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45+ Clever Pranks To Note For The Next Payback

Whether we like it or not, we’ve all been pranked at some point in our lives. It’s even become more common now that social media has come into the picture. Posting a funny image or video can make any person an instant Internet celebrity, which is why everyone wants to take the mickey out of their friends or family – and even strangers too.

There are times when it might get out of hand, so it’s important to be careful to prevent someone from getting hurt. Making people laugh or performing the perfect gag could be a challenge, but perhaps inspiration can strike once we see this comical list of pranks. Trust us; even seasoned tricksters would find this collection a hoot!

A Sweet Treat In Disguise

Imagine arriving home from a hard day at school or work and finding this delicious dessert waiting at the table. No one would ever expect someone tampered with it before gobbling it up, right? Well, get ready to choke on that first bite as it’s not at sweet as it looks!

One person hatched a clever plan to inject dollops of mayonnaise inside a scrumptious doughnut instead of cream cheese. The color and consistency of the filling are almost the same, so we don’t blame why whoever ate it fell for the salty trap! True enough, that’ll make anyone think twice about eating whatever’s left on the counter for sure.

Sit For A Startling Surprise

Here’s a gag that will never go out of style, and it works almost every time. The premise is simple: make whoever would sit in the fateful seat jump as high as possible! Usually, it’s best done in an office setting since it involves a wheeled chair and a foghorn canister.

Those who are focused on their paperwork should be fairly warned that a deafening and annoying sound is about to break the silence. Once that happens, all but laughter will fill the air – unless the unlucky victim won’t find the trick hilarious. Then, we’re in big trouble!

Sorry, This Car Is Trapped

Heading over to a shopping center in a car would make any errand a breeze. One can quickly come and go as they please, especially during Black Friday sales, given that parking wouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately, one guy might have to reconsider leaving the premises for a while after his vehicle is mysteriously trapped inside an unusual gate.

We can only guess he probably irked one of the customers inside the store since the barricade is made of shopping carts! Regardless, getting around it wouldn’t be too hard, just as long as the car owner receives some help from bystanders.

Here’s A Cool Prank

If there’s one candy that’s usually used in practical jokes, it’s Mentos! Since childhood, we often see a piece of it added to a liter of soda and watch it bubble, making it a popular homemade experiment. Well, kids nowadays apparently found a way to take this prank to the next level!

As seen in this image, there’s a piece of Mentos in every ice cube mold. Once the unsuspecting soda-drinker adds it in a glass, he’s going to be in a fizzy situation as soon as it melts. Tough luck for him, but whoever thought of elevating this classic gag is a genius!

Too Cold For Comfort

This prank is as old as time, and at some point, someone has to experience it. Usually, people tend to use ice cream dishes as substitute Tupperware leading to disappointing reactions in the fridge. As frustrating as that might be, at least there might be some fancy leftovers to fill the void.

The fellow in this image wasn’t ‘joking around’ when they decided to up the ante by clearing an ice-cream tub and filling it with water. We are not sure whether to feel sorry for the recipient of the frozen water or applaud the prankster.

A Live Car Show

Being a professional prankster requires constant upgrades to the tricks in store. That’s why some people are constantly looking for new ways to catch the unsuspecting public slacking with simple yet effective pranks. After all, these stunts take creativity and innovation.

Then there’s this other team of individuals whose sole purpose is to push the boundaries of the prank game. Take a look at this legend right here. This is borderline a scene from a horror movie besides being eerily funny. We can’t imagine sitting on this chair, let alone moving along the highway, only to see a car driving itself.

Peek A Boo

We are always told to examine our groceries for potential insects before grabbing them from the shelves. Unfortunately, while the rest of us were taking in this warning, someone out there saw an opportunity to take us down and use our fears against us.

This prank should belong in the hall of fame since we know most of us can’t handle lizards, let alone snakes. Putting rubber snake between the vegetables is so practical; our minds will go bonkers when we point it out on the shelf. If caught, this prankster will probably get banned from all grocery stores out there.

