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Looking For An Excellent Recreational Activity? The World Health Organization Recommends Cycling!

Many trends witnessed a renaissance during the pandemic, one of which is biking. After the World Health Organization listed it as a recommended sport for its physical and social benefits, bicycle sales surged. Experts state that this exercise can work wonders for your mind and body, especially during the current social climate.

Pexels | Women aged between 30 to 59 were reported reaping maximum benefit from the sport in recent months


Go through the following points, and you’ll surely be sold on its advantages!

Exploring the Benefits of Biking

1. Great For Beginners: Cycling is the perfect exercise for people starting their fitness journey. It’s also great for people bouncing back from an injury. You can start off with low intensity and up your game as you get habitual to it.

2. Weight Management: Habitual cyclers earn the benefit of cutting out body fat levels regularly. As a result, they can build muscle, maintain higher metabolism levels, and burn fat even while resting!

3. Boosts Mental Health: Whenever you feel restless or lethargic, hop on your bike for 10 minutes and witness the sport work its magic. Cycling is a great way to combat anxiety, stress, or depression. You can tune out all that mental chatter by focusing on the road, and once you make this part of your routine, the constant contentment will act as your reward.

4. Improves Posture, Balance, and Coordination: As you age, you tend to lose your balance. Inactivity has a similar effect on your body. With cycling, while you’re balancing the cycle, you end up improving your balance too. The better your balance, the more you can avoid falls and consequent fractures as you age.

5. Start Your Day With Positive Vibes: A study conducted in 2019 showed that people exercising before breakfast burned twice as much fat and responded better to insulin than those who exercised after breakfast. If you start your day off on a healthy note, you’ll be inclined to follow suit for the rest of the day.

Pexels | Helping your child foster healthy habits at a young age is an excellent parenting strategy

Biking During the Pandemic

Biking came back in vogue due to pandemic-idleness. With little to no activities to pursue, people were looking for excuses to leave the house – come biking to the rescue safely!

For many people, biking was a beloved activity that got shoved way at the back of the closet when adulthood kicked in. With responsibilities to fulfill, who had the time? Joanna Barcessat was one such person.

After starting her business, Rejuice! Nutrition and embracing motherhood, Joanna had no time for herself, let alone an activity such as cycling. However, through the pandemic, she built a connection with this long-lost art, riding down old favorite routes, finding new ones. She even found a group of fellow cyclers who would engage in the activity at the same time from distant places and stay connected via calls.

Pexels | Being in lockdown mode with strict social isolation protocols, people learned how to have fun in their solitude

Bottom Line

If you’ve been searching for the perfect activity to keep those joints moving, invest in a bike. Whether you’re heavy or light-weight, cycling can help you reach your physical fitness target. All you have to do is be loyal to the sport.