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These Hacks Will Make Home Repairing Way More Fun

In a bustling household, something is always broken and crying for repair. What happens when the budget is tight, and there is no straight way to restore it? It is time to get creative! We present some of the best restoration hacks out there that will not only save money but will also be quick and efficient. They may require a little DIY effort, but it is definitely better than dropping heaps of cash for a handyman. Also, fixing something independently provides a sense of accomplishment and confidence boost. Many of the solutions listed do not require expensive purchases and can easily be carried out by the things that are just lying around.

Repairing something around the home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but after reading these effective and practical solutions, it will feel like anything can be fixed. Problems only become hurdles when we let them be, so get off the couch, because it’s time to get moving!

Silence Creaky Floorboards

Polished hardwood floors look sophisticated, classy, and are great to show off. But, even the perfect things have their downsides. If one likes the sound of heels or shoes clicking on a hard surface, then they will probably not like the squeaky sound it starts making after some time due to the pieces of wood rubbing together. To fix the awful sound, fill up a squeeze bottle just like the one that comes with the box of hair dye with baby powder. Pinpoint the location of the sound, add the powder liberally in between the floorboards, and ensure that it is pushed in the cracks with the help of a brush.

Any type of lock lubricant, graphite powder, or talcum helps to reduce the friction between the wood, which ultimately works in reducing the noise. It is a tried and tested method that professionals advise can provide relief at no additional cost!

Install A Bumper In The Garage

In case one has a garage attached to their home or even a driveway then congratulations to them. They are one of the lucky ones! It is a real possibility that even after owning a separate space to park a car, the room may not be particularly roomy. Every time the car’s gate is opened, it bangs into nearby walls. Day after day, it can damage the four-wheeler and even the walls. We have a great hack that will save both of them! Take a foam noodle and screw it in the garage at a height where the car’s doors come in contact with the wall. It will soften the impact.

Nobody likes scratching up a new car, and it is even worse when it happens in the safety of one’s home. The ‘foam-noodle hack,’ as we like to call it, will act as a makeshift bumper and help prevent the damage to the property.

Adapt Any Wrench To Fit Bolts Of All Sizes

It is impossible to own all the wrenches that can fit into the number of bolts available today. But, work has to be done whether we have the right tools or not, and this hack will help with that. The solution is as simple as collecting chump change, quite literally! Find an appropriately sized coin that fills in the gap between the bolt and wrench and start the work. This hack can be used on anything other than screws or bolts.

Now, there will be no excuse left for a person to watch TV and altogether give up on that chore! Wrong size wrench will be a problem of the past now. This hack is adaptive to any kind of nuts and bolts. Ensure that the tool and the coins snugly fit the gap as it will prevent the wrench from slipping off during the task.

Protect The Fingers

While hammering nails into the wall, it is too common for the tool to slip and accidentally hit the thumb or one of the fingers. The pain is excruciating and sometimes can damage the nails permanently as well. There is an easy way to protect one’s precious limbs and make sure that using a hammer does not have to be painful and scary. Many everyday things can be a holder of the nails, such as bobby pins, clothes pegs, or even a fine-tooth comb, which will work brilliantly. Just affix the nail in between the object, line it up on the wall as needed, and hammer away!

We have always grown up thinking that while working with tools, accidents are common. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. All the things listed above can be found in the home, and the whole setup takes a second or two. When it’s this easy, why not protect our fingers?

Cover Painting Trays With Foil

A painting project can require a lot in terms of effort and time; although, it is worth the pain as the final result is almost always beautiful. But, after working hard for the whole day, nobody feels like scrubbing the living daylights out of the painting tray. We hardly think about the consequence when pouring the paint in the tray and starting the job. Paint is hard to get off, especially when it is stuck to a plate. To prevent this, all it requires is a covering that prevents direct contact between the tray’s surface and paint. Try lining it up with thick aluminum foil, and it won’t cause any issues.

After a person is done painting, they can carefully remove the layer of metal separating the two elements. They should try not to get paint on themselves or the floor while discarding the foil; otherwise, it will require cleaning, which will ultimately render the whole process worthless.