Where’s The Foam

Sometimes, someone doesn’t need to invest an arm and a leg in carrying out a highly engaging prank. In most cases, everyday household items hold the key to the next spectacular rib-cracking moment. At least for the resident prankster.

This prank belongs in the 1000 Simple Stunts since it is so easy yet effective. By applying some clear nail polish on a bar of soap, it blocks the soap from foaming. The frustration that comes from non-lathering soap is enough to make someone quit showering. With that in mind, imagine how this prank will turn out for someone rushing off to work.

Minty Oreos

Oreos are a crowd favorite, and the combination of cream and chocolatey goodness with a glass of milk is enough to make our day. Sadly, any ounce of joy for us is a prankster’s source of inspiration for comedic glory and glee.

Our good fellow here has replaced all the jolly cream with some toothpaste, and no one will be none the wiser. Come to think of it; this is a great safety measure against dessert thieves. If that’s the way it is, we encourage this train of thought, and in fact, we intend to borrow this safety hack.

Well That’s Not Sweet

Kids might not love taking their vegetables, but we doubt this method will win them over. As much as the goal is to get the little ones to turn the leaf by clearing their plates, this will probably have the opposite effect.

On the other hand, this sounds like a fantastic trick for Halloween.
Imagine the aftermath of this situation later on when the unsuspecting toddlers try out their treats only to land on these bad boys. The best thing about this prank is that, by the time the punchline lands, it’ll be too late to roll back.

Plants Vs. Keyboards

Due to the professional nature of an office, it’s a bit hard to pull off a prank there without risking unemployment. Moreover, a major element of a perfect trick is anonymity until after the act’s completion. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how the offices are not fertile ground for gags as there’s always someone watching.

Even so, this white-collar employee got the shock of their life one morning when they found their favorite keyboard has grown some greenery while they were away. The prankster must have been patient, considering how long it takes to execute this.

The Vinyl Wrap We Never Want

Cling wrap’s versatility has made it a perfect tool in the household, especially the kitchens. So naturally, this versatility makes this valuable household item a handy tool for an extravagant rogue who’s thinking of gifting someone with a prank.

The owner of this car learned only too well the power of cling film first hand. What makes this even funnier is that the car owner might have wanted a vinyl wrap but had a queer budget. It’s one way to make a statement, and we doubt the car owner will ever leave their car unattended for too long after this.

A Fishy Business

When we say some pranks are too vile, we mean this. Whoever came up with this nasty element of surprise deserves all the smoke that’s coming. At least let some things have some level of sacredness, and the air freshener is where we draw the line.

Replacing an air freshener can with bait spray is just terrible. To make matters worse, it’s a shrimp scent! No one is going unscathed from this, and the victim of this prank will need some big recovery time. We doubt anyone will attempt to make their way into the affected rood after this bad boy goes off.

Snow White’s Apple

From now on, when we read the story of Snow White, we believe this atrocity will come to mind when she takes a bite of the poisoned apple. This prank is as vile as they come, and very few people will come out on the other side without trust issues after getting a taste of this.

Candy apples are fantastic, but the critical ingredient is apples! We daresay using onions to cause chaos is gold. Whoever will take a bite of this item should have a charming prince waiting somewhere for them since they’ll need that magic kiss. With that, they should hope the prince has nothing against onion breath.

Pops Of Fun

Imagine rushing in from somewhere with a full bladder, wanting the simple pleasure of using the washroom in peace and finding this when the door is opened. All our sympathies go to the person who was the subject of this prank.

The prankster must have spent hours preparing this elaborate stunt. Who would have thought that balloons, a symbol of joy, celebration, and fun, could be used as a tool for torture? Well, at least the victim must have had the opportunity to relieve some of the frustration by popping these balloons.

Having The Last Laugh

Just knowing that when a tiring workday is over, one can go home, get into a cozy pair of pajamas, turn on Netflix, and munch into that yummy treat that has been sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for them can uplift one’s mood.

