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Marry Him If He Does These Unexpected Things

Finding a suitable man to marry is a mission that isn’t impossible to achieve if one knows where to look! Ladies are always searching for their ‘Mr. Right,’ as there are plenty of eligible bachelors out there, but the question remains whether they possess the qualities women are looking for in their future husbands.

Nowadays, modern women are more practical and prefer skills or a great personality over good looks. Men with a penchant for cooking or fixing up things around the house are considered far more attractive. Even lads who enjoy babysitting get extra points! With that thought in mind, let’s see how the guys in this list fare in that ‘ideal man’ criteria – Prince Charming should be in here somewhere.

Teary Eyes Be Gone

Working in the kitchen can either be fun or tiring, depending on one’s interest in doing so. It’s typically a task performed by the lady of the house, but that doesn’t mean men aren’t equipped to take them on, too. Well, the guy in the picture hopes to break this stigma by doing the food prep himself – albeit wearing an unusual protection tool.

Even a seasoned chef is expected to shed some tears while cutting onions. So, when this husband had to slice some, he opted to wear swimming goggles, probably to hide his misty eyes. In any case, we think it’s a genius move!

Recycling Has Its Perks

There’s no denying that recycling does wonders for the environment. Nowadays, reusing plastic and glass bottles have become a norm, with some even doing business out of it! Interestingly, it’s also become fashionable to use them as house décor, kind of like how it’s done in the photo.

One man thought he could save some cash and impress his ladylove in the process by using an old yet pretty beverage bottle as a makeshift lampstand. Of course, the extra money pleased his wife, but we think it’s his quick-thinking that needs applause. How’s that for an instant room makeover?

Power Drill Cooking 101

Among the essential tools that a cook needs to have in his arsenal is an electric mixer. It makes the task of whisking ingredients a tad easier! So, imagine this woman’s despair when hers broke down just when she’s in the middle of making some pancakes for the family.

Lucky for her, the man of the house is quite nifty and figured why not use his power drill to save the day! Who would’ve thought that attaching a whisker to this construction tool would make an excellent substitute? With his brilliant idea, we’re sure he received some extra pancakes that morning.

A Sight For Sore Eyes

Organizing a cluttered kitchen cupboard can be annoying, especially if there’s not enough storage space to begin with. Apart from items toppling all over the place, bottles tend to spill when it isn’t stored correctly, leaving everything to complete waste and a nightmare to clean.

It turns out there’s an easy fix to this problem all along – just hang a shoe organizer behind the cabinet door. Then, instead of placing footwear, keep cleaning bottles in individual packs and instantly say goodbye to the mess! The wife must be so proud of her husband for doing this hack, considering how neat everything looks now.

Baking From A Distance

Here’s an ingenious way to keep an eye on the oven without having to drop into the kitchen every few minutes to check on the progress! All it takes is good wifi at home, as a clever husband quickly figured out thanks to the necessity to bake a perfect loaf of bread and work or go gaming simultaneously.

Of course, a webcam strategically placed in the kitchen monitoring the digital countdown on the oven is a must. Isn’t it excellent and super convenient what technology can do for us? Sometimes, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to make it work to our advantage.

Partially Snowed Off

How can we not adore a man who makes quick work of shoveling snow off a car! When winters are harsh, and the husband must bring the vehicle ready for work every morning, this is how things unfold. It turns out, clearing the driver’s side of the glass is enough.

Why do passengers who merely sit inside need to peek out of the window anyway? At least that’s what this car’s owner thinks. We can’t find fault with his logic, and apparently, neither does the man’s wife, who seems to have accepted the fact that it’s going to be a long season before she gets to see their whole car!

Riding Past The Limitations Of Old Age

Seeing this heartwarming picture, we can’t help but tear up a bit. An irresistible mix of love, gratefulness, and acceptance speaks to us younger folks through this precious photograph. Will we ever be able to age gracefully and have someone by our side who’s as devoted as the elderly couple are?

What we see cannot be explained in plain words – grandma sportingly leads the way on her scooter, using it as a sleigh for grandpa to follow quickly on a rollerblade. They’re just too savvy and adorable! If love has a language, this is it!

