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50 Tried and Trusted Hacks To Simplify Your Life

Humans indeed become geniuses when faced with an unsolvable problem, and they invent “out of the box” quick fixes that can be incredible at times. There is nothing more frustrating than having a problem with no clear solution. Sometimes, it feels as if luck is enjoying seeing one stressing about a particular issue and is unwilling to help with a resolution. So, this is when one takes matters into one’s own hands and looks for an ingenious way to get out of an uncertain situation. From working on refrigerator space issues to topping up the engine oil in the car, here are some helpful life hacks to add some relief to the never-ending frustrations that we all experience.


All dog owners know that having a large dog scampering around the house can be a bit messy, and sometimes even the most well-behaved pup might be a sloppy eater. Having to mop up the spills around their bowls is extra work and an inconvenience.

But these doggie-owners have come up with a solution that is both eye-catching and inspiring. They’ve ensured the water splashes never mess up the floor by simply placing the water bowl in a miniature, crated garden. They get full points for both inventiveness and aesthetically pleasing design.


Sometimes a house gets very cluttered, especially if the people living in it are habitual hoarders, and things have a habit of piling up. We have all emptied the occasional drawers full of useless odds and ends during spring cleaning bouts.

However, this hoarder seems to be taking his habit to an entirely new level. Not only does he have a chest of drawers with each one only containing one type of hardware, but he’s also glued a sample outside each one to remember what goes where. Surprisingly, the monotone paint-job makes it look trendy and chic.


One of the most annoying things about keeping the kitchen tidy is the lack of storage, especially if one has an extensive collection of pots and pans. Some folks stow their dishes under the sink, and while this may be acceptable, others prefer a much neater order of things.

A super-effective way of optimizing the area is using hooks–that is, hooks attached inside the cabinet doors. Try hanging any lid here, and it won’t budge at all! Imagine how much more space there was inside the cupboard all this time!


Many of us working from home often position our laptops at odd angles, getting comfortable as we sit for long hours. And sometimes, precariously balanced laptops fall, usually resulting in a screen that refuses to stay up. But if running on a tight schedule and budget, a run to the local repair shop might be out of the question.

So, big props to this clever young man for his mind-bogglingly straightforward approach to solving the problem at hand. Who knew a simple photo frame and some clear duct tape could offer such reliable tech support just when it’s most needed?


As a kid, one often had to be forced by a parent to perform small but essential things like taking vitamins, drinking more water, or partaking in personal hygiene. In this instance, a parent thought incorporating play into handwashing would be a cool idea.

A boring bar of soap will pique any little one’s interest now that they’ll get a toy as soon as it all washes away. At this rate, the child will look forward to this activity all day long! We have a feeling this would work with adults as well.


If one has ever spent time around grown-ups in the kitchen during childhood, one knows that it’s not advised to ever mess around with hot oil. Frying oils can reach very high temperatures and cause severe burns if we aren’t careful.

But this adorable woman’s protective gear, though technically giving her arm full coverage, seems far from safe. The plastic soda bottle would not hold up well to any heat, and the dangling kitchen towel might catch ablaze too. We applaud her effort, but we don’t think she can take this one to the bank.


How many times has the search for the family chessboard resulted in turning up empty-handed? We would say a couple of handfuls of times since birth. But next time one of those never-ending quests rears its head, try out this hack.

At first glance, it only seems too good to be true because arranging a deck of cards in a checkered fashion is really not that hard, especially when the board is missing. But we can only wonder if the game would be smooth, especially when an unexpected gust of wind hits. Just remember, we warned of the potential chaos!


Many men don’t know why bobby pins exist, whereas women worldwide would jump in to call it one of humanity’s finest creations. In that spirit, we found one case wherein both parties can agree that those little pins are indeed rescuers.

As shown in the picture, if we push the pins between stubborn knots or shoelaces that refuse to open to liberate the intertwined loops, we can save many pairs of shoes. College kids and teenagers planning to throw their old sneakers away, take note!


The Sunday morning chore of watering the garden plants can be pretty taxing, especially if the plantation area is vast. Now for the perennially lazy souls like us, this clever hack can be quite a relief and a major time-saver.

