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45+ Dishes That Made It To The Drain, Thanks To Their Failed Chefs

The internet is choc-a-bloc with recipes of ordinary and exotic cuisines. Not to mention the litany of cooking shows and competitions that have ignited the desire in many of us to don the chef’s cap and rustle up some masterpieces. We look at the video, jot down the ingredients, order them online, and we get to work in the kitchen.

Sometimes the results are magical; the dishes turn out nearly the same, tasting as fabulous as the cooks on the channel make them sound. Unfortunately, a few disasters along the way can only be dunked into the bin. While the home chefs need to be commended for their efforts, the outcomes are better forgotten. Take a look at the long list of failed cooks who hopefully learned how not to repeat the same mistakes and cooked better versions of the dish sooner than later.

The Dark Lord’s Serving Of Doomed Dumplings

Did the Dark Lord order this plate of custom-cooked burnt dumplings? Does he prefer it served on the red embers of scattered souls? All kidding aside, our hearts sank at the destruction of what seems to be a detailed construction of perfectly shaped bags of savory treats. We feel for the chef who must have felt crushed at such an outcome.

Now, after the dish’s essence has been utterly annihilated, it can still be used as Halloween decorations. We hope the person did not give up because of this and proceeded to rustle up a beautiful plate of dumplings some other time. Who knows, maybe the later version has pride of place in their social media posts.

Flattened Walrus Crescent Rolls, Anyone?

Homemade crescent rolls look like they take nothing more than thirty minutes in total to puff up and be ready to be eaten. Alas, it’s far from reality; the entire process takes much longer, including the various steps involved and loads of effort. The dough must be made to precision, laminated, chilled, and then shaped before popping them into the oven for baking.

So, our sympathies lie with this baker whose attempt at making the croissants look-alike ended up like a bunch of walruses trying and failing to escape the heat. We feel sorry for the rolls since they seem to have taken their last breath right before the door of the oven flew open.

Grandma’s Floury Tale Of The Mixer

The poor grandma looks shaken by the mixer that just won’t stop throwing flour at her. She has given up; the look of defeat is quite telling, and we can’t help but feel a pang of sadness for her. Or maybe we read her expression wrong; it probably indicates the calm before the actual storm.

We know how relentless the people of her generation are. So, she’ll dust herself up, tidy the entire kitchen, roll up her sleeves, strike a strong woman pose and stare down the mixer for a bit before she gets to work again. That’s why we feel that grandparents are a blessing to have around since they indeed are an inspiration to the younger lot.

That’s Quite Some Rice Down The Drain

Ouch! That would have hurt the wallet so badly; the person must have sworn off rice for a month at the least. Dear folks, this is how timing, fate, and luck collide at one place and conspire. The cat was there to conveniently deliver the bad news over twenty cups of uncooked rice.

Tell us a better tale of revenge by a pet, and we’ll deliver a bag of grains at the winner’s doorstep. We are kidding; our kittens messed with those bags last night, and we have switched to drinking milk instead. Getting back to the cat that did the deed in the wrong pot, maybe the owner refused to give the feline her favorite treat.

Nightmare Fuel

Nightmares are made of this! We have no idea what the baker was going for here, but we know even the goods don’t seem too pleased. It looks like a crossbreed of the Sphinx and Mort, and that makes this image even creepier.

It’s good to look at the recipe before hopping on a baking extravaganza; otherwise, stuff like this ends up happening. We just hope the treat tastes better than it looks. On the other hand, please tell this person the strawberries are not helping; they are making the disaster worse. Maybe some cherries might do the trick here.

Impossible Is Nothing

It looks like someone deserves a spot on the ‘Guinness World Book of Records’ after pulling off a seemingly impossible feat. This woman managed to melt a pot on a gas burner. Of course, we know the heat on a stove is hot but not that hot, so how could this have happened?

According to one reader, this usually happens when one leaves contents boiling for too long on the stove. Once the water evaporates, the heat causes the food to get burned and stick to the sides of the pot, eventually leading to such consequences. From this point on, we guarantee the perpetrator will watch her stove like a hawk.

Mix And Match

Labeling glass jars helps a lot, and this guy learned this the hard way. The man’s wife loves storing dog food and coffee beans side by side, which is a red flag on its own. These two items are hard to tell apart, and placing them so close together in mason jars is a recipe for disaster.