Custom-Made Bedside Manner

There are days when we ladies do not want to get out of bed. Call it lazy days or simply our intrinsic need to recharge so we can get back to taking over the world. During these times, husbands stepping up makes us fall in love with them even more, like the story in this picture.

She wanted to stay in and not even lift her head, so her life partner obliged by giving her a drink to quench her thirst with a custom-made elongated straw his wife can sip from. If that doesn’t scream love in the form of indulgence, we don’t know what else does!

Nifty All-White Closet Idea

Before we get to the part in which we extol the virtues of this thoughtful husband, let’s take a moment to admire the all-white interiors of the room. It’s a walk-in closet, apparently with a row of folding chairs hung from the nails. When open, their seats function as shelves, but that’s not all.

The beauty lies in how the lower rods of the chairs are used as hanger rails. This would’ve cost a steep dollar if done by a professional, so this girl’s lucky her husband managed to transform a section of their room into a cleverly designed closet. Calling the entire setup brilliant would be an understatement.

Zest A Romantic At Heart

Any romantic worth his heart knows candles and soft music is super important to set the mood for some precious alone time with the better half. Alas, everything’s perfect except those few spots that need extra lighting, but there are no more holders! What would anyone do? Probably adjust with what’s there and hope for it to work wonders.

Not this husband, though. He went that extra mile to rind some oranges and use the empty shells to light up the room some more for his beloved! What’s more – this inexpensive, thoughtful, and zesty idea had his wife swooning. We hope she holds on to him for life!

Picture-In-Picture Family Photograph

This family picture radiates happiness in droves, and anyone who sees this is sure to be enveloped in its warmth! We are no exception. It’s evident that a party is going on, and the entire kin is gathered together in one place to celebrate.

We all know a family photograph is customary to mark any occasion. In this case, instead of doing everything else that’s usually done to catch everyone in one frame, someone had a unique idea of using a mirror to include the photographer-dad in the pic. While some may think them to be archaic or technologically challenged, we find this method heartily adorable.

Acing At Dad Duties

A husband who comes up with quick-fix solutions in the kitchen needs to be treasured and periodically awarded for excellence, especially in taking care of the kids. Starving children are no joke, so a parent pushed to rustle up something fast before bringing the entire house down is under a lot of stress.

Do we assume this dad knows what he’s doing? Placing a tub of butter to melt in the same pot the pasta is cooking to save time is a nifty idea only cooking pros come up with. If hubby dear makes a yummy and creamy cheese sauce, too, the wife has certainly hit the jackpot!

Stack ‘Em Up

Anyone who manages to use the resources at hand to develop a creative solution to a problem deserves praise. If the man of the house happens to be as quick on his feet as this gentleman in the pic, then remember that he’s a keeper.

When a table is not at hand in a kitchen, stack four similar-sized stools to make one, so juicing a fruit standing up isn’t a monumental task. Hasn’t it transformed into a cool countertop? All that needs to be done is to secure the adjoining legs together so they don’t rattle or slide off. It can do with a table cover as well.

Clamping Up The Cheetos

Woah! What have we got here! For people who don’t know what these chains and clips are, let’s say they don’t belong in the kitchen, at least not as a tool for sealing a bag of Cheetos! Although, they do add a bit of pizazz to the half-empty pack of snacks.

Honestly, we wonder how the wife reacted to the sight of her favorite cheese puffs being clamped shut with another treasured piece of accessory and by her beloved husband. Since it’s not up for discussion, let’s close this matter here and hand the winner-of-this-list trophy to him!

Grocery Run

We’ve all heard some people brag that they can bring in all the grocery bags in one trip, then proceed to strain their arms in doing so. This crafty husband found the perfect solution for this dilemma. Using a large carabiner, he was able to clip together all the bags and succeeded in achieving his goal.

We wonder why he was so averse to just going back to the car for the rest of the bags, but we’re pretty sure his wife didn’t mind as long as the packages were brought in without her breaking a sweat. Hopefully, this was all worth the muscle pains he’s getting the next day!

