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Who Could’ve Guessed Pipes Could Be This Fun? See These Bizarre Plumbing Photos From The Internet To Prove It!

We take it for granted, but modern sewage systems have been around for a little over 100 years. A 20th century must, this intricate connection of pipes and water treatment stations demands constant care. That’s where the plumber comes in. Like doctors for bathrooms, they’re meant to fix and take care of all the issues that may arise. But things don’t always go according to plan. When plumbers don’t pay attention or when amateur plumbers decide to get the work done by themselves, the result can be catastrophic. Today, let’s take a look at 20 pictures that will make us feel like our humble bathrooms are a lot better than we expected. And be aware: because things will get grossly funny!

A Restroom For Stilt Walkers

Plumbers are not only there to fix toilet disasters. Sometimes, they’re also the cause of such disasters. In this mind-boggling bathroom, space must have become twisted in the plumber’s mind. Maybe due to an excess of toxic residues in the brain, he decided to install this unique toilet in the way he did.

Unless one has 1.5 meter-long legs, the ability to levitate, or wear stilts all the time, this is as useless as a submarine with screen doors. To make it even worse, the installation includes some sidebars, which are typically present in accessible bathrooms for differently-abled or injured users.

Die Hard: W.C. Edition

Who doesn’t love a good action movie? For some reason, we love to look at explosions on the big screen. But as far as real-life goes, explosions are not something anyone wants to have as part of their day-to-day routine, especially when peacefully trying to get things done in the bathroom.

Well, morning routines just got a whole lot more exciting now! A certified way of becoming constipated is knowing there’s a chance a toilet might explode during the act. No scented candle or fiber-rich yogurt will ever save anybody from this mess.

Best Friends Forever

Inseparable friends love to do everything together, perhaps even going to the bathroom. This W.C. is an ode to friendship and a horrid spectacle to all of those who cherish privacy. And since there’s always room for another friend in life, this unique bathroom comes with spare room for extra company. Three is a crowd? They don’t think so!

In this bathroom, imaginative plumbers have devised a way for folks to do all those things they never really wanted to. Want to high-five friends while doing the morning deed? It’s possible now, even though no one ever asked for it.

The Makeshift Toilet

Toilets can be unbelievably expensive, but amateur plumbers always find a way to save some money. In this case, all it took for this toilet to be operational was a little bit of imagination and a traffic cone that happens to be just the right size.

We introduce the bathroom fixer-upper that’s ready to serve everyone’s immediate needs! Having a toilet has never been this affordable. On top of that, impressing guests has never been this effortless, either. All of this is called sarcasm, by the way.

A Glitch In The Matrix

The whole business of being a plumber is based on the idea that water always has to go somewhere. It’s the number one rule. Even though it might seem like it, water will not simply disappear just because it can evaporate.

That makes this sink-free faucet even more bizarre. Unless this is some sort of art project, we cannot make sense of this mindless plumbing job. Life feels more and more like a simulation when we look at this picture. But is this a glitch in the Matrix, or just the result of bad plumbing?

The Bucket System Is Back

During medieval times, people were forced to do their business in a bucket, which was then thrown out in a stream. There were no regrets involved, and cities must have been smellier than we can ever imagine. Fortunately, the bucket system is far from over! Or is it?

In this public bathroom, the absence of pipes didn’t really seem to concern the owners. They simply devised a quick fix for the issue. Another problem came up, though. We don’t think anyone ever returned to use this putrid-looking latrine.

Overambitious Faucet

Being a plumber requires its share of math. Because when calculus goes wrong, the result can be a lifetime of misery for those involved. Imagine having this annoying faucet at home. It must be painfully irritating to get everything wet while trying to do something as simple as washing those hands.

We’re not sure who’s to blame here. Is it the overambitious faucet or the small sink? Well, instead of focusing on blameless inanimate objects, we will take our complaints to the local plumber! What in the world were they thinking?

Fizzy Water

In many ways, soda is bad for people. This sugary drink will typically not do much for anyone’s health, but it can save a broken shower for folks imaginative enough. Amateur plumbers will agree with us. Nothing makes for an affordable replacement shower head like a tin can.

