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29 Weird Things Whose Purpose Was a Real Mystery Until the Internet Gave Answers

We’ll bet that you’ve all come across a thing that just makes you go, ‘what on earth is that?’ At the moment, nothing helps besides solving the mystery as fast as possible. Be it an ancient artifact or simply an unusual object that looks too bizarre to be normal, who or rather ‘where’ can we turn to uncover the truth?

One might say Google – well, luckily for all you Curious Georges, the Internet Gods have created a better place! Yes, you guessed it right, as for all-things-niche, there’s an entire online forum dedicated to the unknown objects that haunt you day and night! People get to post pics of any and all otherworldly things on this discussion platform and ask the community about what it might be. And sure enough, there’s always someone who seems to have the right answer! Read on to see how the weirdest things find their true purpose through the wisdom of these online strangers.

Fashion Accessory

The past is riddled with items that fascinate us, and this circular metal device is one of them. Although it took some digging on the internet, the answer was brought to light by a helpful online community member.

As it turns out, this frame was sewn onto the top of a purse or handbag to help close and open it. It might not look like much now, but we’re confident that this person could attach a new bag with a little bit of love and restoration and make themselves a fantastic and elegant new fashion accessory with a tremendous retro flair!

Honey, Get the Hazmat Suit!

Imagine going about your business in your house, and all of a sudden, you’re faced with a warning sign like the one pictured here. We reckon our minds would be racing to find answers!

This person got the authorities involved, and the whole situation made it to the news. It seems people were on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what was happening here. In the end, it turned out that these labels hailed from the 1950s, and luckily nothing menacing lurked beneath this warning; however, we reckon this individual deserves praise for being safe rather than sorry later!

Last Minute Bunker

Excess stormwater can be a dangerous thing, and settlements worldwide need solutions to address the problem. You need to keep the sewer system as devoid of copious amounts of water as you possibly can, but the massive quantities of downpour need somewhere to go.

Enter the stormwater drain. It’s an essential part of keeping infrastructure up and running during times of inclement weather. However, we’re pretty sure that if needs be, you’d be able to use it as a bunker if you suddenly need a place to hunker down if the apocalypse decides to arrive!

Watch Where You’re Going

There are plenty of great safety precautions around the globe that help keep us out of trouble and also ensure that things run smoothly. This bright yellow rectangle is one of them.

Almost everywhere, you’ll find some form of a utility pole, and this instrument, although raw in design, is used in the USA to help illuminate telephone poles at night so that drivers can avoid them. It is good to know that there are people out there who have taken the time to design measures to help keep us safe on the road!

Do Not Cross!

This iniquitous device was found in a garden and the person who discovered it took to the web to find out more about the contraption. It looks like it could be a tool used by an evil supervillain in his plot to take over the world!

Fortunately, it’s real job isn’t that nefarious. The attachment provides a little electric shock to animals who try and wander out of their enclosures by being placed on fences around the areas which need containment. It’s not an ideal way to keep animals in, but a little buzz is better than the dangers that sometimes lie outside!

Clean Frequencies

The world is filled with things that have stayed behind with seemingly have no purpose in the modern world, and sometimes we need to review history to find the answers. Luckily we have plenty of resources to consult, like the world wide web!

This weird little gadget hails from the sixties, and your grandparents would be able to tell you that it was used to make sure that their audiotapes kept on functioning optimally by ridding the magnetic bands of excess magnetism. Back then, there were few things better than the smooth sounds coming from a demagnetized cassette tape!

What Lies Underneath

Basements are already strange enough but imagine your surprise when coming across an unknown piece of technology, having no idea what it does. Luckily the internet is full of helpful people, and this person quickly found out what this contraption is!

It turns out that there are several ways to keep your water clean, and this sediment filter does precisely that. Now all this guy has to do is remember to change it so that it doesn’t end up looking like this one, which seems like it’s been continually working since prehistoric times!

I Wheel Find Out What This Is!

Sometimes you come across wonderful things that boggle the mind, like this exciting disc, which looks like it could be anything from a cookie cutter to a child’s toy. The answer might be slightly mundane, but it’s good to know that finding the information wasn’t difficult.

It turns out this ring is used in construction to support and space metal rods during the pouring of cement. Although it might not be designed to play with, we reckon kids would have a great time playing with this thing regardless of it’s intended purpose!

The Lost Art of Penmanship

Writing letters by hand is an art form fading into history. The world is becoming more aware of limiting things like paper to reach sustainability regarding natural resources. Luckily we have lovely things to remember this skill by, like this double inkwell.

Inkwells aren’t an uncommon sight throughout history, but this dual one is unique as it afforded its user the option of multiple choices. Whether you wanted two colors of ink to work with or needed a space to rinse and clean your pen, this contraption got the job done!