So, on one fine morning, as our good man was preparing his happy brew, he noticed something odd about the taste and smell emanating from the coffee maker. It sounds like a funny way to start someone’s morning, and we believe the guy was fully awake after one swig of the stuff.

It’s Lit

This barbeque was lit! Literally! The chef must have gone overboard with the hijinks leading to flames billowing left and right. We doubt this is what they had in mind when they started making the burgers, but hopefully, they were ready to deal with the fire before it got too dangerous.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty shocking turn of events considering even the grill can’t believe what is going on in front of it. This is not its regular rodeo, and it will probably be filing a complaint. Hopefully, this was the last batch and everyone had already had their fill.

Well, That’s Rare

Grills seem to be having it hard out there. Guys are pushing the contraptions to their limit, and it’s only a matter of time before the machines start rioting and complaining to their superiors. Someone here set up a pair of ribs for the night and probably forgot about it. The results speak for themselves.

This grill was probably opened after a long while, since those ribs are past well done; at this point, we are looking at coal briskets. We are pretty sure someone can use them as a substitute for charcoal in art class. Whoever did this is savage and deserves all the roasting in the world.

Pasta All Over

Pasta is something that’s easy to work with in the kitchen—we boil it until it’s done. Then, we make a simple sauce or buy a premade one at the store. If we follow the basic rules of pasta cooking, we’ll surely be able to cook them Italian-style, ‘al dente.’

In case we have no one to give us tips, we can find a lot of guides online to end up with the perfect spaghetti or fettuccini. Unfortunately, there are no instructions on the proper opening of pasta packaging, so we sometimes end up with them falling all over the kitchen. At least, this one ended up looking like a work of art.


Ask any home baker; they would say that brownies are some of the easiest baking projects. Some experts in the delicacy even started with store-bought premix before mastering the craft. We don’t know if this person is a newbie baker, but it appears things didn’t go as planned.

The mistakes made by beginners are often either undercooking the baked treats or burning them. This mishap, though, is pretty rare, and we assume it’s because of a very thick batter. Since the mixer handles had a hard time moving, they ended up tangled. It makes us wonder what tough ingredients this individual added to cause the sturdy metals to bend like this. Probably rocks!

Causing A Commotion At Work

We can just imagine how embarrassed this woman was for causing a fire at work. She only wanted to eat popcorn but ended up answering questions to firefighters. Unfortunately, even though popcorn is an easy snack to make, it is also notorious for causing building evacuations.

One reason that triggers the fire alarm is that the directions in the popcorn bag are sometimes not meant for the type of microwave we use. Then, there’s also the lack of attention from the person preparing the snack. Believe it or not, as small as they are, popcorn kernels can cause havoc when not guarded while being cooked, because they burn easily.

It Was Not His Day

We cannot help but sympathize with this kitchen worker. It’s not clear if he is the chef or not, but regardless, he seems shattered by the mistake. We can just picture the context—the whole kitchen was in a rush because the restaurant was packed.

Baked beans are an important part of breakfast and the chef must have been relieved to see it was done. Then, as the crew was about to move it, he slipped. Everyone in the room waited for the cook to shout expletives, but instead, he took out his phone and photographed the scene. After that, it is possible that the cause of the slip was investigated and the person responsible reprimanded.

Too Hot To Handle

Although the kitchen is a place where many beautiful things happen, it can also be pretty dangerous. Fires often start in the room, especially when the food being cooked is left unattended. Of course, there are also other common mishaps, such as what this lady did. If we are to guess, she was about to take the shepherd’s pie out of the oven but got overwhelmed by the heat.

From the single pot holder in the photo, it’s easy to guess that she wasn’t adequately equipped to handle the extremely hot tray. The first cause of action, when burned, is to let go of the thing that’s causing the burn, so she dropped the pie.

Pies For The Vegans

Baking cakes and pies by oneself is indeed a fascinating experience, but not so much when one finds it hard to follow recipes. Then, the result of all the labor can turn out shocking, if not outright hilarious. So, we recommend that first-timers go by the recipe as accurately as possible.

Otherwise, even a dish as easy as pie will reduce to a chocolate mess—just like the one in the image. After all, who can imagine baking a tartlet without eggs? This person carelessly missed out on important ingredients, four of which are now staring them in the face! Vegans, mind taking a bite?

