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The Mind-blowing Real-life Plot Twists Jimmy Fallon Uncovered On Social Media

If you’re a devoted viewer of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you have probably seen many of the #Hashtag Challenge segments. Jimmy often takes to Twitter, calling on his followers to tweet their stories related to the hashtag of that week. We’ve seen tweets from people talking about beach fails, terrible inventions, cooking fails, and embarrassing life stories, to mention just a few. This article will take a deeper dive into when Jimmy asked people to send in their #RealLifePlotTwist stories. Tweets came flooding in, and the show highlighted the best ones. Some truly wild stories came in. Here are just some of the many intriguing real-life plot twists shared.

Disclaimer: photos in this article are for illustrative purposes. Photos and the people who posted them are not to be associated with the tweets and Twitter users being discussed in the article.

The Universe Has A Plan

The universe works in unexpected and mysterious ways, and the Twitter user @TaFaRi0301 got to experience this firsthand. When she was a little girl, she always wished she had a twin to get away with mischievous acts. Clearly, that was a wish that could never come true.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@twinning_in_texas; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TaFaRi0301

Fast forward two decades, @TaFaRi0301 got pregnant and was astonished when she found out two fetuses were growing in her uterus. Although it’s not exactly the same thing, at least she can now say that there are twins in her family. The workload must be exhausting!

How The Tables Have Turned

Surely, there are plenty of people around the world who have second-guessed their relationships with someone, questioning if their partner is really ‘the one.’ Lisa Beth (@XOXOLiBar) was pretty sure that the guy (pictured below) was not her type when she first met him.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@XOLiBar

However, she decided to give him a chance solely to get her sister off her back. Lisa’s sister would constantly nag, “He’s a nice guy from a good family.” Well, it turns out he was more than that. He not only got Lisa to change her mind but charmed his way into marriage and having three kids with her.

Learning New Things Every Day

How to know that someone is a show-off from a very young age? Well, they’ll try to show off everything they can do. In the case of a five-year-old Donna McAdams (@thehicklife) who was just beginning to read, her one action probably cost a restaurant a whole night’s worth of business.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@brettcallero; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@thehicklife

Her family went out for dinner one day, and while waiting in the lobby to get a table, little Donna found a lever that had “pull” written on it. She probably wanted to show off her reading skills, and therefore, did as it said. It turned out to be the fire alarm, which subsequently emptied the diner.

Expected A Laugh, Received A Ban

Since Jimmy Fallon got people worldwide to share their plot twists on social media, it was only fitting that he did too. However, this story was from a friend and not his own. Either way, it gives us a good reason why breaking the law is not cool.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jimmyfallon

Fallon’s friend used a fake ID to get drinks from one particular bar for more than a year. On his 21st birthday, he went to the same bar and jokingly showed them his real ID, hoping for a laugh. Instead, he was kicked out and banned from entering said bar again.

Vengeful Former Lover

Breakups are terrible, especially if a couple doesn’t split amicably. Anyone would usually hope to never see or hear from their exes again, but as life goes on, that’s hardly ever the case. Pete Gonzalez (@GoingGonza) was at a McDonald’s drive-thru when he felt like the employee taking his order was a little rude.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@californiawisconsingirl; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@GoingGonza

Gonzalez must have contemplated making a complaint until he pulled up to the window only to see his ex. That explained all that attitude he got! Since McDonald’s employees can see their customers as and when they’re ordering at the drive-thru, his ex must’ve recognized his car, or even him, instantly.

When Parents Set A Bad Example

Learning to drive is quite scary, but with a proper driving instructor, anyone can do it. When the time arrived for Jessica Kane (@jesskane31) to get her driving permit, she signed up with an instructor. During one of her lessons, both Kane and her instructor were baffled by a driver who rolled past a stop sign.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@harroldthehonda; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jesskane31

Kane was at the intersection at the time, and her instructor was quick to point out that what they saw was something she should NEVER do while behind the wheel. She might, though, because it was none other than her dad, who may have passed the ‘reckless driving’ gene to her.