Unfortunately, not all things go to plan, especially if one is living with a prankster. The person who devoured these cookies did not even try hiding the empty box but used it to illustrate who had the last cookie or laugh. We’re not sure if they can still laugh if they get caught, though.

Guardian Of The Fridge

We may not all be familiar with the fearsome extraterrestrial creature called the face-hugger that was introduced to the world in the movie Aliens, but seeing it sitting atop our favorite snack would most definitely elicit an ear-splitting scream. We would, for sure.

One of the ancient pranks in history, we have seen variations of this with rubber reptiles and other creepy-crawlies. It continues to be a popular one due to its ease with execution, not to mention the dramatic and loud responses that it can garner. Just switching a known creature with an unknown one guarantees success.

Live Games

This person sleeping during a live sporting event, surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, is more impressive than the prank being played on him. More than that, we would all like to know what his secret is. How can he sleep so calmly in the midst of all that is going around?

While the balance is commendable, what catches our attention is that at least fifty people have decided that this spectacle is more interesting than whatever match they paid a couple of hundred dollars to watch. It must have been a spectacular stunt have this group of strangers abandoned the event to cheer for this sleeping beauty.

Judging Eyes

God bless the person who had the brilliant idea of making googly eyes. These little stickers make everything look adorable and fun. Let’s admit, most often than not, it brings a smile to our faces when we see an inanimate object with googly eyes.

However, this picture verifies that too much of everything is bad. Opening this refrigerator would seem creepy with the number of eyes staring back at us. This may be a good idea if we want to weird out our roommates so they’d stop stealing our food. We’re sure they wouldn’t want to steal while so many eyes are staring at them with judgment.

The Hanging Gardens

Some of us are very generous. We care about our friends more than anything else in this world. Our friend mentions something they like for once, and boom, we become Santa Claus, but on a budget. Take this picture as an example.

This room’s owner must have wanderlust, and for that reason alone, this person decided to take matters into their own hands and turn the place into a rip-off, sarcastic version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. So what if the room’s a mess and they have to clean all of it afterward? It’s the thought that counts, right?

Box Of Goodness

We have friends, and we have enemies, usually different people. So, what if we find both in one person? Do we keep that person or drift away from them? The choice is difficult because they can do something like this to us every once in a while.

We understand that a person can be lazy, eat junk food, and stay up all night binge-watching their favorite shows and sleep during the day. Still, friends don’t have the right to play with someone’s feelings like this and prank them with veggies in a nugget box! It’s heartbreaking!

Did It Snow Last Night?

When we wake up in the morning and see our car in this condition while rubbing our eyes, our first thought would be, “did it snow last night?” It’s not until we step closer and notice the properly placed cotton balls all over the car that we realize that we have been pranked.

Looking on the brighter side, we can get our friend to pay for fresh paint. Let’s be honest; scraping this cotton off the car would leave scratches on the vehicle. So shall we get expensive paint for our ride to prove that pranks can go wrong as well?

Cubicle Transformation

Remember those room makeovers and transformations on YouTube with millions of views? Some office people must have watched it and applied what they learned in a slightly different way. There is no doubt that these people put a lot of effort into coming up with new and creative ideas to make their coworker’s desks look cozy.

This is what we call a pranks-formation! These people surely want their colleagues to be comfortable over anything else. Otherwise, they would not have put a toilet seat in the cubicle without reason! For this stunt to be possible, we think the supervisor was in on it too.

Birthday Surprise

So it’s our birthday, and we are more than excited to get to work. We walk into the office and see something huge wrapped up. Something smells fishy; our colleagues can’t be that good to plan such a massive surprise for us.

So guess what? Our hunch came out to be true. Who does that! We would never surprise our co-workers like that on their birthday. Removing foil is nothing but more of a burden of work unpacking their old office setup on their dainty little shoulders. We know pranks are a great way to make memories at work but spare the birthdays, please!


Whenever Halloween is around the corner, people play all kinds of pranks on their friends and family to terrify them. Often these scary pranks can be very well thought out and even look like scenes straight from a horror movie. That’s not something we’d ever want to experience.

