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Listerine Isn’t Just A Mouthwash Anymore – 45+ Uses Of This Washroom Staple

If there’s one thing that’s common in all our washrooms besides soap and shampoo, it must be a bottle of Listerine. A generous swish in the morning with the blue liquid or even before bedtime is an oral hygiene must-do for many. Besides keeping the bacteria away, regular use of mouthwash prevents cavities, keeps our gums healthy, and more importantly, makes our breath smell minty fresh.

Apart from these remarkable benefits, Listerine can be used for so many other things around the house. Yes, we can vouch for the sheer range of its merits, from keeping humidifiers and cast iron utensils clean to giving a fresh bout of life to flowers in vases; mouthwash can even relieve one from bee stings. So enjoy browsing through these incredible hacks we’ve compiled to discover a lot more about the multifunctional versatility of Listerine.

Get Humidifiers Humming With Fresh Air

Nowadays, households and offices often have humidifiers to add moisture to the air and prevent dryness from irritating our bodies. They come as consoles to cover larger spaces and also as portable units for personal use. Whatever the size, they need frequent cleaning to keep the mildew and fungi from settling inside.

As startling as it may sound, a bottle of mouthwash comes in handy to clean out these appliances. The way to go about it is to wash the unit with the liquid before rinsing it out with water. What works for our mouths should do the same job for the device as well.

Odorless Garbage Disposal

Yes, the dreaded garbage disposal that usually requires more attention than anything else in our homes need not smell so bad. All it takes is a bit of cleaning with the trusted mouthwash that’s already there in our washroom cabinets. Seriously, it’s amazing what that little bottle of blue liquid can do!

A quick swish of Listerine in the garbage disposal unit helps break down the stale food particles that are stuck and washes them down to leave behind only a refreshing smell. Although, be warned; it might smell so fresh that people might not want to chug their leftovers down the disposal unit chute. Isn’t that motivation enough to try the hack?

Emergency Deodorizer

Has anyone ever tried using mouthwash as a deodorant? No, we aren’t kidding! When someone runs out of the regular body spray or simply doesn’t own one, grab that Listerine bottle in the cabinet and dab generously onto the skin. We can assure everyone that it doesn’t even leave white patches on the clothes.

Isn’t it an excellent plan b for emergencies? Who knows, whoever uses this temporary solution one too many times, might just want to make it their primary way to smell minty fresh and clean. Why go to the trouble of buying expensive deodorants anyway when this Listerine hack works so much better? Friends are bound to notice the switch in fragrance too.

Rub & Scrub Cast Iron Pans

Who doesn’t love to use cast iron pans and utensils for cooking? The merits are endless; from conducting heat quickly and evenly to lasting for decades without replacing them often, they are a blessing in the kitchen. What about maintenance, though? Usually, washing them with soap and water should do, but they risk eroding the non-stick coating.

Using Listerine to take care of cast iron pans and pots is a better way. A good rub on the utensils with a few drops of mouthwash and a bit of salt cleans well and doesn’t damage the coating. After scrubbing, make sure to rinse them well with water.

Scrub Away The Mold

Finding mold in households is inevitable, and one must give the whole place a thorough clean to get rid of it. Mold usually grows in areas where there’s excess moisture due to unattended leaks or humidity. Due to the growth, the rooms smell bad too. In all seriousness, dampness is not a healthy environment for people to live in, anyway.

So, how does one get rid of the dirty patch and the stench? Take the bottle of Listerine from the washroom cabinet, pour a generous amount onto a wipe, and rub the infected area down carefully. This works better when the mold has just started to form, so use the solution right away to see the place sparkle again.

Lasting Blooms

We’re lamenting the number of flowers we could have preserved a little longer if only we had known about this Listerine hack before! At least more people will discover it now. A vase full of flowers brightens up any living space. Yet, unfortunately, any number of TLC tricks on the buds can extend their life only so much.

