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45+ Funny Neighbors That Won The Internet

Finding an excellent neighborhood to live in is a matter of choice. If only we could choose our neighbors too, right? Some get blessed with thoughtful ones who become lifelong friends, while others have to grit their teeth and bear with them. Still, every little thing that happens in the community makes for an interesting anecdote. Now, how do we get to know these little nuggets?

There’s actually an app that allows people to register and post about anything and everything they come across in the hood. Naturally, this space is choc-a-bloc with information, updates about local events, complaints, invites, and job offers. It’s a great way to let people know that they are not alone in the community and can share their concerns freely, even hoping to find help when needed. So here’s a compilation of some gems from that platform.

A Walk To Remember

This lengthy post by a walking enthusiast had us partly laughing and even feeling slightly embarrassed on her behalf. We bet this anecdote will be repeated at dinner tables for years to come making people laugh out of their seats. Honestly, this could happen to anyone.

The newbie to the walking group mistook a random stranger for a fellow member and kept the puzzled lady engaged in conversation while jogging alongside her to her doorstep. It was too late before she found out what a rookie error she had made. It’s nice to see that instead of letting it go, the woman bared it all on the app, apologizing for her mistake.

Not Exactly A Crime

Come November and Thanksgiving Day; people get together with friends and family to be grateful for everything. So, when some folks put up their decorative lights well before time, it is considered over-eager and unsightly given that Christmas is still a long way off. Hence the reason for this person who feels so strongly about traditions taking offense and calling it a crime.

It indeed may not be so because, in many countries, people decorate their homes well in advance to enjoy the joyful atmosphere for longer. John needs to chill and let his neighbors brighten their place to spread some holiday cheer among grumpy residents. The world needs to light up more often, anyway.

No Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing

There are always some people in every community who go that extra mile to oversee their neighborhood. Here is a case where this person is super particular about the regular maintenance of the lawns in all the homes. How to get every front yard in the hood to look neat and presentable?

They want to get everyone to commit to mowing their lawns at least twice a week. A poll came out negative, with only 4% agreeing with this owner’s plea for better lawn maintenance guidelines. We are sure the rest were relieved for not having to mow so many times in a month. Does the grass even grow back that quick?

Be Blessed To Serve Us

An audacious post like the one in the picture asking people to ‘volunteer’ as wait staff at their Thanksgiving dinner is sure to cause a furor among the neighbors. There is no way that we have misunderstood the job and the offer. She’s inviting the community folks to offer their waitressing services for free on an important holiday.

Is it awful of us to hope no one applied for the unpaid job? A social media app is a great place to find out about available work options in the area but for payment. Still, it’s unreasonable of someone to expect people to volunteer their services for free, especially for a family dinner.

Relocating The Neighbor’s Dog

Not everyone is an animal lover. Some people prefer to stay away from pets. That’s okay as long as the neighbors keep well-behaved pups and kittens who don’t make too much noise. Still, if luck doesn’t favor us, there is always the possibility that one gets to hear the dog next door bark all day long.

Here is a victim of the situation voicing his weary thoughts. At first glance, anyone would think he’s talking about the dog he owns, but it’s a wishful post to get rid of someone else’s terrier. We hope he’s joking, though! Though it does sound like the poor guy’s had enough of the din caused by his neighbor’s beloved pet.

An Open Letter To The Plant Thief

It’s painful to lose something that has emotional and sentimental value. The person who posted this message lost his late grandmother’s plant to a thief, which is upsetting even for us to hear about. Behind the man’s harsh words at the person who stole it lies the heartache of having to let go of a precious thing.

We wonder if the robber subscribes to this particular app and has read the post and felt guilty for having stolen a priceless plant with its stand. It isn’t going to matter, though, because someone’s heart seems to have broken already. Let’s hope that the owner was at least relieved after venting on the community platform.

The Right Pill Or The Wrong One

Some posts cause mixed feelings in us. We don’t know whether to laugh aloud at the absurdity, shake our heads in dismissal, or be concerned. Well, this urgent message requesting information on the ‘pink pill’ that a parent found in her son’s room is definitely one such instance.

We get how worried the mother must have been to see something in her child’s possession for the first time that she has no clue about. It’s good that she even thought to find out more about it, but a simple search on the internet with the correct letters would have told her that it was just candy.

