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50 Cringy Face Tattoos To Show That Inking Is Not For Everyone

Tattoos are a great way to show off our personality and interests. This artistic form of self-expression has been around for decades, and it doesn’t seem like the practice is going to taper off anytime soon. Just looking around a busy street, we’re sure to find a lot of people with colorful arms and legs – like walking works of art.

For some, however, getting inked on their bodies isn’t enough. What should they do if they are out of skin? Get a face tattoo, of course! This collection of photographs showcases some of the strange and unusual designs people have inked on their faces. From gigantic spiders to fashionable accessories, these creative souls certainly made us wonder, “What were they thinking?”

Why So Serious?

For those of us who grew up watching the Batman movies franchise, we’re all familiar with the villain Joker’s catchphrase, “Why so serious?” A lot of Halloween parties still have people dressed up as the iconic character, painting their cheeks with his iconic smile scars.

This person, however, seems to have taken his Joker costume to the next level, having red lines tattooed on the sides of his mouth like real scars. Aside from that, he also has numerous colorful crosses and shapes all over his face, solidifying his Joker persona. Could someone please shine the Bat-Signal, quick!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Spiders give lots of people the heebie-jeebies, especially those big, dark ones. Their fear is pretty justifiable since numerous species of spiders do pack a painful and venomous bite. That’s why seeing this photo honestly had us confused and going, “Huh?”

We wonder what compelled this man to tattoo a colossal spider right in the middle of his face. Maybe it’s to scare off real ones from climbing onto him? We do have to commend the artistry as the arachnid looks frighteningly real, but we just can’t imagine the sudden panic attack this would give us every time we look in a mirror.

Claiming Drake

All pop culture enthusiasts have that one artist or celebrity that they just can’t get enough of. For some people, it’s rapper and singer Drake, and why not? The man is a talented and well-respected artist in his field. Although a lot of people would claim to be big fans of his, we might have found the one to beat them all.

This woman has a big, bold declaration of her love for Drake tattooed right on her forehead. If this doesn’t scream loyalty, then we don’t know what does. We certainly admire her dedication; we just hope she’s ready for all the stares she’ll be getting in public.

Doggie Blues

Dog tattoos are certainly not a rare sight. They come in all shapes and sizes; some people have intricately detailed portraits of their pets, while others opt for a more cartoonish, minimalistic style. A giant paw print on the face is something we haven’t really seen before, however.

We wonder what the blue paw print on this man’s cheek means to him. Maybe it’s a touching memorial for a pet that has passed, or perhaps he just really likes dogs. Either way, we honestly kind of like it, and if the gentleman’s happy, then that’s all there is to it.

A Good Way To Pass The Time

We’ve all spent countless hours obsessing over hidden picture activity books as a child, where we tried to find specific hidden items among a mess of stuff scattered throughout the book. The man in this photo seems to have taken that childhood pastime too seriously, from the looks of it.

Maybe the guy wanted to have an easy and convenient way to entertain children, and what better way to do that than to tattoo his face with a fun hidden picture search? If he’s ever feeling a bit bored, a look in the mirror could keep him occupied for several minutes as well.

Not So Starry Eyed

Stars are fascinating and always fill us with wonder, so we wouldn’t think twice if anyone wanted some tattooed on them. Nevertheless, hardly anyone is as much a fan of constellations as this woman seems to be, and she’s not scared to announce it to the world.

Although it is pretty common to see star tattoos, it’s still very unusual to have them be front and center on a person’s face. We hope she enjoys the masterpiece done on her, but based on the lady’s resigned expression, there seems to be quite a bit of regret going on.

Mustache Madness

Mustaches have become synonymous with masculinity and strength for some people, so who wouldn’t want to have a permanent one on their face, right? That was probably what this man was thinking as he sat in the tattoo chair, getting this inked under his nose.

Maybe the poor fellow cannot grow his own mustache, or perhaps he just wants his facial hair to look a certain way forever, but we think those red dots above his lips must be painful. Hey, as they say, no pain, no gain. We wonder if he also plans to have his shaved head tattooed to look like he has hair.

Under-Eye Ice Cream

Ice cream is a universally adored dessert. In fact, some people seem to love it so much that they want to see the sweet treat every time they look in the mirror. Don’t believe us? Well, American rapper Gucci Mane is definitely one of these extreme ice cream lovers.

Having a tattoo of an ice cream cone on our face would have seemed like a good idea when we were kids, but Gucci Mane was confident enough to make all his sweet dreams come true as a grown-up. Hey, we’re not ones to judge. In a perfect world, we might consider getting a similar tattoo as well.

