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Tennis Bodies Continue Encouraging Reluctant Players to Get Vaccinated

When the pandemic broke out, it seemed as though everyone prayed desperately for a vaccine. However, now that we have not one but many vaccines in distribution, we’re witnessing hesitance.

As the Miami open reaches its climax in the sports world, one question rages wild in every player’s face: will they get the vaccination?

Deposit Photos | Vaccines are available for children and adults above 16 years of age

What Are Players Saying?

For the Russian world #8, Andrey Rublev, getting vaccinated poses little to no benefit since players would still be required to stay confined within their tournament bubbles. This hesitance stems from his childhood since the player reports never having gotten vaccinated as a kid.

For Elina Svitolina, the world #5, vaccination seemed a good option until being otherwise persuaded by her friend. Like Rublev, she sees little to no benefit of the vaccine. Aryna Sabalenka, the world #8, took a harsher approach in stating that she doesn’t trust the vaccine.

The top 3 world champions lie on the other end of the spectrum, making the WTA wholly pleased. Beating the trio to it, Simona Halep, the world #3, received her first dose only recently. Naomi Osaka, the world #2, and Ashleigh Barty, the world #1, await eligibility for the vaccine, with the latter hoping to meet her boyfriend and family on tour after being vaccinated.

It’s A Personal Decision

While the Women’s Tennis Association and the Association of Tennis Professionals continue to encourage players to get vaccinated by highlighting its benefits, all efforts remain in vain.

Truthfully, according to statements released by both bodies, no one can force these players to get a vaccination as it is a personal choice, and they are meant to respect it. However, making sure that players realize the better side of getting the vaccination is their duty, which they will continue to do.

MApn | Simona Halep reported feeling safer after receiving the first dose of the vaccine

What’s Up In Other Sports?

Both the National Basketball Association and the Major Baseball League in the US are encouraging players to get the vaccination. Of course, incentives become necessary at times like these, and so vaccinated players are not required to keep their masks on when socializing or in any gathering.

Additionally, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, these players can have their vaccinated family members travel with them two weeks after they receive their second dose.

In the UK, footballers have not yet been offered immunization. However, Gareth Southgate, manager of the England national team, called for players to be vaccinated. He commented that since we ask the players to carry on their job, the sport was responsible for keeping them safe.