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40+ Times Internet Strangers Delivered A-Game Burns

The internet is an enigma, and anyone who has been around long enough has probably seen it all. One moment we are all friends celebrating something together, then in the next one, we are fighting over an unimportant issue. At an instance, people are making fun of an unsuspecting victim, and before the dust settles, the tables turn and another person ends up becoming the next meme.

It is a savage reality, but we have grown accustomed to it, and it’s hard to imagine a life without these keyboard conflicts. Rather than getting too serious about it, we can learn from those who have already gone through it, such as those we are about to mention in our list. While we’re at it, why not enjoy a good laugh too? 

Shower Thoughts

This is a good case of savagery at its A-game, and we are obliged to believe this exchange probably had someone quitting social media for the day. The premise and context are straightforward, yet the original tweet raises a peculiar question.

Still, whether the tweet was in jest or seriousness, someone online wasn’t going to let this moment slip by, and they chose to throw a valid counter-question. The result is a funny moment of banter that can’t be staged even if one tried. Hopefully, the original author won’t be afraid to air more of their shower musings.

Mass Appeal

Being passive-aggressive is not cool, and we have that one person who feels they are above everyone, and constantly barrages us with snarky remarks. This lady seems to possess this level of sass to the extent she chose to share her curious thoughts online.

We must applaud the response, for this is a moment that is worth sharing now. The reply to the original post is so quick and witty that it should make any sensible character wonder how and why they never thought of that. The main author was probably lost for words and was left in stitches just like everyone else.

Parents Are Funny Too

Parents have a wicked sense of humor, and it is advisable to steer clear when they get on a person’s nerves. Any veteran of the game knows calling out their parents and telling them they aren’t funny would sting. The situation always leads to more banter and epic one-liners bound to floor even really tough crowds.

This mother was no different; she just casually served that burn when the son decided it’s time to come clean and end the lady’s tyranny. Little did the boy know this wasn’t a democracy but a dictatorship, and the mother’s response was enough to silence him.

Truth Hurts

Fame is the new currency, and the internet is the perfect place to exercise that right to go viral. One way people do this is by posting images of themselves and waiting for positive reactions to follow. In many cases, this works, and the post runs up, getting new followers and heaps of praise.

This lady had a similar idea but decided to pretend like this perfect image was just a whim, and she hadn’t planned on blessing the algorithm with her presence. One of her followers didn’t take this lightly and decided to call her out, and the response is just wild.

Look Before Posting

When girls post images on the internet, they are usually carefully curated, and people go above and beyond to confirm if the images are photoshopped. The results lead to heated debates and snarky remarks to the extent that someone might think they are reading the transcript of wrestling commentators.

This lady in this image was perfect in every way, and there was no evidence of any doctoring. Still, her caption set her up for some trouble as some cheeky fellow decided to oblige her request in a manner that probably left the lady mute.

It Takes Two To Tango

Bathroom time is sacred time, but it is also idle, meaning people’s thoughts tend to wander. This particular individual decided to share such thoughts with the world, and the fellow is as wise as they come. They even signed the quote for everyone to credit them when the time comes.

The words reigned supreme for some time until someone else made their way to this stall and had their own thoughts on the matter. This fellow didn’t appreciate the previous fellow’s blatant plagiarism but also called them out on their mishap. Fight fire with fire, they said, and here we are.

If The Shoe Fits

Being an adult is a hard task and the early mornings make everything tougher. Cases of people leaving their houses in pajamas on their way to work are more common than one might think, and this lady right here is a bigger victim than any of us have ever been.

She was going on her morning tasks absent-mindedly when she noticed that the left foot was colder than her right. Upon looking down, she realized she had worn her shoes in a very peculiar way. They say truth is stranger than fiction, and it doesn’t get any stranger than this.

Don’t Air It

Venting online is a bad idea, and it should be noted that it never ends well. If the person is lucky, people will ignore it and move on with their activities. Alas, the online community doesn’t work this way, and they always come to take what’s theirs.

Take this exchange, for instance, one person says something that is probably sarcastic in a way, but alas, this is the proverbial wine-drinking preacher. It seems she abides by the same deeds she’s posting against. We bet it was embarrassing for the lady, and the rest of the internet probably feels the same.

The Lunar Santa Claus

Political correctness is the new buzzword, and this action is getting out of hand. What started as an educational tool has turned into acts of blunder all over the web. Everyone has something to say, and most of those opinions are far from ideal.

Our good fellow decided to educate people on how to celebrate a public holiday, and as absurd as this may sound, the screenshot doesn’t lie. Luckily, a kind-hearted fellow decided to rain on this parade and drop invites and access for everyone else that must have been locked out of the occasion.

Tell It Like It Is

No one can escape the horde of attention seekers that plague the face of the worldwide web. This love story is the epitome of fake it till one makes it, but in this case, they went a tad too far.

It seems the lady wanted to go to Paris and visit the iconic love bridge. But, their budget probably wouldn’t let them, so instead, they went to Sydney, Australia. Sadly the person who posted the image stated it’s the city of love, but someone was quick enough to point out the lie. Oh, what a time to be alive.

Immediate Fact Check

Anyone who watches CNN knows who Anderson Cooper is. The veteran journalist is among the top respected figures in the business, and he takes his craft seriously, making sure to report all the true, right things, having done extensive research before going on air.

