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45+ Pics To Take Anyone On A Roller-Coaster Ride

We’ve all been there – that moment we’re on the edge of our seats, holding our breath, biting our fingernails, and sweating in an air-conditioned room – waiting… just waiting for that tense moment to pass away. We’re anticipating the end – will it be a happy ending or something else?

Get ready to feel that way again with this collection of pictures! These aren’t scenes from a movie. These are the real deal, and the fact that someone could take these pictures is what we’re still trying to wrap our heads around. Some of these acts make us question certain people’s sanity, and for others, we are only able to applaud their bravery. These images have some of the most tension-filled moments we’ll ever come across, so let’s go for a nerve-racking ride!

Just A Nosedive Away

This picture reminds us of how it feels to be standing at the edge of a cliff, just one step away from falling over. Just seeing this glass of water at the edge of the table, a twitch away from crashing and shattering whatever magical moment the couple at the table might be having, is enough to have our nerves all over the place.

Kudos to the photographer, though. He probably wasn’t feeling the tension of this situation when he calmly took the picture. The photo expert even got the angles right. We only hope that after he got his shot, he was able to alert the people at the table.

Window Duty

Living in a high-rise building is great and awesome until we have to face the herculean task of cleaning the windows. This probably wasn’t the ‘on top of the world’ moment this man was aiming for in life. Still, someone has got to clean the windows, right?

As the man of the house, the onus was on him to handle that housekeeping part. We’re sure he felt as nervous as we do, and even a fearless approach wouldn’t keep him from hoping he doesn’t take a wrong step. That is one cleaning accident we’d want to avoid altogether.

Too Close To The Edge

This guy honestly deserves some accolades; it’s not every day we come across someone who’s this comfortable lying down at the edge of a mountain. We almost want to think this picture isn’t real because we’re that shocked. He just seems too calm for a man who’s sitting too close to possible doom.

The whole scenario is nerve-racking and awe-inspiring at the same time. This spot is undoubtedly an exceptional one to enjoy solitude, but it takes nerves of steel to brave the odds and climb this high. We hope whatever urged this guy to go this far to gaze at the sky was worth it.

Not Our Typical Cruise

Who doesn’t love a cruise? What’s more, they usually come with some tempting offers that are difficult to resist. However, sometimes the ride isn’t as fun as we thought it would be, especially when the sea decides it’s time to play some not-so-funny tricks and get us all worked up.

This picture right here feels like a replay of Noah and the ark. Just take a look at this typical end-of-the-world scene, with a wall of water coming towards us like it’s about to sweep everything in its path into oblivion. That tempting cruise offer doesn’t look so attractive anymore, does it?

The Great Chasm

Now we understand what it means to hold on for dear life quite literally. This man is walking the proverbial thin line; one slip and Humpty-Dumpty is going to have a great fall, and there’s no putting this one back together again.

This looks simply too risky. There’s no safety net, no guard rail, absolutely nothing to save him if something happens. That big hole doesn’t look so inviting. His only hope is that rope he’s holding on to, and we’re all holding our breaths until he makes it out of this situation safe and sound.

This Escalator’s Hungry

Escalators are an inspired invention. No longer do we have to go through the hassle of climbing stairs; just a step and zoom, we’re off! However, we can’t deny that the first time we had to get on one was frightening. Those rows of sharp spiky metal strips didn’t look like anything we’d like to get on.

Of course, now, we’re pretty used to getting on and off them. Unfortunately, this picture brings back that initial fear that we had. Seeing this sandal get stuck in the escalator is enough to make us feel like these moving staircases don’t like us after all, and they’re out for our blood.

Don’t Try This!

Okay, this isn’t easy to wrap our heads around, and we have definitely got some questions. Was this guy going through tough times, or did he lose his way? Perhaps this was a dare? How did he even get there in the first place?

We know that people are prone to trying out risky things, but we didn’t see this one coming. This kind of bridge crossing isn’t the type we get to see every day, but, strangely, someone chose this as their preferred way of crossing over. Hopefully, he makes it to the other side. If he doesn’t, well, we sure hope he knows how to swim.

