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50 Times Nanny Cams Captured Random + Weird Things

Surveillance cameras have become an integral part of our lives, especially if we have young babies at home. Parents feel relaxed seeing their baby on the screen, and they can also keep a watch if the nannies are doing their job well. The only downside is that the nanny may feel a bit uncomfortable being watched all the time.

Aside from an assured feeling of safety and capturing bitter-sweet moments of the infant’s growth, here’s a list of weird, exciting, and uncanny incidents captured in these camcorders from all over the world. Be prepared to be thrilled, amused, and even feel disgusted by some stories. Whatever these events may be, we bet it’s worth having the device installed!

Spoiler Alert

This first anecdote is a scary one, but it’s funny too. It’s a classic example of how strangers can make a fool of others. This family organized someone dear’s birthday party at home, and when they opened the liquor bottles to celebrate, they could smell something wrong – quite literally.

There was an unfamiliar odor coming from the bottle, so they started the investigation. After looking at the recordings from the nanny cam, the family realized the plumber who came to fix their shower some days ago drank their alcohol and filled the empty can with nail polish remover. Thank god no one had drunk it yet!

Where There’s A “Will,” There’s A Way!

Let’s admit drama constantly follows a will! There’s always a family member fighting to take a bigger share, and in this case, the sibling wanted everything for herself! Cleverly, she did not say it out loud. Instead, she tried taking advantage of her aging parents.

The lady’s brother, who used to monitor their mom and dad’s health via a baby cam, had no clue about her conspiracies until he heard it all himself in the recordings. She would try convincing their father to mention her name in the will and cut everyone else out. How shallow is that!


Usually, a milkmaid is someone who sources the milk or sells it, but the one in this story used to steal it! Undoubtedly, breastmilk has a lot of health benefits, but it is meant for infants only, not fully grown adults.

This woman felt suspicious when her baby started consuming double the quantity of her feed than what he regularly drank. Luckily, she had put a nanny monitor in the nursery, which helped resolve the mystery. The mother found out their babysitter, who was a fitness freak, had been drinking the milk for it’s perks. Such a shame!

Meet The Roomies

While there are several borderline creepy acts caught on the cameras, luckily, some are cute too. Take this story, for instance. Parents sleep peacefully knowing they can watch their kid on the screen who’s also sound asleep in his nursery, but this couple found out their child wasn’t alone.

Instead, both their pets – an adorable cat and a beagle would pass out in their baby’s crib every night. They would climb up, push the girl to one corner, make space for themselves, and doze off with her. It almost looked like the baby was invading their space, and not the other way around!

Unsanitary Nanny

Back to bizarre anecdotes, and this one might be a winner! If someone says they don’t feel the need for security cameras in their house and that their nanny is trustworthy, read them this story, and we bet they would rush to the store to purchase a baby cam immediately.

Here’s what happened – this couple saw the babysitter slicing apples, and then instead of washing the knife, the lady licked it clean and placed it back in the cutlery stand. What a nightmare! Who knows what other unsanitary acts she has done before?

Channelling Her Inner Hero

When Parents Install Nanny Cams, it is to ensure the child’s safety. What they don’t expect is to see the babysitter putting on a performance. What’s funnier is that the performance is not even for the kid, as the baby cannot see her from her crib.

The babysitter we are talking about probably wanted to be an actress playing the role of a superhero, but as life is seldom as good as a dream, she finds herself taking care of a baby. Nonetheless, what was to stop her from putting on a cape and doing a little improv?

Ready For Action

We all love babysitters who take their job seriously. Sometimes, though, their hyperalertness backfires. This nanny played with the older 2-year old in the backyard after putting the younger baby to sleep in the crib. She took the monitor with her to keep an eye on the baby.

After a few minutes, she saw a pair of hands grabbing the baby from the crib. Her protective instinct kicked into action, and she immediately grabbed the toddler and a knife from the kitchen and rushed to the nursery, ready for action. To her relief, it was just the baby’s grandma who had turned up unannounced.