When this lady went after Cooper, trying to discredit him, we doubt she was prepared for the broadcaster’s response. The anchor went through her social media app feed and put her in place with a bit of advice. While it might have been a bit over the top from Anderson, it still worked perfectly.


We all have had moments where we want to feel like part of a group, or belong somewhere. Sadly, some try a tad too hard to be accepted with their plans backfiring spectacularly, leaving them more embarrassed than they have ever been before.

Take this lad, for example, who posted on his social media asking the police not to show up at his party. The police department was kind enough to tell him that they had no issues with his alleged party if there weren’t any secrets, but not without throwing some shade. We don’t think he’ll tag the police on his posts anymore, especially if there’s actually nothing going on.

One Can Never Be Too Careful

Relationships, like everything else, sometimes fail, and it’s a painful experience mostly. When the cause of the breakup is infidelity, we don’t think it can ever be repaired since trust and respect were broken, and it isn’t easy to fix that.

Things didn’t work for Taylor and his then-boyfriend and when she posted about people cheating in relationships, among the people to call her out on this hypocrisy was her ex. Lesson; if one breaks up with someone, it would be best to unfollow them on all social media platforms to avoid such moments.

Caught Reading

College was fun until it was exam time. That is when most people would flock to the library to at least ensure they get good grades on the final paper. If one had flopped in the midterm tests, then the pressure to perform is double-fold, and these guys were doing what any student would do -read.

One of them chose to mislead his classmates, pretending that he isn’t studying but waiting for the apocalypse. Too bad for the guy, his plan unraveled when he was seen by someone, perusing books in the same library! Safe to say, he won’t claim to be a genius when he passes the test.

No Pets Here

Selling off items we no longer need is a great way to get some cash while creating more space in our houses. This lady chose to dispose of her couch with some details attached to the marketing poster with a big problem; what she says and what the image shows is questionable.

The seller mentioned that there are no pets, but one can clearly see a cat on the sofa. We have no idea whether she overlooked her feline chilling on its favorite spot, but selling something with the wrong details is unacceptable. Anyone getting that seat should hold the lady accountable if they get any allergies.

It Wasn’t Me

When one has toddlers and pets in their homes, they have to be ready to deal with the mess they’ll ultimately make once in a while. When this parent came home to find a cushion completely destroyed, the question was, who did it? Interestingly, the poodle right next to the cushion looks like the perpetrator.

Still, a closer look shows that the pillion zipper was opened before its contents emptied. We don’t think a canine is capable of doing that, and someone has to answer for the mess created, and we are pretty sure a human is responsible. It’s time for mom to wear her sleuthing costume!

Not Up To Said Standard

Online shopping is the go-to method of purchasing stuff without having to leave the comfort of our homes. As such, we need to know everything about the item we are buying to ensure we’re getting a great deal out of the transaction.

This guy wanted to get his shades a new owner, not only claiming that they aren’t his preferred shape, but that he also hasn’t worn them before. The problem is, he’s actually wearing them in his profile picture, leaving us with more questions than answers. Also, can we talk about the new buyer needing to disinfect the shades before wearing them, considering the backdrop they’re placed in?

The Ungrateful One

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who are thankful for even the little they have and those who don’t appreciate anything. This boy belongs to the latter category, who, after dating someone more affluent, felt he had a rough childhood.

It’s easy for someone who is not working to point fingers at their guardians/parents since they don’t know how difficult it is to put food on the table or even have a comfy space to call home. While his mum was gracious enough to respond calmly, we bet the lad got a good lashing once he got home.

Let’s Try This Again

In a world where there are many sad posts making rounds online, it’s refreshing to see one that is humorous. This guy tried to woo his crush to becoming his girlfriend and decided to play a guess the animal game, and we must say it was ingenious!

While the lady wrongly guessed the animal, the guy put his creativity to work and came up with the perfect answer. Many people would have walked away from the situation with their hearts broken, but this guy’s humor is one to admire. We hope he finally got her to go out on a date with him.

Simply Not True

Tabloid publications get people flocking on their sites after they put up not-so-true stories about celebrities because they know they would get the desired traffic. The Irish Daily Mirror made themselves a laughing stock after they ran an article on Chris O’Dowd with unsubstantiated claims.

This famed actor didn’t waste time putting the record straight, and we must say we’re more likely to believe him than the magazine. What happened to media outlets verifying their information before putting it out? That’s a big letdown by the platform, and we don’t think they will have it easy repairing that reputation.

Lying King

We know that amazing and weird things happen daily, but the fiction this post presents begs a suspension of all common sense; it sounds like a scene from a Tarzan movie, but for us average humans, this is a tale of what not to do when one goes on a safari.

Let’s keep in mind the only thing that can be accomplished is the unauthorized feeding of wild animals. So, we kindly request that when on a safari, one follows the tour guide, stays in their vehicles, and leaves the animal handling to the experts.

Is It Truly Natural?

There is a constant argument that natural makeup cannot be described as being fresh-faced because, to be honest, when one puts on tons of products to give off a cosmetic-free look, they cannot say it is indeed natural. Unlike some who ditch the layers, more makeover lovers have specific products and hacks that can give a no-makeup-makeup look.

So there was absolutely no reason for her to tell us that it is all-natural when the eyeliner use is quite evident to any stranger online. Either way what matters is how confident this lady is feeling after her post to keep defending her stance!

