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These Hacks Sound Fake, But They Work!

Great ideas are often rooted in simple thinking and practicality. The hacks can prove so easy to execute that when they turn out to work perfectly well in their favor, people go like, “Why didn’t we think of this before?” That is if we can get over the hiccup of not wanting to look foolish trying these amusingly unconventional tricks.

Let’s call them fake hacks for now since no one wants to believe they work given how bizarrely basic some of them are, such as how wiggling one’s toes keeps them from freaking out and counting slowly makes one fall asleep quicker. Interestingly, this extensive list of peculiar tips and tricks is made up of real ones that help make people’s lives easier and better.

Going Left Or Right?

Turn signal indicator switches in vehicles are there for a crucial reason, yet many don’t use them. Is it because they fail to understand their whole purpose? Or maybe the drivers have forgotten to use them because all said and done, it doesn’t matter to the person driving the car, unlike the act of honking.

If a netizen has to remind everyone of its benefits, one can imagine how rarely the function is used. The flashing lights indicating which way the car ahead is going to turn can be a lifesaver, especially on highways and busy roads where the vehicles are racing at an incredible speed.

Training Pets For Emergency Getaways

Classical conditioning is a simple yet powerful way to teach a learned response in pets. So the user suggestion regarding training the pets to come to them willingly during an emergency is a perfect hack indeed. How does one ensure that the furry animals gather around the owner at a crucial time?

Now and then, when we accidentally set off the smoke alarm, ensure the beloved dog or cat gets a treat. Over time, this exercise will become a stimulus for them to seek the owner out for their goodies. In a real emergency, such as when a fire breaks out, this conditioning will pay off in spades and save their lives.

Do Just Enough To Keep The Job

Take any workplace; there are always those who put in the extra effort while others only do enough to secure their jobs. Now, who is to tell which one of these attitudes is right and wrong? For years, people who play it cool at anything and do not believe in breaking their backs have been called unambitious.

On the other hand, these people are the ones who leave work on time, enjoy their life away from it with family and friends, find hobbies that inspire and keep them young, all of which are super essential tools to have good mental health. Quite simply, they know how to prioritize things in life, starting with their emotional and physical wellbeing.

How To Avoid Awkward Reintroductions

Of all the awkward moments we might experience in life, meeting an old friend or acquaintance whose name escapes our minds must be a common occurrence for many. Let’s not kid ourselves that it’s customary to forget names as we age! Some may even dread bumping into anyone vaguely familiar for this very reason.

Need a hack that may sound crazy but is effective? Right off the bat, ask them for their name. No, that’s not giving away one’s ignorance but a pretty neat trick to pre-empt any awkwardness. Once they respond with their first name, simply pretend that their surname was what skipped the mind. Also, it’s better to hope that person hasn’t gone through this list too.

Say Please And Thank Everyone With A Smile

Averse to learning a new language or taking way too long to memorize foreign words? No problem. While it is always great to learn the dialect while visiting another country, a couple of hacks that sound a bit dodgy but are useful can do too. Let’s go a bit further than hello.

Begin by picking up how to express gratitude and say please. Small everyday words such as those cannot be hard to learn, yet they make for an excellent place to start. There is one more universal thing one can do in any country in this world that transcends language barriers: a heartfelt smile that anyone and everyone understands and reciprocates. Isn’t it a super-efficient yet straightforward hack?

Tricks To Survive A Dog Attack

Firstly, the advice by this user may sound a bit far-fetched and risky given its simplicity, but it’s a time-tested method of escaping a vicious dog grip. Canines have this incredible ability to latch onto someone with their mouths wide open and letting their sharp teeth do the rest.

Secondly, this trick will work only if one doesn’t faint first. When a dog attacks, it’s better to offer them our forearm and push it further into its bite, so the animal doesn’t have any option but to widen its mouth, preventing it from gnashing our bones. Grabbing the dog with its scruff will effectively immobilize it too.

Color-Coded Visit To The Zoo

We always thought animals recognized people by their smells, but it so happens there’s something even more essential that they connect with, like the color of the clothes their caretakers wear at the zoo. So if the visitors want the giraffes and monkeys to come closer to them, they should color coordinate their outfits with those of the employees.

Alright, it does sound a bit silly when one first hears of it. Still, many vouch for this hack. Now, what’s the harm in trying anyway? The fellow tourists might mistake us for the staff and ask for help, but that’s worth it if we get to pet the animals to our heart’s content.