The Phantom Imaginary Friend

We have heard a lot of stories of kids and their imaginary friends. Some are adorable, some are funny, some even scary, but this story surely made our hair stand on end! When a nanny noticed that a five-year-old girl, an only child, habitually chatted away to an empty room before falling asleep, she asked the toddler whom she was talking to.

The girl repealed with a straight face that she was chatting with her younger sister. This may not seem out of the ordinary until we learn that the mom had a miscarriage when the girl was about one year old. Sends shivers down our spine!

There’s Creepy, And Then There’s Gross

Here is a reason for all of us to contemplate installing nanny cams in every room possible. This couple were generally pleased with the babysitter until they decided to check the nanny cam. It took them a few rewinds to wrap their heads around what they were seeing.

The nanny had a habit of sniffing the kid’s underwear after changing them! This is so wrong on so many levels that it makes us question the mental well-being of everyone around us. So far, this is the story that grossed us out the most.

Taking Off Ten Years

Fathers are genetically programmed to be protectors. They go on high alert if they sense any danger, even if the danger is not real at all. This father heard his baby cry and went to grab him from the crib.

Due to lag in the video of his monitor, he heard an alien-sounding voice say, “here, don’t cry” and saw a tall man grab the baby out of the cot. He immediately panicked, and it took the guy a second to realise that he was safely holding the baby and was seeing and hearing himself. We bet that one second took ten years off of his life.

Bag Attack

Almost everyone has been asked to babysit at some point in their lives, and sometimes a friend has a commitment or date they cannot miss. It can be fun mostly, but we all agree it is a serious task. The good thing is to be alert at all times because babies are full of surprises.

In this situation, this lady was asked to take care of her nephew, and when going about her business, she sees that the baby is engulfed by a black mass on the baby monitor. The baby was being attacked. Thankfully, the black mass turned out to be a garbage bag.

Star In The Making

Not all babysitting stories are filled with the baby crying, tantrums, and messy rooms; some can be heartwarming. The babysitter has just placed the little one to sleep, but she sees movement on the nanny cam after a while. The boy was awake but with a surprising twist.

He was doing dance routines from YouTube and with almost perfect synchronization. The nanny discovers that it is not the first time, and that the parents were aware. Turns out the kiddo even made it to the pom squad in high school later, thanks to this cute shenanigans.

Call The Police

The main reason people look for babysitters is to take care of their children. People say many beautiful stories about their experiences with their child’s carer, but some are sinister and dark. The heart-wrenching thing is that no one sees it coming until it is too late. Here is a situation that no parent would wish upon their baby.

After hiring a nanny, this parent noticed that their child was getting leaner and leaner, so they decided to place a nanny cam in the house. To her amazement, the nanny was not feeding the baby properly. Instead, she was feeding her own. One wonders what else this nanny was doing behind her employer.

Quack Quack

Often kids tell their parents a story or situation that is bothering them. As all good parents, they will reassure their child and even chase away this imaginary monster under their bed or behind the wardrobe. It is often effective, and this will put the matter to rest.

Yet, what if the nanny cam confirmed the thing that one thought was imaginary? It turns out that, in this situation, the quacking sound was indeed the father of the house having a bathroom break with a not so pleasant sound, resulting in freaking out the whole household.

No Cursing

Nannies are required to take care of the child and their surroundings as if they were taking care of their own. Generally, this is the case, and people are happy when their little one talks fondly of the nanny and how they had fun that day.

In this example, it is quite the opposite, though, as shown on the camera, this nanny used curse words while babysitting the child. The bad thing is that these words were directed at the mother of the home! Now we know where to look if our child adds an unfavorable word to their developing vocabulary.