Spiky Cereals

When the nutritionists said iron was an essential nutrient and should be a major component of our diet, they definitely weren’t referring to this. Still, we’ve seen weirder things in life, so maybe we can pretend that this isn’t downright crazy.

On second thought, it is pretty crazy! Imagine coming down for breakfast and finding stacks of pins in the milk instead of cereal. This had better be a prank, and even then, we’d advise that we all stick to more harmless jokes. Well, at least we’re confident no one actually ate this.

Get A Grip And Step Back!

This is why we all need to get a hobby. Then, we wouldn’t be so bored that we’d feel the need to tempt ill fortune and try this out. That space between the two buildings is better left avoided, but our friend right here doesn’t think so.

Whoever took this picture was honestly too calm for our peace of mind. There’s obviously no soft landing down there and anything can happen. We’re here screaming, “Back away, bro!” His shoes had better have a firm grip because this pose looks anything but safe.

A Closer Look

Imagine going hiking in the woods and seeing a bunch of what looks to be beautifully designed marbles on the ground. We bend down to pick one up and gasp in horror as we get a closer look because what seemed to be marbles are, in fact, translucent snake eggs!

We have to wonder if that’s what happened to the person who took this photo. Who knew that some snake eggs were translucent? Certainly not us! Now that we’re all aware of what these unhatched pearly eggs can look like, we’ll know what to avoid on our next hike!

On Top Of The World

We’re all on the hunt for the perfect shot that we can use for our social media profiles, stopping at every picture-perfect location and pestering our friends to take a good photo. We think this woman, however, can finally stop her search for that perfect picture.

The thrilling height of that cliff, coupled with the expansive view of the forested road below, makes for a truly breathtaking moment. With her relaxed pose and nonchalant expression, we think she deserves all the likes she’s undoubtedly going to get. We just hope that place isn’t as dangerous as it looks!

Hanging By A Beam

Daredevils often risk their lives for the thrilling rush of pulling a stunt, and this man is no exception. Climbing what seems to be a high-rise building with little to no safety equipment or even a rope around his waist is undoubtedly something only a true-blue daredevil would attempt.

With the magnificent sky behind him and the busy city skyline below, we have to admit that this photo was framed and captured beautifully. Although this brave soul did go home with a spectacular shot, we can only hope it was worth the danger.

Magic Tape

Window seats are the first commodity to run out when booking a flight; we all just seem to love being able to look out as we soar through the skies. With that said, however, we don’t think people would be lining up for this particular window seat!

There is always some risk involved when flying thousands of feet above the ground, but we usually feel totally safe inside a well-made aircraft. We hope no one has to ever see this terrifying sight in person, but if it happens, one can only hope they used some strong magical tape to seal that window.

Into The Unknown

Swimming is a great hobby, especially if we get to frolic around in natural rivers and lakes where the water is always cool and fresh. There are lots of places where one can enjoy these pools of water, but we’ll probably be passing up on this specific one.

Just looking at the depths of that natural spring makes our palms sweat, and we can’t imagine what that person must be thinking. Jumping into a dark pool of water like this would seem like a great adventure to some, but, like this person, we think we’ll be good just sitting at the edge!

Hard To Digest

It is tough to digest, both the cream and the fact that some smarty pants decided to spread this body cream on a piece of bread. We cannot fathom what this person must be thinking while preparing this delicious snack for themself.

We’re guessing this person might have heard someone saying that the skin must glow from within. So, what could be a better way to achieve that than to eat body cream? We just hope someone eventually told them that there is a difference between the products one should eat and apply.

Oh No

Set everything aside because we are highly concerned for this person. Did they reach the other side safely? Are they doing okay? Even though they have escaped a harrowing experience, we can’t get over the fact that they’ve got some true daredevil blood coursing through their veins.

Judging by the picture, we can easily conclude that this is a moment where a person’s whole life would flash in front of their eyes. We would have passed out of fear in that situation, but they decided to take a picture. We hope that they’ve stayed around to cherish this memory.

Simon Says; FREEZE!