Not-So-Good Morning

Okay, so the person had to shake himself up before getting himself a cup of coffee. Perhaps it was one of those lazy weekend mornings when we barely wish to move out of bed. Yet, this lad managed to drag himself to the kitchen, place the cup, switch on the espresso machine, and alas!

If only the man had been alert while placing the coffee mug in position, he wouldn’t have had to deal with the spill. Now, after his wife has seen and laughed at his clumsiness, he has to clean the mess off the countertop. Maybe next time this guy should avoid staying up until late at night!

The Wurst Case

The trunk of our cars is a space where we usually keep a spare tire, toolbox, first aid kit, and other essentials. Yet, someone here chose to carry currywurst in a fashion that let no one savor the delicious pork dish. Our sane minds can hardly think of a mishap so great that could result in this mess.

Whatever the cause, one thing is certain; anyone who travels in this car is probably never going to miss the smell of curry in their lives! Also, never mind that the vehicle owner couldn’t enjoy their meal—sharing the picture on the internet sure earned them some good laughs.

The M&M Tragedy

Nearly four generations of candy-lovers have enjoyed the famous tiny ‘M&M’ treats. Besides being a kid’s favorite delight, these mini candies are often used to embellish cakes, cookies, pies, and puddings. We believe that someone here aspired to do the same on a brownie. Yet, it turned out a little burnt and dried, looking absolutely inedible!

We don’t know if the person was sober but they must have forgotten about the brownie and left it in the oven for way longer than needed. See how the excess heat has pathetically hatched the colorful ‘M&Ms!’ Indeed, this picture leaves a lesson for the viewers: never bake when tipsy.

Straight Out Of A Stephen King Film

If we remember seeing this person anywhere, it is either a horror-struck sequel from a Stephen King movie or our nightmares. Forget about what this unfortunate soul was trying to prepare—just imagine the dreadful state his kitchen must be in! We are only glad that he survived the mishap.

Fortunately, the guy had a bit of luck by wearing spectacles that saved his eyes. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t be smiling in front of the camera. The face and arms smeared with the charred sauce are enough to leave anyone appalled. Still, this is quite a natural Halloween look, we must say!

Ohh No, Such A Waste!

Unlike the others, this isn’t a cooking goof-up. Rather, it is a clear misfortune that will make anyone go, “Oh no!” The poor girl devoted an hour and tried hard to make a delicious peach crust for her parents-in-law. Yet, somehow the ready dish met with tragedy and thus never made it to the dinner table.

What’s even more disheartening is the fact that she lost a beautiful piece of crockery along with the food. No wonder she wanted to surprise her in-laws with her cooking skills, but alas! Now, the husband has to console her as well as order some takeaway food.

Happy Meal For Cactus

The pie was baked nicely with a golden lattice crust, perhaps to enjoy a sumptuous dinner. Sadly, the only one who had the luck to taste this dish was the cactus. Now, some might say that the pie can easily be flipped over and patted to do away with the thorns and dirt.

Yet, who would run the risk of consuming such a life-threatening dish? Not us, for sure! Instead, we believe a sensible choice would be to piece out the clean, unaffected portion of the pie and discard the rest. Indeed, besides cooking, one must also learn the art of carrying food safely to the dinner table!

Butter Can Be Bad

Think of all the delicious goodness that can be prepared using butter, for example, croissants, butter biscuits, butter-based burgers, garlic bread, etc. With that being said, we can easily conclude that one can never go wrong with the gooey texture and delicious taste of butter, right?

Let’s not be confident right away because this picture is telling us otherwise. This picture was taken right before a yummy buttery dish was about to be ready to eat when the butter decided to hop out of the pan instead of sticking to the meat. The woman must be in a lot of pain and probably fears the next time she cooks with butter.

Identity Crisis

It took us a while to identify what the object in the picture was. This item is going through an identity crisis, but we can tell that it is a bread of some sort if we look closely. Yes, it may resemble a cushion, but it is edible; otherwise, the person who made this wouldn’t have eaten this out of anger.

When we say the phrase ‘the joy of baking,’ we can’t tell if it is pointing towards the joyful baking procedure or if it is the tasty result that we get to munch on. For this person, we can tell that the outcome is not an option.

Guest Appearance

There are a few types of food out there that can easily make anyone’s day and mood better no matter what, and cookies come at the top of the list. On top of that, with so many different flavors around, there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t want to bite into the deliciousness.