We bet mouthwash hasn’t appeared in that list of hacks for many. Yes, we were skeptical, too, until trying it to great results. Add a few drops of the blue liquid to the water; say two tablespoons for a gallon, nothing more, please. Watch how well the flowers respond to this peculiar attention and live a lot longer.

Warm & Refreshing Foot-Baths

This picture sure creates an ‘aha’ moment for anyone who sees it simply because no one would have ever thought to use mouthwash to soak their feet. Well, except for this person who oh-so-casually seems to have flipped the original purpose of the liquid around to suit their needs. The wonder of wonders, it’s working too.

A few drops of Listerine mixed with warm water to soak the feet in can eliminate the bacteria and the foul odor. In a small matter of time, they’ll be smelling fresh and clean. How refreshing that’d be, especially when it takes only a bit of liquid that’s already there in the house to make it happen.

Bee Stings Begone

A bee sting can hurt so bad that everything else pales in comparison. If people live in an area infested with bees and wasps, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll experience it sooner than later. What’s worse is having to endure the pain while trying to take out that awful stinger.

Thankfully there’s a quick-fix remedy for the ache that one can find in their washroom cabinet – mouthwash! Apply a little on the affected area to numb the pain and remove the stinger as soon as possible. Leaving it in the body can increase the chances of infection. It’s better to work quickly to get the bee sting out, and Listerine is always a handy solution.

Rinse Those Head Lice Away

This hack, in particular, might be a bit hard to believe but take it from us; it works. Use mouthwash to get rid of head lice. Apply the liquid to the hair, wrap a shower cap, and leave it on for two hours before giving the tresses a thorough rinse.

Getting rid of head lice is a nightmare, and no new treatment seems to stay effective for long. Do they get immune to any solution we come up with? No, trying to find each one and getting rid of them is not an easy task. So next time, just go with the Listerine wash hack for a simple fix.

Bye, Bye Bacteria!

There can be bacteria hiding in some of the most unexpected places, and that includes many areas on our bodies. That’s why it’s very important to wash off the dirt we accumulate on our skin every day, especially in the places where we perspire the most.

Fortunately, a quick, on-the-go cleaner exists for those days when we just need a bit of freshening up, and it can be found on almost anyone’s bathroom sink. That’s right, mouthwash not only gets rid of bacteria in our mouths, but it can also be used on our bodies! Just wipe some of the antibacterial liquid on our armpits and the folds of our stomachs for a clean, fresh feeling.

Floor Disinfectant

Constantly cleaning our floors is a necessity; aside from all the natural dirt and dust that accumulate on its surface, we also never know what kind of bacteria we might be tracking in from our dirty shoes. Floor cleaning agents, however, often contain huge amounts of harsh chemicals that are not good for young children and pets.

A good solution to this problem, believe it or not, is mouthwash. Not only does it do a great job of cleaning the surface, but it’s safe for children and pets too. Just pour about a cup of mouthwash into a bucket of water and use that to have spotless floors.

Fresh Talker

First impressions can truly make a difference when meeting someone new for the first time. Whether it be a first date or a job interview, we always want to look appropriately presentable for the people around us. Although our physical appearance will definitely be noticed first, an equally important factor when it comes to meetings like these is a person’s hygiene.

What better way to show we have great oral hygiene than having fresh, minty breath? Regularly gargling with mouthwash not only protects our teeth and gums from bacteria and plaque but also gives us fresh-smelling breath. What more could we ask for?

Quick Bathroom Solution

The bathroom is probably one of the more bacteria-infested rooms in our house, so it’s imperative that we stick to a strict cleaning routine for it. With all the various cleaning products we need for the different parts of the bathroom; however, we usually find ourselves running out of one or the other.

For times like this, a perfectly good replacement cleaner can be found within arm’s reach. Diluted mouthwash can be used to clean toilets, sinks, and tiles if we don’t have time to purchase our regular cleaning fluids yet. Not only does it get rid of germs and bacteria on our bathroom surfaces, but it’s inexpensive and widely available as well!

