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Recovered From Flu But Cough Still Troubling You? Here’s How to Get Rid Of It

There was a time when coughing was considered to be a minor health issue, but not anymore. At least not with a deadly virus like COVID-19 out on the loose!

Though catching a cough these days can be scary, it’s important to realize that it can be of different kinds and each one doesn’t direct you to Coronavirus. Also, sometimes even after recovering from seasonal flu, you might suffer from a cough that just doesn’t fade away. And it sure can be annoying and tiring.

Ask Doctor K | A lingering cough can be a cause of concern these days

So now the question that arises is, how can you get rid of such a lingering cough? Well, we’ve got the fastest working remedies for you in this post. Check them out. 

Tips to get rid of a lingering cough

We’ve heard prevention is better than cure, but how seriously do we take it? Probably, not very. But TBH, if you haven’t taken precautions till now, this is the time you start!

The best way to stay away from a cough altogether is simply by avoiding sickness triggers. Wash your hands properly for at least 20 seconds, avoid contact with too many people in public places, and take ample rest. 

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If however, you’re already suffering from a bad cough, these home remedies can help.

Honey can save your money

Switch your morning coffee with some warm water mixed with a teaspoon of honey. Honey helps decrease the mucus in the throat and chest. Apart from that, it’s known to possess antibacterial properties that help the immune system fight the sole cause of cough. One spoon a day will do the job well enough. 

Health n Body Tips | Among the best home remedies for cough is honey mixed with warm water

Steam facial

Do you know why hot air feels so great when you’re sick? It’s because humid air helps in getting rid of cough and mucus. It makes air passage through the nasal pipe a lot easier. And if you want more effective results, don’t forget to add oil or leaves of Eucalyptus in the boiling water. 

Sleep well

When you take rest, your body heals itself, especially when you’re sick. Through sleep, you can help your immune system by giving it time to fight. According to health experts, if you sleep properly, the overall duration of symptoms decreases. And here’s an amazing trick – if you’ve caught a cough, use an extra pillow to incline your head 15 degrees with your back. This helps in a better air passage which stops the mucus buildup in your throat. 

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Bulletproof | Above all, ample rest can rejuvenate you like no other medicine

To give a few final words

Now that you know the methods to prevent and cure lingering cough, we’re sure you’ll agree that it isn’t that hard to stay away from it or deal with it, right? We understand that you might have a busy schedule and lots of work, but there’s nothing more important than health. So, wake up before it’s too late and start taking precautions to stay away from infections.