A roof drain directly leads to the back garden; it can kill the proverbial two birds with a single stone. For starters, it conserves large quantities of water, and there’s no need to pick up that hose pipe anymore. Just ensure that all the plants are within reach of the water outlet!


Ever seen homes where the curtains are awkwardly hanging at about one foot from the ground? Well, that’s what might happen when skimping on custom ones for the living room! While it might be a convenient option to buy them off the shelf, the extra sunlight and wind in the house cause complaints.

A simple hack is adding an extra loop to the rings of such ill-fitting curtains. Multiple long cable ties could even do the job too. It would surely save both time and the hassle of getting measurements for every window or shower.


Many people own cars yet don’t know how to ensure the engine is in tip-top shape. One can’t blame them, either, as opening the hood for something like changing the oil can be a daunting task! Worry no more; just follow this age-old maneuver that many experienced mechanics do.

Simply use a screwdriver to guide the oil toward the engine minus the spill. Thanks to this image, many people will finally see how it works firsthand. Even the most clueless guy can surely follow on without error–it’s a technique people can pass along to their children as they grow old.


As soon as we mention frozen meat, the first thought that might come to mind is an unevenly shaped block wrapped in plastic. It is probably a mistake to store the meat as is, no matter how huge the freezer is, so one of the best things to do is cut or mince it and divide it among small bags.

Apart from making it easy to store individual portions, this neat trick can help defrost the meat faster. And who knows, at the end of it, an award for a clutter-free refrigerator or freezer might be necessary!


The saying ‘Everyone can Cook’ may be true to some degree, but a few people are more prone to kitchen accidents without realizing it. This guy in the picture must have one too many oil burns and decided enough is enough! His invention will probably become a must-have based on how effective it looks.

If plastic soda bottles are lying around the house, snag the one that best fits over the hand. Cut it in half and wear it like a suit of armor to protect the skin from scalding oil while frying food. Trust us when we say cooking will probably never be the same again!


With the rising cost of living in many cities, we have often seen people struggling with issues like “space crunch,” crammed living rooms, and fewer utility areas. It is times like these that call for improvisation and creative solutions like this one.

Using the drawer area for a cutting board is something new and different for many people. Besides being an excellent practical option, the sliding-in aspect makes it more aesthetically appealing than usual chopping blocks. So that’s two reasons to try this out!


Today’s problems require new solutions, and when paper towel holders are in short supply, making a plan is of utmost importance! Cooking can be messy, and having the right tools to help can be the difference between a delicious meal and a disaster.

Whether needing to clean up grease or pat dry some freshly cut potato chips, these bad boys need to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Simply cut through the middle of the bottom part of a coat hanger to maneuver the roll of paper towels on, one side at a time.


Pets can sometimes get the occasional injury when they’re zooming around the house. Visits to the vet are not always well-received by them. But nothing is more unwelcome than the dreaded cone. Though designed to help our furry friends heal faster, cones remain immensely unpopular in the canine community.

So it warmed our hearts to see this dog-owner go the extra mile to make sure their best friend gets the proper treatment without the anxiety cones often cause. After all, a good hat never goes out of style, and it doesn’t break the bank either!


Air travel is fraught with long delays and lengthy layovers, not to mention the flights that can sometimes last countless hours. In-flight movie selections are often far from the most entertaining choices. But on our devices, we can watch the selection of our choosing to our heart’s content.

So if the flight attendant won’t permit using a tray table as an entertainment console, or if the device doesn’t come with a stand, follow this hilariously creative man’s example and hang the mobile in a Ziploc for a bizarre but hands-free viewing experience.


Everyone had this problem in elementary school, and it’s still a problem today—mostly in the office anyway. As adults, we tend to lug around many pens inside our bags, and they end up all over the place. People don’t realize that an elastic band is literally the key that keeps it together.

Tie an old rubber band around a handful of pens, separate the items per type, or group them. Don’t forget to pop them inside a case to avoid accidental punctures just in case rummaging through the bag. Problem solved in a snap!


Often, we find ourselves in situations where we have to pick up small objects, but our hands are just not dainty enough. While using a tweezer seems like an obvious solution, it is not something that most people carry around in their bags. It sounds like a situation that needs the intervention of a hack!

