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Here’s Why Local Produce Is So Much Better Than Store-Bought Food

When having a bowl of freshly made salad, have you ever taken a second to consider how much work some farmer would’ve put into getting all those delicious veggies on your plate?

Pinterest | Farmers, put a lot of effort into producing healthy food, and thus, local produce should be consumed more to boost them

Farmers not only play an essential role in our society but also have the power to reshape it. The transformation of a seedling to a grown-up plant requires a lot of effort and supervision from these magicians of the soil.

However, unfortunately, only a few people acknowledge their sacrifices. They hardly understand the complexity and delicateness involved in producing food.

So today, to give you a little glimpse into the importance of local food and farmers’ passion for Mother Nature, we’ve summed up the inputs of two amazing people here. Do have a look.

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The Importance of educating people about food

Loren Taves, owner of Taves Family Farms in Abbotsford, has been involved in farming for 40 years. He explains his relationship with gardening as a six-week commitment, after which the product goes to the market.

Recalling his childhood days, Taves says that when his family used to sit for dinners during August, the table would be filled with homegrown food, and it always made him proud. He emphasized teaching children about eating healthy and wholesome foods. They’re the future of our generation so they should get the best of everything.

Ann Higgs, general manager at Atlantic Grown Organic, a subsidiary of the Schurman Family Farm branch in PEI, says that COVID-19 has pushed people to learn more about their food background. She believes that people should know the origin of their food and where it travels before reaching them. 

Fotolia | Children, should be encouraged to eat local healthier foods since they’re rich in vital nutrients

Why opt for local products?

Both Taves and Higgs agree that local food should be every customer’s priority. It not only helps in keeping the money among the community but also provides all the essential nutrients. Taves gave a real-life analogy to make his point by saying that if his car broke down suddenly, he would, of course visit a local shop and get it repaired because it would be the nearest and also because the money would circulate in the same area which is great for everybody. Agreeing with this, Higgs added that their company collaborates with local farmers even if they’re not into organic farming.

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Importance of distance, quality, and trust

Higgs is a firm believer in quality, proximity, and trust. She says that the company only buys from trusted farmers even if they’re not following organic methods, as they’re aware of the farmer agriculture model. Taves, on the other hand, doesn’t follow an organic model since it’s costly and riskier. He says that it increases the cost by 30%, and the waste content invites bugs, which destroy the crops within days.

Both Taves and Higgs motivate customers to buy the food of their choice without considering the label. They suggest customers to inquire about the food’s origin before purchasing. 

Flickr | Expert farmers, suggest that people buy local produce and enquire about the food’s origin

Wrapping it up

Eating healthy and sticking to greener products isn’t an option; it’s a choice. The day people start eating fresh and local products, they’ll automatically avoid complications and high-budget issues. Moreover, their small acts would also boost the farmers in their area, so it’s always advised to switch to a greener future.