Here is one moment where we wish that the game Simon Says could come to life to tell those keys Simon says freeze. Every time this happens, our panic escalates so quickly that there’s no choice but to stop all movement to consider our next move for a guaranteed retrieval.

However, inventions often get made after dealing with such problematic situations. So, we are starting a petition to demand the launch of cars with fingerprint unlocking technology because that is only then we can save ourselves from such horror stories. Just think about it; each signature could potentially keep an anxious car owner from peeking into gutters.

Found It

It must always be a huge relief whenever someone finds their old misplaced items all of a sudden. Still, finding stuff in a questionable place, like the one in this picture, could lead to weird situations. The customer care representative’s look when they tell them this story would probably be priceless.

We would rather place our damaged item under a passing bus to have a better story to tell and save ourselves from embarrassment. However, this picture gives us a significant hint. Maybe we should check our kitchen sink for that missing sock. It might just be resting there waiting for us to discover it.

Living On The Edge

Remember how we used to say that we want to reach new heights of success. Well, things are a bit different for this pretty lady. She just literally wants to climb soaring structures; that’s it. When other people scaled mountains and got famous, she said, “Hold my beer,” and went on to climb a skyscraper.

It does look cool, though. If we didn’t risk fainting and falling off the building, we, too, would want a picture like this to post on our social media accounts. Although on second thought, falling might get us more likes, though, if we managed to survive somehow. Worth the risk?

Don’t Blink

Certain things in life should simply not exist; for example, this photo, because everything about it would make anyone want to scream, shout, and throw away the entire picture. It definitely seems set up to make one squirm, and at the same time, it’s a very specific type of creepy that feels both beautiful and frightening.

From the bee to the eye, this visual genuinely makes one recoil but then still do a double-take and appreciate the intricacies of the image. Yet, after all is said and done, no one really wants a bee to land on their eyeball, do they?

Sky High

Danger, adventure, and thrill are like music to some people’s ears, and there is nothing wrong with taking a bit of risk in one’s life. This photo makes anyone who sees it pause for a moment and say, “not me,” and a lot of us may agree that this may just be taking things a little too far.

We would not want to be in that person’s position, from the blatant disregard of safety to the angle of the picture; instead, we can only wonder what they were thinking. Nonetheless, we still agree that it is a majestic picture, but one that no one should ever try to recreate.

Stretched To The Limit

As we can all see, this piece of equipment’s owner does not care about safety guidelines when it comes to dealing with electronics and wiring. This type of half-baked fixing drives handypersons up the wall because a simple shelf would have solved the entire situation.

Moreover, such negligence makes people keep replacing their products over and over again. We hope this person is ready to deal with that cable finally snapping and the inevitable falling and breaking of that device. We also hope they are prepared for the unnecessary expenses that will undoubtedly follow.

Wet Sleeves

Certain things are common knowledge, like turning off the tap after usage, clearing the dishes after dinner, or pulling up one’s sleeves while washing hands. Hence, there is literally no reason for anyone to allow the edges of their clothes to soak in running water. None!

Could it be that they like wet sleeves, walking around with the sodden fabric, and dripping water everywhere they go? We doubt it, though sometimes we have to agree that people make mistakes. Yet this picture is enough to make anyone want to say, “Roll those sleeves up!”

Bridge To Nowhere

Bridges can be excellent spots for hair-raising and thrilling adventures. Yet a shaky, wooden, “one step at a time” bridge with gaps in between the planks does not exactly seem like an ideal option. Walking over the precarious example pictured here would be a very eventful one, full of reevaluating one’s life choices.

As if the structural integrity here wasn’t bad enough, the entire landscape is covered in fog, making everything look twice as eerie. Given the circumstances, we can’t really blame the person for doing what every one of us would do in that situation – just trying not to fall and taking it one step at a time.

Horizontal Cup Holder

Some people want to live life precariously and doing anything in a normal way just won’t cut it. Take this person, for example, who would rather risk their drink spilling over their car than placing it how we all usually do it – standing up.