This picture warns us and tells us that we should never bite in a hurry and always take a close look before eating. The person who made these must be very lost in the aroma of milk, vanilla essence, and other goodies that he did not notice this little guy who accidentally fell into the batter.

Perfect Fit For Halloween

Halloween gets us all excited, and who doesn’t like the spooky season, right? So all the costumes that we plan for the day, the exclusive items that the fast food places have, and all that candy are the things that we look forward to the entire year.

Some people are very enthusiastic about the festive season, and they always go the extra mile with their celebrations. Take this cake, for example; it is a weird-looking one, to say the least. This look doesn’t feel as if it was intended. Maybe the person just wanted to bake a cute-looking lamb cake, but the inner festive freak didn’t let him, and the cake turned out to be looking like this.

Midnight Munchies

It doesn’t matter what we had for dinner or how much we ate of it; nothing can stop a midnight craving. Finally, in the late hours of the night, our stomach starts to growl so loud that we can’t ignore it anymore, so we slip out of our bed and head to our kitchen.

With the lights out, we try to grab anything that we lay our hands on, and sometimes we end up with results like the one in the picture. Unfortunately, this person became the victim of darkness, and we feel sorry for them, but let’s not lose our hopes yet. Maybe this weird food combo turned out to be good.

What A Big Cheese-ter!

Not everyone is skilled in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try and cook a meal or two once in a while, right? Well, one person did precisely that when they decided to whip up a cheese omelet but ended up with disastrous results.

We’re sure they were either in a hurry to get out the door or maybe just a tad clumsy and dropped the pan accidentally. Either way, let’s hope they weren’t too hungry when the entire dish fell to the floor—or else someone’s going to have a very cranky day ahead. No one should go to work with an empty stomach after all!

The Great Cookie Switch

There’s a particular science that makes baking a lot more complex than cooking a regular meal. One needs to be extra precise about the ingredients that need to be used, especially when it comes to measurements. Don’t forget about the type of spices used to make it extra scrumptious, too!

Unfortunately, the baker behind this picture wasn’t careful while finishing up this batch of cinnamon biscuits, and it’s obvious they’ll have a tray full of cumin-flavored treats instead. They’re still edible for sure, but we’re going to take a traditional cinnamon one on any given day. Spicy cookies sound less appetizing in anyone’s book.

Add A Dash of Effort

Croissants are undoubtedly a tricky type of pastry to make. Unlike bread, these flaky treats require finesse and an extra bit of effort since the layers need to be rollout and folded several times. Trust us when we say it’s not a task for newbies!

Sadly, these snacks on the platter look far from croissants, judging by how flat and plain they look. Anyone would agree that they resemble more like a turnover pie that needs some extra filling! It’s safe to assume that whoever made this wasn’t an expert to begin with, but it’s nothing a few extra tries won’t fix. Better luck next time!

Last One Out Is A Rotten Egg

Every morning, thousands of people start their day by cracking some eggs on a skillet for a hearty breakfast. Sometimes, other folks forget, though, that one should be cautious in doing so since it’s difficult to tell whether an egg has gone rotten or otherwise from the outside.

The person in this picture followed the appropriate ‘egg-checking’ technique, but their luck ran out when the last egg turned out to be spoiled! Once all four yolks are mixed in one bowl—there’s no going back! Everything should now go straight to the trash or expect a stomachache and a smelly house that’s bound to stick around for a few days. Yikes!

Grab A Slice of Volcanic Pizza

Ask anyone in the room, and they’d all agree that one can never go wrong with a big box of pizza. Of course, some might argue about which toppings take the cake -pepperoni or bacon, and there’s also that age-old discussion about whether pineapples belong in that dish.

With that in mind, we’re convinced burnt cheese, like this one in the picture, has no place in any pizza plate whatsoever. One glance at it, and one would think someone poured piping hot magma on some dough! It looks so out of place, like an interesting piece of art rather than something we’d eat on a boring Saturday night. In any case, one should just be glad this wasn’t store-bought.

A Powdery Floor Accent

As much as we try to prevent them from happening, accidents will always happen around the house, especially with kids around! We strive hard to make sure everything is in place, yet what happens when we end up eating our own words?

