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Fully Booked: 40+ Hellish Photos Showing Just How Bad Of A Hotel Guest Some Folks Can Be

Whether we’re traveling for pleasure or work, we’ve all stayed in a hotel room once or twice. And while we’re entitled to do lots of things while checked in at a hotel, the unbelievably rude guests on our list have taken things a bit too far. From completely trashed rooms to messes that will make even the toughest employees quit their jobs, our list is filled with images bound to give every neat freak a heart attack! People say we show our true colors when we’re in private. But if that’s the case, the prepare to meet hotel guests who don’t seem to give a care about anyone else’s opinion. They ruin their rooms, clean nothing, break things, smoke where they shouldn’t, and cannot stop giving a hard time to poor hotel employees. And to make things more interesting, we’ve even added a couple of crazy celebrity hotel disasters to our list. Check them out!

Johnny Has Some “Depp” Issues

We’ve seen him in Edward Scissorhands and Pirates of the Caribbean, and we’ve loved him ever since. But the real-life Johnny Depp seems wilder and clumsier than the iconic on-screen characters he portrays. See this image? That’s the result of a 1994 fight between the Jack Sparrow actor and the supermodel Kate Moss.

The Mark Hotel, located in New York, was supposed to be a classy place, costing about $1,200 per night. Yet, this room was not able to contain the rage of the then-couple. The funniest part about it, though? Johnny Depp tried to blame the whole thing on an angry armadillo. Yep, truth is sometimes better than fiction.

Alarming Pork Chop Stains

Hotel rooms everywhere have witnessed their fair share of violent crimes. Still, there’s arguably no funnier hotel serial-killer than this guy. Going by the name “Dylan Wilson,” which sounds totally made-up, this guy is trying to convince the cops that the bloodstains on the bed were from some good pork chop and that pork chop alone.

To be fair, we don’t think Mr. Wilson is a real serial killer, but this hilarious message isn’t doing a very good job at convincing us otherwise. We’ve seen enough cop dramas to know what a good alibi looks like, and this one just doesn’t cut it.

The Bedframe Did It All And Dashed

Just imagine clocking in at 6 A.M. to perform hotel cleaning duties and finding this nightmare-inducing mess? That’s the life of a hotel employee, and this is the kind of rude chaos that they’re forced to deal with every day.

The weirdest thing about this image is not how messy the room is, though. Instead, it’s the way it is messed-up. For one, there’s the antagonistically tidy tray on the floor. Even weirder is the fact that the entire bedframe seems to have vanished out of thin air. If it’s up to us, it’s time to find another job.

That’s Hotel Quarantine, Folks

Quarantining in a hotel room can be challenging, especially if there’s only one grown-up left to care for two restless children. This dismal scene looks like something a rock and roll band would do, but it’s just the result of the film director Taika Waititi’s two-week quarantine.

Stranded in a New Zealand hotel with his two kids during a worldwide pandemic, the Thor: Ragnarok director proved he also has a great sense of humor outside the studio. He uploaded this picture to his Instagram, and his followers loved it. The hotel employees, though? Not so much.

Going Rogue For A Minibar

Minibars are a classic, for better or for worse. While most people respect the rules and politely pay for what they eat and drink, some rude guests use all kinds of tactics to get a free bag of peanuts. But did these folks take it too far?

One thing is to get away with free coke and chips; another is to take the entire minibar home! These two robbers were spotted from the lodging’s balcony trying to put a mini-fridge in the back of their car. Does anyone really need to be a genius to know where that came from?

One Proud Thief

Airbnb may be the future of the hotel industry. In highly-gentrified cities, Airbnb apartments make so much money it’s almost impossible for the local hotels to compete. But while the platform is a relatively new type of business with lots of advantages, it still suffers from some of the same problems most lodging places have to deal with.

One such dilemma is rude guests, who cannot help but steal something from every hotel room or Airbnb apartment they stay at. And if that wasn’t bad enough, some even have the nerve to make a social media post bragging about it.

Technically, Isn’t It Okay?

“Restraint” is not the type of word that’s usually part of a kid’s vocabulary. Knowing our limits is something we learn over the years, as shown by this too thirsty kid. Using the ice bucket from the hotel room and the soda dispenser from the hallway, he made a power combo that’s meant to get him more coke than he can ever drink.

The result of this unsupervised move was probably a severe tummy ache and some off-the-chart blood sugar levels. But hey, maybe that will teach this greedy kid not to take too much of something just because it’s free.

The Buttons Aren’t Freebies.