Makeshift Pouch

What’s worse than feeling and hearing all the loose change jingling around in our pockets during a jog? This guy must have been fed up with all his items constantly poking and prodding him, so he came up with the genius idea of tying a rubber band around the trinkets.

Not only did he have peace and quiet while he jogs, but his car keys and coins are safe from accidentally falling out too! Now that we’ve seen this, we have to wonder why we’ve never thought of this quick and ingenious trick before!

Wine Wizard

Imagine this woman coming home after a long day of work to see that her beloved husband has prepared her favorite dishes for a candlelit dinner complete with soothing music and a bottle of red wine. Alas, as they go to pop open the wine, they realize something terrible: they don’t have a corkscrew!

Not to worry! Her husband has the perfect solution for dire situations like these. With a large nail and a screwdriver, this innovator was able to charm his wife, and all of us, with his quick-witted intellect. Finally, judging from the caption on his wife’s photo, his hard work certainly paid off!

Eggy Ice Cream Dispenser

We all have different opinions on the best way to consume ice cream. Some people enjoy eating spoonfuls from a bowl or straight from the tub itself, while others prefer having theirs in a sweet, crunchy cone. Whatever camp we belong in, there really is no wrong way of eating this icy treat.

This man, however, has taken ice cream serving to the next level. We have to wonder how in the world he came up with the idea of using an egg tray as a perfectly stable stand for his ice cream cones. It seems like a perfectly cool way to reuse those old containers!

Life Is Like A Box Of Fast Food?

No two people are exactly alike. Some of us prefer receiving sweet chocolates for Valentine’s Day, while others would love to be gifted food or even flowers. Most people would be happy with whatever their significant other gets for them. Besides, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Well, this husband apparently had a trick up his sleeve for his lovely wife. Coming home with a big box of sweets as Valentine’s gift probably made her very happy, but instead of various chocolatey treats, what she found inside was her favorite burger and fries! So we think his surprise was definitely a success!

Dreamy Steamy

We’ve all felt the familiar panic of waking up late on a very important day. Then, while berating ourselves for sleeping in on the worst day possible, we realize with horror that we’ve forgotten to iron our outfit! This was what probably happened to this poor woman until her innovative husband thought to steam her blouse using boiling water from the stove.

He made a perfect alternative to a garment steamer! Just hang it out a bit to dry after steaming, and all the wrinkles will be straightened out. Good thing her hubby was there to iron out the start of her hectic day!

Cable Lady

With all the gadgets and devices we use in a day, it’s no wonder that our bedside tables and office desks are often cluttered with different wires that twist and turn around each other. With all of this, it can be challenging to keep them all untangled and in their proper places.

That’s why this woman’s husband took it upon himself to make their lives easier. Seeing that the hands-on Lego figurines are a perfect fit for cables, he decided to use it to his advantage and assemble this handy masterpiece. Props to him for creating beautiful scenery to go with it!

Funnel For The Morning Fuel

Coffee is a necessary daily fuel for most people. Like the oil in their cars, a cup or two of caffeinated beverages make them function well to reach for their dreams. This husband, however, seems to have taken that fact quite literally.

When the funnel for their coffee filter broke, he decided to repurpose his car’s oil funnel as a makeshift coffee conduit. He probably thought they served the same purpose anyway, right? We just hope he cleaned out the device properly before using it for their drinks, or else they’d get a greasy surprise!

Toaster Magic

We all admire someone who can help us think of intelligent and immediate ways to solve our problems. Take this guy, for instance, who came up with a fun and innovative solution to reheat their food when the microwave stopped working.

Who would have thought that toasters were such an invaluable kitchen appliance? Well, this guy apparently did! Come to think of it, not only will it heat up our leftovers, but it would also probably give the outer layer of our food a nice toasty crunch! So excuse us as we try this out for ourselves!

Burger Bun Substitute

Burgers are a great meal that is quick and easy to prepare. Just slap a patty and several toppings in between two buns, and we’re done; but what if we realize in the middle of our burger preparation that we don’t have any more buns?

