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How Many Of These Locations From F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Can You Recognize?

There are simply no two ways about it – if there’s ever been a TV show that has connected to all kinds of people all across the world, one that has literally made even the grimmest of souls smile on their saddest days, it is Friends. The mere mention of the sitcom’s name is sure to ring fans’ ears with Joey’s iconic “How you doin’?” or Monica’s “I know!” or Pheobe’s “Oh! My eyes!” Through the friendship the six main characters shared, the love stories that were intertwined in the plot, and the way people could relate to the show, Friends, ruled the hearts of fans for the entire decade it aired and continues to do so even today.

Getty Images | TV show Friends left an everlasting impression on fans who recognize several of the featured locations within seconds

That’s probably why when HBO Max announced that it was going to air a special reunion of the show’s cast 17 years after its last episode was telecast, fans and media went berserk! May 27, 2021 was chosen as the date, and James Corden was handpicked to host the iconic six characters. In addition to reliving several unforgettable moments, people couldn’t help but go gaga over the simplistic locations portrayed in the show, which were etched in their memory forever.

This post is dedicated to those very locations, which we as fans have come to recognize in a split second. Join us as we take you for a ride through them.

The fountain

Who can forget the fountain that lights up as six colorful umbrellas open up simultaneously and I’ll be there for you by The Remembrants starts playing in the background!

Even though technically the only time the fountain actually featured on the show was during the opening credits, the way the cast played and danced around it made it a critical part of the show. Contrary to popular perception that it’s located somewhere in New York City, the fountain is actually situated in Burbank, California on a Warner Bros. studio.

Friends Opening Credits/YouTube | The fountain featured in the opening credits of the show

The NY apartment building

The building that Courteney Cox (Monica Geller), Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing), Jennifer Anniston (Rachel Green), and Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani) proudly called home was without a doubt a place each fan dreamt of visiting at least once.

Although the shooting of the scenes inside the building (for instance the ones where the six are shown inside their apartments and the galleries) was carried out on sets created inside a Warner Bros. studio, the exterior of the building (which was originally constructed in 1900) was shown in several scenes.

Central Perk

“Oh My God!” If you’ve watched the show, you just heard Janice say that out loud in your mind! The coffee shop where everybody hung out was almost the seventh character on the show.

The couch, Gunther’s counter, and the elevated step where Pheobe played her guitar, all of it was what made every youngster want to huddle with his group at Central Perk. In reality though, the coffee shop was also just a set built within the same Warner Bros. studio.

IBTimes/Getty Images | A still from an interview of the FRIENDS cast with Conan O’Brien at the Central Perk set

Signing off…

While there are countless other memories that we’d love to relive, nothing can actually beat the joy the show actually brought to its viewers. If you haven’t watched the show yet, you don’t know what you’ve missed out in life. If you have, well, we’re sure you’re dying to grab a tub of popcorn and restart at Season 1!