Most lodges offer complimentary items, such as bottles of soap and shower caps. Yet, some rude guests cannot contain themselves and end up taking more than what they’re entitled to. But while stealing towels is a classic and almost standardized move, we’ve never thought of stealing buttons from headboards before!

We don’t know why anyone would ever need to steal buttons, but hey, if it’s free, then it’s worth it! The only problem? For such a small reward, this crime doesn’t really justify the risk. Not to mention it’s clear as water that something’s missing from the room with this much damage.

Celebrity Pillow Fight Gone Awry

After seeing so many trashed rooms, it’s refreshing to find one where we can actually blame someone for the mess. In this case, the culprits are the Greek millionaire Stavros Niarchos III and the American socialite Paris Hilton, who did all this after getting into a drunken pillow fight.

The whole shenanigan happened in 2005, right after Kelly Osbourne’s 21st birthday party. The “pillow fight” got out of control and set the fire alarm in the building. In the end, Stavros was forced to pay $100K in damages, which was probably not an issue. After all, the Niarchos shipping fortune heir has a reported net worth of $100 million.

A Collector’s Bath

When we’re too ashamed to be a nerd in our own home, we go and book a room like any bad husband having an affair. This man got so tired of his wife complaining about how much he loves Magic: The Gathering, the collectible card game, he made an excuse to get some alone time with it.

There’s nothing wrong with loving a popular game like Magic, but did this person really need to have a bath with those cards? It reminds us of Scrooge McDuck’s money dives, and it’s not that different: Magic cards can be super expensive, with some of the rarest sold for up to $10K.

Just A Nail-Biting Call

Nail-biting is a bad habit, but some people cannot stop doing it. Know what’s even worst than biting those nails? Well, it’s trying to conceal the evidence of that nervous tick by leaving them right on top of the hotel’s telephone.

The guest visiting after this person will have nightmares if he happens to call reception. Hotel employees don’t usually check the telephones during clean-up, so these nail bits could’ve been there for days or even weeks. Call the police because the person behind this mess deserves a fine!

Weekend Rampage

The Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity of the University of Michigan decided to book the local Treetops Resort to throw a legendary party. But while fraternity parties are always a mess, the guys at Sigma Alpha Mu may have taken it up a notch, and not it in a good way.

The result of this once-in-a-generation party was a totally thrashed hotel, hallway included. According to the managers of the Treetops Resort, the destruction caused by the fraternity sits at an estimated $430K! We know we can’t ask a college student to party responsibly, but can’t these kids be a little more reasonable?

As Wild As It Gets

We just talked about the Treetops Resort incident, and this is another picture from the site, following that epically rude fraternity party. Hotel manager Barry Owens has worked at the hotel for around three decades, and he’s never seen anything as horrible as this. It was like the students were purposely destroying everything!

The saddest thing about it is that these students were supposed to be the future. We’re talking about future high-skilled professionals that still felt like they could act like animals. If a group of wild bears happened to spend a weekend at the resort, we bet this kitchen wouldn’t look half as bad.

Amanda Is Not Okay

Remember Amanda Bynes? She was a teenage superstar during the late ’90s and early ‘2000s, but now she’s making headlines for trashing her Ritz-Carlton hotel room in New York. This sad scene was captured in 2013, back when the What a Girl Wants actress was booted from her room for drug-related reasons and being rude to other guests.

To top it all, she even physically removed the smoke alarm because she was paranoid about being secretly watched. It’s easy to laugh about it, but it’s probably not right. Shortly after the incident, Amanda’s parents said she struggled with mental conditions and placed her in a psychiatric center.

Looks Like All Hell Broke Loose

What better way to celebrate the life of the late Eddie Van Halen than by taking a look at this genuinely rock and roll wrecked hotel room. This dismal image resulted from the Van Halen Tour of 1982 when the Californian hard-rockers clearly enjoyed a party.

While we have to admit ruined hotel rooms are a bonafide rock and roll classic, this is the type of disrespectful move that makes honest and hardworking hotel employees quit their jobs forever! We would have loved to be there for the party, but cleaning the room the morning after? Not really…

The Worst of the Worst

When thought we’d seen it all, then in comes a dismal picture to surprise us yet again. Yes, hotel guests can be rude, but are there any other guests in the world as insolent as the people behind this? Not even a heavy metal band would have the nerve to do something as horrifying as this!

Nevermind the graffiti on the walls or the broken sofa. The most surprising thing about this photo is they even destroyed the ceiling somehow. This is the sort of scene that makes hotel managers quit their job and buy a house in the woods, as far away from other people as possible.