This quick-thinking husband came to the rescue when faced with this dilemma. Instead of buns, he decided to assemble their burgers using crumpets! Similar to English muffins, crumpets are a pretty good alternative, we think. Who knows, he may even have invented a brand new dish!

Space Saving Spouse

One important thing in a marriage that couples should not lose is their sense of humor. Through the good and bad times, there should always be moments to sneak in a laugh. Most husbands got the message because some of the things they do would be irritating if they weren’t hilarious.

This husband decided that he would like to save some space in the fridge by mixing leftover spaghetti in a jar of tomato sauce. This can be considered genius but, how did he eat it the next day? Did he eat straight from the container and put the remaining sauce in the fridge? Was his wife okay with it?

Preventative Measures

Men love their cars, maybe more than they love their wives. They sleep in them, clean them and make sure nothing ever happens to them. Perhaps it’s because they see them as an extension of themselves. That’s why some wives are not allowed to drive them. On the rare occasion that they do, drastic measures are taken.

This guy knew exactly what to do to prevent his wife from scratching his car. Her parking skills must not be good because he used a yoga mat as an anchor should anything happen. His lady love found it funny, and we know the husband slept better knowing his car was safe.

Drinks On A Rack

We have to admit it; husbands can be clueless and childlike. They do things around the house that make us wonder what exactly is going on in their heads. Some of those things are creative but likely to cause a mess later.

This hubby just placed a collapsible clothes rack out, not for laundry but a night with the boys. It can be used to hold glasses of water or juice to help with hangovers when the fun is over. We’re not sure how this will all go down without leaving the place in shambles, but someone better clean up to keep the wifey happy!

So Polished

Wives don’t always want to be the ones who clean the house. They sometimes stop doing their chores and wait to see what their spouses will do. There’s a good chance the house will fall apart, or their men will surprise them by being creative and good housekeepers.

Some husbands could learn a thing or two from this guy. It’s the little things that matter, and these are the kinds of piecemeal efforts that any lady would enjoy. Even if the egg trays don’t last very long, at least we can say he tried to step up his cleaning game.

A Leafy Life Hack

The relationship between men and the four wheels parked in their garage is like no other. There is no reason to be concerned, though. For virtually as long as cars have existed, men have had some weird relationship with them that wives can only grow to understand.

This guy discovered a life hack to dry his car by using a leaf blower. Brilliant! We are sure that nothing beats stepping outside to the sight of a bright man doing what he loves and flexing his muscles while cleaning something. Husbands, take note of this!

Belted Out

Bathrooms aren’t just for relieving ourselves and taking a bath. They are the one place where we can get quiet time. Everyone knows that we do some of our best thinking and singing in the shower, so it’s no wonder anybody wants to be disturbed in there.

Dads are known for their creativity, such as this. To keep the intruders away, this guy clutched his belt buckle tightly to keep the door closed. This was necessary because the code has been cracked, and doorknobs are no longer useful in keeping kids out. If only kids understood the value of privacy!

It’s Like Broken Telephone

Men and women may speak different languages. How else can we explain how wives send their husbands to the grocery store with a comprehensive list, and they still get things wrong? It’s probably true that men are from venus and women from mars.

The best way to keep from losing all calm is to be very specific because even if something seems obvious, he may still go west. For example, this lady asked her husband to get rid of the bananas, and he hung them in the laundry room. Well, at least he heard her. We can’t say he truly listened, though.

Tardy But Handy

Taking out the trash is probably the only house chores some men have. Even then, they might need a little reminder and reward to help them constantly tick the task on their to-do list, so lucky are those who have handy husbands!

Kudos to this guy who decided to drag the trash along with him on his way to work. It’s a pretty genius idea, although it can easily be mistaken for laziness if people weren’t aware he was running late. Despite the rush, he still chose to do it in style, and his wife can’t be mad because he certainly got the job done.

Keeping It Anonymous

People spend a lot of money on electronic devices. Unfortunately, investing that much money does not guarantee that the item will last. For example, laptop customers frequently complain that the computer hinges are not long-lasting. When this happens, it can be said that consumers are not getting value for their money.