This quick hack is far from perfect, but it can make the difference between showering and not showering. But once all clean, it is still better to call an actual plumber and deal with the situation in a more professional manner.

Engineering At Its Best

Humans have been playing with watercourses and rivers ever since we were toga-wearing Romans. Now, we use gigantic state-sponsored dams and, oddly enough, everyday household objects… Because when there’s not enough money to call the plumber, inspired homeowners will take the matter into their own hands!

Why spend a fortune on a professional service when a bottle of water and an old electric kettle will do the trick? The result of this engineering feat is far from pretty. But let’s admit it, at least it worked!

The Perfect Spot

Bathtubs are really great for relaxing after a hard day’s work. But they’re also dangerous if not installed correctly. This homeowner wanted a bathtub so much that he was totally okay with setting it up in the worst possible place.

A responsible plumber would never agree to complete this life-threatening job. But some plumbers just don’t think twice about it. “Right next to the dangerously steep stairs? Alright, boss!” said the plumber before an awful accident took place a few minutes after.

So Close…

We have all encountered a faucet like this in the past. Some underachieving faucets just don’t have enough power to make it to the sink. This forces people to frustratingly wash their hands in the tiny space below the faucet, causing physical discomfort and immense mental damage.

Angrily screaming at a faucet for being so inefficient seems like something only a mad man would do. But when plumbers find a way of turning something as simple as washing dirty hands into a miserable task, rage is all there is to be done.

Plumbers Vs. Nature

It’s easy to forget that, while we enjoy the perks of living in a modern city, nature still proceeds around us. And when nature plays a tight hand, it’s not easy to come back with a response. This tree was clearly not bluffing when it decided to ruin this pipe with a super-resistant root.

This is the kind of work for an experienced team of plumbers, and we can only imagine the mayhem that this untimely root has caused. We do our best, but sometimes, man and nature still find it difficult to get along.

Pipe Hospital

Having a nurse in the house is not the same as having a plumber. Nurses deal with sick people; plumbers deal with pipes. But in this bizarre crossover, a nurse must have decided to do a plumber’s job and fix a basement pipe using nothing but bandages.

Unbelievably, this seems to be working. At least for now. Contrary to the human skin, pipes can’t regenerate and heal by themselves. And whichever nasty leak was going on here, we guess that it will only worsen during the next few days.

Plugged To Death

Washing our hands is something we’re supposed to do a lot during the day. It’s good for the health and for killing germs and bacteria. But the wrong plumber can turn something as trivial as this hygienic task into a life-threatening activity.

How? What about installing an electric socket right next to the bathroom sink? It immediately sounds like a terrible idea, but not for this plumber! Safety and bad plumbing are as good of a combination as well as water and electricity.

Tape Will Do The Trick

A professional plumber’s working kit includes a couple of much-needed instruments. But if there’s something no one will probably find in his bag, it’s tape. The item is pretty handy. But when it comes to fixing pipes filled with water, it is highly ineffective.

If an amateur plumber has nothing but this adhesive in their bag, though, they probably do expect it to do wonders in fixing a broken shower. We’ll give at least one to five minutes before everything goes haywire, which will hopefully teach them a lesson.

Never Mind The Noise

For some people, going to the bathroom is a little bit like a ritual, wherein minor distractions can have a dreadful effect. Others, though, would be completely fine and dandy with doing their duties in the middle of a warzone.

And since we’re talking about warzones, here’s an excellent replica of what a warzone would look like in a bathroom. Not only is a person subject to constant loud noises, but they’re also permanently faced with the menace of death. Let’s just hope that this heavy washing machine is well-attached to the wall.

Maintaining Eye Contact

The privacy vs. safety debate is centuries old and still controversial to this very day. But most people would agree that, in some ways, ensuring privacy is totally possible without sacrificing safety when it comes to matters of going to the restroom.

The owner of this public bathroom is suspicious, to the point of feeling the need to surveil clients even while they’re going to the loo! Unsurprisingly, this toilet is not very popular. We usually think transparency is a good thing, but we have never considered transparent bathroom doors.

Two For One

There’s usually a pipe for the sink and a pipe for the urinal in regular, sane bathrooms. But some people think that’s just a waste of money. Why have two when one does the job? Have twice the fun for half the price by interconnecting the sink to the urinal!