Spying With My Little Eyes

Now we love to celebrate a win just as much as the next guy, but there is nothing quite like seeing a stranger post about an accomplishment allowing their followers to share in the joy. Likewise, nothing amuses the Internet like seeing someone try and fail to claim something that isn’t theirs.

This young lady posted about getting a new car holding up a car key. Yet, when it’s zoomed in, two different logos are seen, a Porsche on the car and a Volkswagen on the car key, leaving everyone with the disappointing conclusion that it was all a lie.

Crying Wolf

Nothing can justify playing on people’s emotions or raising a false alarm to get attention. From the onset, someone will offer advice from a place of sincere care and consideration for the supposed victim’s safety. Still, when the illogicality of the situation sets in, the helper would feel deceived.

This person expressed fear of an incident, which is a fabricated story from the look of things, as he or she was even called out on it. Like the boy who cried Wolf, we sincerely hope that one would not be deprived of help when genuinely needed.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

We are of two moods; on the one hand, his family member needs to mind their business and let the man do as he pleases, on the other hand, we are all for them showing us behind the scene footage as it gives us the chance to share in this moment.

We do have questions like what is the situation with the sand? Is it actually sand? Why is he pretending to be at the beach? Is he going to clean up after, and how? While we may never get the answers we want, there’s no denying the chuckle we got from the guy.

What A Sincere Friendship

Most people have that one friend who can call them out on their lies or point out any deception on their part, whether intentional or not. Truly, one cannot make a contradictory statement about beliefs, values, and lifestyle choices when this friend is around.

Who knows if he kept his diet and resisted the delicious chipotle bowl of half chicken and half steak? What we do know, anyway, is that he has a friend who cares about him upholding the resolve to protect animals and eat green for the rest of his life.

Friendly Fire Must Be Nice

This is a case of picking battles wisely, and since K.J and Cole Sprouse are both costars of a hit T.V show where they play best friends, we can safely say this is just a bit of friendly teasing. K.J tried, to make fun of Cole by comparing his physique at 17 with Cole’s.

Cole came back with a solid clap-back, reminding K.J that he’s a former child star and, as such, had the funds to ensure he never got into a physical confrontation even then; after all, why fight when a security detail can be afforded.

Studied Hard For This

When people are asked to name the last book that made them cry, they mention books like The Kite Runner or The Fault in Our Stars. But to be sincere, University Physics with Modern Physics can make the list too, especially for those who had to read it extensively.

I wouldn’t blame the person who indicated the text as a book that can cause tears, as he or she must have studied hard to pass the related exam. Our hope is that it eventually ended in tears of joy because studying is not easy. Also, how can we forget that funny response from one of the co-authors himself!

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

It is a common thing to hear an elder brag about the knowledge and experience they’ve gained over their lifetime, especially to a younger person; one can listen to them giving advice, whether solicited or not. In the past, youths had no other choice than to listen to everything said to get information.

But with advancements in technology and information sharing, the younger generation can now access a shared pool of knowledge on practically every subject known to man, rendering the need for elderly saltiness almost unnecessary. To be fair though, nothing quite compares to actual lived experiences but this response is definitely valid and witty in a literal sense.

Relationship Update

Talk about boosting gone wrong! – Someone wanted to show off how invested her boyfriend was in their relationship by sharing a screenshot of their exchanges. Unfortunately, someone else picked another angle of the message and inquired why she had to hide the name of the supposed boyfriend.

Well, we could say that she may want to protect her privacy and keep his name off the screenshot, but then again, she may be having no boyfriend at all. What wouldn’t people do, just to get attention on social media, right?

An Extreme Stunt

A note of caution for the readers – do not indulge in daring selfie stunts while driving on the highways! One stakes their own life at risk and also that of the fellow pedestrians. Keeping their eyes glued to mobile phones, has become a dangerous fad for the new-age drivers.

No less evident in this case, the perfect shot would’ve cost him heavily had he tried changing lanes. Steering the car undoubtedly demands one’s complete attention, unless they want to end up in a real mess. We love our dear lives enough to not wind up in an emergency room too soon. So ditch the screens while hitting the road!

A Fraudster’s Trick To Resell

With the enormous buzz around social media, one can easily get swept away in no time. Fraudsters often utilize a big name for raking in, unless his sagacity gives way to careless errors, as bad as tagging a celeb’s name in his post.

In this case, his low-brow tactics to resell a used car included a classy picture, well justified by a detailed description of the particular model. Dale Jr. cautioned the buyers himself, save for a silly blunder in the trickster’s part of mentioning that the automobile once belonged to the celeb. No wonder the poor soul wished he hadn’t lied!

A Wannabe Record-Breaker

Workouts help enhance the mental momentum through new personal records every day, but that could barely be close to breaking a world record. We appreciate this guy’s zeal to follow the footsteps of Tirunesh Dibaba or Kenenisa Bekele except that’s a bit hard to believe.

One needs to teach their body to adapt to the stress by initiating low-intensity drills and progressively increase challenges for the body every day. Though our athlete missed the Guinness world records by an inch, he perhaps wishes to hold the title on social media.