Clean Sink With Soda And Vinegar

The sink is the one place other than dustbin, where things get filthy very quickly. And the number of requests that handymen get for cleaning choked pipes is shocking. What we are about to suggest is easy to carry out and will not require any professional help. If one was ever asked to recreate an erupting volcano, then the chances are that they used a solution made of soda and vinegar. Get the plunger, put two tablespoons of baking soda down the pipe, and pour in the vinegar. Soon, bubbles will start to rise, and after giving one or two pushes with the plunger, it will unblock the sink completely.

Baking soda is readily available and found in every kitchen. What most people don’t know that it is naturally effective in cleaning out the drains. Mix it with a mild acid, and it will clear out even the stubborn particles stuck to the pipes.

Plan On Hanging Pictures This Way

If a person has recently moved into a new house or they are just looking for ways to spruce up the old one and spark some life back, then this is the right hack for them! Plus, one can reminisce about the good old memories with this. Shifting and redecorating are both chaotic activities. There are a lot of moving parts, and it is easy to get mentally and physically exhausted. Interestingly, one of the difficulties people face is hanging their cherished collection of pictures and paintings. Even after putting so much effort, sometimes the placement is off, or the structure is tilted. An easy way is to create a mock-up of where everything needs to go using newspapers. This way, there is room for making errors and changes.

The process of planning requires smart thinking. After unpacking everything, it is time to hang those photographs. Through this hack, it is easy to create a mind map of where the paintings need to go and which outlay will look the best.

Cat Litter To The Rescue

Every house with a car or a machine that needs to be oiled from time to time will inevitably lead to a huge oil splatter on the floor. Chalk it up to clumsiness or inexperience of it all; the stain is there to stay unless one tries this hack. All they need is cat litter! In case they don’t have any, feel free to ask a fellow pet owner and cover the entire stain with a generous scooping. Let it sit for some time during which the coarse quality of the clay will soak the oil. After fifteen minutes, crush it up, pour over detergent, and scrub it with a stiff brush. The mark will vanish!

It is never too late to learn a new thing, and hopefully, one can find that there are ways in which cat litter can help! This hack primarily works well with fresh stains, so the next time there is an oil spill in the driveway, one knows what to do.

Removing Excess Paint From The Brush

During the painting process, we usually tend to wipe the excess on the brush on the edge of the can to avoid spilling and creating a mess. Even though this is totally acceptable and a common way to do things, mind if we suggest something better? Take a sturdy, thick, and big rubber band. After one has opened the can of paint, stretch the band over the top to the bottom, about halfway so that it is in the middle of the rim.

Now, any time one dunks in the paintbrush, they can wipe off on the rubber band, and the edges of the paint container will not get dirty. Using a rubber band instead of the edges to clean the brush will also help reuse the paint as it will be far less dirty. Also, the lid will be easier to close. Adopting these crafty ideas make lives so much better!

A Snag-Less Woven Rug

Woven rugs are a great addition to the home décors. They look rustic, absorb the dirt from outside, and aren’t just for show purposes. Many things can affect the appearance of rugs – the occasional spill or our pet’s sharp claws. What if we tell a person that a hack can further prolong the life of the rugs? They can start by trimming off the frayed part with scissors or a cutter. Apply fabric glue to the base of the carpet, smooth it over with wax paper, and set it in place by placing something heavy on top. Let it sit overnight, and it will be as good as new.

After one snag, somehow, the number multiplies, and soon, it’s time to switch the rug out for a new one. Although, fixing something up and getting more use out of a supposedly old item provides an odd sense of accomplishment. If one has an old rug lying around, give this hack a try and prepare to be amazed!

Use Kool-Aid To Check For Toilet Leaks

A leaky toilet is a messy business. It is near impossible to figure out the culprit, and dealing with a handyman and their bills is not ideal. So, what can one do? Use Kool-Aid! It costs around 20 cents and will help a person diagnose where exactly the problem is. Just purchase the dark-colored ones, remove the tank’s lid, and empty the contents inside it. After about half an hour, check if there is colored water in the bowl or leaking from somewhere around it. If there is one, then, unfortunately, a person does have a leak, and it’s time to call for help. While waiting for the plumber, don’t flush the toilet as it will create a situation that will be hard to clean up.