Seek Before Being Sought

Gavin de Becker, in his book, ‘The Gift of Fear’ shares his knowledge on trusting one’s gut instincts and how to protect oneself from danger. A quote from this bestseller that stays with the reader for a long time after reading the last page happens to be advice for a woman alone who needs assistance.

He says the lady should trust her judgment in choosing someone to seek help from than blindly accepting unsolicited aid from a stranger. The latter can prove to be trouble and is highly risky. So the next time anyone wants a hand, make sure to reach out to someone instead of waiting.

Be Curious To Live Longer

How many times during our low-on-energy and down-on-luck days have we heard people tell us to keep our hopes up as if that were an elixir to pour some life back into our depressed souls? This clever user hit the nail on the head by sharing this post, asking us to be curious instead.

Being hopeful denotes having to sit on our haunches while twiddling our thumbs, waiting for something good to happen. Inaction is no way to extend one’s life, surely! On the other hand, curiosity gets us to think, feel excited about the unknown, dig deeper to find answers to our burning questions, and therein lies the secret to leading an active and passionately involved longer life.

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

This hack could save many people who struggle with anxiety. In case someone has a bout of the butterflies, it is quite easy to keep them at bay with this tip. All that the anxious fellow has to do is wiggle their toes, and the nerves should subside.

It sounds a bit far-fetched, but it wouldn’t hurt to try now, would it? What’s the worst that could happen? If it doesn’t work, someone’s appendages will be fully stretched out, massaged, and taken care of. We’re curious if a foot massage acts using the same principle because those sessions are euphoric.

Uno Reverse

This is one of those hacks everyone wished they knew back in high school. Math was not a friendly experience for most of us, and maybe this would have changed the game. When dealing with percentages, it’s easy to work them out by flipping them around. Basically, 25% of 10 is equivalent to 10% of 25.

That might sound too good to be true, but it works like a charm. So, long gone are the days when people had to pull up a calculator to do some percentages. Tax season should be way different now that we know we can take some shortcuts.

Hands Up

Next time someone is at a restaurant and they see someone coughing with their hands up, they’ll know what is happening. Whenever food goes down the wrong pipe, it’s advisable to lift both arms, which should help clear the airways and stop the painful experience. After a few minutes, the person will catch their breath and recover.

This hack almost sounds like an over-the-top music video script but wait till people see it in action. The goal is to stop the inconvenience, but with some added flair to the activity. Who knows, this might inadvertently end up being a challenge at some point.

Master Splinter

As kids, splinters always ruined the fun, and we had to run to our parents to get some help and relief. Sadly, the methods of removal sometimes were crude, and they left us feeling sorer than before. Luckily, this new generation has cause for celebration as there is an easier way to deal with the intruders.

Grab a banana peel and wrap it around the area with the splinter. After some time, the fragment should be drawn out without any fuss or pain. It’s a strange hack, and we have no way of explaining it. Disclaimer though, the success rate is sketchy.

Stanley Livingston : Then

For over a decade, Stanley Livingston captured hearts as Richard Chip Douglas, the youngest son of Steve Douglas on the television show ‘My Three Sons.’ The talented child actor who made his debut on the sitcom ‘The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet’ had other TV and movie appearances in ‘How The West Was Won, X-15,’ and ‘Rally Round the Flag, Boys!’ before his prominent role in the family sitcom.

At a very young age, Livingston adapted to the world of entertainment with his talents that gave him the platform for future works. After decades of being in showbiz, the star would always still get fondly remembered as Chip, the youngest of the Douglas clan.


Ads have become a staple in our lives, and we always have to find ingenious ways to deal with them. Video streaming websites are notorious for their ad placement, and we might have the perfect solution for all the ad loathers out there. All someone has to do is skip the video to the end and restart it to avoid the ads.

This is very useful on mobile devices as they don’t support various ad blockers that have graced our browsers since time immemorial. Hopefully, tech companies don’t get a fix for this soon, as we are tired of the bombardment of ads in between our favorite videos.

Sleep On It

Sometimes we have to make monumental decisions that will shape our lives. To make sure we don’t make mistakes, we have to ponder over them and even ask for advice. Nevertheless, we suggest sleeping on the choices presented before us to ensure everything works out in our favor.