Just use two coins as tweezers and a third one to drive a wedge between both of them. And voila, a makeshift pair of tweezers is ready! It is incredible to see how three coins aligned in the right way can come to our rescue.


This move is quite a cheeky trick from a student who was probably having a hard time in a test or catching up with friends on the phone in a boring class. Either way, he has his tracks covered so well.

Spot the fake arm on the desk? Everything looks normal from the front, but a lot is going on behind the scenes. His glasses hide the direction of his gaze, and we must commend this student’s ingenuity. He has pulled a move expected from a film spy. We hope he didn’t get busted!


If we got a penny for every time we mixed up the earbuds of the headset, then many of us would have been millionaires by now! While the sound quality of in-ear devices has improved massively in the past decade, our beloved electronics companies still haven’t figured out a way to clearly distinguish between the two earbuds. So we did!

Purchase ear tips of two different colors and use them to differentiate between the buds. Now all you have to do is remember which color goes in the left ear and which goes in the right. This simple and cost-effective way unquestionably saves us a lot of time and effort.


Being stuck without toilet paper after finishing one’s business is a nightmare. While it is natural for the roll to become depleted on the odd day or two, one of the most annoying parts is that no one said or did anything!

The woes have been resolved with the help of this creative genius who placed the empty roll as a wedge between the seat and bowl. It is so impressive that we should start a petition to make it the universal sign for no more toilet paper rolls!


The end of the workday may often involve a dash to the local supermarket for some last-minute shopping before we get back home. But we don’t always have coins with the spare change in our pockets for the shopping cart.

This man’s solution is to use the next best thing—his housekey. Though this is undeniably a very sneaky life hack, we do not recommend trying this. Even if short on money, getting a dollar changed from the cashier is our recommended course of action at times like this.


Let’s face it–we often purchase too much food when we go grocery shopping, including all the veggies and frozen snacks money can buy at the food section. So, what to do when we run out of space in the fridge? It turns out the solution is hidden somewhere in our drawer—the trusty clamp!

This genius hack is as simple as it gets. Grabbing a clamp (or two, depending on how many packs we have) and using it to hang bags of frozen food in the steel divider. It’s an instant fix that requires minimal effort!


Europe uses the C and E type-220V adaptors, whereas South Asia uses the C and D type-230V and the United States uses A and B type-120V. All of this sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Then why bother buying an adaptor for each and every device whenever traveling internationally.

Purchasing a regular extension box with a provision for all kinds of plugs and voltages seems to be the wisest choice. Without a doubt, it will save a lot of money and unnecessary hassle in the future when packing for a trip!


While at work, we all feel like unwinding from time to time with some Netflix or Facebook. But there’s always the impending risk of the dreaded boss or a colleague walking in. At moments like these, we wish for a camera that can help us keep an eye out.

Here, we are presenting a shiny stainless steel spoon that can serve as a watchful protector at home, work, or school. The cool part of using it is, unlike an electronic camera, no battery changes or electricity usage is required.


Who needs a stereo system anyway? Well, not this guy! He seems to have his problem sorted in a rather innovative way. The phone, held in place by a tube, passes sound through it to the larger containers, amplifying the sound and providing a cinema-like experience.

He has practically come up with a mini home theatre, complete with its phone holder. It is one trick that could come in handy when there’s a blackout or while out camping. When watching a blockbuster on the phone and wanting to improve the sound, here’s what to do!


A mother’s work around the house never finishes; when there isn’t a mess that needs sorting, there’s usually dinner to get on the table. But if the ingredients involve onions, there is always the extra hassle of avoiding those pesky eye-watering fumes.

Fortunately, this innovative mom is not about to let that get in the way of feeding her family. Our inventive knight is armed with her sturdy ski-goggles, ready to brave those onions on the road to preparing a delicious home-cooked meal. She is an inspirational homemaker.


We wish we had figured it out earlier. Everybody loves to have a few slices of juicy watermelon in the summer, but getting rid of the endless seeds is a real struggle. There is an uncountable number of those in it, and collecting them to throw away later is a task on its own.