Instant Karma

A common trend among YouTubers, TikTokers, and pretty much any other influencers is pranks. It could be pranking each other, their family and friends, or even the general public. Nowadays, they’re so common that ordinary folks are trying them at home on days other than April Fools.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@three_red_hearts; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@chucklefish2113

One of the most popular pranks that women pull on their partners is faking a pregnancy. Karley Anne (@chucklefish2113) decided to prank her boyfriend with what was supposed to be a fake positive pregnancy test. She followed the instructions on the test package and got the shock of a lifetime when it turned out to be positive.

When Being Polite Backfires

A common scene that comes up in pretty much any teenage movie/TV show is when the child secretly throws a party at the house when the parents are away. Call it parental instincts, but they tend to find out one way or another.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@letsliveandlearn; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@justinskube

In the case of Justin Skube (@justinskube), he got caught while trying to do something nice. As per his tweet, he discovered a damaged railing post-party and reckoned one of the guests had done it. Therefore, he got it fixed, after which his mom caught him red-handed. Apparently, it was Skube senior who had damaged the railing while practicing his golf swing.

Two Weeks To Two Years

When Ciara (@cwolfyy) tweeted for #RealLifePlotTwist, she said something that pretty much every single person in the world was thinking. By March 2020, many countries imposed lockdowns, which were initially only for a couple of weeks. Well, that turned out differently because several countries are still on shaky grounds.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@cwolfyy

There’s a good chance that the strict rules related to the pandemic will prevail for some time, at least until more people get vaccinated. Until then, we can all relate to Ciara’s frustration on a very personal level.

A Series Of False DUI Charges

While educating five-year-olds about drugs and alcohol may not seem like a bad idea, it could have some unforeseen repercussions. For instance, I’mWithJoe’s (@kperry4) daughter was at her school’s anti-drinking and drug rally when she unhesitantly shared graphic details about her mom’s habit of “drinking and driving” after picking her from school every day.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@angeg86; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kperry4

The kid didn’t know that her mother could go behind bars for it while she could be taken away by Child Protection Services. A judgemental principal and an angry sheriff had to hear mom’s side of the story to get the real picture. The five-year-old was talking about her mother’s soft-drink drinking habit while driving.

The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

It’s funny when people swear never to do something but end up doing exactly that after a while. This was the case in the Miller family home, where they were sure about never bringing home a pet dog. But they never said they weren’t going to “have a look” at them now, did they?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Optimisti_Eeyore

Victoria Miller (@Optimist_Eeyore) and her family spontaneously drove to the pet store to admire the pups, but one special pooch named Woody managed to win their hearts. The humans and Woody developed such a strong bond that the paw buddy went home with the Millers that very day.

Matchmaking On A Dating App Gone Wrong

In the present world, the use of dating apps is increasing by the day. From Tinder and Bumble to and Grindr, the list of dating sites available today are endless. They may not always be the safest way to find love, but hey, there have been some pretty great love stories too.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Amine_snaky

Amine (Amine_snaky) was only a student when he became sick of being single and was looking for a girlfriend on a dating app. He didn’t have to wait long before he found a match, except he could never go through with it because the “match” was his teacher. It would’ve been a criminal offense!

Consequences Of Eavesdropping

Eavesdropping or snooping attacks are considered rude, which is why parents educate their children about such bad habits from a young age. However, as all misdemeanors happen, some just can’t help but enjoy other people’s conversations. Twitter user @notjustarand0 learned this the hard way.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@boystownjerusalem_; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@notjustarand0

He took his usual train on his way to work but found himself deeply invested in a heated conversation between a male passenger and a woman he was on the phone with. He was so carried away that he even picked a side before a woman came walking and accused the caller. @notjustarand0 owed his boss an explanation for being late to work that day.

How Not To Be Polite

Everyone’s biggest concern on a first date is making a good impression. That’s most likely the only thing that can ensure a second date, a third, and so on. Natasha Hamilton (@natashaham75) was waiting to meet her date when an older couple asked her for a ride home.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@harriontheroad; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@natashaham74

Her date arrived, and with the hope of making a good impression, he offered to drop the two home. When the older couple invited the younger couple into their home, the guy agreed. It seems a little too impolite to walk into a stranger’s home, especially because he thought Natasha knew them. Luckily, they got out before all hell broke loose.