This hack works because we tend to think better in the morning when we are fresh and reenergized. In most cases, by the time we wake up, we might end up realizing we are about to make a pretty big mistake. Just give it a try and tell us how it works.

Stain Remover

Deodorant is an essential part of adulthood, but it comes with some downsides. The nasty deo patches on our shirts can make anyone lose their desire to use the stuff. Some have given up hope altogether and either ditched the sticks or accepted their fate. Not us though; we found a way out, and we are here to share.

If there are white stains on the clothes due to deo and sweat, we recommend using makeup remover to fix the situation. It works almost like magic, and we are surprised the makeup industry hasn’t capitalized on such a treasure yet.

Insomniacs Assemble

Insomnia can lead to a lot of nasty situations. For one, someone who doesn’t get a regular sleep cycle may encounter some problems during the day. Lack of focus and irritation are the main issues, which can mess up the relationship with colleagues at work.

The best way to fix this is to try and make the brain slow down. We don’t need a high-tech device to do this; we need good old mathematics. Slowly counting to 150 is an excellent way to slow down the pace of the mind, and in most cases, before someone gets to 100, they are knocked out and snoring.

Word To The Wise

This might sound like common sense, but we all know how human instincts work. Whenever someone drops a sharp tool, it’s recommended not to try to catch it. Instead, watch for the feet and let the item fall lest someone ends up with sliced up fingers and toes.

It’s not a life hack, but we are sure it’ll save someone a trip to the ER. With some practice and reminders, it’s only a matter of time before the reaction is ingrained into someone. Nevertheless, prevention is better than cure, so how about ensuring the tools are appropriately handled and stored securely?

Wrists: Our Body’s Quick-Cooling Spots

With rising temperatures nowadays brought about by climate change, we experience hotter summer months than usual. The many outdoor activities we can enjoy during the period are accompanied by sweat, especially if one doesn’t own an air conditioning unit. As it happens, there is a quick way to cool down, and it’s by simply running one’s wrist under cold water.

There is also the option to use ice or a washed cloth stashed in the freezer for at least an hour. The trick is effective because of the proximity of the wrist’s blood vessels to the surface of the skin. Therefore, exposing it to something cold will make the body cool down a little bit.

Nothing Is Permanent, Not Even Ink

Ever made the mistake of using a permanent marker on a dry erase board? More often than not, those who commit the error wouldn’t realize it until it’s too late and a lot has already been written. So, they throw away the board and buy something new.

Fortuitously, there is a hack to remove the permanent markings, and it doesn’t involve running to the store for supplies. The trick is as simple as drawing over the permanent ink using a dry eraser marker. Make sure to cover the markings completely, and then wipe it off with an eraser or a soft rag. All the ink will come off quickly—so, problem solved!

The Best Way To Go Number Two

This is a trick that constipated people would thank us for sharing: the method of rocking back and forth while going number two. It may sound hilarious, but it’s an effective way to relieve oneself effectively in the bathroom. In addition to assisting with tough ones, the method makes the activity faster.

Those who are in a hurry but aren’t constipated could also try doing it. Simply rock back and forth while doing the business. Additionally, experts say we can sit our way to success by raising our feet to contract our hips at 90 degrees. Apparently, how we are positioned in the toilet is significant to our bowel health.

The Answer Has “Dawned” Upon Us

Constantly in a battle with stubborn bathtub and shower dirt because they are tough to remove? Well, one does not have to look farther than the kitchen to finally win. While reading this hack, some people’s jaws will drop. After looking so hard for an effective bathroom cleaner, it turns out ‘Dawn’ dish soap is the answer.

That’s right; the liquid is as powerful in cleaning the bathroom as against grease and grime on pans. Upon reflection, the hack makes sense because ‘Dawn’ was created to break up oils, the substance that makes up most of the hard-to-remove residues in the shower.

Saving The Leftover Paint

Those who work with paint now and then know how frustrating it is to discover a leftover can has dried out. It’s worse when one has barely touched its content and specifically saved it for later use. As it happens, leftover paint drying out can be prevented by the help of a cling wrap.

The hack is easy; cover the lid with the plastic first before putting on the cover. This trick will keep the paint fresh until its next use. Additionally, the cling wrap can also be used for paintbrushes and rollers to prevent them from drying out. So, for the next home makeover project, make sure saran is in the house!