It is a common myth that checking for a toilet leak is difficult. But, with the help of Kool-Aid, coffee, or even food coloring, it can be easy to figure out. Everyday things can easily provide a solution to a problem if we just know how to get creative with them.

Prevent Rust Marks By Using Clear Nail Polish

Regardless of gender, everyone has dealt with a metal that can leave behind rusted circles on an otherwise perfect table or countertop. They can be an eyesore and hard to remove. With moisture and humidity mixing in with the metal bottle, the product leaves behind rust circles on the surface. The solution to prevent it couldn’t be simpler! Take a bottle of clear nail polish and coat the bottom of the container generously with it. No matter what the climate is, the hack will help prevent direct contact with the surface and the formation of rust spots.

Usually, to clean a rust spot, one needs to get a clean wipe cloth, baking soda, and water. Why go to such lengths when prevention is better than cure? A bottle of clear nail polish can be easily found in a woman’s vanity kit and is inexpensive to buy. Coat the bottom, and one will never have to deal with the problem again!

Removing Stubborn Wallpaper

Sometimes to overhaul an old room’s look, all that’s needed is a change of wallpaper. Available in many varieties, it can truly lend a new look to the surroundings, but what happens when the paper doesn’t come off? It can require quite a bit of effort to remove the old wallpaper, and there is a possibility that even after one is done, there are sticky patches that look like a sore thumb. If that is the case, there is an easier and less frustrating way to go about changing the wallpaper.

Mix half part of vinegar and water, soak the roller in the mixture, and pass it over on the wall a couple of times. The old paper will leave its place immediately. This hack is a cheap way to remove wallpaper. All a person needs is a half and half mixture of water and vinegar! Spray or paint the paper, let it sit for about fifteen minutes, and it will come right off.

Extend The Life Of Paintbrushes

Painting is considered to be a therapeutic activity for some if finished in one go. The minute a person sets down the brush, takes a break, and comes back to start again, they  will find that the paintbrush has gone rock hard, rendering it useless. Instead of losing their mind, and banging the brush trying to break up its hard exterior, they should try to get creative. Half of the solutions are easy to think of when the mind is calm and not annoyed. As soon as the paint job is finished for the day, seal the brush in the plastic bag, ensure that no air is left inside it, and it should be airtight. It will help keep the bristles soft.

This hack is considered a painter’s secret, and we are sharing it with the world. Instead of wasting tons of water, cleaning brushes every night after a long painting project, use this method. The brushes will be ready as new the next day!

Clean Showerheads With Vinegar

It doesn’t matter how clean the water is, the residue around the showerhead gets worse with time. If left unclean, eventually, the water will come down trickling from only a few holes that are functioning. Choosing harsh chemicals to clean the mineral deposits in the showerhead could be dangerous for one’s health; instead, try using vinegar. Due to its acetic nature, it will break down the calcification in a gentler way and give the best results. Take a plastic bag, fill it halfway with vinegar, tie it around the showerhead, and let it soak overnight. It will do the trick!

We have all dealt with clogged showerheads in our own ways, but very few people know that the readily available vinegar is the solution to their problem. Treating the build-up of residue with vinegar will significantly help in improving the water flow.

Silence Loud Drawers

When a drawer is newly installed, it glides on like butter and is a delight to open. Sadly, after a few years of use, the smoothness turns into a horrible screeching sound. Furniture’s performance inevitably changes after wear and tear. Some everyday things can be used to prolong the wood’s life and ensure that we can continue using it without any hitch. When drawers start making a squeaking sound, just rub an old bar of soap or any liquid washing solution along the guilty metal rails, and they will go back to being as good as new!

Rubbing a candle or soap will quickly silence loud drawers. One does not have to live with the terrible sound as it is easily fixable. Lubricating wooden furniture with anything waxy will give it a new lease of life, and one can go back to enjoying the daily routine in peace!

Evening Out A Dented Carpet

A dented carpet is one of the common problems faced by homeowners. Many people think that there is no way around this issue, but that’s not true. Rearranging furniture to spruce up the look of a room is a fun experience, but as soon as a person lifts that table and finds the dented carpet underneath, it could be a mood dampener. Everywhere they look, there is an imprint that makes redecorating a hard task. The solution to this problem is easy! All they need is patience and ice cubes. Cover the dented area with ice cubes and let them melt completely. Blot any excess moisture and use a toothbrush to restore the carpet to its former glory.