Additionally, the urinal will be getting all clean for free! Sure, it might take some contortion skills to wash up safely, but nobody said this was a perfect scenario. Nobody’s perfect, so why expect this to be that, right? If that’s not convincing, go back to thinking about all the cash saved.

That Thirsty Electric Socket

Ever heard the expression “so bad it’s good?” It usually refers to movies so poorly made that they end up being comedic and enjoyable. It can also be applied to plumbing disasters, though. Here’s a photo that precisely captures the essence of this statement.

Don’t get us wrong! We’re not at all saying this short circuit-inducing fail is a good thing. We’re merely saying that it is so dreadfully wrong that one cannot avoid looking at it. After all, what are the chances of the water landing precisely on top of the electric socket?

We Never Said It Was Easy

Let’s be fair. Plumbers get a bad rep because some people think their job is simple. That’s not at all true. Even though one doesn’t need a degree to be a plumber, there’s no doubt that plumbing can get as complex as nuclear physics from time to time.

An unbelievably large and complex network of pipes is something plumbers deal with every single day! And identifying the problem in the middle of this jungle can be a little bit like finding a needle in a haystack. We know we’ve been hard on plumbers so far, but we’re only talking about the worst plumbers out there. For the best part, plumbers are great and always there for us, doing far from simple work and making our lives a little better.

Trippy-Looking Shower Head

Plumbers can come up with the most creative solutions to a problem. Take this shower head, for instance. It was simply too large to fit in the bathroom, so they decided to extend it past the ceiling level. The result makes for a trippy-looking shower head.

Taking a morning shower in this bathroom can result in one or two sleepy scares. However, this is not a visual illusion. It’s rather a unique shower head that helps to show just how great at problem-solving everyday plumbers can be.

Now This Is Bad Design!

Toilets are supposed to be a temple, but not all bathroom designs inspire peace and comfort. There was an apparent mistake in the making of this WC, which looks like it was created for people with supernaturally long arms. After all, how is anyone supposed to reach the toilet paper?

Toilets and toilet paper are supposed to belong together. But in this bizarre bathroom, they were kept as far apart as possible. Hopefully, people will remember to grab the paper before they sit down. Otherwise, they’re in for quite the adventure.

The Smell Of Copper In The Morning

Homeowners will spend thousands of dollars decorating their bathrooms. But this particular WC was adorned with money itself. It’s almost impossible to count all of the pennies on the wall. Yet, it’s safe to assume there’s a good $20 to $40 in there.

All things considered, this makes for a bathroom makeover on a budget. Who could’ve guessed that using actual money would be cheaper than hiring an interior designer? It’s a great look for people who enjoy the smell of copper in the morning! Cleaning must be a hassle, though.

An Amateur’s Solution

Amateur handymen will think they can fix anything on their own. But when it comes to plumbing, it’s always best to call a professional. Otherwise, the result can be as daunting as this leaky pipe that’s fixed with a bit of tape.

While tape is the solution to many issues around the house, we know that it’s not the case in plumbing. It can surely make for a nice, temporary solution, but tape wears off easily, and then the problem just comes back again.

The Two-In-One

Upon first glance, this just looks like a beautiful bathroom. But then, there’s that gross design fail that, hopefully, was not created on purpose. The showerhead points directly at the toilet, which means it is possible to shower and do the deed simultaneously.

Two-in-one objects are beneficial, but this multi-functional bathroom takes the idea way too far. Not even the busiest people in the world will want to shower and sit in the toilet at the same time. The designer has guts, though, and should be admired.

Delaying The Inevitable

Valves are objects designed for controlling the passage of fluid through a pipe. That’s why it kind of makes sense to fix a leaky hose bib with an additional valve. But is this really a solution to the issue, or just a case of delaying the inevitable?

Plumbing and human emotions are very similar: in both cases, getting to the root of the problem is the only way of truly making progress. This hose looks good for now, but one cannot simply continue to add extra valves without addressing the issue at the leak’s core.

A Winemaker’s Solution

It’s 2021, and cars are driving themselves. Despite this, the mighty cork is still the best available technology for storing fine wine. Corks are extremely powerful, but there’s a limit to what they can do. Stopping a leak? That’s probably taking it too far.