Flower Power!

Sometimes the most mundane objects have a pretty specific use, and you need someone who is an expert help you to find the answers. According to a helpful online contributor, it turns out this seemingly ordinary glass disc with a few holes has a relatively great use when it comes to brightening up spaces, and that there are several varieties and styles of these holders out there!

It’s called a flower frog, and the holes are used to place flowers in and help you create magnificent floral displays that could liven up even the most dreary of homes.

Swipe Swipe Slash

Now, this mysterious object looks like it could cause more damage than anything else, and we could only imagine how bad it could have ended if a child found it. So, we think that this person did the right thing by posting about it on the internet for more information!

The ax-like object was made in Japan, and it turns out that this is not an actual ax, but a ”delimbing tool” used to reach higher branches on trees. But like we said earlier, luckily, it got to the right hands because these things were made to cut through wood and are said to be razor-sharp!

Roman Remains

Not the first time anybody thought they’d stumbled upon something and thought it had historical value, only this time, they were right. This picture’s poster found this clay jar, dainty and fragile, while they were clearing away some earth in their backyard somewhere in the southern Netherlands.

An online user was quick to point out that it was not just another clay vessel! In fact, it was a ‘Roman Oil Jar’ made using terracotta. And it turns out that these are found throughout the regions that were once part of the Roman empire, a beautiful remnant of that vast civilization.

A Historical ‘Point’

If you said ”it is an arrowhead,” after looking at this picture, you are most certainly right. But, the person who discovered it in their backyard in Tennessee wanted a little more detail, and who better to turn to than internet users to solve the mystery and shed a little more light?

Apparently, what seemed to be an object with no much value, is very much like an arrow from the ”Hopewell Indian culture,” a native American society that traces its way back to about 2,000 years ago. Who knew one could find things of exceptional archaeological value in their lawns!

Some Beads For The Road

The great thing about online forums is that people from all over the world gather on one platform to unravel many a great mystery together. And honestly, many of us think we have found evidence for extraterrestrial living creatures if it weren’t for the community.

This user here found an intriguing object which would have never been identified if it were not for the internet. The cryptic piece, discovered in the thicket surrounding the military camps in the Netherlands, is called ”Ranger Beads,” and was apparently used to ”count distances” when traveling at a steady pace!

Mother Earth Venting

We could totally understand if a jogger passing by this super puzzling structure thought it to be some part of a dodgy scheme and leads to an atrocious network of bunkers. And one passerby thought just that but decided to let the internet decide by posting a picture of it online.

People were quick to unravel the mystery, and it turns out that it is no part of a secret network— far from it, in fact. It is an underground gas vent! It is a perfect project that helps the eco-system by removing unwanted gases from the ground using methodical procedures. We are glad we know now!

A Healing Hand

Peru is a divine country with a lavish history with so many ancient relics and artifacts, all telling a beautiful story about the civilizations that roamed its lands. And one explorer found this long wooden object on the beach in Peru’s capital city, Lima.

Responders on an online forum were quick to point out that it was, in fact, not just any piece of timber; it was a ceremonial ‘Chonta,’ believed to have incredible healing powers. The delicately carved ligneous staff is the cynosure at remedial ceremonies and often sat in pride of place, front, and center at the altar.

Eggs Hanging

First, let us appreciate the guy who took this photo because he indeed has a keen eye for even the smallest details. After all, spotting this uniform row of something so tiny isn’t easy. But it seems that he also did not know what he was dealing with. Luckily, he got an instant answer once he posted on social media and soon found out that these are “lacewing eggs.”

When he researched more, it revealed that a thread of hardened mucus attached to a leaf is the female lacewing’s holder for its eggs, and that is why they are suspended in the air.

The Mysterious Structure

There are some things that seem more mysterious, and they can look like anything. Looking at this image, you must have thought that it is public art just for the sake of decoration. But you failed to notice the fact that each metal ring in this geometric structure has two hooks.

Thanks to the photographer’s wit, it helped in figuring more about this minor mystery. Don’t worry! It’s not an alien object or an art installation. Apparently, these are hammock stands used for resting, swinging, and sleeping. So, don’t forget to carry your hammocks next time, you never know where you will find one of these rings!

A Cup For Thee

When you first look at this, you would think it is a fancy, strange combination of a cup and a teapot where you could pour liquid from one side and drink from the other. Pretty cool, right?

It so happens that this thing is called an ‘invalid’s cup,’ and according to an online user, it was used by the sick and the weak in ancient times to feed themselves when they could not get up. Quite an impressive design for a ‘sippy cup,’ and we wouldn’t have known if the internet didn’t come to the rescue!

It’s All About The Teeth!