Free From Fleas

Fleas are a huge bother for us and our beloved pets. The tiny parasites can wreak havoc on our pet’s skin, and we just can’t help but feel sorry for them whenever we see them scratching all day. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this itchy problem, and it can probably be found on our bathroom sink.

Who knew that regular mouthwash could help us get rid of these pesky critters? After making sure that our pets don’t have sensitive skin or open wounds, we can just mix a small amount of the antibacterial liquid with their shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Pretty soon, we’ll be saying goodbye to those tiny fleas for good.

A Trick For Ticks

Aside from fleas, another small parasite that pet-owners have to keep an eye out for are those pesky ticks. Not only do these bloodsuckers make life uncomfortable for our pets, but they can also carry serious diseases that can get passed on to their hosts. As if that wasn’t bad enough, ticks have also been known to bite humans as well.

When removing these parasites, it’s important that we have to get the whole tick out, not just its body. A good way to do this is by drenching a paper towel with mouthwash then placing it over the tick. Within a few seconds, the parasite should come out on its own, ready for us to remove it.

Cleaner On The Go

One of the more bacteria-ridden parts of our bodies is our hands, so it should really come as no surprise that our phones harbor a plethora of dirt and germs because we touch them all the time. Dirty screens can spread bacteria and have even been known to cause breakouts in some people.

Due to this, it would definitely be a good idea for us to have a handy sanitizer ready for use in our bags. Luckily, this can be as simple as pouring regular mouthwash into a smaller spray bottle that we can bring with us everywhere. Just a spritz of the liquid on our phones and they’ll be squeaky clean.

Decor Savior

Wall decor can spruce up our homes and give them a bit of personality, and we always want our house looking as presentable as possible for visitors, right? Most metallic wall decors, however, become dull and lose their shine over time, and it’s not really practical to go and buy new ones every time that happens.

Lucky for us, there’s a cheap and simple way to polish those wall ornaments. Just dilute regular mouthwash in some water and carefully wipe those metal decors with a microfiber cloth. Not only does it result in a good cleaning, but the mouthwash also polishes the metal, giving it shiny new life.

Better For Blisters

Blisters are the bane of our existence. Not only are they uncomfortable and painful, but they always look red and inflamed as well. These skin bubbles are often the result of friction or burns, and they are commonly found in our hands and feet.

Not a lot of people know that blisters can also become infected if not treated properly, so it’s important to make sure they’re always clean and free from bacteria. A good way to do this is by dabbing a bit of mouthwash over the affected areas with a cotton ball to get rid of any germs. Regularly doing this process will make our blisters heal in no time.

Plant Protector

A lot of people have found peace and fulfillment from cultivating and taking care of plants. We definitely agree it can be therapeutic to provide for their needs and watch them grow from a small sapling to a thriving plant. Sometimes, however, we just can’t seem to keep them alive.

Small fungi and mildew in the soil can be the reason why our plants suddenly stop growing, but fortunately, all we need is a bit of mouthwash to help protect our leafy flora. Just mix one part mouthwash with three parts water and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture directly onto the topsoil about once a week for healthy and flourishing greenery.

Toothache Remedy

Toothaches can be irritating, they keep us from enjoying our favorite meal or beverage, and the general discomfort is enough to ruin anyone’s day. While we recommend going to the dentist to get the problem fixed, until then, one can use mouthwash to keep the pain at bay.

Simply rub a small amount of Listerine on the affected area, and soon there will be no more discomfort. The antiseptic qualities in the mouthwash get rid of any bacteria, and the ointment also helps work as an anesthetic, removing any achy feeling, albeit temporarily. One can try this hack for some relief but should get the tooth checked by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Piercing Cleanser

Anyone who has had some piercings done knows that they need to keep the freshly pierced skin clean to avoid any infections. While some stores give their customers the cleaning fluid, which is to be used at least once daily, others don’t, and the ointment is pretty pricey, so many people might not afford it. This is where mouthwash comes in.