Age Isn’t Just A Number

People say that age is just a number when it comes to love. Surely, Twitter account holder @DudeFromBurg, a middle-aged man, thought so when the conversation with an attractive young lady in her early 20s was going pretty well at the bar.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@DudeFromBurg

He believed that they had some good chemistry as they were enjoying the conversation and laughing. He was probably on the verge of asking for her number when she proposed the idea of him getting to know her mum. It turns out she only thought of him as an older man suited for her mother.

Tricking The Eye

Here’s a plot twist that is so bizarre that it seems made up. When most people walk into a pet shop or even an animal shelter, they often not only return home with an animal but also all the details regarding the said pet.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@themanwho66; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MikeSua43775530

Mike Suarez (@MikeSua43775530) either got his “pet Chihuahua” from a dodgy store or just picked it up from the side of the road because that’s the only plausible explanation for his tweet. In what universe does a Chihuahua look even remotely close to a wild possum? We hope it was set free because, as its name suggests, it belongs in the wild.

Indeed An Unforgettable Experience At Disney World

With so many acts of violence going on globally, there’s no question that any sane person would become suspicious of an unattended bag in a crowded place, whether it’s at the airport, a public gathering, a concert, or even Disney World.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@hootmon

Doug MacKinnon (@hootmon) was at Epcot at Disney World in 2006 when he came across a reasonably sized bag that didn’t look like it had an owner. He quickly notified the security at the premises and caused a bit of chaos until he realized the unattended bag was actually his camera backpack. We can only imagine the embarrassment he felt.

Who Doesn’t Love An Adorable Paw Buddy?

Dogs are usually devastated when their master leaves home and eagerly wait for their return. However, Chris McClain’s pet dog was getting sick of waiting around for his play buddy to come home from school every day. It had quite the plan.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cocoschulhund; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@pawpurr4321

As per @pawpurr4321’s tweet, his pet followed him to school, and even after being told to return home, it didn’t. Chris found out when he heard his colleagues screaming in the auditorium, which was chaos caused by his dog, of course. Even though he sweated over getting in trouble, he was surprised by his principal, clearly a dog lover who spoiled his pet all day.

A Fangirl’s Dream

It’s not rare to find people sharing their experiences with meeting celebrities on social media. They could either have gone well or bad—all depending on the celeb’s ego. This pair of friends who were major Michael Bublé fans attended his Minnesota concert.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MaryCuddMorgan

They paid extra for front row tickets, and it was only right that they snap a selfie with Bublé in the frame while he performed. To Mary Morgan (@MaryCuddMorgan) and her friend’s surprise, Bublé climbed down the stage and posed for their selfie. What else could a fangirl ask for?

An Awkward Wedding

Anyone who thinks that meeting an ex while hanging out with a new lover is awkward will instantly feel better after seeing this tweet. Luke Hunter (@LukeThatHunts) and his soon-to-be-wife were super excited for their nuptials. However, things went wrong regardless of how much planning they put into their big day.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@clarkandrecs; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LukeThatHunts

Hunter was hit with the news that their minister wouldn’t be able to make it to officiate the wedding. Nevertheless, he sent a replacement, who coincidently happened to be his wife’s ex-husband. It was awkward and hilarious at the same time!

Viral Love

As much as people enjoy flaunting their love lives on social media, it is advised to keep it as private as possible. It was a lesson that Shi Robison (@ShiRobison) learned with trial and error. One of her funny tweets about her love life made it across countries and ultimately to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ShiRobison

Robison’s subtweet went viral, and as fun an experience as it was, it also felt a little new and strange. All of this happened with the guy not knowing that all the buzz was about him. It looks like he will keep it in mind forever.