PG 18 Behavior

Nanny cams are an excellent method to keep an eye on babies when parents can’t be there physically. It’s also an ideal tool for parents to monitor their nannies who could do strange things around the kids, like this nanny who had a questionable habit.

This incident featured a female babysitter being caught consuming a suspicious medication. Naturally, this raises a slew of questions, including why she would take it in the presence of a child and why she has the need for the pills at all. For that, the nanny was fired.

Honest Mistake Or Not?

For some parents, parenting is a game of trial and error since there are always unexpected things. Having a nanny is the same as some situations caught on camera provide some of the huge surprises, and the things they see on tape may cause them to contemplate ever hiring a new babysitter.

This babysitter decided to introduce charcoal into the children’s diet, thinking they were snacks. We’re confident that she wouldn’t eat it herself if she knew they were coal, so this is puzzling. We hope the parents bid the nanny farewell and made sure that she stays as far away from the children as possible.

Hidden Talent Caught On Camera

Nanny cams are concealed cameras commonly embedded in everyday objects such as books, teddy bears, or cupboards to record happenings in the house to ensure that nothing goes wrong while homeowners are gone. Sometimes the footage is so hilarious that it deserves to be shared on the internet!

This poster pays the neighbor to feed cats in his yard, and one time he was away, he used the nanny cam to check in on things at home. Surprisingly, he caught the guy putting on an Olympic-worthy performance with a bamboo stick pole vault over the fence. That fellow could be earning millions with the sport instead of looking after cats!

Nappy Change Mystery Solved

Discoveries made by nanny cam are usually amusing, but they can often be frightening too. Still, it’s a helpful aid for parents because they get peace of mind when they leave their precious bundles of joy in the care of others.

In this case, the camera was able to solve a mystery after a babysitter was caught inflicting harm on the child. She was using Clorox wipes to clean the poor infant instead of baby wipes! No wonder the nappy change was unpleasant for the child!

Swiper On The Loose

Contrary to popular belief, parents don’t enjoy using a blurry camera to keep an eye on their children. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of options, and as hazy as the footages are, nanny cams assist in detecting suspicious activity and catching a crook.

This family found out that their nanny has an impulsive need to steal. She takes things that she doesn’t even need, such as a single puzzle piece and a potted plant. If not for the nanny cam, who knew what else could have been taken?

Some Sink Relief

As the saying goes, “what is done in the dark will always come to light.” Similarly, what nannies do around children when no one is home will be captured in the nanny cam for the parents to review, and boy will they be surprised.

This nanny took her dislike for the mommy to another level. Instead of addressing the problem she had with her employer, she resorted to stealing clothes. As if that’s not bad enough, the nanny used the kitchen sink in an inappropriate way! We can only imagine the mama bear’s outrage and the conversation they had before the work termination.

A Nanny For Grandpa

Although it’s comforting to know that we can have eyes at home even when we’re away, as most parents know, there are some things revealed by the nanny cam that makes us regret even recording it. This mother, for example, had her fair share of unexpected footage.

Grandpa was assigned to babysit when the parents left, but they still called in the regular babysitter in case he got sleepy. So let’s just say the nanny did double duty that night, caring for both the kids and Grandpa. It must have been an eventful night for all parties involved!

Hearing Voices

Both parents and children benefit greatly from nanny cams. As mothers are well aware, it is difficult to stay away from babies, but there’s also a lot of work to be done, so the monitor allows parents to take care of both things. It’s different, though, when something creepy happens when the baby is left alone.

We can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to hear inappropriate things through the monitor from someone who isn’t in the room! In reality, breaking into baby monitors has become considerably more widespread in recent years. Hackers have perfected the art of creeping people out for fun, but it isn’t funny at all!

Tricking Daddy

Having a nanny cam is like having an extra pair of eyes to see things we wouldn’t notice otherwise. As a result, surprising things frequently appear in the footage. Some are good, some are bad, and others are outright hilarious, like how this daddy made a shocking discovery.