Permanent Accessory

Those of us who wear glasses are all too familiar with the hassle they bring. Slipping down our noses, smudging the lenses and obscuring our vision, the list goes on. For all of their faults, however, spectacles do come with benefits, like seeing clearly and they even come in handy as a fashion accessory.

This guy looks like he wanted all the benefits of wearing glasses without actually suffering from blurred vision, so his solution was to tattoo a stylish pair on his face. We just hope he won’t need a real pair down the line; looking like one’s wearing two pairs of spectacles would be even worse.

Just Trace Over The Wrinkles

Grandma here has a genuinely rebellious spirit. She decided to get tattoos, but not on any hidden part of her body; she went for a full coverage tattoo on her face. We are guessing that when the tattoo artist asked the lady what she wanted, she said, “just trace over the wrinkles.”

We commend her brave spirit and are impressed by the elderly matron’s pain endurance capacity at her age. Still, we wish someone had introduced her to some skincare routine in her younger days. It would have saved a lot of work for the tattoo artist.

Goodbye Kitty

All fans of Hello Kitty and Friends are collectively squirming after looking at this face tattoo. It leaves us reeling to realise that something so innocent could be turned this dark. What is notable is that there is no deviation from the original design, yet this kitty looks sinister.

The reason could be this seemingly innocent tattoo’s placement on the man’s forehead. It could also be the blue line that seems to go right through the top of the beloved character’s head that makes it ominous. Whatever the case is, we suspect many childhoods might get ruined by the existence of this tattoo.

Wild Cat Wildness

A tattoo is only as good as the tattoo artist doing the job. Putting something permanently on one’s skin is a big decision, so it’s always advisable to research both the design and the artist before making that leap. A big no-no whenever getting a tattoo is putting one’s fate (and, in this case, one’s face) in the hands of a newbie.

At least that seems to be the case for the lady here, who must have wanted to look fierce with a mighty Bengal Tiger tattoo on her face that looked ready to pounce. To her dismay, she ended up with an extreme cartoon version of that vision instead!

Bring It On

People believe in all sorts of protective charms and rituals that bring them safety and luck in times of trouble. Everything, including artistic dream catchers, horse’s shoes and even rabbit’s feet, serve the purpose of making sure that we remain unharmed.

This gentleman, however, decided that a full-face tattoo that vaguely looks similar to the one that a Roman warrior would have worn is an effective way to protect himself. He even made sure that he got a healthy-sized patch of ink over his goatee. We’re guessing that it’s probably one of his prized assets.


Beauty gurus across the globe give the same advice – to complete the look, clothes and makeup are not enough; one must accessorize. The gentleman in this picture took that advice too seriously when despite getting a face full of ink, he felt that his look was still incomplete.

The difference is that his accessories, just like his face-tats, are of a much more permanent nature than what we would typically expect. We can’t comment on his fashion sense, but one thing is for sure, this man has incredibly high pain tolerance!

Multinational Loyalties

People change their minds all the time, like which fast-food place to order from to the football teams they are rooting for. It could be the reason behind this man having several flags tattooed on his face. We wonder if he plays a game of ‘Eeny, Meenie, Miny, Moe’ to determine which team to support with every new game season.

With that said, his commitment to all those different countries is pretty admirable as he appears to have covered multiple bases in one go. We think the gentleman is likely to end up celebrating regardless of how any match unfolds because his loyalties are so multinational!

Missing Reins

Inspiration for getting inked can come from anywhere and this woman found hers in horses. She may not have been entirely certain how the design would unfold, but we can confirm that the tattoo on her face appears to be mimicking straps that resemble a horse girdle.

Even the hexagram on her forehead, done in an abstract design lacking sharp edges, makes it look like a browband often spotted on cattle ranch stallions. Now, the only bit missing is the reins to complete this unusual equestrian fantasy theme and maybe that’s the next addition she’s planning to get.

Hydraulic Jaw

Creativity is not always a talent that comes easily to all people, but we applaud such moments when it indeed hits the mark. This man envisioned his jaw movements as a mechanical process with a hydraulic-based system and permanently engraved that concept on his cheek.

The detailed three-dimensional visual representation of pistons, valves, rivets, inlets, and outlets is a treat to the eye. He must have endured excruciating pain to execute the idea, but we are here for the results because they are well worth it, in our opinion! We seriously cannot stop staring at this marvelous work of body art.

Lady in Red

The age-old image of a stunning lady in red has persisted through time and different people keep coming up with new ways to embody it. This pretty girl with a red rose tattooed on her forehead is quite high up there on the scoreboard. One cannot help but marvel at such beauty both for the flower and person.