So what can they do? The easy way is to refuse to give the brand free publicity, like what this guy did when he covered the brand of his computer. Men really have quirky ideas that women can never understand. Well, we hope hubbies also have thoughts on keeping with the budget or expanding it.

Nothing Can Stop A Crafty Hubby

Toast is a staple item that we like eating at any time of day and with virtually anything. It can be drizzled with chocolate, slathered with butter, or even topped with avocado. Even better, we found out it can be made without using a toaster.

This husband did not let a broken toaster get in his way of preparing breakfast for his wife. Instead, he decided to toast a slice of bread on a burning stove using a whisk. This method is completely safe because he used a whisk to prevent his hands from burning. Just like his wife, we’re pretty impressed.

Hot Midnight Snack

Women are known to develop some weird cravings, and at strange times too. Good thing the hubby is always to the rescue. Bless their heart for hardly refusing a woman’s stomach needs! So when this man’s wife felt like having a midnight snack, guess who went about fulfilling her needs? Yep, hubby did.

Dear husband took it one step further, though. Rather than worry about reheating the meal, he decided to use the seat warmer to keep it heated. By doing that, not only did he save more time, but he also proved his creative prowess. He’s definitely earned himself a kiss or two.

Indoor Doctor

Someone needs to write a thesis on how women find it so easy to splurge on luxury items but have issues with spending money on essentials. Who spends so much on accessories but pays so little for tissue regeneration? Well, here she is.

This man’s wifey had apparently injured herself and gotten a band-aid. By the look of things, she made the unsanitary choice of keeping it on instead of replacing it. Her husband found the plaster, and since he knew how attached his wife was to the ugly-looking plaster, he decided to help her keep her trophy. With his kind of humor, he’s the true keeper!

Back-Up Plan

Men would rather avoid small talk and leave that task for their better half. That’s why they’d rather take their wives along for events, to fill in the conversation gap. After all, women will never back down from an opportunity to have some good chat-time.

Maybe that was why this witty man right here thought it would be a good idea to take his wife along for his company’s picnic. She could do all the talking, and he could do all the waving, nodding, and smiling. If he needs to express gratitude, he can just point at his shirt.

The Husband Material

A man who can cook is a rare gem. Who wouldn’t want to come home to the dashing man of the house, whipping up some magic in the kitchen? Plus, if he is a creative fellow, what else do we need for a husband material?

This man right here probably made his calculations and realized that homemade meals would save more money than eating at a restaurant. So, what better to tell his lady love than coming home with meal ingredients bundled up like a flower. Who needs cinema and takeouts? This, right here, is real romance.

Double Treat Under The Sun

No one appreciates comfort and practicality more than men, and in a bid to get that easy life they so desire, their creativity sometimes comes out to play. While this man was soaking up some sun, he didn’t want the periodic sitting up for a sip of his refreshing drink. Nah, he wanted to eat his cake and have it.

As a genius, he slipped a straw through the slits of his chaise lounge. Although this means he has his back turned to the sun, he can always turn back when he’s consumed the drink. This man just gave a creative way to stay hydrated while getting a tan!

Who Ordered A Castle?

Can we all take a moment to appreciate fathers for always coming up with some amazing game ideas for their kids? They just have this knack for doing things that keep the little ones happily occupied for hours on end, and that’s always something quite beautiful to see.

Mr. Creative here decided that instead of disposing of his beer box, why not come up with something for his child, and voila, a DIY castle! We have to admit; this concept really blew our minds away. It even offers plenty of space for the house cat to lounge in while the kid guards the fortress.

A Cool Solution

Coasters generally come in handy for protecting the table’s surface from getting affected by hot drinks. However, coasters don’t do much for cold beverages, so they’re not as problem-solving as we would like them to be. Well, this smart dad here has got it all figured out.

Who would have thought to use an ice pack as a coaster? Bravo, sir, for this clever move! Now we have a dedicated coaster for cool drinks, and we only need an ice pack. The ice pack ensures that the glass stays cool for as long as possible, and it’s also a form of protection for the table, just like ordinary coasters.