This daredevil of a person probably knew that opening could not safely hold a cup but then went ahead and used it for the job anyway. If it was a smooth drive, we could assume no accidents happened; but if there were a few bumps on the road, that drink likely spilled over. In case the latter happened, we hope they learned their lesson.

Closing In On Danger

Surfers basically live on the edge because their choice of sport does carry a lot of risks. There’s always the possibility of going under the water and never coming back up again and a significant chance of encountering dangerous sea creatures like sharks.

These marine predators hunt for their food, and unfortunately, their prey usually stays in what’s called a “surfer’s zone.” Of course, shark diet does not include humans, but they often mistake those on surfboards as prey. So, this person is courageous to swim over a large specimen like this one – despite the murky water; it still looks scary and menacing!

More Cheesecake?

Cake cutting videos are a thing, and people usually watch them because they can be so satisfying. That includes many of us because there’s just something so calming about watching a person very daintily carve these beautiful baked goodies slathered in icing.

That’s why it’s bothersome when someone shows utter disregard for slicing one up in a neat and orderly fashion. It wouldn’t be surprising if this photo received a lot of comments from disappointed people. Yet, in defense of whoever did this, that cheesecake looks so delicious they probably couldn’t think straight when helping themselves anyway.

Time Is Money

Patience is indeed a virtue; though not many people have it, they quickly get bored even after waiting for something for only a few minutes. We could even be in front of a computer screen and connected to the internet with endless entertainment possibilities, and we could still get bored.

It looks like this person also lost interest in whatever’s on their laptop, so this happened – a whole bunch of free-standing coins. Even if we cannot make sense of this activity, it’s not an easy feat – it’s hard to make even one coin stand! So, we applaud this individual’s skills though we hope they’re no procrastinating at work.

Television On The Edge

We can safely guess this photo got taken in a hotel room because no sensible person would do that at home. We often pay a lot of money to buy a good television unit, so naturally, we do everything to ensure no damage occurs to it. Some people can’t stand seeing even one small scratch on their TV screens!

It looks like this hotel didn’t want to spend more money on a proper stand, so they gave the wardrobe another purpose. Still, it would have been fine if the cupboard wasn’t sporting a tilted top – just a little shake, and the whole thing could drop on the floor.

Tom Cruise Copycat

Tom Cruise is probably the most famous daredevil in the world – the actor does most of his movie stunts, risking both life and limb every time. Remember him free-climbing in “Mission Impossible II,” jumping from one butte to another? Well, it looks like this man got inspired by the actor and did the same thing.

From this angle, we cannot see any harness connected to this brave man, so he literally was “living on the edge” at that moment. As to why some people can do this while others won’t even drive without their seatbelts on, we can never understand.

On The Edge Table Design

What do people who like to take risks do when they get bored? Here’s the answer – take some hazardous stuff and position it at the edge of a table, forming a square! One may ask what’s the purpose of this activity, and the answer is that they probably just wait for the things to fall down.

We know it doesn’t make sense, just like this photo over here. Some of the objects placed on the edge of the table can possibly break, so this person is probably trying to make viewers anxious. It’s working because we want to be ready to catch that fragile-looking bulb in case it tumbles!

It Takes Just One

Many different things trigger annoyance in people. Some would look at this photo and not feel something – that is, except a craving for M&Ms. Yet, for people who want things to be always neat and organized, this scene might produce a stronger reaction.

Yes, that one out-of-place candy could be an eyesore for some people. They would want to reach inside the photo if they could just to take it out. Not that we blame them; finding a solitary banana-flavored piece of Runts candy inside a jar of M&Ms would be pretty strange. The two don’t go together at all.

Only For The Brave

Just crossing a rickety bridge can cause some folks to get scared to the point they almost faint. Yet, on the other hand, some fearlessly adventurous people could casually stand on top of a very tall building like this and not even break a sweat.

As it turns out, this is a trending thing called “Rooftopping,” and many adrenaline enthusiasts do it for fun. For those brave souls, “Rooftopping” qualifies as an extreme sport since it involves ascending to the top of tall structures without any rope or harness attached to them.

