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No Bars or Clubs for NBA Players: New Health and Safety Regulations Released

COVID-19 has taken up the world by storm, and the world of basketball is no exception. With the new 2020-2021 Basketball season, the NBA has imposed a strict health and safety guideline all thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Association released a 134-page instruction on health and safety. However, only a week later, it was further revised and renewed for active players and staff members this season.

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In the new memo, the guideline goes over the restrictions and rules for players. Tier 1 and tier 2 players and staff are not allowed to visit public places such as bars, clubs, or any crowded indoor social gatherings.

According to the NBA Insider for ESPN, Adrian Wojnarowski, players and staff are not allowed to enter bars, lounges, clubs, or any public place such as the gyms, pools, and areas that host large social gatherings.

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Every team in the NBA has around 45 people in the tier 1 list, while the tier 2 list consists of staff members who are in frequent contact with tier 1 individuals. This may include staff members, the medical team, food service works, and more.

Regular Testing of Players, Staff Members, and Their Families

The tier 1 and tier 2 individuals will be tested regularly to ensure the safety of all the working staff members and players for the season. Wojnarowski tweeted that the NBA will provide tests for the individuals and their families twice a week.

Violation of Covid-19 Health and Safety Regulations

If you think NBA regulations end there, think again.

The Association has also released a penalty for anyone who does not abide by the rules. The punishments include fines, suspension of the personnel, and even game forfeiture.

Would the Covid-19 Vaccine be Mandatory?

In a recent turn of events, the Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Company has released the Covid-19 vaccine. Reporter Shams Charania tweeted that once the vaccine is deemed as effective and safe, the NBA will consider whether it will require the staff members, players, and coaches to take the vaccine.

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However, if anyone does not want to take it, they will be subjected to strict health and safety restrictions compared to those who decide to take the vaccine. Until then, the NBA is making sure that both tier 1 and tier 2 individuals get the flu shot. The teams are being encouraged to get their players the flu shot, too.