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Knock-Knock, Summer’s Here! Check Out These Fun Yogurts To Keep Your Gut & Mood Happy

Yogurt – whenever we think of this word, a sigh of coolness hits us! A chilled, tangy-sweet pack of yogurt makes for a refreshing and filling meal option, especially in summers. And it’s super healthy too!

It consists of several probiotics which not just keep the gut functioning smoothly, but also help in improving digestion and immunity. According to dietitians, Probiotic Yogurts are loaded with protein and help prevent several heart diseases. They’re rich in probiotic bacteria which prevent bloating and acidity, thus keeping your metabolism happy. And did you know they’re rich in elements like magnesium and zinc while being very low on fat?

Unsplash | Probiotic Yogurts are filled with benefits while also being delicious

TBH, we could go on and on about the benefits of probiotic yogurts. But we don’t wish to bore you, so let’s quickly get to the point – join us as we count down to our top 4 picks for the best probiotic yogurts this summer!

#1 – Stonyfield Organic Plain Whole Milk Probiotic Yogurt

Sometimes it’s boring to consume plain yogurt, but this yogurt is a live culture, and absolutely fresh and tasty! It enlightens your taste buds, with its tangy–sweet flavor, and consists of a good amount of proteins and probiotics. What’s more, its texture is quite smooth and gives a heavenly experience with every spoonful.

#2 – FAGE Total 2% Milkfat Honey Greek Yogurt

Rich Greek yogurt and honey make for the perfect match. The unique thing about this yogurt is its packaging – the yogurt and the honey are kept in separate small packs, with the choice in the hands of the consumer with respect to how much sweetness they wish to add to their yogurt.

Crystal Springs Creamery | There are several flavors of probiotic yogurts available in the market

#3 – Yoplait Light, Strawberry

If there’s anything that can match yummy fresh strawberry ice cream, we must say, it’s this yogurt. It’s a sweet delight but has a unique kick of sourness to it. A must-try if you ask us!

#4 – Lavva Dairy-Free Original Yogurt

This one has a perfect blend of dairy-free nutrients, proteins, and probiotics with absolutely no added sugar. It doesn’t contain any artificial colors or flavors, and that’s what makes it healthy and absolutely pure.

A word of caution

Not all packaged yogurt is probiotic. Though every batch consists of several microorganisms (because of fermentation), many times, commercially sold yogurts contain artificially added probiotics.

It’s better to research which yogurt brands sell pure probiotic products and stick to them. You could also consult user reviews or take the advice of your dietician.

Blogspot | Before buying a yogurt pack, don?t forget to check its ingredient label for nutrition information

To conclude

The above-listed yogurts are highly recommended by dietitians, especially to people who are suffering from any kind of heart, blood, or other medical issues. But hey, that doesn’t mean other people have to stick to those boring plain and tasteless yogurts! When probiotic yogurts offer so many benefits while also being ultra-delicious, why not go for them?