worthy of note here is how long that tongue is; who would have thought that these cute little creatures had such a large one. That right there with the sharp teeth is the stuff nightmares are made of because these creatures might be cute, but they can also be equally terrifying.

The Pose!

Who can deny that these tiny creatures are adorable, even despite their occasionally crazy behavior? This one in particular looks like it is about to pose for the cover of ‘Vogue’ and is just practicing some looks for the camera.

Imagine this: ‘The room goes dark, and all eyes are on this supermodel, the photographer shouts, “Pose,” and this little guy strikes one, then the crowd goes wild (don’t ask us why there is a crowd). The resulting picture goes viral as it should, and everyone wants an autograph, but the trash panda gets tired of fame and wants to go back to its roots, eating trash and getting stuck.’ End credits roll. We’d watch that movie for sure!