One Man’s Job

From the living room to the bedroom, not forgetting the kitchen, this hotel was treated as negligently as possible. And the most impressive thing about it is that it was the work of one man only. Showing a lot of disrespect for the hotel employees, this lazy guest decided to take a weekend off to reprise his college dorm days.

Fast-food debris, lots of tissues on the floor, and a messy kitchen stand are the signature card of this loner guest. Imagine if he decided to bring his kids along for the weekend. Would there be any room left to clean?

Nuts For Nuts

Those pistachio shells are giving us the vibe that whoever stayed here was nuts. Get it? If not, never mind. All these crazy hotel room snaps are making us a little kooky, which rhymes with cookie and goes well with tea. Yes, we see those used tea bags and empty cans. Not the guest, though.

Then again, the guest who checked in was probably on a roll trying to finish something work-related and relied on pistachios to fuel up their brainpower. We just wish they cleaned up after themselves afterward instead of leaving it all to the staff.

The Dryer Is Down—Literally…

We’ve already seen some dirty rooms by now, but whoever stayed here just took it to a whole other level. Those folks clearly partied the night away and even tore down the dryer while at it. We just can’t imagine how it happened.

These hotel dryers are usually attached firmly to the wall, so either a fight went down in this flat or someone attempted to take it home. That’s called stealing, by the way. Either situation does not sound good, so the guests were most likely blacklisted.

Please Stick to The Basket, Stephen!

NBA superstar athlete Stephen Curry is arguably one of the best in the game right now, but he’s not much of an ace when it comes to golfing. The Golden State Warriors basketball player was practicing his golf swing in a hotel room when he inadvertently destroyed a glass table.

The accident happened in 2018, and Curry was able to see the humor in it. Taking all the blame, he posted this very same picture on his Instagram page for all of us to get a good laugh. Needless to say, just stick to basketball, Stephen!

Hot Tub Bucket List

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a vacation inside of a hot tub, but when one is feeling so relaxed that they think they’re in heaven, it’s hard to avoid thinking, “How can I make this even better?” This man decided to upgrade his own version of paradise with some Popeyes chicken.

Eating chicken while in warm water must be nice, but leaving greasy remains in there isn’t nice at all because it ruins someone else’s chance of enjoying themselves. If there’s something we don’t want to see near the water, that’s fast-food crumbs and dirty napkins!

When a Funny Man Checks Out…

In our list of utterly disrespectful hotel room shenanigans, this scene can even pose as a well-put prank. Sure, this person probably ruined the morning of some poor employee, but at least they got away with being funny and not just rude.

That’s not a real corpse tied up in bed, by the way. It’s just a fake one, probably made out of pillows and bedsheets. We can just imagine the look on the cleaner’s face, though, upon first seeing this. We love how the “weapon of the crime” is still on the “victim’s” neck, too.

“Look, Mom, Diamonds!”

The one who took this photo was probably a mom staying at a lodge with her kids, who decided to take the afternoon to enjoy the swimming pool. We can imagine how one of her children gave her these new “rocks” she just found by the poolside and her reaction to realizing they’re actually nails.

People with long, manicured fingernails tend to be annoying on one or two occasions. Ever heard them typing on computer keyboards? However, this is going way out of line… We thought peeing in the pool was the utmost disrespectful move, but this picture came along to prove us wrong.

The Hotel Coffee To Ruin Them All

Ready to never drink hotel lobby coffee ever again? Here it goes, then. A woman realized she didn’t have any spare underpants, so she decided to wash her one pair. But where? Well, the coffee pot sounds like it could do the job.

This woman’s move would’ve been genius if other people weren’t meant to use that same coffee pot. Also, has she never heard of soap and water? This story was shared on Reddit and later picked up by Daily Mail, and the reactions in the comments are a hilarious mix of insults and gasping panic.

Chagrined But Satisfied

We’re growing tired of extremely rude guests, so why not focus on a polite hotel guest for once? This hilarious message was sent anonymously to the hotel employees, and its sheer politeness is as funny as it is unheard-of.

Never mind the fact this person is going out of her/his way just to return two napkins. The real distressing fact about this message is the Comic Sans font and the guest’s description as a “chagrined” but “satisfied” customer. We don’t know about anyone else, but we bet this whole shenanigan took place at a Canadian hotel.

A Message To The Manager

Although she’s no longer as well-known as she used to be, the socialite and heiress Paris Hilton is still one of the world’s most infamous celebrities. It’s hard not to think of her whenever we check-in at one of Hilton’s many hotels, and it’s fair to say some guests even get obsessed…

A Hilton hotel employee was about to clean this room when a message on the wall popped up. Aimed at Paris Hilton herself, it was probably crafted by some drunken guest who had lots of contradicting thoughts on his mind. We’re unable to read the message clearly, but feel free to give it a try!