The longer the furniture has been standing on a soft surface, the more stubborn its impression is. Instead of spending hours on end with various cleaning tools, trying to restore a carpet’s original shape, use this simpler ice-cube method for best results.

Minimize The Dirt By Soaking Tiles In Water

Even if a person purchases pre-cut tiles, there is always a corner that needs adapting when it comes to their sizing. The mess and noise alone can quickly become a headache. Cutting of tiles is no easy task, and we used to dig up every excuse in the book to avoid it until we learned this crafty hack! After getting the slabs, soak them in water for a couple of hours. It softens them up and considerably lowers the time and effort required to make a rivet. Since the tile is wet, it will also not throw up dirt, which otherwise settles in every inch of the house’s surface and isn’t healthy to inhale.

It is actually a common practice to soak ceramic tiles in the water before modifying their shape. It has many benefits, such as strengthening the plate’s integrity, extending its durability by filing in any crack or pores, and making it soft for the cutter to go through.

Blow Dry The Pesky Stickers Away!

Hearing the cash register go ‘ding’ is always fun and laced with anticipation of purchasing something new. But, an annoying downside to freshly bought things is the stickers that just won’t come off! Big labels on appliances or glass bottles are notorious for ruining the overall look of things. We recommend trying the exercise with a blow dryer, and it will make the entire process a lot less irritating. Turn the heat to high setting, and point the nozzle on the sticker. After around 45 seconds of direct heat, try to pull up one side, and if there still is resistance, repeat the step one more time, and it will surely cave in.

Whether one is sprucing up their wardrobe with new clothes or buying cute decorative items, there is nothing better than a shopping spree. What’s not okay is spending hours trying to nudge the stickers off! Melt the superglue by directing hot air through a blow dryer.

Multiuse Toothpaste

Mind if we suggest that the tube of minty-fresh toothpaste can be used to do a little makeshift repair work around the house? Read on to know! As soon as someone moves into a new house, they do everything to make the place feel like a home. People hang up paintings, pictures, and decorate the walls with creative wallpapers. Usually, this results in a drilled nail or two, leaving a semi-permanent hole. We have got a quick and easy fix for them! Take non-gel white toothpaste and fill the gaps with it, making sure to remove any excess. After drying, nobody will be able to tell the difference.

The correct way to fill in holes would be to fill it up with caulk, let it dry, and smooth it up with sandpaper. It does sound easy enough, but only a few people have these lying around. The method we are suggesting is just as long-lasting, unnoticeable, and one doesn’t even have to purchase anything. Simply put white toothpaste in the hole, remove excess, and voila! The wall will be as good as new.

Unscrewing A Broken Light Bulb In A Way

The old quip about “How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?” is hilarious till one meets with the unfortunate situation. It soon turns into a real problem! This situation usually happens with old bulbs – while one unscrews the light from its socket, the glass shatters in their hand, making it near impossible to take it off. The remaining shards of glass can easily cut hands if one is not careful enough. With the solution we have, one does not have to put their safety at risk. Cut a raw potato in half, and push the softer side into the attached glass. The vegetable will act as a holder and will allow a person to do the job unencumbered.

Who knew that a potato could be used this way? If one has a broken lightbulb still attached to the socket, and there seems to be no way of unscrewing it without cutting their hands, then allow for the potato to take over.

Make Drilling Easier By Using Tape

Drilling may look easy, but it is a risky business. It is much easier to drill through rough edges, but on slippery surfaces like smooth tiles, the activity can be dangerous. One slip up or balance loss could give rise to another unexpected project that will need immediate fixing. To save us from mishaps, we can cover the tile that we are about to drill through with masking tape. It will be easier for the machine to grip on to, providing us with better control and reduce the overall probability of accidents. It might sound too good to be true, but it works!

Tiles by their nature are made with a hardened exterior to withstand the test of time. Simply, cover the area with masking tape, mark the point with ‘X’ that needs to be drilled, and it will make all the difference.