Using a cotton pad, swab the new piercing with some Listerine. The liquid will make sure the area doesn’t get infected while at the same time numbing it in case there is any pain. Who knew that mouthwash could be this versatile?

The Perfect Toilet Cleaner

Choosing an ideal toilet cleaner can be a game of delicate balance since some cleaners are too strong and they erode the ceramic coating of the toilet, while others are just full of a sweet smell and they don’t clean well. What if there was a household item that could do both, clean and leave the restroom smelling perfect?

Using mouthwash as a toilet cleaner can help get rid of the dirt, leaving the area sparkling clean, and since most cleansers have a minty or floral scent, the mint in mouthwash wouldn’t feel out of place. Pour some of the liquid in the bowl, and scrub away before flushing for some astonishing results.

Glinting Glass

Anyone who has cleaned some piece of glass (we think we all have at some point) knows how hard it is to remove dirt from the surface without leaving it looking foggy and smeared. Luckily, we have a solution that will make cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass furniture a manageable undertaking, and it is mouthwash.

Yes, the popular liquid can come in handy when doing some glass cleaning, just pour a few drops of it on a microfiber cloth and get polishing. Soon, one will have sparkling, fog-free surfaces, all courtesy of the powerful mouthwash. Think it’s impossible? Try it out and thank us later.

Acne Remover

Dealing with adult acne breakout is not an easy thing; apart from the discomfort, it might also lead to low self-esteem in some people. Nonetheless, we’re all conscious of our complexion and for anyone wondering what they can do to solve the acne problem, fret not; we got it covered.

Swab some mouthwash on the affected area, and soon, the spot will dry up and heal. The antiseptic properties in Listerine help speed up the process as well as keep away any infectious bacteria. Also, the ointment keeps the pores clean, ensuring one has healthier skin. We bet many people didn’t expect mouthwash to be used in this way.

Scalp Doctor

It can be very uncomfortable and even embarrassing to have flaky, itchy sheets of dandruff covering one’s head. Despite their common occurrence, powdery substances coming from the hair are still unattractive. The commonly used cure for these flakes is the consumption of a proper diet and the use of suitable hair products.

Yet, sometimes one needs a quick fix to a problem, and for dandruff, that faster solution comes in the form of mouthwash. By massaging this product into the scalp of dry hair before shampooing it, moisture will be restored to the scalp, leaving it clean, refreshed and dandruff-free.

No More Lingering Odors

Chefs admit that it’s incredibly satisfying to put together different ingredients and end up whipping up a sumptuous meal. Unfortunately, one drawback is the spices that often remain on the hands and settle underneath the skin, leaving a lingering smell. While some of these odors are easy to dissipate, others can prove challenging to do away with.

Some of the hacks one can use to get rid of specific food odors include aluminum soap for removing the trail of fish and vinegar for cleaning out the smell of onions. Nevertheless, if one needs a universal hack to clean their hands, washing them with mouthwash will get rid of the evidence of that deliciously aromatic dinner they cooked or ate.

Some Relief From A Sore Throat

On top of being an infection, a sore throat can be a truly miserable experience. Enduring that scratchy feeling and the constant urge to cough or clear one’s throat can drive anybody bananas. Luckily, we have found that gargling with mouthwash temporarily relieves the larynx whilst preventing bacteria from spreading.

Even though we believe that this hack is remarkably effective, we are not professional medical personnel, so this is not pharmaceutical advice. For this reason, we recommend consulting a doctor whenever unwell, including if one has a sore throat. Nevertheless, the Listerine hack should at least assist in relieving some of that annoying phlegm.

Freshening Up With Mouthwash

Nobody wants a bumpy face after having a nice shave, which is why aftershave is always a part of this grooming routine. Aside from that, the scent after razoring is quite enticing, primarily thanks to the products used for this purpose. For this reason, we understand why most people are not willing to drop their favorite products for cheaper, ready-at-home solutions.

