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How Important is Mental Health For Your Children?

Parents often go head-over-heels for their children. There’s literally nothing they won’t do or get for them, which is quite natural. But, while they give such detailed attention to their exercise, screen time, study time, and playtime, they often neglect the criticality of paying equal attention to their mental well-being.

Mathilde Langevin/Unsplash | Along with children’s study time, playtime, and mealtime, paying attention to their mental wellbeing is critical too

Mental wellness plays a crucial role in a child’s upbringing, and it helps her reach developmental and emotional milestones. Wouldn’t you want to see your child coping up with her problems and overcoming them herself? Building a foundation for mental wellness at an early age is extremely important for this.

If you need help making your children mentally strong and stable, we’ve got some easy techniques in this post.

Create a strong bond with them

The best stage to create a lovely bond with your children is when they’re 0 to 12 months old. You can use facial expressions and body language to create a deep bonding since this is the only way you can get close to them. Make your baby feel safe by holding it calmly and sensitively. Meet all her needs, whether it’s food, love, or encouragement.

Be consistent

While your children start exploring at the age of 1 to 3, you need to be extremely patient and consistent with them. Make sure the child feels safe around you and protect them while they’re learning to explore.

Joice Kelly/Unsplash | Try making your children self-dependent while ensuring they feel safe when they’re young

Talk to them

When children start growing up, they become more expressive. Be available for them and try to listen and understand everything they say. Let your child be busy indulging in creative activities like art, music, paintings, etc. Try exercising or practicing yoga with them to build confidence and manage stress.

Try staying connected

When children become 6 to 12 years old, they spend less time at home and more in schools. Maintaining an emotional attachment during this period is extremely important.

Ensure you stay connected to them and keep talking about the things that make them happy and excited. But also inculcate the habit of self-dependence.

Stay involved

The teenage years are quite sensitive, and that’s when you need to handle your children with utmost care. Develop a relationship with your children in such a way that they love coming and talking to you about every single thing that’s happening in their life.

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Naassom Azevedo/Unsplash | Develop a bond of friendship with your children, and have at least one meal together regardless of how busy you are

Have family time

Regardless of how busy you or your children are, sit together and eat at least one meal together in a day. Ask your children about how their day was or play interesting games which can lighten up everyone’s mood.

Summing it up

You can do a lot of things to mentally prepare your kids for the life that lies ahead, but it’s a known fact that parenting is a challenging task. As long as you maintain a good relationship with your children, you can ensure that they’re getting prepared to face all sorts of challenges in life.