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How to Know If You Aren’t Active Enough – Some Vital Signs to Look Out For

Staying active is something that many people overlook, underestimating the positive effect it has on the mind and body. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the sedentary lifestyle has only become more common for obvious reasons.

Now, there is nothing wrong with taking a break here and there. Self-care is just as important. But, if laziness becomes a lifestyle choice, it is something to worry about.

Pexels | You’re at risk of plenty of diseases when following a sedentary lifestyle

But, how do you know that you are living a sedentary lifestyle? Here are some signs that indicate your need for more physical activity.

1. Feeling Tired All the Time

Have you ever had those days when you feel tired all day long? Well, you might not be over exaggerating.

A lack of activity and movement leads to endorphins levels dropping drastically. This hormone regulates energy within your body, and once it drops, you are bound to feel tired and exhausted despite not doing anything.

Pexels | A release of endorphins gives the same feeling as morphine

2. Messed Up Sleep Schedule

Many people may underestimate the power of a proper sleeping schedule. You need to accept that a messed-up sleeping schedule is a clear indicator of a poor lifestyle. This is because exercise directly benefits and improves your sleep quality since physical activity has the ability to calm your mind.

3. Weight Gain

This might be one of the most common signs of a sedentary lifestyle, but it is not always the case. Weight gain happens when you eat your regular or more amount of food but do not carry out enough exercise or movement to burn those calories. Someone with a sedentary lifestyle can observe weight gain for this exact reason.

4. Hard to Focus

You might be trying your best to understand this article, but you might not be able to focus. You try again. You read the words, but they just don’t make sense. This is because of a lack of exercise. It is reported that physical movement has the ability to sharpen your brain, improve your alertness, and keep you attentive.

Pexels | The smallest effort at maintaining physical activity will show benefits

Bottom Line

While inactivity has its cons, another dangerous factor is stress or binge eating that comes with sitting all day at home. These factors, when combined, make it devastatingly hard for a person to pursue a healthier and more active lifestyle. It can also lead to serious medical issues like high blood pressure, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even anxiety and depression – and you most definitely don’t want that.