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The Scoop on Protein Shakes- Best Before or After Workouts?

The key to having a truly beneficial workout, in which your body actively loses fat, builds muscle, and releases hormones that aid the body’s health and growth, relies heavily from one person to another. Just because something works out for your best friend, doesn’t mean it’s going to work out for you, too.

Deposit Photos | Protein shakes are a popular pre and post-workout beverage choice

To that measure, truthfully speaking, there isn’t any right or wrong answer to this.

As consulting sports nutritionist, Marie Spano says, it actually depends on ones’ goals and when you ate your last meal before the workout. She suggests that one should have a meal rich in protein every 3 to 5 hours throughout the day if they want to build their muscles to the max.

It is not about the timing of your protein intake, you see, rather about the total amount of protein you consume in a day, says Mona Cabrera, M.S., R.D. She claims that it is just as beneficial to you if you take the protein shake before or after your workout.

That said, here’s a list of the pros and cons of consuming protein shakes before or after working out.



  1. Drinking protein shakes on an empty stomach, right before working out, is a great way to work up the muscle-building process
  2. Protein is also said to hold back hunger, in case you start feeling a little hungry before your workout sesh


  1. The only thing to consider before taking protein shakes is if you have a sensitive stomach, and are unable to digest protein powder
Deposit Photos | Protein shakes are useful in building muscle mass



  1. Drinking a protein shake after a good work out can help refill fluids that are lost from sweating
  2. You’ll begin the muscle recovery process as fast as you consume the protein shake after the workout
  3. Protein shakes are an excellent choice for an after-workout snack, as they are easier to digest


  1. Drinking protein shakes after a workout doesn’t have any cons but it is important to see which type of protein powder you choose to take with your shakes. Leading nutritionists recommend taking milk-based proteins, for maximum benefit.
Deposit Photos | The benefits of protein powder greatly depend on its constitution


People are told to have servings of protein every 3 to 5 hours a day, even if they don’t work out or do yoga on a daily basis. But, people who are habitual of tougher and more rigorous workout routines are required to consume more protein than the average person.