Colorful Candles

Imagine the lights going out for some reason in the house. A total blackout. Unfortunately, not all people are fond of candles; they don’t keep a stash of them even for emergency use. So, they endure a truly dark night, especially when the power outage lasts for a long time.

Luckily enough, they can make DIY candles using crayons, which are flammable. There must be some at hand, especially if there are children in the household. Try the hack by taking one of the crayons, melting the bottom first, and sticking it on a surface to make it stand. Then, light up the upper part, and voila—there’s a small source of light.

Water Will Do The Trick

Onion is a crucial ingredient to many delicious recipes, whether a cooked dish or just tossed in a salad. Many would agree that the vegetable gives an extra oomph flavor to just about anything. Even a simple sandwich will taste extraordinary by adding caramelized onion as a topping!

Unfortunately, there is a downside to using the vegetable in the kitchen, and it involves slicing. As one begins chopping, tears start to collect in the eyes, which will disrupt the cooking preparation unless we want to risk slicing a finger. Prevent this from happening by using a wet knife, and keep dampening it throughout the entire cutting process.

Saving For The Rainy Day

One cannot overstate the importance of saving money. With so many proven benefits, it is essential to becoming financially stable. Nevertheless, many people have a hard time adopting good financial habits. So, here is a very easy and simple trick for those who do not know how to start saving: practice the “pay oneself first” method.

It’s a reverse budgeting strategy wherein one puts aside a portion of the salary before spending it on anything else. For example, when someone receives $3,000 compensation, ten percent of it is sent to an emergency fund account. Then, the rest could be used to pay bills, buy groceries, pay debts, and other expenses.

A Spoon Will Do The Trick

What could possibly be worse than the bugs that accompany a beautiful summer season? It’s the perfect time to explore the outdoors, go swimming or camping, but we cannot help but worry about mosquitoes and their pesky bites.

They are not only an awful sight, but bites can be so itchy that they can prevent people from sleeping soundly at night. There is a hack that many people find effective for mosquito-targeted areas that don’t seem to improve. Heat the back of a spoon, just enough to not burn the skin, then apply it to the bite. Keep it on the spot until there’s no more heat, and wait for instant relief.

Safety First

Working safely should always be a top priority, no matter the job type. One mistake is all it takes to transform a simple chore or routine task into a disaster. For example, before climbing up the ladder to make even a minor repair on the roof, make sure to wear head protection such as a bike helmet.

Steep roofs are particularly tricky; it’s easy to slide off if one is not too careful. Of course, aside from wearing a helmet as protection, it would be better to call professional roofers, especially for homeowners who are not used to doing home maintenance themselves.

The Perfect Male Hack

Every man has at some point gone through this. At one moment, everything is okay; the next, for whatever reason, one finds themselves aroused, which can be mightily embarrassing, especially when in public. Luckily, someone discovered a solution that we think should be shared with all males around the world.

When that happens, just flex another muscle in one’s body, like an arm, for at least one minute. That will send the blood flow to the said muscle and away from the reproductive organ, and all will be cool down there once again. Quite a way to keep fit while at the same time staying confident!

Getting Rid Of Pollen

Many people are allergic to numerous things, and pollen is among the most common allergens. So, when pollen season is upon us, it isn’t unusual having some of it stick in our hair when we’re out and about, which means we bring it home, and that can be a tad problematic.

Once one gets in their abode, they need to rinse their hair before going to bed. That will remove all spores, which may otherwise end up rubbed all over the pillow and face when we sleep. This helps keep allergic reactions at bay, and who wouldn’t want to have a clean mane?

Hot Food The Safe Way

What’s a delicacy without some spice and pepper? This hack is for all the culinary art lovers and anyone who likes to cook using pepper. Before chopping up the chilies or jalapenos, rub cooking oil or vegetable oil on the hands, then go ahead with the task.

The rub-down will help get rid of all the acidic residue that would usually be left behind by the peppers, which we all know can make a grown man or woman cry. Then, after washing out the oil with soap, the hands will be clean and chili-free. This hack apparently works wonders, with one person even removing painlessly their contact lenses after the chore.

Non-toxic Insecticide

We all know how annoying house bugs can be; and while calling in the exterminator works, it can also be a bit pricey. What if there was a way to inexpensively get rid of some insects like cockroaches and other small intruders?

This trick seems to work mostly on the massive roaches, though, because of their size. Instead of getting an insecticide that might be dangerous, especially for toddlers in the home, simply put water and some liquid soap in a spray bottle, shake, and spray away. The foam will suffocate the insect in no time, and it works faster than the chemicals exterminators use.