Spray Those Squeaky Hinges

In everybody’s house, there is that one door, cabinet, or window, that makes a squeaking sound every time its opened. Imagine being at home alone; the wind blows in and wakes one with this creepy sound. Nobody wants to get caught in this scenario. The good news is that it is easy to fix the sound, and this method will make a person regret not trying it sooner. No, one does not need to visit any store for WD-40, all that’s required is a cooking spray. Just spray on the hinges that produce the awful noise, but make sure not to douse it completely as it can cause them to rust. In about a half-hour, the house will become squeak-free.

Sometimes, we all need quick fixes, and there isn’t always enough time to run to the store. This repairing hack is ideal for people on a budget and time-crunch. One can also pick Vaseline or silicone spray and apply it to the squeaky hinge in low quantity to make the sounds go away.

Coffee As Varnish

While we all cherish a freshly brewed cup of joe in the morning, things can go south real fast when accidental spills happen. Coffee stains are hard to get off clothes and furniture, but what if we say that their grounds can be used to spruce up wood? Right now, we don’t have a suggestion to get that coffee stain off the shirt, but we do have a nifty way of bringing dull-looking furniture back to life. Simply rub the wood with coffee grounds, and it will effectively fill in any scratches or rough edges that tend to arise after using it for a long period. This hack works for shelves, drawers, cabinets, chairs, and even frames!

The movables in a home tend to lose their sheen over time. Our usual procedure involves purchasing some varnish or consulting expensive specialists. If that is not viable, this cheap and effective method can be used to make it look as good as new!

Sharpening Blades With Aluminum Foil

Not everyone has an expensive whetstone lying around to sharpen the blades of knives and scissors. In case of that, an aluminum foil could be one’s best friend. It can be frustrating when one is trying to make a cut for an art project or household work, and the scissor is so blunt that it just won’t do its job. Moreover, there will only be a perfect position in which the blades will be able to cut. Once a person takes the help of aluminum, scissors will not slow them down. Fold sheets of foil on top of each other, and make several cuts in it by the blunt scissors and the metal will help sharpen the blades.

Due to years of usage, blades tend to accumulate microscopic burrs or even dirt, which hinders its cutting abilities. The metal helps clean the steel and removes any foreign substances. It allows the scissors to reinstate the performance as if it were freshly purchased.

Fix Broken Screens With Clear Nail Polish

Net screens are great for people who do not love shut houses and like their surroundings airy. It can also help keep the majority of dust and insects out. But, as with all things, the screens tend to tear with time. People think that either living with the gap or changing the complete screen altogether is their only option, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Instead of patching it up with ugly duct tape, a coat of clear nail polish will end anyone’s woes. It dries completely clear while acting as a strong glue, meaning that it is a better option than just using plain adhesive.

Repairing net screens with clear nail polish is brilliant and almost unnoticeable. It also helps in containing the spread of the tear as it plugs up holes. Next time, a screen rips, don’t fret as a thick coat of nail polish will do the trick!

Multiuse Vegetable Peeler

Some tools in the house are notorious for getting lost regularly. It seems like they grow a pair of legs and wander away! Thankfully, kitchen tools can be multi-functional. In case a screwdriver is needed in a hurry, and one is unable to find it, just pick a vegetable peeler to do the task. It will be performed just as great due to its pointed tip and the ability to grab onto the nuts and bolts. The handy tool can also be used to remove any fasteners or pry open any tightly sealed cans. Be mindful of the sharp edges, though!

It is always fascinating how one thing can double as another in times of need. We bet that now everyone will look at a vegetable peeler in a different way! In case one is delayed due to the loss of the screwdriver, the work can now be resumed.

Makeshift Sprinkler

Installing a whole sprinkler system can cause anyone’s backyard surroundings to be disturbed, not to mention that the equipment and the labor cost the same. If one has a water pipe and tap, then it’s all that’s needed for a makeshift irrigation system. Undertake a little DIY adventure, and it will go a long way in ensuring that the garden remains lush. Take a discarded plastic bottle and make tiny holes into it using a screwdriver or a cutter – we want it to mimic a watering hose. The last step will be to attach it to the neck of the bottle with a pipe. Turn the tap on, and as soon as the bottle fills up with water, the tiny holes will spray the water just like a sprinkler.

The process saves us money, time and is also environmental-friendly since it recycles waste. After implementing this creative sprinkler system, the process of watering our lawn every day will be automated, and flora will thank us for it!