Geometric Conundrum

Although it’s possible to draw a square using a compass, it’s certainly not done this way. So, whoever created this image just wanted to get a reaction from the viewers. The compass got invented to help people draw perfect circles. So making it look like the implement could plot a square is just messing with people’s heads.

Another way to look at it is maybe the person is trying to make a point about following one’s own rules in life. So for anyone looking for inspiration to live life differently, here it is. Why not break the mold and think outside the box? Pun intended, in this case.

The One That Doesn’t Fit

Some of us grew up in homes where nice porcelain plates were reserved for guests. We dared not touch them unless we broke one, causing the set to be incomplete. Instilled with this need to impress, we have carried on the tradition and take our kitchenware shopping very seriously.

This plate owner will be giving their visitors something to talk about all right, just not in the way they may have wanted. Instead, this dining set will have guests talking about the single plate that was the odd one out. They better hope that grandma doesn’t come over to scrutinize the silverware!

Real Air B&B

Life can get overwhelming sometimes, which is why we occasionally need to unwind. As this group of friends chose to do, camping is an excellent way to put aside the anxieties of life and refresh our bodies and mind. Although, we can’t fully say this specific nature trip is making us feel more relaxed.

Here we are, worrying about these people’s choice of a camping ground, so we can’t help imagining the number of things that can go wrong. From a hook getting loose to one of the campers sleepwalking, this is simply a disaster waiting to happen. Nonetheless, we hope they all got their thrill and went home safe.

Broken Door, Enter If One Dares

Now, here is a photo that has us coming up with all sorts of theories about why this house has its door this way. Maybe the owners decided to try DIY carpentry, or the usual handyman was so expensive that they went for a much cheaper one.

Nevertheless, this homeowner may just be tired of unwanted visitors, so they decided to give their home a permanent Halloween feel. Isn’t that a better solution than freezing to pretend nobody’s home? Whatever the reason for the bizarre positioning is, we think it’s working. That’s why we wouldn’t judge anyone who would try this out too.

A Rip-Off, No?

When the deal is too good, think twice. While these sweaters’ price tag is not visible in the picture, we bet the seller makes it sound like a pretty good bargain. However, before one claims they were ripped off, may we point out that the tag clearly stated that this product has art—even though it’s pretty vexing.

We do not know if the asymmetry was intended or not, considering the numerous bold fashion trends coming up these days, but we’re not sure it works. Perhaps this class is about abstract and deconstruction, so maybe it’s us who will have to get used to it.

A Pretty Brave Photoshoot

While this looks like a great way to earn social media followers, it also looks like a pretty good way to catch a cold—or worse, hypothermia. Especially since it must have taken time for the lady to dig that triangle and lie in a perfect pose as her camera person positioned themselves in the ideal angle.

As if that is not enough, it makes our hairs stand on edge to imagine what might happen if the ice beneath her broke. It would be really unfortunate if this creative photoshoot ended in disaster! So since she lived to share the picture, let’s commend her bravery, shall we?

Similar But Not The Same

We’ve all played ‘spot the odd one out’ at some point in our lives. So, who wants another go at it? Here’s a chance. At first glance, there seems nothing amiss with this trio of dice in the picture. Look again carefully until the oddity emerges and one goes, ‘ah, found it.’

It isn’t uncommon for the dice from gaming companies to be similar in size, shape, and color. Yet, what’s interesting are the minor tweaks that make them stand apart on closer scrutiny. Obviously, this person in the photograph has used two different sets of dice to play the game. Since we spotted the difference, we won, right?

Missing The Mark

Nothing bugs a student more than two perfect measurement tools not aligning. This picture is a classic example of how the graph’s cm grid differs from the one on the ruler. It’s supposed to be the same everywhere! Guess we were wrong.

Now we’re wondering which one missed the mark by a couple of millimeters – the graph or the scale? To add to that stress, here is someone who has dotted haphazardly despite having tools to keep them straight. It’s time to erase those pencil dots mirroring his confusion and go neatly along the line. Otherwise, this assignment will never get done.

A Bit More Of A Fork?