Pretty Sunflower Or Petty Spyflower

Of all the things to accuse neighbors of, this one is bizarre and unwarranted. We understand how unsafe a place can get in this technologically driven world where getting everything on film is easy. Still, wondering if the beautiful sunflower facing the house has a spy cam installed is taking it a bit too far in the name of practicing cautiousness.

This post can easily offend the neighbors who love flowers and invest a lot of time tending to all the plants in their garden. Jumping to dangerous conclusions such as the one in the picture may have serious consequences, like losing the goodwill of the neighborhood.

Raccoon Heist

People would want to know if drunk raccoons were pushing their recycling bins to the curb in the neighborhood at night, right? So with that in mind, the person who shared this post warning local residents of the threat has done a decent thing unless they all think the man was talking out of his hat.

How can a trash panda get inebriated and do crazy things? Well, they indeed can when overeating fallen fruits that get fermented due to the heat. The intoxicating results can either be hilarious or tragic, depending on how out-of-norm their activities become. So if people see raccoons being chaotic in broad daylight, consider it bad news and hide the bins.

Can We All Get Some Sleep?

We’ve all had moments where we just want to stay in bed a little longer, snooze the alarm and get a few more hours of sleep. Yet, if living with loud neighbors, then some peaceful downtime might be a rarity. One will inevitably be woken up by children playing or cars on the road when people leave for work.

To combat that problem, this person asked his neighbors if they could all be quiet for a couple of days so that he could finally catch up on some sleep. We have no idea if his plea worked and the people around him hushed down so he could get some much-needed rest. It’s not a very feasible request, is it?

The Dress Code Police

While some neighbors are loving and caring people, others can be a tad annoying and impossible to live with, and since we don’t choose who gets to live next to us, we eventually learn how to deal with them. Still, this has to be among the more ridiculous cases of overreaching we have seen so far.

Why Jerry decided to lecture everyone about what they wear at their homes and tell them that they should shave or wear some bit of makeup when stepping out is beyond us. People have quite a lot they’re dealing with, and we bet dressing up to pick a delivery at their doorsteps isn’t among the list of problems to solve.

The Offended Vegan

Among the basics of living with people is respecting one another’s life choices; that way, no one would be stepping on the other’s toes. Yet, this guy thought it wise to talk about something he’s not okay with and to be honest, we think he’s just a tad too petty.

He took to the neighborhood group to express his problem with people cooking meat with their windows open, as the odor wafting from those homes offends him, a vegan. Now, we get that he doesn’t want any meat products, but why not extend the same compromise to the people who enjoy the delicacy? Besides, they haven’t complained about his vegetables, have they?

Living It Up

We all know that pets make humans’ lives better, in case one is having a bad day, once they see their favorite four-legged friend, spirits heighten. This neighborhood is proof of that; just look at this puppy enjoying the breeze on the sunroof of the car as they drive by!

He seems to be having loads of fun, and we doubt that this is the first time he’s letting his hair down and enjoying the ride. Binkley’s looks like the fun, dog-friendly neighborhood that most of us crave, and we recommend every canine lover to pass through; one might never know what they’ll come across.

Be Considerate

While some people want to send a message to their neighbors, they straight up say what they want to, but this neighborhood handled it differently, creating a poll. According to this, one is either a considerate individual or, as they put it, human garbage- Ouch!

Well, we bet they had all had enough of folks who use their leaf blowers early morning during the weekend when everyone else is resting after a long week. Yet, we don’t think the target audience got the message considering the number of responses on the first choice, and maybe they might have to file a couple of complaints before the offending households stop with the noise.

Oh, Look, It’s The Candy Police

This neighborhood might just win the award for the most stuck-up place to live because who really polices candies that people hand out on Halloween? If the candy is not harmful or unsafe, then, by all means, they can share it with whoever they want to.

Dum Dums, Smarties, and Jolly Ranchers are pretty good sweets that anyone would be lucky to have. So, we do wonder what they would deem appropriate to share, maybe some five-star rated gourmet confectionary? Hopefully, this message did not discourage people who bought those particular candies and ruin the entire holiday for the children and their parents.

Living In Past Halloween Glory

We get that putting up Halloween decorations can be stressful, especially if the person is one of those people with the over-the-top decorations. Still, there has to be a limit to how long those beautiful and meticulously crafted decors can stay up; otherwise, it just becomes a nuisance for the entire neighborhood.