Starstruck In Quebec City

Generally, one would have to pay a few hundred bucks extra to go to a pre-show meet and greet to have some one-on-one time with their favorite celebrity, or in this case, band. However, if the person is lucky enough, they might just get to meet them at no extra charge.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KrKarenKr

Twitter user @KrKarenKr and a friend were in Quebec City, only hours away from attending a Rammstein concert. They were shopping when @KrKarenKr mentioned meeting them right then and there, which was only a slight possibility. Guess who they ran into only a few minutes later? Rammstein!

Can’t Pick A Favorite

Adults and children alike have their favorite snacks that could be savory, spicy, or sweet. Almost anyone who has a sweet tooth loves Oreos. The love for it is real, so much so that some parents don’t even want to share it with their own kids.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@farmfitcourtney; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@vangoesboom

Take Vanessa Murphy (@vangoesboom), for example. She isn’t the only one in her family who has a soul connection with Oreos, which is why she purchased a whole bag of them and hid them in the trunk of her car as a backup just in case her kids had a snack attack didn’t leave her any. Needless to say, she was smart!

Didn’t See That Coming

IValdès, a.k.a @StarGzr1321, was just a girl in college, enjoying her youth and doing what typical college students do. One fine day, she accompanied a friend of hers to the clinic to get a test done because the friend suspected she was pregnant.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@firsttimemum_andeverythingelse; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@StarGzr1321

Perhaps she wanted to support her friend emotionally or just felt like it, but @StarGzr1321 spontaneously decided to get one too. This might be the biggest plot twist of her life because her test came out positive, whereas her friend’s was negative. On the bright side, at least one of them went home pregnant.

A Ten-Year-Old Walked Into A Bar

We have all heard of the bar jokes at some point. But it’s not every day that anybody gets to see or hear a ten-year-old walking into a bar now, is it? It is next to impossible today, but when Chad Johnson (@GBPackers724) was ten, he entered one by himself and came out happy.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@GBPackers724

Of course, his happiness wasn’t derived from a drink but an autograph from the renowned former professional basketball player Larry Bird. Believe it or not, it was the boy’s father who sent him to the bar by himself. Luckily, child services weren’t called.

Young At Heart

Twitter user @mjbizin27 was cruising through the I-95 one day, minding his own business, when someone cut him off and raced him. Being a young guy who’d probably love to have the occasional Fast & Furious moment, MJ raced up to the vehicle to see who cut him off.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cherokeebloomdmj; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mjblzin27

His rage settled down into a mixed feeling of happiness and tenderness when he realized that the “tough guy” was actually an 80-year-old man. According to MJ, the grandfather may have used every last ounce of his strength to cut someone off on the interstate highway proving that he was as young at heart as MJ.

Very Eager To See Dad

Parents emotionally accept the fact that their adult children are grown-ups and have lives of their own after they move out from home. However, it is the sweetest thing in the world when children don’t forget to visit their parents despite their hectic lives.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pazeriforme; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@SusanSPatt

The @SusanSPatt Twitter account holder was on her way back home to New York City to visit her father and caught the train from Albany. The train was pretty full and had no vacant seats, which is when she grabbed the top rail to balance herself. Talk about coincidences because she saw her dad seated in front of her.

A Heartless Boss

Employers often tend to forget to give their employees the rightful credit and admiration for the value they add to the company. Nina’s (@Madzirov_Nina) boss couldn’t manage without her when she went home to Europe for the holidays, despite her efforts to work from home.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Madzirov_Nina

The boss pretty much pleaded with her to return, and being the good employee that she was, that’s precisely what she did. However, she was fired not even three weeks after her return due to the company changing its course of business. She had spent heaps on peak time flight tickets and even signed a one-year lease in Los Angeles when she heard the terrible news.

Never Lose Hope

One could be a control freak who plans every tiny aspect of their life, but the journey is super unpredictable. It could be simple things like what they would wear to work the following day or more complex decisions like how many children they will have.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@dancingmonsters

Twitter user @dancingmonsters dreamed of being a mama of several children but was unsuccessful in conceiving or carrying a fetus to term after her first child was born. She tried everything there is hoping for a miracle but was left in disappointment. It was after she stopped trying so hard that she conceived naturally at the age of 43. Never say never!