Watching horror movies can already keep some of us from leaving our rooms, but waking up to go to the restroom and witnessing this sight would make us pass out on the spot. Whoever experienced this one probably had a hard time recovering. We won’t blame them if they end up having trust issues with whoever set the prank up.

Color Blocking

We occasionally find ourselves in the middle of a prank war, which we then have to win by using sly tactics to get even with a pal. The trick is to be careful not to cause any harm because friendships are more important.

This particular one is a work of art. We can just envision the process of pulling this prank, from buying all those sticky notes to patiently pasting them one by one in a pattern on the entire car unseen. We have to admit that the effort was well worth it. The vehicle’s owner probably didn’t even recognize their car at first glance.

Epic Exit

Let’s face it, being a high school senior comes with many challenges. There’s a lot to be concerned about, including homework, applying to colleges, extracurricular activities, and, of course, getting ready for prom. Yet, it’s not all misery and gloom because being a senior also comes with some privileges.

This graduating class certainly made a lasting impression. Their farewell prank is inconvenient and outright mischievous, but it’s also pretty straightforward to pull off. Furthermore, the students did not cause any property damage. We must applaud them; they deserve props for pulling off something so symmetrical it might even be mistaken for an art installation.


Whether we’re looking to get back at a buddy, planning an April fool’s practical joke, or simply annoying someone close to us, pranks are a fun way to show the people close to us how much we care. As long as no one gets hurt in the process, these jests can be a great bonding exercise for all involved.

Although this rubber band on the telephone prank is an oldie, it’s still a goldie. That’s why it will always stay in our pranks arsenal. Let’s hope the person that walked in on this phone didn’t have any crucial calls scheduled for that day, or they would’ve been in big trouble.

Reading Galore

Some pranks are simple to carry out, like putting on a sheet and pretending to be a ghost, but others need more effort. So when considering how difficult it probably was to create the wallpaper in this room out of magazine cuttings, no wonder these guys decided to gang up.

To be fair, it appears that they genuinely cared about their friend’s reading skills and well-being. They probably figured that one way to help their buddy was to create a room where he never runs out of reading material. We just hope the room’s owner is okay with reading the same issue of Country Living magazine over and over.

Bugged Out

When it comes to pranks, there are no rules to the game. It can happen on a random Tuesday or on Halloween/April fools. That’s great because true pranksters wouldn’t want people to become complacent and believe they’re all safe from mischief, not in a million years.

Elementary school arts and crafts may not have been for everyone, but who knew all those skills would come in handy for playing practical jokes. Most people would be frightened if they found a giant bug in their room. If whoever came home to this lamp just threw the whole thing out in a panic, we don’t blame them.

Finders Keepers

Using healthy, non-offensive humor at work might assist in livening up a drab work environment. A good prank does, in fact, bring a grin to everyone’s face. It can also relieve the tension of staring at computers and crunching figures all day long.

We forget that adults may be just as bad as children at times. Somebody took a sharpie that didn’t belong to them and is not even willing to return it. The culprit made it clear that the marker is their’s now and would rather play a game of cat and mouse with the owner than give it back.

We Have A Leek

Nothing beats pulling a good practical joke and communicating a message at the same time. After all, the only thing better than a good prank is an even better prank coupled with a pun. This picture has been making rounds on the internet lately because it simply is that funny.

We hope whoever this one was intended for felt amused when they discovered a solitary leek lying on the tub rather than a dripping tap. Not only is it funny, but it’s also an excellent way to pick someone’s brain. ‘Find the leek’ could very well become a new favorite indoor game.

Chick This Out

The inner child, in some people, never really grows up. That’s why some adults like playing practical jokes and humorous pranks on their friends and family members with the same enthusiasm as when they were children. Still, it’s always good to remember that the goal is only to annoy or scare without causing any actual harm.

Imagine going into the bathroom expecting to find a pretty girl, only to walk into a chicken barn. It is astounding how well-planned and executed this is. If there was ever a brilliant way to infuriate someone, this would be it. We hope their friend had an even better comeback after this.

