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If Awkward Was An Image, These 45 Photos Would Qualify

Stress can sometimes get the best of us, so much so that we unknowingly do embarrassing acts and hope we get away with it. That might be a tad difficult to achieve, considering almost every person out there is equipped with a camera, ready to capture the moment regardless of how awkward it is. Plus, it’s expected that the snapped moment would end up as a meme.

As expected, these scenarios typically happen in secret, but now these photos are shared for the entire world to see. Some are downright hilarious, while others would leave one scratching their heads in confusion. Of course, we got the best ones on this list that will surely tickle that funny bone. Trust us when we say, one wouldn’t feel too bad once they see these candid pictures!

The Feathery Gym Buddy

The gym is the perfect place to be if one wants to meet new friends while working out. Some people even spend more time there than their actual homes! One can’t really blame them, though, especially when they’re adamant about keeping fit.

This guy in the picture is one of those whose passion for fitness is unparalleled, but it seems he finally met his match in a cute parrot! Look at them, pumping iron as if they’re competing with one another. Sorry man, but this bird will undoubtedly emerge as the winner, seeing as he’s got everyone’s attention!

An Unconventional Cat Suit

Nowadays, people take working out so seriously that they spend a few extra dollars shopping for the perfect outfit. It’s usually a matching set for the ladies, while the lads are happy with whatever’s comfortable. Interestingly, this fellow wanted to stand out and decided to don this tight ‘cat’-suit, much to the woman’s confusion.

The grey feline’s eyes are truly heartwarming, yet we think the overall look isn’t particularly flattering on the man. In any case, it’s clear he’s got no qualms on his clothes since it shows off the physique that he’s worked so hard for, so he might as well flaunt it!

A Whole New Meaning To Fast Food

Eating on the go isn’t frowned upon, considering most of us are usually in a hurry to rush off somewhere instead of sitting down for a meal. We’re used to living off fast food most of the time, but it’s a different case when one decides to eat a whole chicken with all the cutlery on a moving train.

One could almost assume this woman was having a Thanksgiving dinner at the station! It could have been a good idea to share a piece of that meat as the man beside her looks famished at the sight of it. There’s plenty to go around anyway!

A Futuristic And Fruity Headpiece

Sporting a brand-new hairstyle would sometimes signify a drastic change in one’s life. So, when this person with a unique headpiece sauntered into the computer room, we can’t help but be curious about what made him decide to do so. Mainly since it’s not often folks would see a watermelon rind as a fashion statement!

Has this become a trend, or is he doing this only after losing a secret bet to his friends in school? Regardless, we dare say the red hair matches perfectly well with the bright green helmet! Good thing someone managed to take a snap, or else no one would believe this style was ever worn.

Everyone Has Gone Bananas

Banana costumes are great for any event. Whether it is a party, a festival, or even a sporting occasion, anyone can wear them, and it’s sure to be entertaining. From kids, students, and adults, it all works! There’s really nothing like bringing some potassium to a party.

This guy, however, looks like he had other intentions when he put on his fruity outfit. Of course, we’re not the type to judge, as people are free to wear what they want and worship any deity they like. Still, when a person worships a banana, shouldn’t we assume that perhaps there might be a screw loose somewhere?

The Warriors Must Devour A Meal

For anyone who has ever made it to high school, at some point, the Roman Empire was part of the curriculum. If not, there are numerous movies about it, so we are all familiar with gladiators. We thought they perished with the empire, but boy, were we wrong.

Somewhere in Vegas, where nothing should ever come as a shock, a few muscular warriors made rounds in a local fast-food restaurant. Gladiators have certainly come a long way from the Spartacus days because modern-day ones vlog too. We would have loved to be a part of that queue!

That Can’t Be Good

Apart from A-list celebrities whose lives are for all, including the state of their finances, we regular people are very protectives of our financial situation. Most of us don’t even leave the ATM until the screen goes back to default. Still, some people apparently could not be bothered.