A Passionate Yet Reckless Nurse

Nurses and other medical professionals generally do what they do out of passion and caring instincts. Sure, they are paid pretty well, but most of the time, it goes far beyond money. Rhonda (@rluesbrink) is the best example to show that nurses are all about helping save lives, even when they’re off duty.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kcatmommy; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@rluesebrink

Rhonda was at a high school baseball game when she jumped at the chance to help an umpire who got injured. While running to him, she fell over and broke both her ankles to learn that the umpire was only hit in the arm. We can crack a smile while applauding her bravery.

Didn’t Realize He Had Company

Have you ever watched movie scenes where serial killers or kidnappers hide in the rear of a car and freak out the drivers? This is just like that, except it was no serial killer or kidnapper but a mean old tree frog hitching a ride.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@katie.delrio; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@HarmonMSG

Twitter account holder @HarmonMSG was an early riser who took off to work at the break of dawn. He was driving when he felt something on his lap, and after an instant, he couldn’t see a thing. It turned out to be a tree frog that landed on his spectacles. Luckily, there weren’t many people on the sidewalk when he drove on it without being able to see.

A Tad Too Late

Weddings cost an arm and a leg nowadays, which is why couples put in a lot of thought as to whom they invite to their big day. It is the guest’s duty to RSVP well in advance and let the couple know if they can or cannot make it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@baileystationery; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@tyson_c

Tyson (@tyson_c) and his spouse were surprised to receive an RSVP card with a “Sorry, we can’t attend,” not because it was from someone who they held dear but because the response was posted to them a whopping seven years after their nuptials. We wonder if it got lost in the mail.

Mother Saves The Day

Getting into incestual relationships willingly is taboo, but what about doing it without being aware? Paulis (@PaulaNKOTB) was fortunate enough never to find out—all thanks to her mother. There’s a reason why the saying goes, “mother knows best.” It all happened when a teenage Paula took a trip with her mother.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@PaulaNKOTB

Being in the young and reckless age that she was in, Paula quickly developed a crush on the 23-year-old concierge of the hotel in which they stayed. However, her mother noticed something rather odd. The concierge had the same last name as Paula and the same hands as her father. The concierge turned out to be her half-brother. Oops!

People Fall In Love In Mysterious Ways

A person can hardly ever know when they might meet their soulmate. It could be five years from now, 25 years, or never. It could also be thatthey already haves their future spouse in their lives. For Ryan Bartholomee (@RyanBartholomee), it was the latter.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@prevuew; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RyanBartholomee

During his summer internship at a church in Thailand, he met a girl who was perhaps somewhat of a bully. She picked on, laughed at, and annoyed him frequently. It appears it was her way of showing interest in him because the two soon became friends, married, and have now been a family for 14 years.

Uninvited Fame

Beauty gurus and professionals often encourage people to avoid wearing makeup when flying as it can damage the skin and cause unwanted breakouts (as per Byrdie). Also, it’s common sense that people would rather be as comfortable as they can while on a plane.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@aptkul; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@c_0rpsecard

Twitter user @c_0rpsecard was on her way to Taiwan when she came across a rather handsome group of men in flight. Could there have been a worse day to skip makeup? Probably not. After landing, @c_0rpsecard was caught in the frames of multiple cameras because the good-looking men were apparently a K-pop group, and the paparazzi thought her to be their stylist.

Making The Best Of An Uncomfortable Situation

What do laypeople do when put in the spotlight for a day? They make the best of it and pretend to be celebrities. Well, at least this family did. @AndrewEgg131 and his family were crossing a small town when they took a turn that led up to a live parade.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@baileydoodle; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@AndrewEgg131

That’s a pretty uncomfortable and time-consuming situation they fell into. It’s only right that they enjoy the limelight as much as they could before returning to being ordinary folks again. Therefore, the family members rolled down their shutters and waved at the audience, disguising themselves as celebrities. After all, they were probably never going to see those people again.