Like most amateur plumbers on the list, this winemaker simply chose to go with a free, temporary solution before calling a professional and paying for a definitive one. Everybody thinks they can be a plumber, but there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

A Pipe Apocalypse In The Making

If there’s one thing good plumbers do not stand for, that’s incoherence. When it comes to pipes, perfection should always be the aim. After all, nobody would like to have poorly connected pipes at home. It’s a safety hazard and a disaster waiting to happen.

This poor plumbing solution still beats the use of tape or corks by a stretch, though. Pipes are the underlying connector of society, so it only makes sense they should be perfectly connected amongst themselves. Today, imagining a world without pipes is a little bit like envisioning the apocalypse.

Another Poor Fixer

Short-term plumbing solutions don’t get any worse than this. An amateur plumber decided it was a good idea to use a standard glove to stop pipe spillage, and the result looks hardly convincing. By the looks of it, this will work out for about five to ten minutes.

While it’s tempting to assume everybody can fix a pipe, that’s surely not the case. Plumbers may not make the big bucks, but they’re in demand. These pipes aren’t going to fix themselves, and despite what some people may think, a mere glove is never going to cut it.

Applying The Pliers

People should never snub the plumber when it comes to a faulty pipe. But a defective sink? That’s something most homeowners are actually prepared to deal with. There was no way of turning the tap on in this old bathroom. Well, that is until a couple of pliers came to the rescue.

Immediate access to water is essential in this day and age, so there’s nothing wrong with fixing a faulty tap, even if it’s done in an unrefined manner. It’s a tap that works, and that’s all that matters. Plus, it does look kind of cool!

Obstacles In The Shower

Private, secluded toilets make for the best toilets. But putting the “throne” in the shower is a bit much… Bathrooms have all kinds of uses when it comes to personal hygiene, but that doesn’t mean they should be limited to one single spot.

More than an unusual bathroom, this looks like a very unpractical one. Taking a shower is going to be a hassle when one has to account for the toilet. On the other hand, how on Earth is that toilet paper roll going to stay dry?

A Water Heater Museum

Homeowners know just how vital their water heaters are. But for all of their usefulness, heaters are usually kept as further away as possible. Why? Because nobody likes to look at their water heater, which is generally left alone in some dusty, cold corner of the basement.

Out of sight, out of mind is an expression that applies to most water heaters, but not in this home. Here, they replaced their faulty heater with a new one but never thought of throwing out the old one. Who knows, maybe they’re working on a water heater museum?

The King Has Got It Covered

The “King” is meant to rule unconditionally. But does he really need to look over people while they’re doing their business? Big fans of Elvis Presley will love these King-inspired toilet seat covers. Others, though, will probably find them very creepy.

To be fair, even some bona fide Elvis fans will probably pass on this particular piece of merchandise. But for all it’s worth, this is a funny and quirky way of praising the King of Rock and Roll. The personalized, toilet-appropriate messages are particularly clever.

Secretly Taped

This looks like a standard, proper sink. But a quick peep inside the cabinet will tell a different story. Underneath that seemingly perfect white porcelain hides a plumber’s worst nightmare: a quick fixer made out of duct tape! Not the most solid of solutions.

A sink this beautiful deserves to be treated with respect. Calling the plumber only takes five minutes, and it’s not that expensive. Fixing the pipes with tape, on the other hand, can give origin to numerous unexpected, pricey, and potentially disastrous problems.

This Heater Is Screaming For Retirement

Nothing lasts forever. Sadly, this inescapable truth also applies to water heaters. Replacing one of these can be costly and troublesome, so it’s only natural that people will try to make it last until the very end. But again, isn’t this taking it a step too far?

Rust is caused by the reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture, which makes water heaters prone to rusting. While a little bit of rust is okay, big rusty see-through holes are a clear sign that a water heater needs to be replaced!

Collateral Damage

Humans live in a world carefully curated to make their existence better. On the other hand, small rodents are forced to adapt to the unwelcoming environment all around them. And the city life can be brutal on these poor, little animals.

This curious rodent stuck his head where he shouldn’t and ended up meeting a tragic fate. This is one of the reasons why it’s always advisable to close the toilet seat lid. Leaving the “door open” is a little bit like inviting these poor little fellows in.