Thanks to a camera set up on his porch, a father discovered that his youngster could leave his crib without assistance. The kid was seen reaching out of the front entrance to pick up a parcel. It’s a good thing a picture was emailed to his phone; otherwise, who knows where the boy could have gone to!

Baby Geniuses

Since we’re older and wiser, we try to teach our children the distinction between good and wrong. That isn’t always the case, though, because children are keen observers and will go to any length to continue their mischief undisturbed.

These kids can pull off a heist right under their parent’s noses! They reasoned that by unhooking the baby monitor, the mother wouldn’t be aware of their antics. We must admit, it’s a clever ploy on the part of the kids. Thankfully they got caught before they could do something that could harm them.

Nanny’s Secret Supplier

This may sound like a joke, but couples need to engage more in morality tests while conducting interviews to hire babysitters. Otherwise, they may have to come back home someday only to find all the bottles in their bar are empty.

While we are not insinuating that all babysitters engage in the dreadful act of stealing stuff or substances that belong to their employers, it is becoming somewhat popular among many these days. This particular couple was lucky enough to catch the naive teen, and it might have been worse off if the stolen item is a luxury. Kudos to the sitter for not drinking on duty, though!

Multitasking Sitter

Imagine having to pay an extra cost or even double of their monthly bills on water and detergents just because their sitter decided to turn their house into her laundry apartment. Encountering incidents like this will undoubtedly make one consider setting up a nanny’s camera in their homes.

What makes this situation most annoying is the fact that she had to bring along her roommate’s clothing too! Also, isn’t washing her stuff during the time she’s supposed to look after a baby somewhat a breach of contract? Getting permission from her employers before committing this act would have avoided all of this drama.

Something Unthinkable

One would probably think they have seen it all until they come across this weird act. A caregiver who is barely two days on the job trying to force a baby to feed from her is something very distressing. Even if the baby were hungry, having a milk bottle handy at that point would have been more helpful than this!

To think that the mother of the child watched this whole thing from her mobile screen while at work makes us feel more for her. She must have probably tried screaming across the phone to get the nanny back to her senses.

Pet Hitter

Some people are naturally aggressive and impatient, and those are the type we do not want to hire as caregivers. Of course, nannies are expected to be patient enough and ready to keep up with the many unpleasant behaviors that kids display.

Now, imagine hiring a caregiver who wouldn’t even think twice before hitting our pets. That thought alone is scary because we may come back home someday to see our beloved furry friends injured! Good thing this person caught the nanny in the act and had enough grounds to fire her.

Don’t Interrupt The Show

Our kids would go through a lot in the hands of nannies, especially if we ended up picking the wrong card while looking for one. Some of these caregivers cross the boundary, going hard on our kids in ways we could never imagine.

We have a hard time understanding why someone would hit a kid because of a TV show. This nanny was employed to make sure that the kid is well taken care of, so even if we love the iconic series, putting Friends before the kid she’s been paid to look after is unacceptable. Even Joey would have known this!

The Mystery Voice

Our friend here almost got a heart attack when babysitting his cousin’s two babies. The baby monitor is supposed to transmit only the children’s snores, wails, or giggles, but this one time, he heard a man’s voice and almost scampered for safety.

Whew! It was just from next door’s monitor! Neighbors are essential people in our lives as they offer the first line of help, like in the case of an emergency. It’s a different scenario, though, when it appears like they’re the ones who caused the panic. So better check those monitor interceptions!

Champion Kid In The Making

Although some nannies bring a bad reputation to the profession, there are more kind-hearted ones out there that take a person’s kids as their own and dedicate their lives to keep them happy. One mistake that such a cheerful house manager should never make is underestimating the kid, especially when it comes to a game of poker.

Our friend here decided to teach the child how to play Blackjack, only to realize, after $50 losses, that babies these days are not what they used to be. It must be modern food and the internet that’s making our children brighter than we ever were.