Rich Boy Check

We’ll no longer envy Adrian’s growing stack of wealth if he donates a teensy part to us. Perhaps that would make him feel his money for real and get a good night’s sleep! Indeed, the virtual arena of funhouse mirrors gets these wannabe influencers, a fleeting Kardashian moment, until someone spills the beans.

One might call it ‘flaunting fake wealth’ when Adrian expressed how his riches have changed the people around him. But maybe, the rich boy won a $10K door prize at 17, when he wasn’t yet running meager-wage errands for Jimmy Johns.

Have It Served Burnt!

Negative remarks affect us all. In no way can anyone escape the counterattacks after badly bashing someone on social media. And none realizes it better than sandwich giant Arby’s! The establishment’s sneering of the talented wrestler Chris Jericho was rightfully paid back with intense punches, only ridiculing the company in the public eye.

It’s pertinent to hold on to our expressions and sentiments while airing posts on a social domain, keeping in mind that a comment battle might cost us heavily. Sadly Arby’s was taught the bitter way. ‘Tit for tat’ as they call it!

“Fake It Till One Makes It” Gone Wrong

Social media platforms often shelter false posts of people who crave fleeting popularity before the crowd. A loyal participant of the endless ‘Who can fake it better’ drive, Rebecca too desired to garner viewer’s appreciation by posting a phony sketch.

Remember the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland? One can meet the same in Rebecca’s post, where she claimed to have drawn it herself. Just a few clicks away, a quick search on Google can easily have the truth unleashed before us. In a digital world like ours, where fact-checking is no hassle at all, plagiarizing is indeed a silly choice!

Brewing Trouble

One rarely meets a supercool mom in life who mockingly condemns her son’s inactive love life. Well, we can’t blame her; the youngster himself fell victim to the flare he ignited! Perhaps, the kid should never have enquired about the disposal of their coffee machine.

Indeed a funny woman, the mom’s concern over her son’s scarce love-making is truly appreciable. But who knew that a mere mention of coffee pots and grounds could propel her into word-attacking the young man’s private affairs. We can’t believe a cuppa joe is what caused such a showdown!

Play Real Games

Who knew that recollections of an ancient event could be used as a potent tool to earn sympathy from caring and conscientious audiences? Social media is the new-age home for such skillful manipulators, who knows how to make people respond.

Thanks to the guy from the same school, who revealed that no one ever bullied the lady for her looks. Otherwise, anyone’s first instinct would be to empathize with her, cheering the poor girl up with cozy words. Kudos to her efforts! Hopefully, next time she steers clear of risky captions.

The Timeless Generation Conflicts

The battle of the ages isn’t one to end anytime soon. And the comparison of abilities and traits among the cohorts of different generations undoubtedly makes it worse. Baby Boomers sneered at the DIY skills of the Millennials only to become targets of a similar scoff for their blacksmithing techniques.

We understand that the boomers grew up in dark times and endured far more hardships. But that doesn’t prove the succeeding generations to be failures. Every peer group has its share of champions and losers. So instead of endlessly stereotyping and comparing, we hope the ages start inspiring each other in every possible way!

When The Significant Other Is Significantly Missing

Once, relationships used to be private affairs. But now, the desperation of portraying a picture-perfect bond on social media is so prevalent that one often resorts to faking their relationship status. After the countless ‘couple goals’ posts, this picture is an equally hard blow on the single beings, and inevitably roasts them.

We highly recommend one to cover their tracks and scrutinize their selfies before uploading them, for if they don’t, the viewers will definitely strip off the facade. In this case, the sleeping beauty might miss her prince’s kiss for the time being, but surely can’t escape the nasty trolls of the internet!

Trip To Space Gone Wrong

Men are not exactly perfect. But that doesn’t mean we should be abandoned from the earth and launched straight into space! We get it, a bad breakup, an argument with a male friend, or a disagreement with a brother may have led this woman to publicize this statement.

But the internet has its way of serving justice. In this case, it was a straight-up mockery. A slight mispronunciation in an overall debatable statement is enough to have it backfired. Maybe next time just use a little filter before going all out with an arguable statement like this?

No More Paparazzi-Fear

Anyone who is into the media business knows the pressure of being famous. The paparazzi are always on a hunt to scoop a spicy story about a big name in the industry, which has made the celebrities much more predictable and safe with their words.

But this was not the case with Frankie Muniz, the famous child actor from projects Cody Banks and Malcolm In the Middle. When a random person commented on his acting skills, Frankie went all out on him with his wit and bank balance. Not subtle but surely an entertaining comeback.

Grocery Store From The Past

Just look at this picture. The subtle dim orange hue and the perfectly balanced lighting mixed with the midnight tone from a grocery store are just perfect. This picture was taken back in a grocery store in 1979. Or was it?

One of the viewers took an interest in unraveling the mystery behind this picture. And turns out this is just a regular grocery with dim lighting and this picture was taken recently. The internet is probably not an honest place, but this is just unnecessary.

The Name’s Bond

The best thing about crooks or wannabes is that they always try to punch above their weight. And most of the time, the results are imminent. Adam Saleh, a regular teenager, dreamt to make his name big in the wrong way.

We have to give Adam credit where he deserves it. Successfully transporting oneself to a plane without anyone knowing might be a cool feat. But then posting a video about it just so that the airline can track him and use it as evidence to expose that he’s lying? Not a bright idea!