This tired mom was indeed at her wit’s end making sure the house was neat, keeping things like flour boxes out of reach. Everything was going so well until she accidentally knocked the container over, releasing a snow-white explosion that’d make any kid happy with glee. It’s a nightmare to clean up, but don’t worry, we’re all bound to have a clumsy day anyway.

Almost Like An Alien Lifeform

Let’s all agree that there’s likely to be some old piece or leftover food hidden somewhere in one’s fridge. For example, see this frozen masterpiece right here? It’s actually an uncooked croissant, but in reality, it looks like an unwashed dishrag.

Apparently, someone placed this frozen makeshift pastry in a microwave out of curiosity, and now it’s one disgusting snack that resembles some alien life form from a nearby planet. Come to think of it; it also seems like some skin that fell off a wrinkled person. Whatever the case, toss it out and find something else to eat pronto!

That’s One Exotic Ramen

Let’s face it; there are a few things more comforting than a hot bowl of ramen. Since it’s so easy to prepare, it’s usually one’s go-to meal when one’s feeling tired from a long day at work! So, we can only imagine how disappointed this guy must have been when his meal turned into a lump of charcoal.

We’re not sure whether they did this on purpose since they apparently microwaved the noodle packet for four minutes without adding the obvious ingredient—water! Maybe this was just an experiment to show folks how one should not cook ramen. Indeed, they should just cook themselves another bag and get it over with.

‘Donut,’ Try This Recipe

Over the years, families have passed down recipes as a way to preserve their traditions, and it’s typically the grandmothers who do so. It can either be for a casserole dish or a lovely wedding cake, but it can also be for something so simple that anyone could cook it without much effort— like donuts!

This poster revealed it was high time they took a stab at trying his grandma’s classic donut recipe, but with questionable results. Judging by the picture they shared, the outcome looked like two sponges used to clean the sink. To be fair, though, perhaps some chocolate or custard filling might go up the ante and improve its overall aesthetic. That’s worth a try!

Check The Label Next Time

One look at this dish, and people would assume this wasn’t real food since it looks waxy from all angles. Believe it or not, this wasn’t done on purpose, as the person reportedly purchased a different type of plastic bag that wasn’t meant for baking to boot.

The result? A roasted chicken dish slathered with melted plastic instead of having crunchy skin. Not only is it inedible now, but anyone who’d even consider taking a bite might end up in the emergency room. Next time, make sure to purchase a brining bag to avoid ruining any dinner party plans. Or better yet, just eat out and save the chicken roast attempts for later.

Who Stole The Swirls?

Imagine starting off with the thought of going to the beach, having a good run, enjoying the sunny day and then end up being caught up in the rain in a secluded valley. Something similar happened here; well, at least, expectation-wise.

What this chef really wanted was “cinnamon swirl” rolls. What they ended up with is pretty much a muffin hiding the cinnamon flavors somewhere in its belly. Don’t know what happened here. Did they forget to make the actual swirls or did the dough not rise enough? Hard to imagine, but it surely passes for a perfect muffin, and we are sure it tastes great, as well.

Chocolate Garlic Cupcakes Anyone?

Here we are planning the perfect evening with some warm, cozy blankets to snuggle up into and some delicious chocolate cupcakes to enjoy alongside a cup of steaming hot coffee. All that needs to be done is to make the cupcakes, and then we are just 40 minutes away from sheer bliss.

Ah, but of course, we make a mistake and ruin the entire evening. This is what happens when one is not paying attention. These cupcakes were totally ruined for the chef because they didn’t notice that the butter contained garlic. Lesson learned: never put flavored butter next to the plain one.

Easy Mistake

Always listen to the wise and experienced cooks when they tell us not to put eggs in the fridge. Apparently, eggs have a good shelf life at room temperature if they are unwashed—that is, if the eggs are organic.

Here, the chef had made the mistake of putting the eggs in the fridge, which was set to a very low temperature, and they now have fried frozen eggs for breakfast. Sounds cool, but certainly not what they were looking for. It sure has given them a lesson for life, though. Their eggs will always be out on the counter from now on.

Stovetop Swimming Soup

Okay, this is a tricky one. It is hard to understand what took place here. How is the soup not in the pot but in the stove? So, even if the soup boiled over, how did so much of it get under the stovetop? For the life of us, we are unable to figure out just “how.'”