The artist responsible exceptionally executed this eye-catching ink job with brilliant contrast and shadows. We can tell that this fearless young lady knows she’s rocking the look. She paired the final result with crimson earrings, choosing the ultimate fashion accessory to complement her bold design choice.

Kaleidoscopic Eyes

We bet many people did not know that one can have their eyeballs inked! The scope of human interests and fads is genuinely limitless, as demonstrated by this man with multi colors tattooed on the whites of his eyes. The look immediately makes anyone do a double-take, as it definitely takes some getting used to.

The thought of the procedure is enough to make the hairs of our necks stand on edge, but the results look quite intriguing. When the light catches the iris at certain angles, it creates beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns that are hard to ignore. We can only applaud this person’s tolerance for physical discomfort.

Mister Two-Faced

We’ve always assumed that when people say they have eyes at the back of their heads, it was only meant to scare kids into behaving. Well, this man just proved us wrong. He tattooed a pair of eyes at the back of his head to bring the adage to life.

His creativity didn’t end there because he also cut his hair in a way that resembles a beard to create a whole face. While this may look cool to some, we can’t help but wonder if he got weird stares behind his back. We also feel bad that the man doesn’t even get the pleasure of seeing his creation.

Crossed The Line

We need to grasp shapes and their intricacies to appreciate the beauty of the things around us. That’s where geometry and art come in, and some people are so enamored with it that they have it tattooed on their bodies and faces.

From this girl’s linear art piece, we can guess what her favorite subject in school was. Either that, or she’s trying to let the world know that she has crossed way too many lines in life. Whatever the reason is, we have no choice but to recognize her creativity.

Man From Space

This guy in the picture is proof that getting tattooed is more than just making a fashion statement. It can help some people change their identities and shapeshift into aliens from outer space! Who knew adorable extraterrestrials are walking amongst us?

Those two antennas on his face are perplexing. Do they change color or glow in the dark in response to his mood? We can’t help but wonder if this man is related to Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy. In any case, let’s just appreciate how cool green looks on him, plus look at that smile!

Not Done Yet

We’ve all seen those buildings that don’t seem to get finished. The scaffolding and other material are usually there for years on end, making us wonder when exactly the project will be completed. This tat enthusiast is just like those structures, a work in progress, minus the cranes, of course.

Although his body is covered in tattoos and he already spent $28,000, there is apparently still room for more. Since nobody knows the human body better than the owner, we will assume there is still space somewhere for him to needle in some ink.

Cheeky Black Widower

Love is such a powerful emotion that when we feel any bit of affection towards something, we don’t consider it weird if we bring it around everywhere we go. From the looks of it, this guy is very passionate about black widows.

So what did the fanatic do? It’s now permanently tattooed on his face! The position of the art piece is a bit awkward, though, because it makes the owner susceptible to unexpected swats since that’s what people ordinarily do when they see a spider. One thing about this guy that we’ve come to realize is that he’s clearly fearless!

Art Does Not Discriminate

Even though tattoos are essentially a work art and have no bearing on a person’s competence, some people still get tattoo shamed to the point where they aren’t taken seriously for job openings. This guy became the poster child for proud tattoo-loving after he faced that kind of discrimination.

We don’t condone discrimination of any kind but, we wonder what kind of jobs this guy was applying for. Maybe he should consider looking into being a club bouncer or a similar line of work. Anybody would act right on his watch because he looks pretty intimidating. Good luck job hunting, sir.

Facial Flora

The artistry of genuinely creative people knows no bounds. Anything can be an artist’s canvas and in some cases, the face can be too. While some tattoos appear to be mistakes we wouldn’t want to make; this one almost seems to be an exquisite work of art.

This lady has adorned her face with a butterfly, some flowers, and even leaves. The colors are beautifully bright and what’s more, the model appears to look like a pretty sane individual. It’s such a shame that she would have tattoos to distract from her otherwise stunning features. Although we wouldn’t do this, it still looks quite beautiful on her.

Don’t Keep Them Guessing.

It’s no surprise that any man who exudes a certain mystique is alluring to women. The same also holds true for other genders.” Always keep the other person guessing,” they say. This gentleman, on the other hand, isn’t interested in living life by those wise words.

He has no time to enjoy the various stages of a relationship or friendship, in which we slowly learn about another person’s different facets. Before uttering a single word, anyone with whom he is conversing must be made aware of his situation. We appreciate his thoughtfulness, though; he doesn’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Love For Country

Patriotism never goes out of style. In fact, we need more of it now than ever before. With that said, that kind of love is something we wear on our sleeves, not the face. This guy feels so much passion for his country that he wants it to be the first thing people know about him.