Game Of Keys

It’s a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to office pranks. One either emerges victorious as the ultimate prankster or a loser who just isn’t creative enough. This one seems to be the perfect choice for any co-worker obsessed with HBO‘s Game of Thrones.

Some inspired genius mimicked the Iron Throne and made an office version using old keyboard keys. If somebody pranked us like this, we would be flattered. Everyone knows that the throne was the ultimate goal on the show. What makes it even better are those flying dragons that this prankster thoughtfully incorporated here.

Duct Tape Saw-prise

It would be easy for those who have seen the movie Saw to get this cruel prank. The bad guy tortures his victims with increasingly jarring tests in the film, far worse than what we see here. Nevertheless, this prank indeed made a few hours of someone’s life very difficult.

It’s not hard to infer the reference to the movie since the prankster left a drawing of Jigsaw, the main antagonist from the film. Hopefully, whoever used the bathroom glanced at the toilet paper holder before sitting down. Otherwise, they would’ve had to put that duct tape to use, and all we can say is, ouch!

Natural Looking Carpet

Let’s hope the owner of this bedroom loves the outdoors because that floor covering does not look like a carpet at all. Unfortunately, the person who did this took pranking to another level by installing natural grass inside a home, complete with a croquet set!

If we were to guess, the person getting pranked here either loves playing croquet or hates it. If they’re into the game and couldn’t stop playing, their friends might have done this to tease them. On the other hand, this is also a fantastic way to annoy anyone who actually hates the sport.

Mailbox Whammy

Delivering mail is a demanding job that requires a great deal of dedication. It involves a lot of walking, carrying heavy parcels, and the risk of getting soaked whenever it rains. Not to mention the ever-present likelihood of getting chased by people’s poorly trained dogs!

So, it’s understandable when a mail carrier gets back at some homeowners who try their patience. What better way to take revenge but in a subdued way, that is, in the form of a prank. This mailman thought it would be funny to put a fake Frilled-neck lizard inside a mailbox. Good luck to whoever gets the mail every morning in this household.

On The Loose

We are guessing whoever uses this table may have a fear of spiders; hence, this prank. Although the paper cup has a warning, the prankster has poked a hole in it. So, of course, any person who saw this probably thought that the creepy crawler was already on the loose.

The prankster paid attention to detail and included scraps from the hole made by the fleeing bug. With that said, they should have done their research first because spiders cannot puncture paper like that. Although many of these arachnid species burrow in holes, they actually let other creatures do the heavy digging for them.

Hotdog Mistletoes

For those wondering what this prank is called, it’s the one branded as the “Hotdog Mistletoe.” The people behind the scene pictured here were not the ones who created the name; instead, they copied someone else. That’s right; this practical joke has turned out to be an inspiration to countless others!

Since the hotdogs are hanging from the ceiling, what could be a better name than Hotdog Mistletoe, right? Despite the name, though, this scene did not put a smile on the bedroom owner’s face or helped them find a partner to kiss. Moreover, their room must have smelled like a mess because those sausages wouldn’t have stayed fresh forever!

Crazy Calls

There’s nothing better than a prank that targets a person but leaves no trail back to the perpetrator, and this ingenious plan is a perfect example. What better way to play a joke on someone or exact revenge on an enemy than by getting the general public to do it?

Imagine this victim’s feeling when they get multiple phone calls and voice messages from random strangers throughout the day. All they hear on the other end is different kinds of roars from people impersonating this iconic movie character. Clearly, a phone number change is in their future.

Workplace Wreckage

All the clutter and overall disorganized mess in this office cubicle is an absolute disaster, so the person who decided to label this area with yellow crime scene tape was probably not just doing it as a prank. This is a message delivered loudly and clearly – clean up the mess.

It’s hard to get stuff done when a desk is cluttered, papers are all over the place, and empty plastic cups and coffee mugs are taking up space. When the occupant of this cubicle gets back from lunch, they should do a thorough clean-up; Or next time, it will be duct tape.