There are a dozen fork designs to choose from based on the type of food one plans to eat. Yet, we see this peculiar one for the first time. A lengthier gap at the center is a rare sight to come upon, but here we are staring at it and wondering if it’s there for a reason.

Someone help us, please. There are things that people see that need an explanation, or else they run the risk of losing sleep over it. Maybe the extended gap in the middle of the fork helps pry the food off it more efficiently – Or is this simply a manufacturing error?

Quicker One Pours, Smoother It Goes

Transferring liquids from one container to another is something we all do without giving it much thought unless we end up spilling everything. Sometimes, the contents don’t pour out in a steady stream and instead slide down the side of the container to our utter frustration. No one likes a messy tablecloth.

Although annoying, it’s fascinating too if one realizes the chemistry behind the process. How well the liquid pours out depends on the speed and the angle at which it gets transferred. If it’s slow, the molecules in the water stick together and to the surface. It’s pretty simple – remember to empty the glass quickly the next time.

An Arachnid Blend

Spiced milk tea with star anise and just a hint of cinnamon sounds heavenly. One only has to sip on the hot brew and relax for instant relief from indigestion or flu. Wait! That’s not a spice at the bottom of the cup in the pic, is it?

That looks unmistakably like a spider; we stopped breathing for a second there. Imagine the reaction of the person who actually discovered this at the bottom of their cup. Unlike the delicious and aromatic star anise, this one must have induced quite a bit of nausea in the drinker- No more drinking tea for us after seeing this.

High-Fiving On Top Of The World

The ‘Carpenters’ classic hit’ Top of the World’ comes to mind with these two daredevils looking down on creation from those heights. They seem closer to the sky than the scenic beaches below. This is undoubtedly a jaw-dropping image that’s equal parts fascinating and terrifying to gaze at.

What kind of a thrill-seeker decides to climb up an insanely tall structure on a Sunday afternoon with their buddy? A dip in the pool, perhaps, or even bungee jumping sounds like a super fun thing to do but this? Nope, thanks! We are good with browsing channels seated on our couch or taking a walk in the park.

A Tall Order Of Ingenuity

This picture has ingenuity stamped all over it. Kudos to whoever came up with the idea to act as an extended ladder that gets the work done. The fellow bending over so someone can stand on his back gets a special round of applause from us. It sure doesn’t look easy.

They’re all brave indeed to let nothing stop them from doing their job. While they must’ve been nervous throughout, we’re glad someone took a snapshot so we could see these guys in action. Did they safely complete the task? We certainly hope all three got down to the ground unharmed in the end.

Standing Fearlessly On Duty

Who’s thinking of standing on ‘pins & needles’ looking at this snapshot? The store employee might not have been, but we certainly are, watching him nonchalantly prop himself over those wine bottles to get the job done. We wish this picture were a video instead because this couldn’t have ended well.

How have those glass bottles not broken into a million shards? Or did they, right after someone took this photo? Still, judging from his body language, we get the feeling this is not the first time he’s done this. Props to the fearless guy if he landed on his feet without breaking anything.

High Up On The Job

We must admit this series of nervy pics has our hearts beating fast; we’ve had to take a moment now and then to catch a breath. Then we come back to something like this that has our heartbeats racing again. One glance at the picture is all it took to make us sweat.

Kudos to this worker who probably engages in such daredevilry daily. How else can a multi-story building’s windows get their sparkle? We must also applaud the physical fitness it must take to this every day. While here, we get winded climbing up a 5-foot stepladder in our living rooms just to hang something on the wall.

Warning Fail

This picture of a poorly marked hole has us laughing but also clutching our seats in nervousness. Of all the weak safety protocols, this one takes the first prize. Nothing like an ‘xholex’ to warn people of danger. Is it good enough to make the workmen stop in their tracks, read the letters, and go ‘oh, let’s sidestep that area’? Probably not.

Moreover, that water pooling around is not helping our anxious minds either. We fervently hope the supervisor eventually got to the site and did the needful to prevent any accidents. For all the on-site workers’ sake, we just hope this wasn’t up on the 100th floor.