Since he’s from the land of the free, the guy can do whatever he wants. Yet, we can’t help but wonder if he could not better express his patriotism through more pro-active means. One thing’s for sure; he must get a lot of people asking to get photographed with him every fourth of July.

Play With Me

Whenever people speak of getting played, it’s usually a figure of speech. By the looks of it, this guy does not mind getting toyed with by every Tom, Dick and Harry. Instead, everyone that interacts with him probably immediately knows upfront that he’s ok with it.

It’s hard to believe this fellow tattooed a chessboard on his face. The reasons for it are a mystery to us but, a feasible explanation is that he is a pro at the game or, at least, wants to be. So he thought it best to have a board for practice all of the time. Well, we can’t argue with that logic.

Arty Tats

Not all tattoos are permanent or long-lasting; some visual artists like John Yuyi, who resides in New York City, use this medium to promote their views on the internet. She applies temporary tattoos and documents them for the world to see, and people love her artistic interpretations.

These abstract drawings on her face almost look like pre-operation procedure markups when the cosmetic surgeon draws on the patient’s skin. The markings serve as a guide for everything that will get tweaked while one is on the surgeon’s table. Well, we’re certainly glad she works with non-permanent tattoos to keep delivering new thought-provoking masterpieces.

Upfront Advertisement

Want a tattoo? Then first check out the tattoo artist’s page on social media and pay attention to the reviews. That is a sure way to find out if the guy is legit or not. The next step is to check their location. Is it clean enough with the proper sterilization methods?

If the premises and all the rest are up to standard, check if their style matches one’s aesthetic. Design samples are ordinarily available in a book or catalog of some sort. Well, this tattoo artist does not need all that; one can simply look at his face to make their selection.

Tackling Those Bad Genes

In science, we learn that genetics highly determine who we all become, from intellect and wit to the color of our eyes. Many of us are lucky to inherit good genes from our parents. While for some other folks, it is quite the opposite, like this guy.

He was unfortunate enough to acquire that dreaded receding hairline, and since he wants to rock long hair, what does he do? He opts to call his favorite tattoo artist to draw that so-called perfect hairline that he yearns for. It is clear from his expression that the results are not what this young man expected.

Deep Blue

How does someone get a tattoo artist to draw their favorite place to hang out? What if that place is a beautiful lake offering peace and tranquility from their day-to-day troubles? Here is one guy’s attempt; his entire face is an underwater scene in a vibrant blue.

Was he looking for that alien-inspired look from the movie avatar or something? All we know is that the man seems pleased with the result, and no one can tell him otherwise. He’s even got a piercing to boot. Yet, there are still some patches of skin left untouched. Now we’re wondering what he has got planned for those areas.


Art can often be abstract and artists can express their intentions or what they mean using shapes, colors and textures. Some people even exclusively choose to communicate their innermost thoughts through art, and tattoos can be an excellent way of conveying a message to the masses.

In this situation, this person has chosen to tattoo an opened zipper on their head. Are they saying that their mind is open to receive whatever the universe has to provide? Or are they just an open-minded person who does not let anything get to them? This one definitely left us with more questions than answers in the end.

Embarrassing Parental Love

Nothing beats a parent’s love. It may not always be perfect because parents are only human after all. Still, we believe anyone with a child will do just about anything to let their young one know just how valued they are. This one, though, took it to an extreme level.

Couldn’t he have just gotten a tattoo of his little one on his arm or even his entire back? We will assume that this dad’s goal was to embarrass his child for the rest of their life. If that’s indeed the case, then well-done, mate, mission accomplished!

The Never-Ending Painting Game

Some children will write on just about any surface they can land their hands on. From the walls to the floor and kitchen counters, they will leave their mark as long as they have a pen and an area that can take the ink. This young man was probably one of those kids.

Then he grew up, and drawing on walls wasn’t an option anymore. So the super creative man’s face became his artistic canvas. If only he had opted for a regular pen, whose stains could get washed off later! How about just getting a good old sketchbook like everyone else that loves to draw?

Losing The Plot

They often say that getting tattoos and piercings can become addictive, but we did not know one could be this hooked. It’s about time we learn to love ourselves just as we are. Yes, easier said than done, but the alternative can be as unsightly as this young man’s visage.

We’re guessing that many of this fellow’s childhood friends would walk right past him in the street, not because they want to ignore him, but because of how unrecognizable the man is. Also, when was the last time he could fully close his mouth? Call us old-fashioned, but that looks painful.

No Swatting Away This Fly

There must be tones of people that slapped this man’s face in an attempt to chase away that annoying fly on his nose. Unfortunately for them, despite their good intentions, they probably got an ungrateful response. Seriously though, of all the creatures that he could choose from, a housefly seemed ideal?