The Magic Car Wash

Owning a car is every man’s dream, period. Most of us work every day just so that we can one day afford a shiny new beast for ourselves and our family. And it seems like this guy had already hit that milestone of buying his dream SUV.

No matter the size or credibility, a car is a car, and one has to keep their four-wheeler clean, whether at a full-fledged car wash, or his bathroom. By the way, kudos on the creativity of the first two pictures.

Inappropriate Timing

Sometimes a soulmate may be all that we need. Still, finding one can be quite hard, considering how many people with different personalities there are. So, in that case, apps can be helpful to make connections; but, sometimes, things do not go as planned.

This girl just wanted to find someone to connect with, and she sent generic texts to different guys at the same time. But, unfortunately, the context of the message was not proper for one of the guys who received it. In addition to that, the girl was busted for sending the same message to more than one guy. Be careful- our world is too small!

A Little Imaginary Party

Friday nights are for loud music, drinks, and all-night dancing with friends. But sometimes, a cozy night at home wrapped in a blanket and watching our favorite TV show can be all that we need. Still, imagining a little fun in our heads may not be hurtful.

One can conjure up a great night at the club, write a beautiful post to their account, and voila, the night is ready! However, keep in mind that close friends may uncover the secret in the comment section, as they usually know the truth.

Parking Spot Issue Or Greed?

Unfortunately, some people are too greedy about the parking spots specially reserved for the differently abled. This guy thinks that parking hours for these people should be limited. Plus, he decided to share his opinion with everyone. And the explanation of that opinion is even more inexplicable.

In every incomprehensible situation, humor can be helpful to deal with negativity. It seems like Danielle got a brilliant response to his rant. Hopefully, he’ll realize that being kind to others is important. Free speech is good, but somethings are truly better left unsaid.

Failed Request For Trademark

In 2016 Kylie, one of the Jenner sisters, tried to trademark her name. Yet, she is not the only celebrity with that name, as there is also a very talented and super successful singer Kylie Minogue. She immediately blocked the request, and Jenner failed in her attempts.

No one can underestimate how successful the Jenner sisters are. Not only does almost everyone all over the world know their name, but they also have prosperous businesses with millions of customers. Still, when it comes to trademarking first names, the Jenners should be a little bit more careful.

The Anticipated Paycheck

The end of each month may be much anticipated, as it is when we get paid for our painstaking work. Knowing that the wallet will be full of money is the next level of satisfaction. And the more cash, the better, especially when various bills are waiting for us.

Though sometimes it is good to be happy in silence, posting a picture of our money is not a good idea. Also, we can make sure that we are holding real money, as the one in this picture looks relatively thin, which is a bit suspicious.

Fresh Start But No Fresh Blood

After several attempts to try and make a relationship work, a man decided to call it quits, making it official via his social media account. In the post, he shared that sometimes one had to accept that something’s broken and beyond repair, moving on and starting another new thing altogether. We agree with him.

But here’s what got us. The fellow’s former partner would drop a comment, clearly in agreement with the ex’s sentiments, and let the world know that she was having her fresh start with the guy’s younger brother. Quite the low blow!

Correct Picture, Wrong Caption

We all strive for content that can attract as many likes and shares on social media. The stunning backdrop, poses that would have followers thinking that they’re looking at a professional model’s profile, and of course, captions worth people’s time.

Now here’s the problem. Many of us have gone to extreme lengths trying to impress fellow netizens that we sometimes forget to separate facts from fiction, like the man who uploaded a photo of himself doing a flip while snowboarding. While the guy clarified that he was still learning the tricks of the sport, someone pointed out via the comments section that the picture had been taken from the web.

Saved By Naivety

There’s something about a child’s innocence that would even melt a heart that’s made of ice. A man and his five-year-old sister were at a bank when thugs stormed the building, commanding everyone to get down. Everyone obliges, except for the fellow’s younger sibling, who also had her announcement to make, and reminded the thieves that stealing was wrong.

According to the guy, the bandits exited the scene as everyone got up, cheering the youngster for her bravery, and they even got a large cash reward. We find the robbers’ change of heart abit suspicious though. Can anyone at the bank confirm?

The Lane That Saves From Embarrassment

A lady texted her brother to find out if he had landed safely. Things went south real quick, after a woman dating the man texted back letting it be known that she was the guy’s girlfriend and demanding to know why another girl was texting her partner.

Ticked off and now getting impatient, the fellow’s sister cautioned the woman against getting too comfortable, informing this lady that she was one among many others. We bet that sharp response made the girl think twice about acting out. If there’s anything to learn here, we should all know our place before making fools of ourselves.

The Business Mind Needed To Afford Coffee

None of us chose to be here, so our parents might as well take care of us. With this kind of thinking, a boy asked his mother to buy him a video game that had just hit the market and 25 cups of coffee that would help him stay awake for the entire night playing his games.

The mum got him 25 copies of the game and no coffee. It must have been a way of getting the business wheels in the youngster’s mind turning because he could strike a good deal with friends who can’t afford the store price and finally afford that coffee he badly craves for.

Music Was Real, The Girlfriend Wasn’t

Thank heavens for the gift of music because this art form guarantees to lift us in good spirits when we feel low and even carry us through painful seasons when we might not have the words to express how we feel.

