Natasha Romanov is coming to your TV screens very soon. - wtfacts

Natasha Romanov is coming to your TV screens very soon.

Black Widow | A still-shot from the trailer

Black Widow is a Russian spy and an Expert hand-to-hand combatant who was trained in the Red Room. However, she eventually joins the counter-terrorism agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and becomes the lead member of the Avengers team. Black Widow’s character was created by Stan Lee, Don Rico, and Don Heck.

Everyone loves Black Widow; she has taken over the hearts of the Marvel fans ever since she was introduced in the Iron Man movie series. Scarlet Johansson plays the character of a mysterious woman who is an expert at martial arts and looking good. After Black Widow was officially given the lead in the Avengers movie series, many people enjoyed the character and praised her for being a woman empowerment symbol. Fans were greatly saddened after the death of her character in the last Avengers Endgame part 2. They began uproar against the abrupt ending of Black Widow’s story. To please fans, Marvel Studios soon announced that they would go into production for a solo black widow movie.

Marvel Studios | The poster is a whole mood by itself

Black Widow’s Solo Movie

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the movie was unable to be released in cinemas. After being postponed, the Black Widow movie is set to be released on Disney + on July 9th, 2021. The trailer starts off with Black Widow saying, “You don’t know everything about me, I’ve lived a lot of lives.” The movie follows the life of Natasha Romanov and the Red Room. It also features some of the characters from Marvel Comics including Yelena Belova, being played by Florence Pugh, and Alexei Shostakov, played by David Harbor.

Why Black Widow Didn’t Get A Solo Film Until Now

Contrary to popular belief, the preparation for the Black Widow movie began in April of 2004 by Lionsgate and David Hayter was appointed to write the movie’s plotline and to direct it. The movie, however, did not move forward and the rights to the character were reverted back to Marvel Studios, which is why Black Widow makes an appearance in Iron Man 2, filmed in 2010. Luckily, both Marvel Studio and actress Scarlet Johansson were on board for a solo Black Widow movie. It finally got confirmed in 2018 and the filming took place during the months of May to October in Norway, Budapest, Morocco, and in numerous places in the United States of America.   View this post on Instagram   

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Now that the fans have finally received a release date for the movie, they are beyond excited to witness Black Widow in all her glory once again.