Hardest Job in The World

Yes, being a mom is a hard enough job. So why do rude moms have to make it harder by behaving like this? We’re pretty sure it wasn’t a cheeky baby pulling this stunt off.

However, it might also be an exhausted mom who felt way too tired to pick up this diaper and put it somewhere safe, like… the trash can. She’s made another mom’s life miserable, though, all because she couldn’t do such a simple task. Hardworking moms are excused from doing all kinds of things, except jeopardizing other mommies around.

Praying For Some Room Service

Believe it or not, this is the aftermath of a church retreat! It turns out religious people don’t need to be tidy to go to heaven, even though we’re pretty sure the Bible doesn’t allow for this type of rude behavior.

As we see it, it’s all a matter of habits and education. Some people just throw their stuff on the floor without a care, despite the fact they may have a roommate who’s not okay with it. For a churchgoer, this person needs to learn a little something about respecting other people’s space!

Trash Hoarder

There are many trashed hotel rooms on our list, but do hotel rooms filled with trash also count? This guest reportedly kept these huge bags of trash for about 5 days, which is disgusting. He had a total of five garbage bags in his room by the time his stay was over.

It goes to show that if one doesn’t pay attention to the junk they’re producing, they may end up living in a dumpster. According to National Geographic, 250 million tons of trash are produced every year in the United States. This means every American is responsible for about 4.4 pounds of waste every day!

See-Through Sink

Washing our hands is extremely important, but does it really have to be done this vigorously? When one gets to the point of breaking the sink in their lodging’s bathroom, they’re probably doing something terribly wrong.

Sure, there’s a good chance this was nothing but an innocent accident. But while accidents do happen, we just can’t imagine how someone could “accidentally” do this… The man behind this costly mess was probably having “one of those days” and felt the need to unload on the poor bathroom sink. Time to sign up for some anger management classes!

Is This An On-The-Floor Thrift Store?

If the family who stayed here just left all of their belongings on this hotel room floor, then we at least hope whoever cleaned it found something of use for themselves. It’s like walking in an over-the-floor thrift store with this one. Go and pick whatever seems in good condition.

On a serious note, who does this anyway? Hotel rooms have closets for a reason. It’s possible that they ran out of space, but it just irks us how they can just leave all of their belongings lying on the ground like that.

Blame It On The Weather

We can only imagine how the guests behind this mess made up all kinds of excuses. “It wasn’t us; it was the weather.” But unless a hurricane no one else saw was passing through town, this is the apparent result of some irresponsible man-made behavior.

Now, future guests will be forbidden to go to the balcony, just because these jokers couldn’t handle their drinks. Our favorite detail, though, is how they actually grabbed a broom and mop and tried to clean it all up, just to give up the second they started.

The Mystery Mess

If we were the cleaner, we would’ve definitely taken a photo of this room as well. Aside from the apparent mess, anyone who walks into this space would have difficulty figuring out what they’re looking at. How did this room get into such a state?

Alright, let’s start analyzing this picture. Those look like brown paper bags and cartons of some kind of indiscernible liquid. There are also those red packages and yellow wrappers that, again, we can’t identify. Now we feel sorry for whoever had to clean all this mess up.

Leaving in a Hurry

Most hotels have a bustling lost and found department, and this image may help to explain why. Some guests leave personal belongings behind by sheer distraction or real trouble, and the list may include a camera, a tablet, a pair of glasses, and something that looks just like a wallet.

Either this guest was super drunk, or he was running from some dangerous guys. He left his entire life behind in the hotel room, and someone’s surely going to keep these expensive items if they’re not claimed. Maybe tidy things up, so there’s no chance of missing personal stuff next time?

Mansplaining A Lousy Tip

There are so many rude things going on here; it’s hard to know how to begin. For one, there’s the insistence on breaking the rules and smoking inside. Then, there’s the lousy $2 tip, which is almost offensive. And finally, there’s the inexplicable need to explain just why they’re acting like a horrible hotel guest.

While we feel like the broken heater is a genuine reason for complaining, everything else about this image is utterly annoying. It’s hard to think about spending the day cleaning hotel rooms and then finding this note. That’s got to leave anyone hot-headed for days.

Upside Down

Ever wondered about what happens when Hulk checks into a hotel room? Well, this is probably it. Some overly rowdy guests completely ruined this room. The bedsheets were torn apart, there’s trash all over the commode, and there’s even an upside-down mattress!