We cannot imagine the stress whoever reported the ‘crime’ had to go through, having to see their neighbors leave up their fake cobwebs, plastic skeletons, and by now rotting jack-o-lanterns. The next thing that should happen in this neighborhood is proper decoration etiquette classes, so people can learn when to let go of past holiday glory.

A Concerned Neighbor

Eugene from St. Louis must be having a fit wondering why people choose not to emit carbon from their cars but instead go for the greener option. In this day and age where everyone is becoming more aware of the environment, biking to work is not entirely a bad idea.

There are countless other plausible reasons other than DUIs and tickets for choosing to do so. People may simply decide to cycle in her neighborhood because where they go is not far, gas may be expensive, or they just love it. Whatever the reason, it is very amusing that this individual jumped to the worst-case scenario as the first option.

Excuse Me, Can You Please Zip Your Mask

When ranked on a scale of “wow” to “why…just why,” new inventions can sometimes border on the side of the latter, which is precisely what this one does too. Just check out this lady from Phoenix who may not fully grasp how masks work and what they are meant to protect us from, though we must admit this is an excellent design.

The mask is made from denim and has a zipper in the middle that helps the user unzip to drink and eat. We have to appreciate the thought and talent that went into this because while this would not be recommended by a medical professional, it is actually quite practical otherwise.

An Unexpected Bond

They say friends can come together in the most unexpected places, and someone called it serendipity- perfect happenstance. This ‘serendipity’ is indeed what happened between this guy and a tiny possum he saved from a trash can. Little did he know that after that unexpected meeting, he would find a new friend.

Okay, maybe we are getting a little dramatic here and the possum may just be coming over because the guy gives it free food. Still, he did name the possum George Jones, and that sounds like real friendship right there. We look forward to what the future holds for the man and George the Possum.

Hazard In The Chips Aisle

This is one of the more hilarious posts we’ve seen in a while. It initially looked like a serious “lost but found” announcement until we realized that this guy was simply trying to imply that someone had stunk up the potato chip aisle at the Arbour Trace supermarket.

Well, maybe this was more of a warning to unsuspecting neighbors to stay away from that zone for a while. Really, it must have been a powerful emission if it stayed lingering for that long. Perhaps the culprit had no idea that there are social norms concerning such behavior, but if he saw this post, then he’d now know that there are. We hope they’ll be more careful next time.

A Note Of Warning

Oftentimes neighbors can do crazy things – some are laughable while others aren’t. Then, sometimes what they get up to is just somewhere in-between and we usually don’t know whether to laugh or not. So we’ll just let others read this note and decide what reaction fits this situation.

It was probably a peaceful year for this family until a neighbor decided to send them a note of warning. Apparently, it’s a crime for their kid to play in the backyard when the weather is nice since the neighboring animals are given more priority. What is this place, a zoo? They’d better get around to calling the police because there’s no way a child’s not going to have his fun time.

TV Over Son

When we saw this man’s post, the capital letters were screaming at us like this was a really serious situation. That was until we read the details and realized that this neighbor’s son had only just blocked the man’s favorite TV channel.

While we may not think this is so important, it seems this is a huge deal for this man. He even threatened to take his son out of the will. Oops! Someone’s gotten on papa’s bad side and it looks like this man is choosing the television over his own son. Let’s hope this issue gets settled. We wouldn’t want the TV to rob the poor boy of his inheritance.

Should This Even Be A Poll?

Some neighborhoods are known to have wild animals visit them now and then, and we all know how harmful these creatures can be. So we don’t understand why this poll was even necessary in the first place. Why would anyone not feel sick and tired of seeing coyotes harming their pets and maybe even their children?

We were still trying to understand the sense behind this poll when we realized that, in fact, more people had voted “no” than “yes.” What? Is there something in the water, or are the people in this neighborhood just weird? Perhaps they read the query wrong? Pardon our many questions – we’re just trying to find a reasonable explanation for this situation.

The Young Neighbor

When this question was posted online, neighbors should have guessed that it wasn’t an adult who sent it. Still, since no one’s judging, a kind neighbor decided to respond. No, it wasn’t an explosion but a lightning storm, but the boy didn’t know that – he is only ten.