Wrapping Up Christmas

As much as Christmas is all about family, fun, gifts, and decorations, the aftermath isn’t usually as exciting. Having to take down and store decorations until the following Christmas can be exhausting, and honestly, some decorations are just beautiful where they are.

The tree is usually one of those hassles we have to deal with after the celebrations are over, but trust this innovative dad to save the day. This man came up with a brilliant idea to keep the family tree wrapped up instead of having to take it down. Genius! As long as the tree is recyclable, it can stay this way till next year.

Handsfree Movie Magic

Sometimes we want to spend the last hours before we fall asleep watching a movie. Unfortunately, there’s always that issue of having the phone fall from our hands and onto our faces as we doze off. That’s just what happens when there’s no television in the bedroom, but rules are rules.

This little gentleman was quick to find a solution, though. All he did was place the phone on a clear desk and watch from below. That way, he can watch his movie and fall asleep without having to worry about the phone dropping off or falling on his face. Now here’s one trick we can all try at home.

Chef In Shining Armor

There’s usually so much to deal with in the kitchen, but nothing is as annoying as frying. The hissing oil is always a bother, and we have to endure the pain or dodge as much as possible just to get that perfectly seared patty.

However, this granddad has just shown us that frying doesn’t have to be such a painful experience, and we can now happily add a few more calories to our diet. Simply cut off the bottom of an empty bottle, put the end of the fork at the bottle’s mouth, and insert our hand to meet the utensil’s handle. Voila! Now fry away in peace.

Expert Hauler

Buying tons of products at one’s local supermarket is quite a delight to the store’s management, and they even happily assist shoppers in taking all the bags to their car as an aftersales service. Nevertheless, reality hits hard once we reach home, and now we have to haul everything to the house by ourselves.

Our friend here got witty. He’s managed to reduce all the going back and forth from his vehicle by hooking as many loads as possible on a pole to make each trip truly worthwhile. It almost appears as the guy had gone out fishing, but instead of catching plenty of fish, he’s caught bagfuls of groceries.

Parking Lot Dreamscapes

Getting some sleep is one of daily life’s essential elements, and as it goes with every other craving, one never knows when it will strike. So our friend here decided always to be prepared. He keeps a roll-out bed in the car trunk so that whenever he gets some minutes to spare on the road, he can always make a brief trip to slumberland.

For all those gentlemen out there who don’t like grocery shopping with the missus and prefer staying in the car, there’s finally a more comfortable option. Why stay cramped inside the vehicle for hours when a full stretch-out bed is waiting right in the trunk.

Outshining The Soap

Soap and water are absolutely indispensable in everyone’s house, but if somehow neither is available, how does one eat. Sure we could easily forego cooking and order in takeout, but even then, the dirty dishes need washing afterward. Well, not anymore!

This crafty gentleman here decided to take matters into his own hands to avoid that pile of dirty dishes that always appear at the end of a meal. By wrapping the dinner plates in cling film and then serving food on top, he simply needs to remove the film and dispose of it once done eating. Not an environmentally friendly option, but handy in a tight spot!

Cool As Ice

Modern man may live surrounded by handy gadgets that can do almost any required job, but sometimes a wise head’s got to show them how to do things better and faster. Our guy here came up with a crafty hack on how to cool a room temperature beverage in real-time when one is in a hurry to quench their thirst.

When confronted with a warm drink that one needs chilling instantly, simply grab some tissue, wet it using running water, and neatly wrap it around the bottle. Then, please place it in the freezer and sip the refreshingly cooled soda with a smile after just a few minutes.

Match Made In Heaven

Men deserve applause for the heights they go to just to see a smile on their lady’s face. This guy should get an award for pulling off a romantic scene like this one. He decided to freeze some grapes to serve as an accompanying snack with a bottle of sparkling wine.

The idea is quite intelligent because once someone slides a few pieces of these delicious ice-cool grapes into a glass, they can enjoy a perfectly chilled drink while nibbling on the sweet fruit as a snack. So the next time anyone is planning to stay home on date night, we recommend trying this brilliant hack to set the mood.