The Cups Runneth Over

Is this a prank or the handiwork of a genuinely dedicated genius with too much time on their hands? Imagine waking up from a crazy all-nighter and seeing not one, not a dozen, but hundreds of red party cups all around the room. Whoever is responsible deserves an A for effort here.

In fact, it seems kind of a waste to dismantle this elaborate sea of paper cups now. Maybe just let them stay for another night, perhaps? Or until the next get-together, at least. It’ll be easy to pour drinks for everyone, and this will be quite a sight to welcome guests.

Web Of Inconvenience

People enjoy Halloween for different reasons: the decor, the costumes, the treats. This workplace probably pulls out all the stops each year for the spooky season and encourages employees to get creative. Judging from the thick webs covering this employee’s desk, however, someone in the office perhaps doesn’t like them.

Or maybe they do like them but still want their co-worker to spend half the workday rummaging through layers of synthetic webbing just to get to their office stapler. It’ll be such a chore getting all of that stuff off from the computer keyboard and chair. Our advice? Just take the day off.

What’s Behind The Door?

Sometimes we don’t really know what’s waiting for us behind a door. There could be a pleasant surprise, a hearty greeting, or unwelcome news. When it’s a practical joke like this, however, most people probably would get the shock of their lives.

We can’t blame the victim of this prank if he or she develops a lifelong suspicion whenever opening doors. Maybe open it a little bit first, jiggle the handle a couple of times, and peek slowly before pushing the door wide open. With that said, we still want to see the video of this prank unfolding, if there is one.

A Makeshift Mouse Prank

Some fruits can look like small animals if used the right way. Take this image, for example. Anyone entering the kitchen would think they have an infestation issue in their house when it’s just a beetroot! There couldn’t be a better way to scare someone!

One can also use a kiwi fruit for the same. Just attach a brown string or thread on one side to make it appear like a mouse, place it on the counter, and enjoy family members dance around with fear, shock, and disbelief! This trick is perfect for kids as it’s safe and effective.

Be A Prankster On Easter

Wish to do something different on Easter that will blow everyone’s mind? Well, here’s a trick that will do just that and more! When the festival approaches, wrap individual grapes and berries in shiny gift papers instead of chocolate eggs and pack them in children’s lunch boxes.

Imagine the face of poor kids who will open the box with utmost excitement to eat delicious chocolates only to find that it is a lonely fruit and nothing else. What a delightful sight it would be for parents to see their prank being a hit! Just be prepared to see a grumpy kid after school!

Make Them Skip A Beat

This prank is pure evil, but trust us, it’s light on the pocket and very clever. All a person needs is a chicken wire and a lot of patience. Then, find a tutorial online and weave a structure from it, which can look like anything under the sun – animal, bird, or a man, as shown in the picture.

Place this creative Halloween decoration in a common area or the front yard and watch visitors and children freak out of fear! Also, don’t forget to videotape the reactions, as we are sure many of them would be hilarious and worth recording.

Classic Trick Or Treat

This one is certainly a sweet trick instead of a delicious treat. If some noisy or annoying kids in the neighborhood keep coming back for more candies, this is a tasty way to teach them a lesson. Though make sure no one swallows them entirely. Wondering why?

It’s because these yummy-looking brownies in the picture are not made out of wheat flour, eggs, cocoa, and sugar, but a sponge dipped in melted chocolate and decorated with sprinkles. Looks original, right? Well, that’s what we want. One bite into this fake cake, and those children will question every dessert for their entire life!

Fresh From The Farm

Ever heard of donuts coming fresh from the farm? We are sure the recipient of this glazed donut box also hasn’t because it’s filled with green broccoli instead of the sugary treat. Look at the girl’s expressions before and after opening the package!

No matter how expensive or healthy the vegetable is, people seldom like to eat it. The lady is no exception either! This picture must be pure joy for the person who pulled this prank. They would probably frame this moment and recite the story on family dinners. We also have reason to believe that this trick will work on kids and teens!