Still, if anyone finds themselves in need of a backup option, they only need to look at the oral hygiene segment of their cabinet. Yes, believe it or not, mouthwash does make a good aftershave. A simple splash on the face would leave one feeling smooth, fresh, and appropriately groomed.

Toothbrush Disinfectant

We have heard dentists recommend that toothbrushes be replaced frequently, but what happens to the time in between? While we may be unwilling to think about it, as we clean our teeth, food particles are bound to get trapped in the bristles, and a simple rinse may not be enough to get rid of the dirt.

Anyone beginning to think seriously about it? Good, this means the solution we’re about to provide makes much more sense now. Dip the toothbrush into a glass or container containing just a little mouthwash. If we leave the dental tool soaking for about ten to twenty minutes, not only will it be clean, but it will also be germ-free.

Fresh Trash

One may think that a need to have trash smelling clean and fresh is absurdly wishful thinking, but we are here to inform everyone that it is actually very possible. All one needs to do is soak a paper towel in mouthwash and toss it out into the garbage can. Doing so will neutralize the smell of litter, thus doing away with the foul odor.

From now on, whether one keeps their trash bin indoors or outdoors, there is no need to live with unpleasant smells. While we understand that the stink of waste can prove challenging to get rid of, applying this Listerine hack frequently enough will have anyone’s space smelling clean and crisp.

Some Listerine Love For The Screens

Do many people think of cleaning the gadgets in their house with mouthwash? We bet not, yet this product has proven to be ideal for both oral hygiene and electronic devices. Moreover, unlike other monitor cleaning products, oral rinse is safe to use on almost every type of device screen, including computers, phones, and TVs.

The advantage of using mouthwash as a guard cleanser is that while most people often run out of screen cleaners, this oral care product is almost always present in the bathroom cabinet. So the next time there is a need to remove dust or grime from one of the devices, do not fret; instead, pick up the Listerine and apply this hack.

Enhancing Washing Machine Lifespans

Washing machines are so helpful in our lives that it’s hard to imagine living without them. Imagine if we all had to break our backs scrubbing our clothes with our hands; that would surely make our laundry days even more difficult than they already are.

It is paramount, therefore, that we take good care of these assets. One wouldn’t think of mouthwash as something that could save a laundry machine, but surprisingly, this product can prove invaluable over time. Reportedly, adding a cup of oral rinse to the usual detergent helps to disinfect the garments and dissolve any limescale, thus preventing clog from building up and prolonging the washer’s life span.


Toenail fungus in no way is a dismissable issue, so we bet that any safe solution would be a welcome reprieve for someone dealing with the same. Luckily, the remedy lies within that simple mouthwash in the bathroom cupboard. Adding some of this antiseptic liquid to warm water and soaking one’s feet in the solution is an effective way to deal with this bothersome infection.

With this knowledge, no one should have to try to hide a nasty ailment that will undoubtedly affect their feet’ health. One only needs to ensure that they repeat this therapy regularly, with every soak lasting for about twenty minutes, and they can chuck out their feet confidently any time they want to.

A Quick Cure For Bruises

Some of us bruise more easily than others, and thus we might find ourselves with a recurring need to hide all those abrasions. Moreover, these injuries can be painful and inconveniencing too, so naturally, we would want to do away with them as quickly as possible.

Mouthwash comes in handy in such situations. Whenever one finds themselves sporting a bruise that they would like to cure quickly, they only need to pour some dollops of oral rinse on cotton wool and dab it on the abrasion. Doing so will facilitate an increase of blood inflow to the site, hastening the overall healing process.

Sting Medication

For those of us who like to spend a lot of time outdoors, insect bites and stings are all but inevitable. It’s not that uncommon to come home from a long day in the woods with red marks or spots on the arms, legs, and other exposed areas of the body because of those pesky creatures.

