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Prince Harry Visits Couple Running the London Marathon

Everyone’s lives have been put on hold this year, and the culprit is well-known. But thankfully, people are starting to come out of their cocoons and get things back on track; with caution, of course.

Speaking of getting things back to normal with caution, the London marathon, which is quite a popular event, kicked off virtually this year with participants joining in from different corners of the world through an app!

The Guardian | The London Marathon kicked off virtually this year with runners participating through an app

While virtual events have become normal now, this one took a special turn when Prince Harry paid a surprise real visit to a couple participating in the run. Let’s find out more, shall we?

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Lucky Marathon Runners

Among the participants of this year’s London marathon were a husband and wife from Los Angeles, the city where Harry and Meghan Markle live with their son Archie. To show his support for the event, the Duke of Sussex paid the two a visit out of the blue! Needless to say, the couple was utterly blown away.

When we talked to Chudeney Espiritu and her husband, Mark, they started off by explaining that the initial run was to commence in April, but due to the pandemic, it was postponed to 4th October.

Considering the delay, the organizers decided to hold the event virtually. 2020 is the marathon’s 40th year, and the organizers intended to have the event this year itself, not in 2021 to make it more remarkable.

ET Online | The event’s ambassador, Prince Harry, paid a surprise visit to a couple running this year to show his support

Given the unique nature of this year’s event, the marathon organizers contacted a few runners in search of inputs and thoughts regarding the change in format. They were basically looking for someone who could also bring an inspirational touch to the story.

Chudney had a motivational life story and she was requested to contribute. She decided to describe her fight against cancer and mention how running helped her do it. She also mentioned that it wasn’t just the event that turned 40 this year; she too celebrated her 40th birthday in 2020!

When Chudney submitted the essay with all those details, she received an email from the event organization saying that the marathon ambassador wanted to have a chat with her and Mark. And guess who it was? None other than Prince Harry!

During the interview, Harry asked the couple if it was okay for them to sit on the floor. Isn’t the ex-royal the sweetest and most humble? The conversation went by like a couple of friends talking. Chudney and Mark said they won’t ever forget the experience.

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Hello! Canada | The meet was an informal one where the trio chatted like friends

Here’s what Harry had to say about the marathon

In a recent video posted on the marathon’s Instagram account, Harry thanked all the participants, saying that the run’s spirit will never lose its extraordinary shine. He added that the current situation may not allow everyone to be together in person, but the marathon can bring the spirits of runners together. Well, it’s like they say, the show must go on.