Evening Out A Dented Piece Of Wood

While furniture is undoubtedly useful for various aspects of day to day life, it can also start to throw problems after some years. In case one needs a hack to fix ugly dents in an otherwise gorgeous piece of wood, look no further as we have the ideal solution! All one needs is iron, which is commonly found in homes and a damp towel. Simply place the moistened cloth over the dented surface and run the hot iron over the top. Running the machine in circular motions will help speed up the process, and in no time, the indentations will be gone for good.

The logic behind the hack is that wood fibers will start absorbing the water from the cloth, and they will expand back to their original shape. Continue to iron over the fabric until the water is completely evaporated. If the dents are still there, repeat the process by adding more moisture to the towel.

Takes Glue To Fix A Screw In Place

When in a fix, one either reaches for a screw or a glue to do the job, but both? Rarely. Understandably, they are competitors in the field of home hacks. Screwing something in place needs oodles of patience and a mighty firm grip. Considering how tiny these screws can be and how suddenly fingers turn to thumbs, the work never gets done in a single try.

Several tries and a few frustrating rounds of playing hide and seek later still have to be lucky to get the job done with minimal mishaps. Easier to coat the screwdriver with rubber glue to keep the screw in place – and voila!

Soaping Screws For A Better Fit

Screws are tricky and need a lot of work to get them into their holes in the wood. It can be tiresome to maintain a tight hold on the screw until it slips perfectly into its designated slot. Not to mention time-consuming, considering the number of times it might escape one’s grip and drop to the floor.

Having to ferry it out and begin again can drain anyone’s energy and the will to continue with the job. A simple hack can save the day. Rub the screw liberally over a bar of soap, and then try it again. It becomes much more manageable, right?

Masking Tape For Hanging Predrilled Frames

It’s the trivial nuts & bolts work around the house that can end up requiring a considerable amount of effort. But with a bit of ingenuity or a simple internet search, anyone can accomplish these with minimal sweat. Hanging a pre-drilled frame onto a wall is one such seemingly easy task!

Some people do not calculate the extra work involved in measuring, not once but twice to get it done. Then there are others who already struggle with mathematics and measuring tapes, so it can take forever for them! To solve this problem, they can use masking tape to mark the placement on the frames, then stick that length to the wall. After all, nails can go at either end.

Microwave To Revive Sticky Tape

When tapes run dry, instead of running to the nearest store to replace them with brand new ones, try and cook up an idea to get the glue back on it again. Sometimes all it needs is a bit of intelligent thinking and a microwave because exposing the tape to heat makes it sticky again.

Make sure to pop the not-so-sticky tape into the microwave only for a few seconds because overheating would lead to a bigger mess that would need more than a home hack to clean up! Handy tips like these can save a lot of time, a dime, and even a trip to the store!

Uncover Hidden Wires Using A Microphone and A Tape Recorder

Some jobs around the house can get technical and a bit cumbersome. One such is to drill a hole around an electric socket because getting electrocuted while playing house is not desirable. But unless one has an uncanny ability to locate all the wires beneath the walls at a simple glance, it’s not advisable to poke around without a safety net.

Instead, like a pro, attach a microphone to a tape recorder and run it over the area surrounding the electrical outlets or switches. A slight hum will be audible whenever the mic hovers over a hidden livewire. Avoid those spots and drill elsewhere!

Magnetic Way To Find Nail Holes

Some people who love DIY home makeovers apply a fresh coat of paint on their walls. Whenever doing this, they take down family pictures and decorations. As a result, often, a nail hole is mostly left in the wall, that they then drill a new one over.

We have a way to avoid unnecessary holes in walls. Place a tiny nail on the existing spot before painting. After the paint dries, swipe a magnet over the wall, so the opening is then reusable. Now, isn’t this an effortless hack anyone can use?

Gasoline For Unclogging Spray Cans

Every consumer is aware that all household items, including spray cans, have a shelf life. For this matter, most companies follow the “planned obsolescence” policy, creating a limited shelf-life for their products to ensure that people buy more items to maximize their profits.

Ordinary people don’t buy spray cans daily. So, it’s understandable why people are hesitant to purchase new ones if there’s some left in the can. To get the remaining paint out, soak the nozzle in gasoline for 15 minutes, the paint clogging the cap will be removed; with this simple fix, consumers can get the most out of their purchases.