What was this little guy doing online that late in the night, anyway? Also, if he was scared, why didn’t he just wake his parents up? Or maybe he tried to but couldn’t and had no choice but to reach out to the friendly old neighbors. It’s a good thing that someone replied; so the poor child could go back to bed.

Bee-Sides The Point

If this neighbor wanted a partnership deal or a share of the beekeeper’s profits, he could have just said so. Then, if he just wanted the bees to stay out of his garden, he could have just built higher walls. It’s honestly not the beekeeper’s fault that bees love flower nectar, so there was no need for this man to put up this complaint.

We’ll try to understand his worries, though. The poor man was stung by a bee when he was a child and is probably not over the trauma yet. However, if the stinging part was his only worry, talking about his neighbor’s profit was off point. So we’re back to our initial argument – this wasn’t necessary.

The Problematic Neighbor

Neighbors who don’t know something but aren’t willing to learn are just problematic and are better left alone. So when this woman, who obviously didn’t know her way around this app, made a complaint, everyone should have just ignored her.

However, a sweet neighbor – bless her heart – decided to help this lady by explaining how she could stop receiving email notifications. This kind gesture wasn’t well-received, though. See why we said problematic neighbors like this should be left alone? Well, the sweet woman already tried to help and this other neighbor will keep receiving notifications for as long as she remains stubborn.

Old Model Cars Are Forbidden

Here’s a rule: whoever owns an old model car should stay away from Waverly Heights or they might have to deal with the police. This might sound funny and untrue, but this post says otherwise. This neighbor honestly tried to call the police because an old car was parked on the street!

We hope not all the neighbors in this area are this shallow, or this is going to be a huge problem for the authorities. Imagine having to deal with people who’d probably call an officer just because someone sneezed the wrong way? Perhaps there’s a reason why this man couldn’t reach the police.

The Neighborhood Perfectionist

There’s always that one person who wants things done a certain way. That really wouldn’t be a problem if they just focused on themselves, but there’s no such luck, is there? No, because these people also try to impose their perfectionism on others.

Such was the case with this individual who wrote a letter to their neighbor, asking to change the color of their house because it didn’t look good. Does that make sense? The recipient of this letter seems to be cooperative since they agreed to do so, as long as their terms and conditions are met. After looking at these T&Cs, though, it’s obvious that the underlying message is for their intruding neighbor to mind their business.

Black Friday Guard

Black Friday usually comes with a lot of buzz and shopping hype. Back in the day, when the sales took place in stores and supermarkets, people rushed to get there first, pushing and pulling one another, and some even got injured while at it.

Maybe that was why this guy thought someone would need a bodyguard and thought to render his “services” to his friendly neighbors. Sorry sir, Black Friday now takes place online, so there’s no need for a guard – better luck next time. Moreover, it takes more than a black outfit, a tall height, and a cute pose to quality as a bodyguard.

Noise Stopping Petition

People sometimes like to get very enthusiastic when it comes to celebrating festivals or their achievements. A very common way to do so is by using fireworks. Of course, colorful and short-lived crackings don’t feel that annoying, but when the sounds stay on long beyond the occasion, they become noise.

Things become even more frustrating when someone is not aware of just who’s blowing up the crackers in their neighborhood. So what to do in such a case? Well, this NextDoor person certainly knows how to crack the culprit, that is, by broadcasting an ‘end petition’ to all the neighbors. We’re not sure if that worked, but it sure made the culprits aware that their neighbors aren’t happy.

The Boba Tea Menace

Parenting a child can be challenging and moms can go to any length to raise their kids right in order to ensure a better future for them. Well, sometimes they take the job too seriously like this Millbrae Park mother and end up boycotting everything that comes between their children’s studies.

We understand the concern of these parents who think hanging out at Boba Shops is ruining their kids’ future, but they should know that meeting and conversating with different people also helps in one’s personal growth. We think all they can do is teach their babies the importance of time management and prioritizing daily activities.

A Near Miss

In the age of the internet and technology, things may have become easy for us, but it also brought with it some unwanted elements in society, that is, scammers. These people come up with various tricky ways to draw money from the innocents, sometimes through attractive schemes and often by taking advantage of their fear.

Yet, scammers don’t always find success, especially when they encounter someone like this man. Although he almost fell for the swindle, the great thing is that he reported the matter to Attorney General’s office as a responsible citizen, which certainly would help reduce such unethical practices. Better luck next time, fraudsters!