Rusty Pipes Can Be Harmful

Pipes are the underlying connector of our society, but they can also be dangerous. Pipe systems built before the mid-’80s were sometimes made out of materials that contained lead. Lead can corrode over time, especially if it’s repeatedly exposed to minerals and water.

People who live in old homes or big cities should be careful about the lead in their pipes. That’s why it’s sometimes advisable not to drink from the tap. Lead consumption can be seriously harmful, especially for babies and young children.


In plumbing, having a pipe disconnect altogether is Armageddon-like. It may not be the end of the world, but it’s the beginning of a tiring process. Cleaning out all of this mess can be torturous, especially for plumbers who still have their sense of smell.

What makes it worse is that this disconnected pipe is tough to access, and all the bathroom goo is already lying there and waiting to be cleaned. It goes to show the value of having solid, trustworthy pipes one can depend on.

Repurposing The Old

People keep wasting resources, so it’s very refreshing to find such a superb example of well-done recycling. This old toilet was ready to be thrown in the trash, but instead, it was given a new life as a garden flowerpot.

Repurposing old objects is one of the best ways of contributing to a greener planet. This old toilet may not make for the prettiest of flowerpots, but it works just fine! Those flowers look like they will keep on growing happily and beautifully.

To Plumb Is To Squeeze

Plumbing takes skill, but knowing everything there is to know about pipes is hardly enough to qualify for the job. A professional plumber also needs to be fearless, especially when sneaking into very tight spots. It’s not a job for the claustrophobic!

Most pipes are installed in a way that keeps people and animals from stumbling upon them, which means fixing pipes can feel a lot like squeezing into a jar of pickles. It’s not a piece-of-cake job, so the best that we can do is show some respect for these hardworking professionals.

The Easiest Solution

Complex machines surround people at all times. And more often than not, it isn’t easy to know how to fix something. But here and then, the solution to a seemingly complicated problem can be as simple as plugging in something.

The owners of this brand-new water heater don’t know why their water temperature is still cold. But that’s because they’ve been too blind to see that the TPR valve is connected to absolutely nothing! Sometimes, the easiest solution is just right before us, and we don’t even notice.

Saving Water Matters

Water is a finite resource, and everybody should try to save water if they can. Temporary solutions for a leak don’t make for a good long-term investment, but they can be vital to help homeowners save some precious water in their bathrooms.

When a leak is spotted, it’s always a good idea to do something to deal with it before calling the plumber. Saving water should be a worldwide guideline and every single drop matters. According to the European Environment Agency, a dripping tap can waste up to 1 liter of water per hour.

Cleaning Pipes Isn’t Fun, But It’s Worth It

Over the years, an average pipe faces countless challenges, including dealing with fluids, clogs, and natural corrosion. When they look this dirty and filled-up, that’s when homeowners know they have a big problem at hand. And yes, this will definitely cost a hefty amount of money.

There’s no guaranteed way of making sure a pipe will work forever. Yet, they can easily be cleaned with baking soda and boiling water. It’s an effective mixture for getting rid of minor clogs that also works as a quick, pipe-cleaning hack.

Plumbing Is A Thousand-Year-Old Job

For a DIY plumbing solution, this extra valve looks kind of nice. It’s sturdy enough to get the job done, even though it doesn’t replace a proper, professional plumbing fix. Plumbing is getting more and more complex as the years go by, but it’s actually a thousand-year-old job.

Remarkably, plumbing’s been around since the times of Mesopotamia, in 4000 BCE! The oldest examples of pipe-based latrines were discovered in the ruins of the ancient city of Uruk, dating back to about 3,200 B.C. The original pipes were made out of clay.

Stairway To Heaven

The designers of this bathroom had the inexplicable idea of putting the toilet on an altar. We know toilets are sometimes referred to as “thrones,” but there’s nothing Royal about this daunting image. And isn’t it dangerous to be forced to climb a set of stairs in a hurry?

All things considered, this bathroom is too tricky not to be regarded as an utter design fail. Going to the toilet can feel like heaven, but the perfect toilet should be grounded and down-to-Earth. The last thing people want is to risk falling with their pants down their legs!