This was either the stage of some UFC-level couple fight or the last stop in some heavy metal band tour. Regardless of what provoked this dreadful scene, we already know who’s going to have to clean it up. That’s right, the once-again poor hotel workers…

Typical Vacation Mess

We couldn’t have completed our list without this vacation time classic. When far from home and away from work, it’s all about enjoying ourselves without giving a care in the world. But there are limits to how messy our hotel rooms should get. After all, how are the people behind this puzzling pile of clothes going to find anything now?

Anyone who’s traveled before, have probably already seen their hotel room looking just like this. And while there’s nothing wrong with getting a little lazy while on vacation, it’s always nice to clean after ourselves and leave everything as tidy as possible.

As Rotten As The Guest Who Left Them

Know why there’s no fresh fruit at minibars in hotels? The explanation is pretty simple. Because unlike bags of peanuts and cans of soda, fruit goes bad really quick. A perfectly-fine orange can turn into a rotten, smelly, mushy, and uneatable piece of food in less than a week.

What’s worse is that rotten food stinks so much it can ruin an entire fridge. This disgusting scene happens when some negligent guests forget their fresh fruit in a hotel room and don’t have the decency to let the employees know about it. And what’s even sadder is how much of a waste this is.

This Parker Grinds Our Gears

There comes a time in driver’s life when they finally come to terms with the fact that the world is full of inconsiderate parkers. It’s like they never learned decent parking skills and just have to have other people suffer the consequences of their lousy parking skills.

Upon arriving at his hotel, this person must’ve been pretty annoyed that another guest took up three parking spots as if they own the lot. What grinds our gears more is that one was a handicapped spot. The audacity is just over the roof!

At Least It’s All In One Place

Someone decided to host a banquet at a tiny hotel room, and the result is this terrifying tower of trash and leftover food. Now an ill-fated employee will be forced to clean all this, and there’s enough here to fill up two or three large trash bags!

The only positive thing about this image? At least the guys behind this mess did put it all into one place. They were probably just looking to save some much-needed space in the room, but it was still a nice gesture considering everything we’ve seen by now.

It’s The Pizza They Want, Not The Box

Sometimes, we don’t even need to peek inside the hotel room to know some rude guests are staying there. The guys behind this door showed some lack of respect by ordering pizza and leaving the box in the hallway. Other guests must’ve been annoyed just like we are.

To make it worse, they even left what looks like a pile of crumbs right by the door. Considering they could’ve easily thrown the box in their room’s trash can, we feel compelled to conclude that these guys are indeed a bunch of majorly rude people.

Prankster Parents

Taking care of a newborn can be tiring and frustrating. But that doesn’t mean taking all that on other people, as these nasty parents did. For some strange reason, they decided that the best place to leave a dirty diaper was at the back of their hotel room’s fridge.

We can only imagine how the next guest must’ve felt. The strange smell coming from the fridge turned out to be a literal bag of poo that undoubtedly cost him his appetite. If this was supposed to be a prank, it was not funny…

A Super Shy Guest

Sometimes, we have to share our hotel room with someone we don’t know very well, such as our co-workers. That’s what separate beds are for. But some guests are so shy they can’t fall asleep unless they have absolute privacy.

What to do then? A fortified castle of bed sheets, pillows, and tape, of course. This one’s a fine engineering feat, considering the resources. However, it’s not something employees in any lodging would appreciate. After all, they’re the ones who will have to fold and clean everything right after. Not without taking a photo and laughing about it first, at least.

Not So Romantic Anymore, Is It?

We can tell by the signs that love was in the air in this hotel room. There’s an empty ice bucket, a “good-morning” breakfast tray, and, most importantly, a romantic rose by the bed. But while last night was probably steamy and unforgettable, the morning that came after doesn’t look so lovely, does it?

We guess love does make one blind, and it often forces people to ignore that their lodge looks like an utter mess. While the night was all about champagne and roses, the morning is about the half-packed bag, defaced floor, and wrecked bedsheets.

When One Travels A Lot…

Hotel rooms just aren’t treated with half the respect people have for their own homes. Travel consultant Ben Schlappig testifies to that. The experienced traveler posted this picture online to show just how messy he is while at hotels, even though he’s a neat freak when it comes to his own apartment.

This may help explain a lot of the stuff we just witnessed on this list. People tend to take better care of things that belong to them, while they don’t seem to care much about something they’re meant to use temporarily. Sadly, it’s like humans just can’t help but subconsciously spoil hotel rooms!