Whoever was using this ATM didn’t know when to quit. After the first two or three tries, one should assume that nothing will change, but this person made so many transactions that the machine probably ran out of paper. What’s funny is how the people waiting in line must’ve silently watched this. Hopefully, they didn’t look into private information on the receipt!

Just Up And Go, Buddy

Moving is hard. There is a lot of packing involved and making sure that nothing gets damaged. Also, saying goodbye to the people we stayed with makes it even harder. Thank God there are moving trucks to take some of the work away by safely transporting our stuff to the new place!

Still, some people prefer to do things their way. We guess that they could not wait to get out of their old house, judging by the state of their moving situation. Their furniture is just clumped together, and they didn’t even tie them up. We’re also concerned about the guy’s safety. We hope he was clinging tight!

All Laid Out

When driving, we should always have our full attention on the road. Now and then, though, we come across something so strange, peculiar, and unexpected that we can’t help but look over our shoulders to see what’s going on. Sometimes, it’s what’s happening at the back of the car ahead of us that catches our eye.

Just look at these people who are moving a bed that barely fits the vehicle. As if that’s not enough, a young man is comfortably holding it down so that it doesn’t fall off. Well, anyone seeing this would think that there is indeed a thin line between practicality and foolishness.

Everyday On A Runway

We have all seen what creative people choose to wear in public. Unfortunately, while there are stunning ensembles, some outfits come out as strange or mismatched. The latter makes us wonder why anyone would ever step out of their house wearing questionable attire, especially when they know anyone could take pictures of them.

Public transportation is where is all the magic happens. It’s like a fashion show on wheels where some could be looking bedazzled in one corner while another puts on a music show in another. That’s why we must bring our cameras just in case we catch interesting style inspirations like this!

No Seat No Problem

Going to a government facility is pretty simple, stand in line, and wait for the operator to call the number on our card. During the wait, we may consume a bag of chips, go to the restroom, or scroll on our phones. What we never expect is to see other people looking highly prepared for a long queue.

This man, for example, decided that standing in line for hours on end was not something he could physically handle. So, he got clever and decided to bring his own chair. It could give a hint to the government to install chairs in such spaces. We’d all love the idea!

Never A Dull Moment When Driving

The road could be a bizarre place at times. Every day, we come across thousands of individuals on the highway, and strange things happen from time to time. Whether it’s an amusing experience with another driver, a ridiculous license plate we can’t get our head around, or a vehicle with some very unique decorations, driving can be a fun activity.

Seeing this guy probably would give us something to think about while we’re behind the wheels. Is this for a Spider-Man film? Is he hitching for a free ride? Can we take a picture and make a meme out of it? The questions are endless!

Getting Comfy On The Metro

Our body does not always enjoy sitting in one place for a long metro ride. After all, these facilities were not exactly built with comfort in mind. Of course, it’s reasonable to stretch out to ease the muscles and bones, but some people take it to new levels.

We understand standing up and making a few rounds around the train as stretching, but taking ones’ shoes off like this passenger is a little over the top. He also decided to let loose like he was hanging out in his living room, alone. We feel sorry for his fellow passengers, who must have been sharing glances during the trip.

The Steps In Construction Are High

For generations, people have enjoyed the task of constructing tall structures. Egyptian pyramids are an example, but we’ve come up with better and safer ways to build larger buildings throughout time. This image, on the other hand, makes us wonder about the construction methods they used.

It lowkey looks like we have gone back in the past to a period when trying to build skyscrapers was considered highly dangerous. We are trying very hard to understand this image and, we must admit, it is sending chills down our spines. Those workers aren’t even wearing protective gear!

For Social Distancing Purposes

Ever wished that people would respect personal space on public transport? Viola! What we have here is the perfect solution! As long as one has guts of steel and is comfortable with having something slither around the neck, then it’s all set. Just follow this lady’s lead, and it’s a guarantee that we will have ample personal space.

This picture has the same vibes as the movie Snakes on a Plane, except it’s on a train. Jokes aside, who would have thought that a serpent could be a commuting companion? Let us hope and pray that we never find ourselves in this company, especially at such close quarters.