Stay Hydrated

Anyone who has dealt with a hangover after an eventful night out with friends knows how irritating it can be. To reduce the effect of the babalaas, it’s recommended that one consumes their drink of choice, with water, at least two sips of water for one sip of the beverage, making for the best ratio.

With that, the following day wouldn’t be as hard to handle; while the effects of intoxication will definitely be there, they wouldn’t be as pronounced as when water isn’t involved. How about trying this when out partying with the crew the next time? We think it works magic.

Do The Hand Squeegee

Many of us know that squeegeeing only works for windows and other glass surfaces, but what if one could use that method to dry themselves after taking a shower? Yes, we’re talking about using the hands as squeegees to get rid of the excess water before stepping out of the bathroom.

While it might sound unorthodox, the dry down is incredibly satisfying, and we recommend that more people should give it a go and see how it turns out. Also, with this hack, one won’t be cold when they step out of the shower, and the remaining water won’t soak the towel, which means they generally dry faster. In our books, that’s a win.

Fresh Microwave Meal

We think it is quite agreeable that microwaves are among the much-needed appliances in any household. They come in handy when someone needs to fix themselves a quick meal, warming the leftover pizza or whatever delicacy they have in the fridge.

Sometimes though, when one warms the food, it doesn’t turn out to be as fresh as they would like it to be. So, to get maximum freshness, the next time a person puts in whatever they want to eat in the microwave, they should also place a cup of water beside the plate. Then, once the heating is done, the meal will be fresh and will also taste better.

Removing Stuck Rings

For the married folk, or anyone who loves wearing rings, then this is meant to help remove the loops when they get stuck. If one has been wearing a ring for a long while, it wouldn’t be surprising that sometimes it gets stuck on the finger, and getting it off can be a daunting task.

This is where Windex comes in. Yes, we mean that glass cleaner fluid. According to one jewelry store worker with vast experience, spraying the cleaner on the ringed finger would slide the ring right off with no resistance. So it seems like the fluid isn’t only suitable for glass; it can be used for the nuptial loops too.

Nausea Remedy

We’ve all had moments where for whatever reason, we feel nauseated, and it’s not a funny feeling to go through. The constant fear of throwing up, whether in public or in private, doesn’t sit well with us, and while there are a couple of solutions to combat nausea, we think this is quite ingenious.

Eating some ginger helps get rid of the sickness, and instead of consuming the raw ginger, we recommend using the candied one, which tastes much better. The best part of this solution is, one can easily make their own ginger at home with some sugar granules, and they are good to go.

Easy Faucet Cleaning

Imagine turning on the tap at home, and instead of clean water gushing out, there’s a mixture of rust water; basically, some brown liquid flowing before it clears up after a while. There is a solution to that; all one will need is a plastic bag, some vinegar, and a rubber band.

Pour a small amount of vinegar in the bag, then tie it around the faucet and let it stay overnight. The next morning, the tap will be as clean as new, with all the rust gone. The trick is as easy as it can be; how about trying it out and saying no to tarnished water?

Staying In Bed For 8 Hours

Spending time in bed doesn’t necessarily mean that we are lazing about or sleeping away. It can also prove to be beneficial for our mental health. The moment we wake up after 6-7 hours of sleep, we have a habit of instantly popping out of bed. Guess what? Science says we’re doing it wrong.

When one gets upright immediately after lying down for several hours, they run the risk of muscle cramps. Besides, our brain waves and breathing rate change once we’re awake. So, the body requires some extra time to get ready for the transition. Meditating or doing some easy stretches and twists on the bed can undeniably keep our minds and bodies active all day.

Softening Hard Butter In No Time

The cake-baking rule says butter should be soft enough to whip with milk and sugar at room temperature. Otherwise, it won’t emulsify with the eggs, thereby getting the cake mix curdled. So ideally, we have to keep the dairy products out of the fridge at least an hour before baking, but it often slips our minds.

Yet, fret not! Next time, if one discovers rock-hard butter while on a baking spree, they can simply grate it using a cheese grater. The fluffy buttery shavings will easily blend with the batter or can be dumped into any other recipe. Now, that’s an incredible hack to soften butter without using a microwave!