A man thought he would share the great tune he was listening to with his followers, making it clear that his choice of song did what his lover could not do. Well, a friend outed him, pointing out that the reason the melodies were able to evoke emotions that his partner couldn’t was because while the music was real, the lady was imaginary. Ouch!

No Comment Unless We’re Doing Better

When someone’s responsible for an invention that changes our lives for the better, even if something cooler eventually comes along- the least we can do is appreciate the first person for their contribution to enriching our days.

While inventor Tom Anderson talked about the terms that were making an innovation hard to use, a follower pointed out that Anderson’s opinion did not matter, as the developer did not keep his creation alive long enough. Anderson hit back, letting the commenter know that the concept earned the designer enough to retire, while the fellow making the remarks was working just to get by. Well, we hope the guy thinks twice before bashing someone more successful than him now.

Outed By My TV

Here’s what we have learned, if we’re going to cheat, it will be believable. Now, this isn’t a call for anyone to lie, but the least one can do is due diligence if ever they decide not to be completely honest.

A football fan decided to boast about getting the best seats for a match. Just that he forgot to include the fact that he was watching on his TV from the comfort of his home, which a fellow net user was quick to point out, thanks to the pixels that the screen easily showed. In his defense, we think the couch is the best seat too.

Sharpen That Brain For Some Wit

We all want witty to be among the list of adjectives used to describe us. But when it comes to fellow internet users we might not personally know, it might be best to keep the clever remarks to ourselves. Because unlike family and friends who would laugh along at our jokes directed at them, someone that doesn’t know us may take offense.

When an internet user shared her painful yet funny accident with a pencil sharpener where she stuck her little finger in one, one of her followers commented that it was a good lesson for the young girl who was apparently not so sharp. We saw that coming!

Incriminated By An Unproductive Brain

Two possibilities when attempting to discredit someone; either the one trying to disprove the other person’s word could do so successfully, or they might end up looking less than perfect, especially if they aren’t sharp enough to pull it off. We understand that in practicing law, one must be thorough in their line of questioning, but this attorney takes the cake.

Besides proving to lack common sense in a court of law, it would be even more tragic to have such a lawyer assigned to defend one in a court case. Nonetheless, it does feel good to know that the doctor got the last word that day.


It’s quite surprising that some men haven’t learned to never lie to a woman. If she is asking them a question, chances are she already knows the answer and is just testing their loyalty. Take this gentleman, for example, who very boldly told his gal that he is at home while partying in the same club as her.

It’s safe to assume that a fight must have ensued after this little fiasco, but we hope they called a truce soon and returned to being all lovey-dovey again. Let that be a lesson for the boyfriend, though; don’t try deceiving the lady; she’s always a step ahead.

A Closet Belieber

Over the years, many closeted Justin Bieber fans have openly admitted to loving him, especially after his vocal range widened post-puberty. But this fan was a little apprehensive about confessing to being an admirer since “4ever”. The lady decided to low-key appreciate a song by the pop sensation, despite her username suggesting that she is a true, as they say, “belieber.”

We wonder what pushed her to downplay her passion for the star. If it’s the fear of being judged, we think we’re way past that phase now, considering that Justin has two Grammys to his name among numerous other industry honors and accolades.

Irony At Its Best

People will post anything to gain clout on the internet now, even at the expense of others. But this one received a fitting response and quite a funny one at that. The social media user updated her followers on being on a bus and looking at quite a handsome gentleman.

However, him owning an older iPhone, an obsolete model in the dictionary of the recent-trend-following types, appears to be a deal-breaker for her. But somebody pointed out how her traveling in the bus and passing judgments on another’s standard is also quite ironic, and we can’t help but chuckle at this cheeky remark.

Better Do The Homework Again

Even the knowledgeable ones among us can make mistakes at times. Take the renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson for example. The brilliant science man once proudly pointed out how “leap day” has been mistitled since there is no leaping anywhere while ironically going on to highlight how the earth does, in fact, leap in time.

The post got noticed by an ordinary internet user, who schooled the planetary scientist and reminded him what “leap” actually means. This must have been illuminating for the Havard-graduate. But we’re all humans at the end of the day and can make mistakes. The important thing is to continue learning from them.

Smarty Pants

It seems Charley didn’t know that if she takes an IQ quiz and shares it on social media, her score would be visible to everyone. So the lady decided to choose her total, and at 125, she exaggerated her actual score of 85 by a mile. Can we blame the developers for this?

They should’ve sent out a notice saying scores are publicly visible. We hope Charley soon realized her actual result was there for all to see and took the post down before too many people noticed the discrepancy. But the good news is the human brain is quite malleable, and Charley can absolutely work towards a 125 IQ!

The Bar Is Too Low

There is no disputing that this generation will decide how cool or uncool someone is based on their relationship status at the end of the day. This gentleman on the internet must have been the victim of the same judgment, and so he unknowingly set himself up for a sneaky mom joke.

We hope somebody reminds him that having a girlfriend does not put on the “cool” label on anyone; it’s eventually about how the existing people in one’s life get treated. As for love and relationship, they will then run their natural course and find one when the time is right.

Biology Takes A Serious Hit Today

It seems everybody on the internet thinks they’re science geniuses nowadays. But we wish this person had paid more attention in Biology class before falsifying facts about the female anatomy and its processes on social media while even dragging an iconic celebrity in the middle of it.