Pedaling Into The Fashion Industry

Sometimes, we leisurely scroll through social media, where most posts are either meh or funny. Still, there are rare times when we encounter something like this—a picture that brings our scrolling to a screeching halt. We stare at it, trying to comprehend and ask ourselves what we’re looking at.

There are so many questions that this gentleman’s photo evokes. First, we want to know how he can ride that tiny wheeled bicycle in those clothes. Second, where did he gain his confidence? Third, what statement is he trying to make? Most importantly, where did he get those strappy heels? We’d love to get a pair!

Is Orange Truly The New Black?

Most of us have had that panicked morning where we hit the snooze button, thinking that we’d wake up in five minutes only to fall into a deep sleep for forty minutes. In such situations, it is natural to forget some things, like our phones or keys.

It looks like something similar happened to this commuter but on an entirely different level. After noticing that his legs were getting unusually cold, the gentleman should have realized that he was missing a crucial clothing item. Since it’s too late, he seems to have decided that there is nothing that he can do about it except flaunt his orange shorts.

Some Things Can Be A Drag

We all have good and bad days. It’s sad when bad ones drain our energy so thoroughly that we cannot muster up enough will to give a hoot about the things we do. The girl in this picture seems to be going through something similar.

We are guessing that her aura might have been so dark that no one dared approach her and tell her that she’s been dragging her luggage around. Still, a photographer did not miss the opportunity to click this well-timed picture for future reference on how not to handle our traveling bag. In any case, we hope that the girl doesn’t her woes drag her down.

Hanging In There

What happens when one prioritizes hygiene and believes that the seats on public transport are too filthy to use? Well, they come up with creative ways of hanging out in the subway during their daily commute. By that, we mean going for drastic measures to keep those nasty microbes at bay.

As young, healthy, and fit as this boy looks, we must assume that this must be an uncomfortable way to travel, not just for him but for his fellow travelers. Also, considering he’s avoiding germs, he must ask if those handrails are cleaner than the seats. Should we tell him?

The Good Place

We wouldn’t have taken the risk, but it looks like the daredevils were out for a picnic that day! This couple sitting beneath the giant rock has zero worries about it rolling over them. Instead, they are busy enjoying each other’s company and the breathtaking view from the spot.

Even if a mesmerizing and picturesque scenery of the sky can be seen from where the duo is seated, we don’t think it would be worth it if they don’t make it through the evening, but as they say, life is boring, without any risks!

The Art Of Balancing

It’s impressive how physics works in real life! Look at this man carrying such a load on his bicycle with no fear of falling or dropping the packages. He has even made a little shade from the boxes over his head as protection from uncertain weather conditions. Genius!

We are just as amazed as the lady in the background. It’s not a common thing to see on the roads, so whoever captured this unbelievable moment deserves a round of applause. We wouldn’t have believed it otherwise if not for this photo! We only hope that the hardworking man got to rest after this long ride.

How To Save On Delivery Fees

Having goods delivered at the doorstep can be such a luxury that some people try and come up with creative ways to save a few bucks. So often, the results are hilarious like this one here! Look at the man hanging on the trunk of his car for dear life!

Let’s hope they didn’t have to ride over a massive speed breaker, or else all their efforts will go to waste as they could easily bounce and fall on the road. Well, at least someone took a picture of this rare hysterical moment. Now we have our daily dose of laughter and peculiarity!

My Car, My Rules

There are so many things wrong in this picture here! First, driving with an open door is dangerous, then carrying a heavy load in a domestic vehicle can be illegal. Lastly, riding in such bad weather conditions isn’t a great idea either!

We understand the person’s yard must have flooded in heavy rain, and this tube could have come in handy, but he’d probably not make it home if he continued driving like this. The passenger who captured this photograph could very well be a police van waiting to give him a ticket for this chaos!

Who Needs A Pickup Tow Truck

We have seen hilarious snaps of how people use their private cars to deliver huge items like furniture and mattress, but his one is a whole different level. Look at this man towing a sedan car in his mini truck instead of getting a tow truck!