The majority of us would reach for whatever creams or ointments are in the bathroom cabinet, but not many people realize that mouthwash can also be used as a pain reliever for these stings and bites. The ingredients in dental rinse heal the bites faster and also have a cooling effect.

Itch Eliminator

When taking a walk in the garden or hiking on that nature trail, we’re not just taking in the fresh air and the beauty of the plants. There are various allergens, pollen, and other elements in the air, and there’s also the possibility of getting an allergy or sting from plants like ivy or holly.

Contact with allergens or prickly plants can be quite uncomfortable, but if there is a bottle of mouthwash in the house, this can be used to stop the discomfort. Just get some cotton balls, add a couple of drops of oral rinse, then rub over the infected area and feel the itch go away immediately.

Bye Bye Bugs

Have annoying bugs somehow slipped through the doors or windows of the house and wreaked havoc in the home? Flies, insects, and other creatures are bothersome when we are trying to concentrate or have a good night’s rest, but fret no more – mouthwash is the solution.

Instead of that household spray that smells toxic, pour listerine into a small bottle and use that as a bug repellent all over the home. This will eliminate the flying creatures, and also leave the space with a minty fresh scent. Hey, maybe grab a different kind of flavor next time and try other scents.

Cut Cleanup

For minor cuts, scrapes, or wounds, any product that has antiseptic as an ingredient works great for cleaning, disinfection, and quick healing. Now, if an isopropyl product is not available, substituting it with a mouthwash product that contains the ingredient works the same for emergencies.

The antiseptic properties of the solution will help clean up the scrapes and cuts and allow them to heal much faster. Of course, the minty flavor will also add a cooling, soothing sensation, so if the common disinfectant isn’t handy, mouthwash works the same. A few drops are applied over the affected area, and it’s all good.

Clear That Coughing Fit

When there are bacteria clogging the respiratory tract, it can cause a coughing fit. This is an episode where a person coughs continuously for a few seconds or minutes and can’t seem to stop, as if there is something blocking the throat or lungs.

Episodes like this can be very uncomfortable and hard to control, and the bad thing is they usually come at the most inopportune times. Garglingg with mouthwash for a few seconds can help to clear the bacteria and stop the fit, so the next time it happens, try this hack and get over that bout right away.

Bye-Bye Acne

Acne management can be somewhat of a pain, especially if it keeps recurring frequently. With high antiseptic properties, Listerine is an ingenious option to try in easing breakouts. Mouthwash contains numerous antibiotics and essential oils such as Thymol and Eucalyptol, which have anti-inflammatory qualities to help ward off the problem.

Dabbing a small amount on the affected area can effectively clear out germs and bacteria that tend to be the primary cause of pimples. It is great however, to proceed with moderation because the isomers present in this gargling solution that cause the cooling effect in the mouth can be irritating to the skin if overused.

Ward Off the Cold

While this is in no way a call to ignore physicians’ instructions especially where medication is involved, some people feel strongly that mouthwash is effective in colds management. Equipped with anti-bacterial properties, Listerine is a home remedy that helps relieve flu and sore throat symptoms.

Some individuals get creative and even mix it with salt and warm water before gargling with it. Whether by itself or by making a concoction, multiple people are pretty confident about mouth wash as a home treatment for the virus. It is advisable to seek immediate medical attention if this home hack goes south to prevent escalating the condition.

Jock Itch Remedy

The uncomfortable itch along one’s inner thighs is caused by a fungal infection in the area. While it is common among men especially those in rigorous sports, it still can affect women. Not to worry, there are plenty of home remedies for the nifty fungus, among them, using mouthwash. The itch and irritation can get worse when aggravated and one can easily get embarrassed.

Use a little amount of Listerine on the affected region and let it dry down. The solution may burn a little initially but after the first sting, it relieves the irritation almost immediately. It, however, may not be an idea to try this if there are underlying skin issues such as eczema.