This is not just an epic cooking fail but an epic mystery as well. Strangely enough, the soup looks well made, so it can’t just be a tipsy mistake. Well, whatever happened, one thing is for sure: the roommate will not be making soup again.

When It’s Pizza On The Mind, It’s Pizza On The Table… Or This Happens

Ever got on a taxi to get to an unknown address, took a tour around the neighborhood, and then got dropped off just three blocks away from home? What happened here is kind of like that, coming full circle.

The cook actually craved some pizza but took the pains of going to the market and getting “fresh” groceries so that they could have a healthy, feel-good, nutritious meal. Little did they know that that was not on the cards for them. A broken can and an overripe avocado—it seems it’s still going to be pizza on the menu tonight after all the wasted effort.

Jelly Explosion

It is easy to mix up a recipe. We understand, a step or two can get messed up, especially if one is new to cooking and the recipe demands some skill. But how does one mess up jelly toast at 31 years of age?

So, this girl wanted to make herself some toasted bread with jelly. Here’s how they probably chose to go about it. Put jelly on the toast, put the toast in the toaster, simple. Nothing complicated about that, right? Wrong. That’s the recipe if one wanted melted jelly coming out the bottom of their toaster like the one here.

Life Lessons In The Kitchen

Here’s what we have learned so far. Kitchen mistakes are not just mistakes; they are life lessons in organization, prioritization, and even common sense. That last one especially is a must without which nothing can go according to plan.

This cook turned on the grill and then spent ten minutes looking for the drip tray only to find out they had left it inside the grill. There were two things out of place here. First of all, leaving the tray inside the appliance, and then turning it on ahead of time. We think they planned on cooking a kitchen disaster here.

Sunkissed Cake

This is a special type of cake that seems to be allergic to the sun. Maybe whoever made the pastry mistakenly added an anti-ultraviolet ray that makes it shrink when exposed to the sun. To make it more palatable, they should have added strawberries and whipped cream on it, then call it a day.

We expect the chef in charge to be having a lousy day wondering where they went wrong. Still, they tried, and we hope that the next batch will be a little better than this one if the recipe is followed a little more closely this time around.

Take This Soggy Bread And Eat It

The way the inside of this bread is raw and the outer part looks both undercooked and overcooked is quite intriguing. That is something one does not see quite often. Surely it was not the plan, but perhaps they should have at least let this dough become brown before they took it out.

This hilarious miss makes one wonder what the chef must have been thinking when they did this. They must have missed a very vital step in the making of this dish. Nonetheless, this dough should have continued to be in that oven for a while before being brought out.

Molten Fish

Ever wondered what it would be like if an animal was in those volcanoes we see on National Geographic? Well, look no more because the rare ‘molten salmonicus’ is in our front, and no, it is not naturally occurring. This fish only appears once every few years when a chef bakes a salmon so much that it looks like the embodiment of a volcanic eruption.

Nevertheless, no one can argue that this dish does not look very cool, like a post-modern artistic design or some satirical commentary about global warming. So now that is out of the way, we have one question that has been bugging our minds. How did that fish taste?

12 Years A Pizza

The baker left this pizza in the oven for way longer than it ought to have been and, the crust looks like if one breaks it, they will find real coal inside. We also find it surprising that the cheese is somehow still intact even after the crust looks blackened.

This is yet another culinary mishap that we know made this person’s day both a little bit hilarious and a little bit stressful because that’s a whole lot of wasted effort right there. Still, they should have heard the smoke alarm go off at some point or something; they would definitely be ordering out after this.

Always Remember To Set The Timer

Except this person was going for black apple pudding, this is definitely not what anyone would expect. This looks like the apple pie dough was left in the oven so long it got burnt, liquefied, and then solidified again. The science behind this phenomenon would be fascinating if the food did not totally burn.

The person who made this dish had to have forgotten to set the timer or did set the timer and left the house entirely. Whatever the case may be, we hope they are more careful next time because leaving the oven on for a long time can be dangerous.

Keep Those Blenders In Check

This issue looks like a scene straight out of those ‘CSI’ shows where the detective comes to the house and finds tomato sauce spread everywhere. Okay, maybe that’s not exactly what happens in the show but what transpired here looks like a crime against that poor wall.

If this photo has taught us anything, it is to always ensure that the lid is secured before blending. If not, the content may very well spread everywhere, and the chef who did it would have to spend their time cleaning that entire area—a small price to pay for what was done to that wall.