We hope that if Taylor Swift ever comes across her, she is quick to put this misinformed individual in their place. Though, this goes on to prove why it’s essential to pay attention in class. If schooling people online is one’s passion, then the least they can do is first correctly educate themselves.

Always A Pretty Front

We can be anything, so why not be pretty and perfect all the time? This lady made sure that before she shared a snippet of her hand with her friend, it was all painted and looking nice. But her buddy was already ahead of the curve and didn’t hold back.

He made sure that she knew that he knows. Well, the lady’s reaction to this whole fiasco is quite evident in the screenshot that she later shared. Anyone of us would have been embarrassed being in that situation. But at least her thumbnail looks absolutely perfect!

“Fool” Has It

People can make an impression on social media, yet some consciously choose to come off as dense. This person, for one, butchered the language in just one post by proclaiming that there are no words in English that have double Os, except Good, and that too quite confidently, we might add.

Yet the internet did it again and gave the guy a fitting response. Someone replied to the post with “book,” – which was followed by a suggestion of reading one sometime. Well, they could undoubtedly try taking the well-wisher’s advice, though something tells us they’ll need more than just one book in this case.

Uno Reverse

Stephen Hawking is known for a lot of things, but mincing words is not one of them. The celebrated physicist did not hold back while talking to John Oliver. Upon being asked if there are infinite universes, could there be one in which the latter is more intelligent than the former; Stephen confirmed that it was entirely possible.

But Hawking also roasted him by saying that in another of them, Oliver might even be funny. In this iconic moment, the cosmologist turned the comedian’s main asset against him. Uno Reverse, indeed! Not only unquestionably brilliant in science, but Stephen also packs a comedic punch, unlike few others.

The Unpaid Pick-Up Service

It looks like this guy had multiple people asking him for a lift that left him angry enough to bring his pick-up woes to the internet! Let’s chalk out his thoughtless one-liner to his angst since it was full of contradictions, as one person was quick to point out.

We should also be a bit generous and understand his frustration, though. Of course, he wasn’t a taxi service that anyone could hop on and hope that he would ferry them to their destination for free. But it’s funny that he shouldn’t be considered as one while expecting payment in return for the ride! It’s one or the other, buddy!


Oh, some people’s mistrust in global organizations and reliance on misinformation! One only has to google the role WHO (World Health Organization) played in eradicating smallpox to understand the extent of their contribution in getting rid of the harmful disease. Perhaps people ought to use the search tab as frequently as they do the comments section.

More so embarrassing if the person makes factual errors publicly! Imagine an organization as reputed as WHO relegated to only data collection, although it is a significant step in the entire research process. We wonder if the commenter still holds the same opinion as before; a little research can go a long way sometimes.

A Public Tick-Off On A Fake Do-Gooder

The holidays mean high restaurant traffic, it’s good for the business except for the overworked staff! A gracious tip goes a long way in boosting their morale through the vacation where everyone is enjoying a break from work. The person is apparently promoting the generous spirit of Christmas by sharing a picture of a magnanimous $100 gratuity on a bill amounting that’s only a fraction of that amount!

How we wish the post were actually genuine! Instead, it turned out to be a photo-op to garner likes and undeserving praise! The bill was a customer copy and not retained by the establishment as accurately pointed out by someone.

Short Words Save Time, tbh!

To many people’s distress, English words keep shrinking over time. Doughnuts have become donuts, ‘to be honest’ is tbh, and we ‘lol’ instead of laughing out loud! The history of using fewer letters in a word came about during the early SMS texting phase. It has since stuck on out of habit and a bit of laziness on our part.

Here’s a question raised on an online platform partly out of annoyance and curiosity about the time saved by typing abbreviated words. The reply was a rebuttal calling out the insignificance of the query! To each his own, so why wonder about something most people now consider mainstream anyway!

Magic Mike Vs. Shrek

Character vs. looks have been a long-drawn battle, with the people’s preference still out for debate. It doesn’t matter how valuable a person’s personality is; it’s impossible to ignore the importance of a good appearance. But here is a netizen observing movies and attributing the success of Magic Mike mainly to the female audience.

The response to that post got us howling with laughter because the commenter is splitting facts so nonchalantly! Who can argue against the immense popularity of Shrek? Following the post’s logic, girls seem to prefer one’s character after all, for the Dreamworks hit outsold Channing Tatum’s film by over 300 million!

Backyard Hiking Trail

Are we living our lives if we don’t splash it all over social media, and is it a worthy life if we don’t get enough likes on the posts? This dilemma seems to be a serious one. To what lengths people will go to appear better than they are in real life.

One such post of a girl pretending to sweat it out hiking on a park trail got busted by her sister for lying about the location. It happened to be their backyard! A little in-house sibling rivalry can lead to some truly laughable content for the rest of us online!

A Befitting Response

This has got to be the shade of the century. What is it about the feminists that rile a few men so! There are not many words as misrepresented and misunderstood as the term feminism. Some have even generalized it to refer to angry women who cannot control their hormones.

Sadly, the man ranting on his post seems to fit this bill. And he deserved the witty yet accurate comeuppance to the hilt! The guy sure needs to loosen up and expand his viewpoint to match modern times. If he would take the time to look around, he’d realize feminists are those trying for balance in life.

Subtle Burns

When making an excellent point on social media, make sure no personal enemies are lurking around. We empathize with the original post, but the witty and sharp reply got the mileage and deservedly so for its subtle execution – it hit the target without making any sound.

