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Handle Stress Like a Champ With These Interesting Hobbies

You’ll probably agree to the fact that ever since the pandemic messed up our minds, we feel more anxious and stressed out than usual. Sanitization, social distancing, and the constant fear of catching the infection can get a little too much to handle sometimes. But should we let our fear mess up our lives forever?

Health | Fear of the recent pandemic has caused a lot of stress in our lives

No, no, and more no, right?

The only way to protect our mental health, and it turns our whole system, is to relax ourselves somehow. And the best way to do that is to adopt some fun hobbies!

An activity that gives creative satisfaction and calmness can sometimes be all that it takes to keep us sane, don’t you agree? So, on that note, here are a few relaxing and fun hobbies you can take up during this quarantine:


Do you know what research has proven? Knitting has the ability to relax an elevated heart rate and it helps with calming down. It’s the most comforting hobby which sways away your stress.

But here’s something interesting – doctors say that stress isn’t always negative. You could be stressed out about something positive as well, for example, being excited about your birthday!

But regardless of what you’re tensed about, knitting can help soothe your worked up mind. But of course, it’s always about preference, so if knitting isn’t your thing, you can always find something more enjoyable.

Martha Stewart| To calm yourself, you could pick up a relaxing hobby like knitting or blogging

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Everyone knows about the connection between keeping a diary and stress reduction. But in today’s tech-savvy times, “dear-diary” ramblings have transformed into blogging! Blogging is an effective way of letting out your feelings.

According to most bloggers, writing helps reduce stress and aids in attaining peace of mind. Research has proven that it also reduces your resting heart rate by 7.5 percent. Dr. Richardson says that when you tend to interact with others, whether in person or through an online medium, your stress level reduces.


Here’s a shout out to all the artists out there; don’t hold your creative genius back! Grab your brush and let your feelings flow through the colors. If we go by research, painting has the ability to reduce the heart rate by 3.75 percent. It’s proven to work wonders for mental stability.

A research conducted in 2018 revealed similar results. It was found that almost 80 percent of the participants responded to being completely relaxed after art therapy. So find those art instruments and start painting to release your emotions!

My Modern Met | Another interesting thing you could try out is painting. Research shows it beats stress

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A few final thoughts

Sooner or later, everyone faces highs and lows in life, and stress is an inevitable part of it. But finding a way out of that abyss is what counts. You can always try something new like fishing or writing a book. Once you feel better, you can get back to your normal schedule with more energy.