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The Queen of Rap Is OBSESSED With Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ – Have You Watched Every Episode 5 Times?

It takes royalty to know royalty!

Getty Images | Nicki was introduced to the show by American film and television writer Kenya Barris

The Queen of rap Nicki Minaj addressed her fans in a letter, parts of which were largely about her favorite TV show. After the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ hit the streaming platform, many people enjoyed the series wholeheartedly, while others had some reservations about the portrayal of the royal family. Despite all the concerns, the show received unmatched success, and since then, it has been continuing to air on the streaming service.

Netflix | The hit show has seen four successful seasons so far – with lots more to come

As the artist works on her upcoming album and documentary, she spends her free time watching the show. It’s no secret that Nicki has had her hands full recently after the birth of her son, and the new mama is enjoying her time off with the Netflix series.

Nicki Gushes Over the Cast

In the letter, she mentions how she has watched almost every episode at least 5 times! Now that is dedication in its truest form! The award-winning rapper also praised the casting of the show, which has made it even more intriguing, with the most commendable role held by actress Claire Foy who plays a young Queen Elizabeth in the show.

The rapper talks about how amazing Foy looks when playing the part and considers it an excellent casting choice.

Minaj also went on to appreciate the other cast members, such as the portrayal of Margaret Thatcher by Gillian Anderson, the portrayal of an older Queen by Olivia Colman, and lastly, and older Princess Margaret played by Helena Bonham Carter. Lastly, the rapper also sent out a special compliment to the actor who played Prince Charles, Josh O’Connor, and called him “hunkier” while comparing him to the real Prince.

It seems to be that the show is famous among rappers because even the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is a big fan and watches it very religiously! Honestly, we can’t say we’re surprised.

GQ | It Looks like there’s more than one thing that Iggy and Nicki have in common!

Even the Royals Watch the Show About Royals

You read that right. The royal family is reportedly also a big fan of the Netflix series. Princess Eugenie praised the show in 2017, describing it as beautiful. The Queen’s grandson-in-law Mike Tindall also made a joke saying that he needed to catch up on the show.

The actress Vanessa Kirby who plays a young Princess Margaret in the first 2 seasons of the show, says that Princess Eugenie has basically confirmed that the Queen watches the show too. Talk about two worlds colliding!