If It’s Meant To Be, It’ll Be

Some people believe that they might meet their soulmate at any time, anywhere—even on the way to another date. That was precisely the case for Twitter user @Trishamott, who almost knocked down a man with her car on her way to meet her date.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@afpenni; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Trishamott

When she saw the man walking towards her, she was certain that she was about to get an earful, but instead, he complimented her beauty and invited her for a drink. Trisha spontaneously decided to ditch her pre-planned date and went with the guy she almost killed. Funny how things turn out because they have now been married for 11 years.

No Resignation Necessary

Any person concerned about losing their income even for a month would usually try to secure a new job before quitting the current one. That way, they ensure that there is no financial hardship whatsoever. Twitter user @carriesmith1123 started her job hunt by applying for jobs left and right.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@carriesmith1123

At one point, Smith found an anonymous job advertisement that matched her qualifications and experiences pretty well. Excited, she applied for it only to find out that it was a listing from her current company for her current position. We can’t even imagine how awkward and uncomfortable it must have been for both parties.

Haunted By A Four-Legged Ghost

We are now in the third decade of the 21st century—a time when people give their kids bizarre names. With that said, it only seems right that pets are given human names. Unfortunately, Marley Showler (@MarleyShowler) only found this out after months of torture and fear.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lolatheblondlab; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MarleyShowler

After relocating to her new residence, Marley started to hear someone calling out her name. However, there was no one around whenever she looked. After a few months, she was convinced that the house was haunted and probably considered moving again. The so-called “ghost” she was worried about was her neighbor’s dog, also named Marley.

A Blessing In Disguise

Even though “Game of Thrones” was a popular show despite the interesting relationships it involved, that is not the case in the world we live in today. Such relationships are heavily frowned upon, which is why it’s safe to say that Twitter user @Freak00Music’s inability to take things further with his year-long crush was a blessing in disguise.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lenalovesteaching; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Freak00Music

It’s unclear if the user is male or female. Either way, they had a thing for their classmate’s friend but would’ve been bummed about never being able to hang out with that person. The regrets surely went away instantly when the user realized that their crush was, in fact, their cousin.

A Bad Day For The Grays

Most countries with a winter season experience snow and ice. The struggle gets very real for vehicle owners who risk losing control of their cars due to slippery ice. On one icy cold winter day, Heidi Gray (@Heidi_Gray_) spotted her son’s vehicle moving in her direction.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Heidi_Gray_

Gray’s next view was her son waving to her, and as much as she wanted to wave back, her son’s car slid on icy and T-boned her car in a heartbeat. We’re sure it was a horrible day for the Gray family. Imagine the damage! The mother-son duo lived to see another day.

Dodging Death By Chance

From the 9/11 attacks to the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight, we have all come across stories of how some people were so lucky, coming very close to death but managing to escape. Here, we look at Anna’s (@picnicwithanna) bizarre near-death experience she shared for Jimmy Fallon’s #RealLifePlotTwist.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lukash007; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@picnicwithanna

In 2001, Anna had to take a specific train to get to a job interview, but unfortunately, she fell and broke her wrist the previous night, forcing her to cancel the interview. It didn’t turn out to be unfortunate at all. On the contrary, she was fortunate because that train crashed and killed ten people that day.

Extended Family Tree

There’s no denying that each of us has searched our own names on the Internet to find out what comes up. Sometimes, just sometimes, people tend to make surprising discoveries. In 2003, this Taylor Swift (@tayraeswift) wanted to know if the URL with her name was taken.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@taylorswift; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@tayraeswift

Boy, was she thrilled to find out that there was a songstress with her name. Her excitement multiplied when her father revealed that she had a second cousin with the same name. Here’s the plot—the Shake it Off singer was actually @tayraeswift’s cousin.

Never Skip Math Class

A genuine concern raised by teenagers is why they have to learn mathematical concepts and theories such as the Pythagorean theorem when hardly any of them will be used to survive in day-to-day life. Complicated theories aside, A Schwert (@amyschwert) appears not to have paid attention in basic math class.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@amyschwert

That’s the only explanation as to how she failed to calculate her age properly. Schwert took a trip to New York City with her friends, hoping to get a fake ID. However, all of her time and money went down the drain when she did the calculation wrong and got herself an ID to be 20 years old. Instant karma?