After keeping this terrifying object for twenty years, finally, the person has got some answers about the item’s identity. Most of us would have thrown it far away the moment we came into contact with it, but as they say, patience pays, and now we all know what this mysterious object is.

Apparently, these are the American freshwater drum fish’s teeth, and interestingly, these fish have human-like molars that they use to crush mussels and oysters. It is no wonder the drum fish is also known as grinder fish, grunter, and gobble-gobble with teeth like that.

A Friendly Moth

The first instinct of anyone encountering this frightening creature would be to immediately call an exterminator, then wait outside until it is taken care of. This horrid looking thing has a meaty mouth and tentacle-like legs, making it look like an otherworldly organism.

Thankfully, one online user explained that the creature is actually a hag moth, which is harmless to humans, and they don’t ruin crops either. What a relief! It happens that the hag moth larvae are known as ‘monkey slugs’ because of their hairy legs, and it is easy to see why.

An Alien Invasion. Or Not!

Way before the internet, when something like this appeared in the sky, we would all be talking about aliens and UFOs. According to the post, the scary ring of smoke caused some huge drama that people alighted from their cars to take photos of it!

We aren’t surprised, though; strange objects in the sky aren’t an everyday thing. According to an online community forum, the smoke ring phenomenon was caused by the smoke’s circular motion from the cylindrical jacket of the blown transformer. The surprisingly stable ring structure is a self-reinforcing wave, and it is called a ‘soliton.’ Who would’ve known!

Reappearing Termites

If the thought of organic matter reappearing a couple of days after being cleared away does not send shivers down your spine, then we do not know what will. This white matter is called ‘frass,’ and apparently, it is some powdery substance produced by insects perforating on wood.

Although frass has not been known to be harmless, the insects could be especially dangerous to your furniture, and as one forum user recommended, calling the pest control services as soon as possible can save the situation. Thank heavens for helpful strangers on the internet!

Otherworldy Contraption

Some objects explorers and sightseers stumble upon are more mysterious and cryptic than others. This inquisitive person saw what seemed to be a spinning wind turbine attached to a power line, and had we seen it, we would be baffled too. If anything, it looks like it was sent down by aliens or a part of a dodgy government design right out of ‘Stranger Things!’

But thanks to the internet, we now know that it is not the UFO, but a simple ”bird diverter,’ which is a device used to decrease the imperils faced by birds and power lines. So much for finding an otherworldly object; All hail the internet!

Cowing Doors

We bet that you will be shocked to find out about the real function of this cow-like object. It is indeed kid-related, but if we started guessing about this semi-circle thing, we would surely go round in circles. It vaguely resembles a toe separator used to apply nail polish, and yet it is not the right shape for that.

Luckily for us, a kindhearted person on social media helped solve the mystery behind this item. Well, it is a door stopper, often used for baby-proofing the doors around your house, to prevent little fingers from getting caught when the door is closing.

An Unusual Tea Cup

Men started shaving using knives, blades, and other sharpened objects. However, in the last century, technology has advanced so quickly that many things have become redundant. Besides, most of them are now long forgotten.

You might be thinking, what is this weird cup-like thing? We know it looks like a very old cup, but it is rather a shaving scuttle and was often used to keep the soap lather fresh and ready for repetitive use. Today, these kinds of cups are enjoying a comeback, and it’s a befitting revival considering more and more men are getting into self-pampering and grooming rituals.

Crisp Factory Blues

During our childhood, we found several things in our snack packets, including small toys and other things. Mostly, it was a part of the company’s marketing campaign to increase their sales. But what this guy found in his snack is not quite a playful surprise.

Have you ever heard about testing chips? Because most of us certainly haven’t. It turns out that these blue chips are for testing metal detectors to ensure that they are working fine. In fact, a respondent on an online forum found out that ironically, the presence of this chip in the packet suggests that the test has failed because the chip went through undetected!

A Sacred Mask

Our next object is unusual, but very interesting, and would make the perfect decoration for your bathroom cabinet. This item was found in the land of Kiwis and looks like a fancy beer opener. Yet, that is not the case of this artsy object.

Apparently, it is a yawning Balinese dance mask. Obviously, this is a miniature of the original mask used in the dance performances by the Balinese. However, what’s intriguing is that these masks are considered to represent divine images and are regarded as sacred in their culture.

Stainless Steel For Smelly Hands

You might be wondering what this weird object is, which looks just like a flat silver ball. Well, it is going to be a puzzling one, we assure you. If any of us found this at our place, we would go bonkers trying to figure out what it is made for.

Is it something to play ice hockey with? Or is it a paperweight or the perfect skipping stone? Well, we bet most of you got it wrong. Surprisingly, it is called stainless steel soap which is used to get rid of the smell on your hands when you are done chopping vegetables like onions and garlic!