Thanks to this innovative genius, we now know how to DIY a small pouch in the watermelon’s flesh to collect the seeds – hassle-free and zero expenditure! The only thing required to make it happen is impeccable carving skills and a knife or spoon.


Some studies suggest that every minute, a phone slips out of a jogging person’s pants! Okay, this piece of information might not be entirely true, but we can agree that it is among the most common problems we face when we are doing sports.

Those tracksuit or running shorts pockets are definitely not made for carrying things. A rebel might carry a phone anyway, though. Try securing an elastic band inside the pocket. By doing so, one can at least stop worrying about dropping the phone.


Home improvement can either be tricky or easy, depending on whether the right device is available. Unfortunately, not everyone has a toolbox at home, so they utilize what is within reach. In this case example, one person thought it was a great idea to use a corkscrew to remove something stuck in the wall.

Wine lovers would be happy to know that their favorite gadget is more useful than they think! We have a feeling more people will start getting themselves this nifty contraption, considering all the work they can do at home with it.


Perhaps there’s a camping trip, and soup was decided upon for dinner, but there are no spoons. Think it’s impossible to eat soup using only a fork? Well, sit back, ladies and gentlemen. Everything is possible with the right attitude!

And some brains, of course. Nothing could stop this hungry person from eating, even without the right cutlery for the job, and it looks like it worked out in the end. The disposable cup and fork combo made one big soup spoon. We don’t know the outcome, but we are pretty sure there was little soup left in the bowl in the end.


Is the family insisting on the attendance of the Sunday service or bible classes? If the answer is yes, then a hack like this might be a lifesaver! This person has wrapped books with duct tape so that the outer jacket makes it look like a bible.

So while others are busy with the service, they could read a novel for the entire duration and get away with it. While it does seem like a great idea at the outset, do remember, this works fine only if the other folks don’t snitch!


We all dislike the rattling sound of utensils in our dishwasher, don’t we? Many of us have probably come to terms with the fact that this noise isn’t going anywhere if we continue using the washing machine to clean the dishes.

What if we said that there is a way to stop the annoying noise? Yes! Simply fill in the gaps of the dishwasher with an inverted drying rack. So the next time those dishes are jiggling around inside the machine, the rack will act as a cushion and take the blow. Here’s to a peaceful post-dinner time!


We have witnessed remarkable geniuses throughout history who made revelations with various inventions and discoveries. But this man here seems to be the Einstein of recent recorded history! He had gone to watch a game only with a pair of binoculars and his smartphone.

Like every other fan, this enthusiast also wanted to get a picture of his favorite sport, but since it was happening nearly half a mile away, the man had no choice but to be innovative. He simply put the field glasses on the lens of his phone and got his wish. Sometimes life is just that simple!


Sometimes, we have to improvise to achieve what we are after, and this is one of those times. How about this ingenuity of heating sausages and hot dog buns using a coffee-making machine? It may sound absurd, but someone tried it!.

The pots and pans were probably dirty, or the gas was out, with electricity being the only option. It seemingly worked for the person as the hotdogs heated up, and with the black mug beside the machine, hotdogs and coffee were on the menu on that day. The end justifies the means, after all!


Ever had that day where spaghetti or a salad was in the lunch box, but there’s no cutlery? Eating with our hands would be a tad messy, so it’s not an option! However, one smart hack is to make a simple fork using toothpicks and rubber bands; it may sound complicated, but it’s worth learning.

Secure the toothpicks (four would be enough) to a plastic bread knife using a couple of rubber bands, making sure each stick has a bit of clearance in between. As long as this trick is in the bag, don’t worry about not having a fork!


At some point in every person’s life, they’re bound to own a tennis ball. Instead of throwing it away when it’s old, why not transform it into a crafty holder? Besides, making it is as easy as pie. Get a pocket knife and slice the ball mid-center without going all the way.

Stick it to a wall using super glue, and it’s done! This new holder is sturdy enough to keep several items like mail, keys, and even a bottle. One can even turn this into a family activity involving the kids–they’ll have a blast for sure.


Remember when students would spend hours tracing lines, and the teacher would get cranky if not done correctly? Well, that teacher might be on the right track, as many of us can’t draw a straight line to save our lives! Unfortunately, there are times when we need to make sure everything is aligned, just like when we need to hang something up the wall.