A Cruel Undertaker

When hiring a nanny, please double-check the job description to avoid mistakenly including “undertaker” in place of “caretaker.” Our buddy here must have learned this lesson the hard way when they hired a brutal nurse to care for their ailing grandmother.

Thanks to the installed cameras, they were able to capture the unfit attendant beating up their granny for a whole minute, knowing very well that she was under surveillance. What if there was no camera in the house? We could be discussing a sudden demise instead! As expected, she was fired on the spot!

Unclothed And Unaware

Not all outfits are meant for the camera, especially one’s birthday suit! So here we have an interesting scenario, where a dog sitter was left in charge by the owners who had to travel out of town, and she was duly informed about the surveillance cameras installed inside and outside the home.

When her boyfriend came visiting, she must have been swept away by emotions and forgot to tell her man that there were eyes all over. It turns out the lad had some ongoing feud with clothing and was occasionally captured baring it all by the motion detectors outside that sent notifications to the family. Oops!

Nanny Sticky Fingers

There are so many reasons why nanny cams are essential, and one of them is that one might hire a caretaker who finds the urge of snatching some items from the house irresistible. In this scenario, the lady loved video games so much that she decided to steal not one but almost the kid’s entire collection.

It appears that the worker must have not known cameras were around because even after being caught red-handed on tape, she still tried to deny it. Thankfully, the Ninja Garden game fell out of her pant leg, and further inspection revealed many others tucked under her clothes!

Some Urgent Self Love

Sometimes the needs of the human body can reach a boiling point, and one may find themselves in the throes of passion and desire. Nonetheless, we are gifted with self-control and a brain to help decide where and when to carry out some sensitive private matters.

This babysitter, though, couldn’t wait to get home. She probably fed the baby quickly and lured him to sleep so that she could get some alone time on the couch. If only our friend knew that there were cameras in the house! Even her cousin caught her in the act and chose to keep mute about it.

Kitty Security Services

Although a dog is known as a man’s best friend, a cat should be considered the kiddo’s bodyguard, at least judging from this exciting scenario. Nanny must have thought she was in charge of the house until the ball broke something during playtime with the baby, and the little one instantly burst into wails and tears.

In some split seconds, the actual ninja warrior showed up to protect his master. The cat lunged at the babysitter furiously, and despite her innocent pleas of peace, the furry friend just wouldn’t back down.

Much Ado About Nothing

When a person welcomes a newborn baby into the world, they instantly turn into an over protector who plays the role of detective, bodyguard, and soldier to ensure that kiddo never comes to harm. During this phase, it’s easy to become paranoid especially recalling the ghost movies one has watched while also panicking at a slight hitch.

Our friend here almost called the FBI when a small hair or thread stuck on the camera lens of the baby monitor appeared like something moving under the blankets. They must have been seconds away from calling the animal rescue hotline as well.

The Not-So-Clever Thief

The thieves’ manual clearly states that if a person steals something in a particular area, they must keep it concealed until they get to a different region where no one would be wiser. Additionally, they need to scan the target for cameras to ensure that their identity remains discreet.

Our nanny pal here must have skipped all classes because she comfortably perused through her employer’s closet, oblivious of the fact that she was being watched. To make matters worse, she settled on a blouse, decided to wear it in the same house, and even tried to deny it after being caught red-handed.

Two Birds With One Cam

Although school taught us that one should aim for the sun to reach the moon, sometimes things can work in reverse, and one ends up jumping from the frying pan into the fire. For example, this innocent lady of the house realized that some of her silverware was growing wings and decided to set up some cameras to catch the naughty nanny in the act.

Unfortunately, the rat trap captured a whale instead when she discovered that her husband was cheating with the said maid. We can all guess that she forgot about the missing cutlery immediately to focus on the breaking news.

Grandpa’s Antics

We install nanny cams to keep an eye on our loved ones when other people are around them, but what if we catch our relatives doing the misdeeds instead of the other way around? That is exactly what happened to the person who posted this story.