Remove Nail Discoloration

Mouthwash has a high ethanol content which can effectively mean stripping properties are present in the solution. This can come in handy when one’s nails are discolored either from a fungus infection or the frequent use of dark-colored nail lacquer. Before one can go filing away the top of the nail, try soaking them in Listerine for about half an hour every other week.

The results are not instantaneous, but routine repetition will eventually yield and brighten the tainted parts. It is an easy DIY project that one can include in their manicure routine, especially if they prefer pampering themselves at home.

Dry Heels Therapy

Cracked and dry skin can be a nightmare to manage and get rid of especially if it is on the heels. Moisturizers tend to only resolve the matter temporarily and the flakiness returns, sometimes more than it was before. With one of the properties of mouthwash being anti-fungal, it can be quite effective as a remedy for cracked heels which are mainly caused by a fungus.

Additionally, the menthol and essential oils present in the gargle fluid have a softening effect which will leave the heel repaired and quite smooth. A foot-soak every week will go a long way in remedying the problem at home without breaking the bank with targeted spa treatments.

Stop Mosquitos On Track

No matter how annoying and harmful mosquitoes are, some people still avoid repellants because of their ingredients. These days, it can be challenging to find a comfortable balance between protecting the environment and preventing mosquito bites. While most bug spray can often work well, they come at the cost of being bad-smelling and harmful to the environment.

So, the question is, what can we do about this dilemma? Simple, we follow this genius hack, and we won’t need to buy insect repellent again. Although technically ‘Listerine’ does not fall into the all-natural category, it’s safer than chemical sprays we buy in stores. Simply spray the mouthwash around the house and a light mist on the skin to keep bugs off.

DIY Insect Bite Treatment

The Spring season is the favorite of many people because it symbolizes hope, especially for farmers. It’s the time when nature comes to life once again, so new seeds are planted for them to grow and blossom in summer. Unfortunately, there’s something about spring that we all dread, and those are mosquitoes.

It is the season of the irritating insects, and they will continue to thrive until summer arrives. So, it’s good for us to have ‘Listerine’ handy, especially when we spend a lot of time outdoors. In addition to the mouthwash being an effective mosquito repellent, ‘Listerine’ can also work to treat mosquito bites. The famous mouth rinse has eucalyptus oil, an ingredient that possesses pain-relieving qualities.

Keep Yoga Mats Always Fresh & Clean

For those unaware, before the discovery that mouthwash can help maintain oral health, the solution was used first as a surgical disinfectant. From that fact alone, we can confirm that ‘Listerine’ can disinfect many things aside from our mouths. One of the things they can effectively sanitize is yoga mats.

When doing yoga, practitioners sweat like a turkey at Thanksgiving. Of course, that would happen since the activity is a form of workout. Needless to say, one’s mat would end up soaking in sweat. If there’s no cleaning solution available, an alternative is a DIY one made of ‘Listerine’ and water – mix equal parts and put in a spray bottle.

No Wet Wipes, No Problem

Nowadays, it’s always necessary to bring disinfecting products like hand soap, ethanol, and antibacterial wipes. This is because different kinds of viruses linger everywhere, especially surfaces that people often touch. Of course, it’s better to wash our hands after handling them, but when we cannot do that, it’s better to wipe them off to clean them.

If we have run out of wipes but have a small bottle of ‘Listerine’ and tissue in our bags, there’s no need to worry. We can easily make our own disinfecting moist towelettes from the two ingredients – we soak the tissues in the mouthwash, and we’re good to go.

Freshen Retainers Quickly

People who wear retainers need to remember this one important tip – keep them always clean. Our mouths are a breeding ground for bacteria, and the orthodontic appliance can soak those all in. Of course, one way of keeping them clean is always to brush, but what if wearers are often on the go?

Amazingly one can make a DIY soak with ‘Listerine’ and water. Grab a mug, glass, or any plastic container, then pour water and the mouthwash solution in it. Soak the retainer for a few minutes so it can be cleaned and disinfected and it’s ready to be used again.