Avoid Messy Ceilings With A Plastic Bottle

Most people don’t enjoy drilling their ceilings because of the mess it makes. However, one can’t help it if there’s a need for a new light fixture. Like an abandoned house, people tend to cover all their furniture in sheets during drilling to avoid the plaster dust from getting all over the place.

What’s the solution to this problem? It’s a plastic bottle. Place one of these under the drill so any debris that falls off will go into the container. It might get full fairly quickly, so one can easily empty it or just replace it with another. What a neat trick that is!

Say Goodbye To Stubborn Screws With A Rubber Band

Pulling out screws can be a very frustrating experience for anyone. This usually happens because, more often than not, people have a hard time having a solid grip on the screw. Therefore, numerous individuals give up in frustration and ask another person to help them out.

Thankfully, there’s a technique to get a good grip on a screw. All anyone needs to do is to stick a broad rubber band between the screw and screwdriver. Doing so will allow getting the firm grip required for the task at hand. Isn’t that a piece of cake?

Sealants For Broken Pipes

Everyone will agree that nothing is more frustrating than a busted water pipe. For this matter, a plumber gets constantly called upon. But, what can a homeowner do while waiting for the cavalry? Of course, they can’t just watch helplessly while their water bill racks up.

There’s an easy solution for this matter, which anyone can find at a local hardware store. All they need to do is to buy a silicone sealant and inject it into the hole. Even though this is not a permanent solution, it will at least provide an individual some extra time before professional help arrives.

Fix Slamming Doors With Cabinet Door Bumpers

Sometimes even the most ordinary parts of an everyday household can create a string of problems. Like someone might be busy trying to rush a deadline on their laptop while making a meal before their baby wakes up, but then a door slams and wakes up the child.

Such a person might then rush to the infant’s aid only to find that the milk has spilled. And before long, the job deadline has been missed. To avoid the annoyance of slamming doors, buy a pack of cabinet entrance bumpers and stick them on the doorway in question. The noise will be no more.

Furniture Scratch Removal With Toothpaste

Beautiful furniture makes the experience of living in one’s house quite enjoyable, and domestic comforts ought to look their best at all times. However, as one moves the sofas or beds from the dealer to home or even in between shifting apartments, it’s possible to find that the much-adored seat or table has gotten some scratches.

Anyone’s first thought might be to rush to the store and buy furnish, but that might be expensive and not planned for in one’s budget. Instead of stressing, get a toothpaste tube and squeeze a pea-sized amount. Rub the paste in a circular motion on the scratches, and surprise, they disappear.

Use Rubber Bands To Prevent Doors From Shutting

At some point or another, one finds themselves not wanting doors to lock, like when offloading groceries from the car to the house or bringing in furniture. Some might find themselves tempted to place a stone at the entrance, but it’s easy to knock it off when entering or even trip over it.

One ingenious idea is to use a single rubber band. With the door handle twisted to its open position, attach the elastic strap on one side and then tie it around on the other end. This way, even if the door slams, the latch will be held inside and won’t stick out, keeping the doorway open.

Free Stuck Locks With A Pencil

Having quality locks keeps one’s mind at ease, knowing that any unwelcome visitors will remains effectively blocked from accessing one’s quarters. But what happens when the lock gets stuck and now keeps the owner from entering as well? The obvious solution would be to call the locksmith, but this option would cost quite a few dollars.

Sometimes one has got to be their own knight in shining armor, and in such a case, get a sharp pencil and stick it repeatedly into the padlock to make sure that the inside gets sufficiently covered with the pencil’s lead. Slide a key, and the door will open quite easily!

Use Zip Ties To Unclog Blocked Drains

At one point or another, we find ourselves with a blocked sink or bathroom drain, and it can be stressful when the water doesn’t flow smoothly. Such time is when one faces the consequences of the dirt and loose hairs that they’ve ignored on the floor or food particles carelessly dumped into the sink.

That call to the plumber certainly comes with an attached bill. The best way to save oneself the hassle is using wide zip ties. Link them together and snip some barbs into them using wire cutters. Then snake the newly-fashioned tool into the drain and unclog it with ease.