He was probably surprised to see that his dear, forgetful grandpa not only had a habit of hiding his medication under the chair but was also caught giving money to his aides and mistreating them. Good thing the nanny cams were there to uncover the truth!

Fowl Play

If we saw someone installing a nanny cam for their chicken coop, we wouldn’t know what to think. We wonder why this person did that, but it turned out to be a good idea that he kept an eye on his precious birds.

Catching his neighbor sneaking in, planning to get into the chicken coop using a power drill, this person quickly called the cops on the culprit. Faced with a rock-solid piece of evidence, his neighbor could do nothing but give a weak excuse. We hope she at least learned a lesson from this and leave those eggs alone! They aren’t golden, right?

Macarena On Camera

There are just some songs that we can’t help but dance to whenever we hear them, and Macarena is definitely one of those. This babysitter seems to have the same vibe when she was danced to the iconic song, and it was all caught by the nanny cam.

She’s doing a great job making this person’s niece and nephew happy, and we’re pretty sure everyone else who watched the video was also amused at her dance moves. Besides, it’s never too early to teach young kids the steps to this infectious bop!

Night Light Not Needed

It’s great to have good neighbors we can trust to take care of our house and pets whenever we go on holiday. This person is lucky enough to have folks like that, who were willing to check on their cats while they were out of town.

After seeing in the security cameras that all the lights in the house were on, the owners were understandably confused. It turns out the neighbors weren’t aware that cats could see in the dark, so they intentionally left all the lights on. They really meant well, but the electricity bill that month isn’t going to look pretty!

Suspicious Superintendent

Nowadays, nanny cams aren’t only used for kids and babysitters. More and more people are installing cameras in their homes to check on their precious pets throughout the day. This person, who set up a camera to see his dog, caught something entirely different instead.

We can’t imagine the surprise he must have felt when he saw his former superintendent sneaking inside his house to steal some items. It’s a good thing he had the bright idea of installing a nanny cam in his home, but we think the real hero in this story is the adorable pup!

Sneaking Snacks

Our parents can always be counted on for favors. Whether we need food or someone to watch our house while we go on vacation, they are always ready to lend a helping hand. This person’s parents were looking after their dogs for a week, and the security camera caught several of their antics.

First, mom was caught looting the snack cabinets for cakes that were supposed to be for the delivery drivers, which was totally wholesome. Then, dad was seen munching on chips that he wasn’t supposed to be having. Apparently, a vacation for the kids also means a fun time for the parents!

Pug Party

We all love goofing around with our pets, and they probably enjoy it as much as we do. That’s why it shouldn’t have surprised anybody when a babysitter was caught by the nanny cam dancing with the owner’s pet pug, Doogie.

Aside from having a great name, Doogie seems like he has awesome dancing skills and had a good time jiving with the babysitter. What better way to bond with each other than dancing along to Call Me Maybe? Give us a call the next time a pug party is scheduled; we’d love to join in!

Caught In The Act

Nanny cams are there for a reason, and lots of parents take heart in the fact that we can use them to check on our kids when we’re not home. It’s even more important to have a camera installed when there’s someone else taking care of our young children.

With that in mind, what’s a suspicious thing one can do on camera while babysitting? Turn the camera around, of course! We wonder why this nanny felt the need to move the camera to face a blank wall; it’s certainly not doing her any favors!

Cat Entertainment

Cats are more intelligent than we give them credit for. Take this person’s pets, for instance. He had installed a camera to check on them when he went out of town, and one of the cats quickly seemed to figure out how it worked.

Now, there seems to be a spectrum of cat intelligence, and this person just happened to have one cat from each end of the scale. During the eclipse, he received a notification that the smart cat was trying to get his attention. His other cat was running around unaware, and the last one was suspiciously missing, making for a truly puzzling and entertaining scene.