We suppose the guy became impatient, or maybe he’s just adventurous because we don’t see a valid explanation for this move. He could have harmed the vehicle, or others on the road, or himself! There’s so much risk involved in this image that we just might call our insurance company to check if they cover scratches caused by this kind of hauling.

Making A Toe-rrible Statement

Human creativity has no limitations, nor does human eccentricity. This lady in the picture probably had a bad day and wanted to make it abundantly clear to others that they must steer clear of her. This hilarious but disturbing tactic would surely have worked, especially in places where people usually have their eyes on the floor.

While this image is not too pleasant to look at, we must credit her ingenuity! How many of us could have even thought that this was possible? She should think about writing a book entitled Ploys To Annoy People. I’m sure a lot of us would buy and read that one.

Does This Count As Eternal Love?

Every dog has its day, but apparently, this one did not, even after it has departed to its heavenly abode. While we understand the immeasurable love pet owners have for their paw pals, some go just a bit too far. One example is this photo.

The owner may have wanted to immortalize his canine buddy, but just looking at the picture makes us wish that he had found a less creepy way of doing it. Overall, we find it unsettling, and maybe the person who captured this picture agrees with us.

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

Marketing is a challenging field to be in, to be honest. Business competition is always high, and the budget is always low. Only those who can develop creative ideas and are excellent problem solvers can survive having a brand in these times.

Luckily, the person who was in charge of the photoshoot for this advertisement is set for success. He combatted the issue of a low budget by hiring just one model to pose for both roles. It looked so convincing that we had to double back to make sure we did not have double vision!

Steering Into Danger

Sometimes, when the traffic is slow, and the temperature is high, even the sane people tend to do insane things. For example, the people in the front seat of this car thought it would be a good idea to drape their windshield with window coverings while they are in the middle of the road.

Granted that the traffic may have been stagnant, or they might have been at a red light, this does not seem to be a safe option. Can someone give them sunglasses, please? They wouldn’t be that crazy to drive with the shields down, right?

A Legendary Movie Marathon

This is one of those pictures that make us wonder about the set of circumstances that led to this bizarre situation. Trust us, this is not a photoshopped image, and these boys did set up their living room in the middle of the road, complete with a TV set, table, and couch.

We are sure that this would be illegal anywhere else, and the prank may lead to severe consequences. Still, it’s hilarious to see the people in the traffic around these guys seem to be unbothered by the duo. Is this a daily occurrence, or do they just not have the time to mind it?


Anyone who lives in a city with overcrowded subways knows that strange things happen all of the time. It all comes with the territory, from folks dancing on a moving train to others dressing up in ridiculous clothing for any occasion to utterly outrageous public display of affection.

Nothing can be more disturbing than seeing a woman crossing her legs twice. We would not encourage anyone to try this because it will probably hurt, but this lady must be double-jointed so, this is normal for her. Many thanks to whoever was brave enough to snap this photo! This is one for the books.

Pro Pallet Transporter

We may see some pretty weird things out on the road, whether we are stuck in traffic and our gaze wanders to the crazed truck driver next to us or, we’re driving along an empty highway and a comical billboard catches our eye. Perhaps we also chance upon vehicles with odd packages on its trunk.

This particular car has a trunk loaded with the pallets they intended to take home from work. Never mind that it’s too small for them, said the carefree driver who swiftly cruises the roads even though they can’t see out the back window. People, this is something that we should never try to copy!

Potassium On The Go

We all have ripening bananas on our counters and at least five overripe bananas in the freezer, ready to use in cupcakes, smoothies, and banana bread. This fruit is good enough to be used in a wide range of dishes without overwhelming them, but as magical as they are, they can be awkward to eat in public.

Somebody thought of a creative way to have their fruity snack on the go without getting weird stares. Cutting it in half and scooping it as one would eat yogurt works! It’s unique and, we thank the generous friend who snapped this picture to share this brilliant hack with the world.