The post is a random normal one, which doesn’t invite any argument whatsoever, a discussion maybe but not sarcasm as seen in the response. We wonder what happened between the two to evoke such rebuttal! Friends turned enemies, perhaps. With one more adding a list of burns to the conversation, this exchange has piqued our curiosity about the backstory!

Spot The Difference

Posting throwback pictures is a trend nowadays on social media. One of those was uploading pics of their grandma to show off the resemblance. Some were uncanny as if they missed a generation in between, while others were so far-fetched we rolled our eyes in unison!

Yet here’s something that caught our eyes, making us stare in disbelief. It was similar alright, so identical that evidently, it was the same girl in both the photos. The teenager seems to have created her own story by using filters! We sympathize with her efforts to fit in and hope that her friends let it slide without giving her a hard time.

Advice Not Taken

Oh, the awkwardness of wanting to be tech-savvy but falling short by a mile! This couldn’t have happened in a worse place than the college online confession board where the students post their innermost secrets or the love declarations they received or even profess their desires or wish to a special somebody!

Someone smart named Eric decided to make up a confession and post it online. The only catch – he did not upload it anonymously like everyone else. Soon he became the target of jokes, advising him to take it down before it goes viral. Considering it did, we can safely assume Eric didn’t know how to delete it!

Jock’s Studying Mishap

Most often than not, varsity players are given extended deadlines on assignments and projects. The school probably wanted other students to think it’s not the case by posting a photo of their jocks studying. However, it came off wrong when people noticed that the players answered a blank paper without pens.

This might be just a poorly acted photo, and the jocks were working hard on their school work, but it still didn’t fare well on the people who saw the post. We hope that after the school noticed this mishap, they were able to clear this misconception afterward.

Marilyn Monroe’s Text

Think before posting; this is what a social media user learned the hard way. The woman posted a Marilyn Monroe quote about texting, which is historically inaccurate. Monroe was an acclaimed actor who passed away in the ’60s; cell phones were a thing of the distant future.

Nowadays, it’s easy to research quotes and avoid this mishap. Due to the comment, numerous people replied on how impossible her claims were, even educating the user on the background of the acclaimed actor. While one commenter even felt embarrassed on her post, which is entirely understandable. After this incident, we hope that this lady learned how to quote people properly.

RDJ Said It First

Robert Downey Jr. played the egocentric Tony Stark in the Iron Man franchise for years. He’s so good at the titular role that most people find it hard to separate him from his Marvel character. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that there are fans that want to mimic his witty replies.

Take this one man as an example. He posted a conversation with his hairdresser on social media, which is strikingly similar to Downey’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel in his late-night talk show. Let’s take this conversation with a grain of salt; maybe the social media user meant this as a joke. At this point, we can only assume.

Elon Musk’s Friendly Feud With Apple

Elon Musk has been at the forefront of innovations for years. Therefore, when Apple decided to launch its electric car, the Tesla CEO couldn’t help but comment. If one is worried about possible discord between the two companies, don’t worry; it’s all in good fun, with Elon joking that the engine and headphone jack are sold separately for the car.

Since 2014, the famous mobile company has been working on “Project Titan,” which is the name for their electric car project. Despite news of the entire thing getting shelved, the project is still moving on with plans to develop a consumer-facing autonomous vehicle. Well, some friendly competition never hurt anyone.

Bed Bugs Took The Photo?

Everyone will agree that pictures are valuable, especially if it’s a photo of someone with them cuddling with their significant other. However, the situation becomes straight out of a horror film if there’s no one around to take the photo.

That is probably the concern of some people who saw this photo. With one even making light of the situation, saying it must be bed bugs that took the picture. The person who posted this appears not bothered by it, captioning the photo with sweet nothings and heart emojis. If an unknown person had taken the picture, we’re confident they would have captioned this differently.

Winning Is Everything?

In Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, there’s a famous quote that Will Farrell always says: “If You Aint First, You’re Last”. This statement is the hashtag of the social media user who posted a photo of him claiming that he had won a swimming competition, which isn’t the case.

What makes things worse is the actual winner of the contest commented that the guy didn’t win the race, adding that we can see him in the photo 20 yards ahead of the guy claiming false victory. We certainly hope that this user thinks twice before posting another image, making tall claims like this.

Make Friends Not Jibes

There’s a saying that a friend can turn into the worst enemy. That is what happened to the anonymous user and her friend who fought over Clifford: The Big Red Dog. The situation escalated quickly when her friend gave snide remarks over her dog, which then backfired on the former.

We’re sure that the comment was meant as a joke and didn’t mean to offend anyone. However, it seems like the other party took offense to the jibe. We hope the two friends made up over this argument. Clifford promotes friendship, and he would appreciate it if these two made up with each other.

False Claims

In the age of the internet, anyone can claim that a work of art is theirs, which is also why artists tend to protect their creations. The art community isn’t precisely always paid handsomely for their craft, with some of them even having a hard time making ends meet.

After a social media user named Rick claimed a photo as his, someone commented that it came from Nick Boyers Photography. Upon looking at the picture closely, one can see the studio’s watermark, proving the commenter’s point. Well, we hope Rick learned his lesson on claiming others’ work. Why not take a photography lesson and see if they even like it?