Overly Suspicious Neighbor

Many of us have at least one neighbor in our locality who looks at everything with suspicion. While it’s good to be aware and have concern for society, but sometimes a paranoid nature can create a sense of unnecessary panic.

It’s hard to understand how this woman found a car’s silent stopping and leaving her driveway dangerous, that too in broad daylight. Maybe the driver mistook her house for someone they knew and left after realizing they were wrong. Well, the lady should have waited for a few more days before jumping to conclusions. We wonder how the silver Camry’s owner would react when they find out that the police are looking for their car.

Vaping Crackdown

It’s entirely justifiable when parents try to be protective of their kids, as everyone wants them away from bad habits. Yet, sometimes, in an attempt to create a safe environment for their children, adults tend to suspect everything their children do, even if it’s as common as making new friends.

Seeing what this mother from Apex has listed as the signs of vaping can seriously get many innocent boys in trouble. We understand the concern of a caring mom, but we believe a more suitable way would be to educate children about the harmful consequences of vaping on our bodies. We’re quite sure middle school students still in their learning phase will definitely understand the dangers.

Stop The Lawnmowing Count

There is wisdom in the saying, “don’t let the grass grow on your feet,” but ironically, this does not apply to lawnmowing. So, the proponents of this bi-weekly lawnmowing activity need to understand that people around the neighborhood have other things to do with their time.

Judging by the unanimous results of the poll, we are sure that many people would reject this if Congress mistakenly passes it into a bill next week. Grass doesn’t grow that quick, and after all, don’t we all want to have greener pastures? We’re just glad to get everyone’s support on keeping the once-a-week rule on tending to our yards.

Sugar In A Bag

The year 2020 has made so many of us adjust our living patterns, most especially the way we interact with people in and around our neighborhood. When one is stuck at home and can’t go outside to get essentials like sugar needed for a cup of coffee, it calls for desperate measures.

This user is somewhat in a tight corner and needs help from her beloved neighbors. We were thinking she might be living in a very cool area to be able to put out such SOS online, but the last part of the message got us thinking otherwise. Now we wonder if someone actually sent a bag.

Emergency Blooper

Living with overly suspicious and profiling neighbors is not so cool. Some people are so paranoid and uneasy that they suspect even the minute of things. Although we are not totally against being conscious of one’s safety around the yard, it’s still wise to know the facts before dialing the emergency line.

Come to think of it, how on earth will one mistake this for a cannabis plant? Aren’t the tiny tomatoes sprouting up here and there clear enough? Well, we guess it’s time our planter put a label on those crops they’re growing. Better yet, it’s time people learn the line to call for non-emergency concerns.

Poor Jack

Truth be told, many of us are so attached to our pets that we hardly spend a night without them. Reading through this announcement, one could easily sense the emotional connection the owners share with this cat. Indeed, Jack must have been a very cool pet.

It is also quite obvious that this little friend is always nicely dressed, which would have made it easier for it to be spotted had it left the house and wandered about in the streets. Since he didn’t wear his overalls, we only hope that the owners have safely found Jack the cat.

The Response No One Saw Coming

Humans are different from each other in a good number of ways, especially when it comes to character and interpersonal attributes. This is why we are not surprised that this neighbor could get at his fellow with such harsh words. While this could have been due to intense emotions and pro-environment advocacies, this response is still a bit extreme.

Of course, we encourage everyone to recycle to reduce the sustainability issues we face today, but this is too much of an aggressive answer to a sincere question. Surely, there are better ways to encourage people to be more mindful, both of their trash and words.

Breaking Bread, Breaking Friendships

As if not being able to vent at the individual or, in this case, birds that made one upset isn’t bad enough, now this person can no longer enjoy a good relationship with their neighbor because of their wrongful accusation. Trust us; it’s unwise to be at odds with the persons living next door.

Asking for a refund from these crows for the ridiculous amount already spent to fix the chocked pipes is not an option. So here’s what we suggest instead; this person should show up with some bread crumbs right in the middle of the birds having their meal, offer them that, and then take away the whole slices of bread that are obviously causing problems.

A Salespitch Like No Other

If we’re honest, we usually can’t stand salespersons. They’re not always sincere, and if we meet one who has a way with words, they make us spend money that we do not have and mostly on things we don’t even need.