Totally Fur-shionable

Why are squirrels so famous? Perhaps it is because squirrels are so cute and entertaining to watch. Or, it could be the numerous hats they wear, aside from being adorable furry creatures. What we mean is that they can act as an entertainer, an outlaw, a gardener, or a trickster, and their teeth never stop growing.

We didn’t know how fashionable they are, especially this squirrel which was walking around in purple fur, a very flattering color, we must say. We do not know what happened to this critter, but we hope the artificial shade will not be harsh on its coat.

Where Do Broken Chairs Go?

When words fail, pictures come to the rescue. It’s true that the more we travel the world, we see things that we are not familiar with. There is just so much wonder to see, from hot air balloons in Turkey to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Even this exhibition could be one of those that are inexplicably majestic.

We don’t know where this is or why, but these seats are pretty artistic. Also, should anyone in the neighborhood run out of chairs, they can save money and take one from this pile, unless it’s a part of national heritage or a form of street art!

Creative Cookie Concoction

Talk about a really strange combination! A shopper was walking through the aisles, looking at the shelves, when this product came into view. So they snapped a quick pic, and now we have the chance to analyze this weird concoction and try to make sense of it.

It says “sparkling water,” but the color of the contents looks suspiciously like soda. Also, chocolate chip cookie flavor? For water? This is really a thing, and we wouldn’t have believed it either if not for the photographic evidence. It makes us wonder what’s next; tea-flavored coffee? Brownie-flavored juice?

Life On The Edge

Whoever is operating this backhoe deserves that Employee of the Year award for bracing the numerous safety hazards that are already blatantly obvious in this photo. Aside from the fact that the backhoe is dangerously close to the edge, a landslide seems imminent here.

With no safety rails or other precautions in place, this workplace isn’t for the faint of heart. Whatever they’re building on the side of this mountain, this snapshot reveals how a slight disturbance can possibly change everything in just a few seconds. Still, to the hardworking operator, it’s just another day at work.

Boys Will Be Boys

Just for context, this cute pic was taken by a loving girlfriend after a long plane flight. She was looking around, wondering where her man was, and eventually, she found him in a cozy lounge, focused on watching an animated movie with some kids!

Was the in-flight movie that bad? Maybe he just wanted a moment to enjoy something he really likes or to relax after the rigors of travel on those comfy bean bag chairs. We won’t be surprised if he’s found dozing off after a few more minutes in this little man cave. Hopefully, the little boys weren’t weirded out having a grown man with them!

The Legend Of The Levitating Cat

It’s not explained in this photo if the guy thinks cats have some kind of suction in their paws and can hang onto ceilings and walls or if he is training the feline to perform a levitation trick. Either way, the puzzled look on the animal’s face clearly indicates it’s not having fun.

The woman who took this photo needs to think of creative ways to keep her guy from getting bored at home. Perhaps he’s been cooped up for too long and needs new things to do before he goes nuts. If not, maybe the cat will go bonkers first living with this couple!

Improvise When Needed

This guy just wanted to catch some sleep while it was still sunny outside, but he couldn’t figure out where his eye mask was. So, of course, he grabbed the next best thing he could find. If it does the trick, why not? After all, it seems like he was able to get the rest he needs.

Life is all about being resourceful anyway. Often, we have to maximize what is readily available to do what we need to do. Maybe his girlfriend can also think of creative ways to use his things. All is fair in love, right?

The Shopping Break He Needed

It’s been a long, tedious day of shopping for this poor guy, and that boat-themed bed just looked too inviting. With the way he was relaxed on that bed, he probably dreamed of hearing the ocean waves and smelling the sea breeze while dozing off.

By the looks of it, this can be good advertising for this bed. If this guy can somehow manage to sleep here even with everything going on around him, surely a young child will find the same restful result as well. The store should be paying him for promoting their product!

Spidey Got Busted

We all love to stay in the house and chill sometimes. Unfortunately, we may have some tasks to complete before putting our feet up. Say, we promise the wife we will trim the fence or clean the roof but decide to watch a movie or play some video games first.