If all else fails, we can apply a strip of masking tape like a ruler, and it can work just as well. Not only will it keep everything even, but it will keep us from putting any messy markings that would ruin the paint.


It is no secret that dogs can be bribed or lured with treats, toys, cuddles, and so on. So when this person failed to find the dog’s leash, they chose to use alternative means to convince the canine into obedience.

Yes, they went ahead and offered the pup an entire bag of snacks just to sit at one place. While it seems like this owner went overboard with the choice of bribe, in all fairness, there was probably no other way out. Nevertheless, this still qualifies as a hack since it got the job done!


We don’t know whether to laugh and leave it at that or actually try it next time. This person seems to be incredibly lazy, and using gardening tools for barbecue is kind of okay for them now. We don’t blame them, though!

Frying two packets of hotdogs, one batch at a time, making sure each side is evenly cooked, could get kind of tiring and time-consuming. Instead of rolling the hotdogs out individually, this person used a garden rake to cook more than a dozen simultaneously. Pretty handy, we’d say!


Drilling a hole into a wall is a fairly easy task–simply pick up a drill and drive it into the target area! But it is the mess left by this activity that often invokes our family members’ wrath, especially when fixing ceilings.

To remedy this persistent issue, we present the unpatented solution of using a protective cup. Besides gathering all the dust, this little hack will save one from the mandatory hair wash after all the drilling! This hack clearly has a major return on investment!


They say necessity is the mother of all inventions, and we couldn’t agree more! Here, bottles have turned into sandals, complete with straps! It may not be the most comfortable beachwear ever, but it serves its purpose and protects one’s feet from the hot sand.

It was probably a very sunny day, and the sand on the beach had become quite hot, which led to this rather peculiar design of innovative sandals. Finding a couple of plastic bottles by the beach wasn’t the hard part, nor was improvising. The fact that bottles can be footwear is mind-boggling!


Don’t have a flat spatula, egg lifter, or tongs to flip the pancakes when they are golden on one side? No problem at all; make one of these ingenious contraptions out of existing household items, and enjoy a delicious breakfast in no time.

The person responsible for this craft taped together a few plastic pieces found lying around in the pantry. We don’t know if this would really work, given that plastic melts with heat. One could also run to Costco or Target and grab one of those pancake flippers for a couple of dollars. Just saying!


If hungry and cash-strapped, often a good route is simple pasta. But impatient home cooks don’t like to wait around the stove as the water comes to a boil. So how can one know when the water is boiling without sticking around monitoring the pot?

This young man’s solution, though hilariously unconventional, is certainly resourceful. Propping his phone up by the saucepan, he monitors the heating water’s progress from the comfort of his room. Outlandish as it might be, we give him props for his ingenuity.


Gone are the days when we eat late-night ramen with only a fork. It seems that everybody is flaunting their chopstick skills these days, and the person here is no different, except he is on a whole new level with his idea.

Take a closer look: this person is not using chopsticks, but two pens that he might have used to take notes with a while ago. But who cares? These pens are suitable substitutes! Just make sure to wash them well because a workspace may have more bacteria than the average toilet. Or, just get some real chopsticks!


This picture pretty much sums up how lazy the younger generations have become. With everything from a doctor’s appointment to tasty food being only a tap away, we are naturally into effortless things. Still, we can’t understand the difficulty of finding a bowl for popcorn, using it, and then tossing it into the dishwasher.

Then again, who has the time for that when one can easily use one’s hoodie as a dish? Although it will get greasy in no time, it is still convenient! Maybe this guy really forgot to buy a bowl when he went shopping for kitchen stuff.


We have all seen pretty some fancy handles on teapots, doors, and other kitchen appliances like an oven. But nothing we have seen tops this extra-large handgrip on this microwave! Although we do not understand the purpose of having such a sturdy, mighty holder for such a small microwave.

As far as we know, people only heat leftover pizza and melt butter for cakes in the microwave, so such a colossal handhold for a microwave seems unnecessary. But it certainly would be a huge kitchen statement, that’s for sure.