This is obviously an untrained salesperson because they are too honest for their own good. Even so, whoever buys this car can never complain that they got duped because the seller told them everything they needed to know before the sale, which works to everyone’s advantage. We would gladly buy the car because we would be confident that what we see is just precisely what we would be getting.

A Disclaimer That Could Get One Into Trouble

Here’s one thing an individual should never try to do; duping art lovers. They know their stuff, and it doesn’t matter how close a piece may be to the original; they can tell just from a glance if the item is authentic or not.

Forget art enthusiasts, shouldn’t everyone know the iconic ‘Starry Night’ masterpiece by Van Gogh? Maybe this neighbor thought they were being clever by adding a disclaimer on their listing that could act as a safety net if she was called out. Still, we’re not that convinced she was trying to pull a fast one on potential buyers based on this blunder. Maybe reading up on art history before selling a piece would help next time.

A Discerning Crustacean

Judging by that dog’s expression, he isn’t too pleased that he has to share his space with the lobster and will be glad when it finds a new home. Even so, we’re not sure how easy it will be for that crustacean to find a new place to call home.

First of all, the lobster doesn’t like Johnny Cash’s music, which is proof enough that he is a difficult fellow to get along with. Secondly, we love our oranges and don’t even like sharing them with our friends. So asking us to share our favorite fruit with the frankly creepy-looking lobster is just asking for too much. Sorry but no sale.

For The Love Of Soft Avocados

If only we were all as good and caring neighbors. Whole Foods may not like this, but we all need reliable people in our lives who will let us know where to find quality products. That simple act can help us save both time and money.

The local fresh fruits and vegetable vendors must be thankful to whoever put up this post because that would mean more sales for them. Hopefully, they can build a loyal customer base, even if Whole Foods decides to improve the quality of their avocados in the future. When local businesses are supported, the whole neighborhood thrives, which is always a good thing.

Unscratched Scratch Post For Free

No matter how much one loves, cares for, and feeds their pet, these precious animals will at some point act in an ungrateful way towards their owner. It doesn’t matter if they feed on tuna every day or have a great house that others only dream of having; they often forget and act wild.

So after having enough of their cat scratching a brand new and unused post, this neighbor decided to give it up for free because their cat already prefers something else to keep itself busy with. In this case, that would be the poor guy’s dining chairs. Well, we’re sure they can eventually look into ways of training their feline family member to stop that behavior.

It Takes A Village

Besides being hilarious, the neighbor that sent this child support package is also adorably sweet. They probably were not asked for it, but any cat parent knows that felines can be expensive to keep, especially if they are more than one, so the neighbor thought it was only proper to help out.

With this kind of support, the actual owner of the newly born kittens gets to see his bundles of joy thrive with enough cat food and be there for their mum. Now that we think about it, this might be a strategic way of ensuring these two cats remain on good terms and, as they say, happy cat, happy life.

Winter Wonderland

We’re sure this neighbor did not intend to leave their sprinklers on for the night but waking up to such a scene was definitely worth it. Granted, they will not be pleased with the water bill they get for the month, but it’s not every day that one has their yard looking as picturesque as this.

That said, no one wants to be home after all that ice has melted. That’s when one finds whatever excuse possible just to be at their office or sleepover at their friend’s house, anything just not to be at home and deal with the mess that’s about to ensue.

A Straight Shooter

Carter definitely looks dressed for the occasion, and lucky for him, he is too adorable to resist. In all fairness, it’s not like he broke in and stole the banana; the young man was courteous enough to knock and ask for the fruit.

The neighbor might have appreciated a longer conversation, but the little boy seems too busy for that and would much rather get straight to the point. He probably noticed that his blood sugar levels were low and decided to make a quick stop at his neighbor’s before attending to other urgent matters. So until the next time Carter needs a banana, this nearby resident probably won’t be seeing him much.

Public Service Professionals Pranking

We don’t know about this neighborhood, but one thing we’re not going to risk is pranking cops. There might be a few of them with good humor and will laugh along to the joke, but more likely than not, pulling a fast one on the police will usually not end well.

On the other hand, with their kind of job, we are sure that these law officers appreciate the break from their regular routine and having something to have a good laugh about. In this case, it was just the neighboring fire department that pulled a harmless little prank. With both squads being public service professionals, we can appreciate this sense of camaraderie between these guys.