Too bad for this guy, he didn’t expect his wife to come back earlier than planned. She was stealthy in her entry, more so that she managed to take a photo of the culprit. Otherwise, he would have immediately pretended he was cleaning up or outright denied the accusation.

Guilty Pleasures

Many folks have one of these secret trips. It could be food, a song from their childhood, or dance that has long been forgotten. These are things one does when nobody is around because they’re too embarrassed about it. It’s all good until someone accidentally gets caught in the act.

This guy here isn’t doing anything illegal, but this type of cartoon is not generally for grownups, especially men! Unfortunately for him, his roommate managed to capture this on camera. It’s priceless material to have, and we bet that this guy will be buying pizzas for a very long time.

Keeping The Hot Dogs Cold

No, this is not about food. It is just an awkward photo of a lady cooling down her beloved dog during the summertime. Her pet seems to be enjoying it since it doesn’t seem to be throwing a fuss, just hanging out with his considerate mama.

It seems quite odd, though. So why not take the dog outside for a breeze or a swim in the pool instead? Well, one sure thing is the person behind the camera was having a good laugh about this silliness. Still, let’s give a thumbs up to the lady; this is true puppy love!

Is It Working?

When it’s Christmas time, parents and guardians have the unenviable task of buying their presents for the family’s younger members. It’s a tradition all over the world to exchange gifts during this season, and one of the top choices to wrap up is toys. Although sometimes, these aren’t just for the kids to enjoy.

This parent bought a race track and decided he may just take it for a spin before the kids got up. He seems totally engrossed with it too! The caption says it all as we’re also wondering about who enjoys the toys more.

Snack Is Safe and Secured

We all have our favorite preferences when it comes to food. It always becomes an issue at home when somebody goes into the cupboard or fridge and finds that somebody ate the food they’ve been saving. That’s why some people come up with groundbreaking ideas to secure their snacks.

This picture may be a little bit confusing at first glance, but it seems someone was fed up with his siblings clearing out his donut stash. So why not secure it with a bicycle clamp? Though we’re not sure this will work, we only hope none of us would randomly eat off a pastry just because it’s out in the open.

Who Needs A Bathroom For A Quick Bath?

We all like to be clean, don’t we? Although sometimes, it’s almost impossible no matter how much we would like to have a bath. Perhaps we’re stuck at an airport on transit to our destination, or we’re on a road trip and just don’t have access to a bathroom anytime soon.

Well, we have to admit this man is a genius. He was going to get clean no matter the cost, and because some of us would rather skip that shower because it’s cold, he decided to heat the water up. The venue might have been off, but he will not be walking around smelling funky.

I have a Girl- Friend, Pay Attention

Some of us are just too nosy on social media. Someone posts a picture, and we want to analyze every detail, missing out on what’s actually important. Andrew wasn’t having any of that. Who cares if it’s cranberry juice or wine that he was drinking? News flash, he is with a lady!

Andrew and his date were the subjects of interest in the picture, and he was going to make sure that’s what anyone who commented focused on. To the guy’s credit, he has a stunning girlfriend who certainly deserves the attention he was directing towards her.

The King’s Rider

Considering just how stressful life could get, we all love to take some time off to unwind. So some of us catch up with loved ones over a meal, others watch a movie, while this one, well, let’s just say he enjoys a ride.

We’re just crossing our fingers that he doesn’t switch roles from being a rider to the perfect lunch for this lion. That smile could turn into dread real quick, so we’re wondering when did people even start domesticating such wild animals? People, let’s stop it with all the theatrics meant to amuse others on social media, especially if it’s this risky.

No Hot Tub? No Problem

Life gets boring sometimes, and we have to find ways of amusing ourselves. So we have something here for those who love to relax in a hot tub but don’t have access to one. Don’t worry. No water is involved, so it wouldn’t be messy.

All one needs is a carton, a whole lot of styrofoam beans, and they’re good to go. Seems incredibly comfortable considering how fast asleep the lady is. It would be nice if someone got her glasses, though. If not, those would have to be replaced soon because it’s only a matter of time before this turns out to be disastrous.