The Household Moisture Repellent

There’s no denying that winter is a beautiful season with the festive mood it brings with itself. Everything fascinates us, from hot cocoa, snowfalls to sledding, except the fogged-up mirrors, windows, and other surfaces. It’s an annoyance to keep wiping them frequently. So, what’s the solution? Well, the answer is an inexpensive bottle of shaving cream!

We only have to smear a dollop of the shaving foam on the required surface. Then, after letting it dry for some ten minutes, we can simply wipe it off with a cloth. The soapy cream works as a household defogger by creating a protective film over the surfaces, preventing it from fogging.

Hand Sanitizer Cures Smelly Underarms

Even after taking showers regularly, stinky armpits sometimes get out of our hands. The issue gets even more discomforting in the summer months when perfumes fail to fix the problem. Yet, if a strong deodorant isn’t handy, we can use a hand sanitizer to do away with the underarm stench.

Rubbing a few drops of the germ-fighting liquid onto each armpit and allowing it to dry will do the miracle. Bacteria cause foul smells, so rubbing sanitizer, which contains alcohol, instantly destroys the microbe. No wonder it’s a quick fix to get rid of underarm odors, but we don’t recommend this for regular use as it affects our delicate skin.

Treating Sunburns With Noxzema

Okay, so most of us tend to forget prepping the skin with SPF sunscreen before stepping outdoors. Then, standing before a mirror, the next thing we know is that we’re already charred! Still, worry not; before using a thousand ointments and creams, try our trustworthy skin-friend Noxzema.

Known for healing pimples and acne, this lotion contains camphor and eucalyptus extracts to soothe sunburned skin. So, slather a generous amount of Noxzema on the required spot and leave it to dry for a couple of hours. Once the skin absorbs the cream, we can rinse it off and reapply as per necessity. The results are undeniably miraculous.

Wiping Out Permanent Ink Off The Skin

Those who’ve experienced waking up to a skin that was used as a canvas by a toddler are no stranger to the sheer discontent. Yet, instead of scolding the kid, let’s try out a simple hack to remove the pesky permanent ink off our skin.

It turns out that nail polish remover is an absolute savior in erasing the permanent marker stain. One only needs to soak a cotton pad with the liquid and rub it on the markings until they are gone. Acetone present in the solution can remove the stain in no time without causing harm to the skin. Apparently, these markers aren’t as “permanent” as they say.

Corn Chips – The Extraordinary Firestarters

The camping enthusiasts perhaps know the usefulness of corn chips more than a delicious snacking item. After all, when twigs and dry leaves are not readily available or are rain-soaked, we have to devise an alternate method to enkindle. So, how about putting the salty fries to the test?

We know the snack-lovers wouldn’t have the heart to sacrifice their favorite bag of crispies for anything apart from devouring. Still, for emergency fire starting, one can make a small pile of chips and light them up. Surprisingly, corn fries make excellent kindling, and so we can easily use it as a makeshift candle whenever necessary.

The Ultimate Gum Remover

When we think of different things that can easily ruin our day, we can’t help but mention chewing gum at the top of the list. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mind the refreshing taste of chewing gums, but it’s nerve-wracking when people spit them out, and they get stuck to us.

All the time, we have tried everything to take it out; scraping, scratching, washing, and peeling, but nothing works well, maybe because we didn’t know that the solution lies in rubbing Ethanol. Apply the liquid on the gum and rub it a few times; after that, it will loosen up and come off before we even know it.

Salt Saves The Day

There is a reason why most of the dates, business meetings, friends’ outings happen over a cup of coffee. This is because most people enjoy the decoction in one form or the other. It wakes us up in the morning, gets us going for the day, and brightens up our mood as well; what else could we ask for?

However, coffee that is a little too bitter for our taste can throw our mood off instantly. So let us all remember to put a pinch of salt in our bitter beverage the next time we start to get cranky over it. The salt will instantly fix the drink and our mood as well.

Give It Some Space

We all make mistakes; who doesn’t, right? Usually, all we need to fix something that we messed up is a little space. We go out in the open, reflect on the situation from others’ perspectives, realize our mistakes, and solve problems, voila!

Surprisingly, things are not very different with technology. For example, it has happened countless times with us that we type the wrong spelling of a word, and no matter how hard we tap, the blinking line won’t land in the middle of the word. So, the next time we get stuck in such a situation, just use the space bar by tapping it and dragging it to wherever we want, and the problem will be solved