Ordinary nature lovers usually keep a few pets, have a garden that they tend to, or even go out on hikes. Getting an insect tattooed on one’s face is just extreme. We have all done some crazy things when we were younger, and we think this is one of those choices that this man will regret in old age.

Everyday Is Halloween

Picking out Halloween costumes every year is such a hassle. It’s unnecessarily costly and requires so much creativity. So this man decided he would just paint his face, and that would be his one costume for the rest of his life.

How is it even possible to keep a straight face when conversing with a person whose face looks like the cover of an art book? To be fair, though, parents might gladly pay any amount just to have this gentleman entertain their children. So while it might seem crazy to everyone else, it could have been a strategic move on this guy’s part to make some easy cash.

Conceal It

Body art is beautiful, but like everything else, we think it requires some moderation. This guy already had some tattoos inked in, though it seems like, over the years, he grew to dislike them, and his solution? Get them covered all up with more.

While it worked to some extent, we wonder if he’d do the same thing for all of the old ones he wants to cover. Quite a painful, messy process to conceal all that, which makes us think, what was the reason behind getting these tattoos in the first place? If he keeps this up, soon, none of his actual skin will be visible anymore.

A Perplexing Choice

This woman is incredibly beautiful; just look at those striking eyes and that enchanting smile! We can only imagine what she looked like before getting that ink job on her face. We can’t help but wonder, what prompted the young lady to get that design, and why in such a visible placement?

It could be a dare gone wrong, or perhaps she wanted to get something to commemorate a major milestone. Whatever the reasons, we don’t think it was a good idea as she looks, well, a little strange. On the upside, she has a mask for life, so she wouldn’t need much preparation for costume parties.

Super Hero Incoming!

We have seen quite a number of hideous tattoos, but this is on a different level. We understand that the guy is an avid Marvel comics fan, but isn’t getting an almost full-faced purple tattoo design just a bit too much? Clearly, he doesn’t share our sentiments.

While the young man is paying homage to his favorite character, it does seem a bit overdone. At least he wouldn’t need to dress up for a Comic-Con event; he’s already in costume. Also, we wonder if film companies would ever consider hiring the fellow for his services, he wouldn’t need to audition for the role; he already knows what’s required.

Half & Half

Every day, there is a constant tussle between good and evil within us all. While most people intrinsically acknowledge that fact, this guy decided to get some ink to commemorate it. One glance at him, and he sends shivers down our spines; we can only imagine the man’s voice when he speaks!

It seems like he’s entirely accepted that inner duality and felt the need to tell the world about it. This fellow is one of the more compelling embodiments of yin and yang that we have ever seen. Come to think of it, while he might look scary, we’d still love to know the story behind his massive tattoo.

Regrettable YOLO Failure

When the phrase YOLO, made famous by rapper Drake, hit the airwaves, many people took it literally, and while it worked for some, for others, like this guy, it failed spectacularly. His first instinct was to get the tagline tattooed on his forehead to let everyone know that he’s, from now on, living according to that motto.

While we agree that we all should have some fun while we still can, we bet this young man’s choice of tattoo design will come back to bite him in the face (excuse the pun) down the line. Unfortunately, trendy fads like YOLO always fade with time, but sadly his body ink won’t.

Joke’s On Him

Perhaps this guy wanted a clown tattoo on his face, but clearly, the result missed the mark, and it’s definitely no laughing matter for him. That face tattoo looks more like a cross between a cat face painting at a kids’ birthday party and a character from the Sunday newspaper comic strip.

Maybe the tattoo artist responsible can do something to repurpose this hilarious blunder, like add a little more details to make it look like a football player in a jersey and helmet? Or perhaps some whiskers to complete the cat look, although this guy certainly doesn’t look like someone would go for that kind of feline aura.

Don’t Pass This On

This might not be an ideal kind of family tradition to pass on to the next generation. Tattoos of all types of writing or quotes are pretty common on other parts of the body but on the face? Maybe not such a good idea, especially not on top of the lips.

We get that this guy is really into celebrating his family’s practices and principles. Yet some well-meaning older relative probably should have warned him of the possible ramifications of this kind of face art. Still, on the bright side, if he wants to hide it a little bit, he can just grow a mustache over the whole thing.

Regretting That Decision

This lady was probably madly in love at one time, enough to decide to have her partner’s picture tattooed on her face. Not on some easily hidden area like her back or upper arm, but right on the cheek. It was a poor judgment from the get-go, and she realizes that now.

As a general rule, tattoos are not an ideal way to celebrate a relationship. We’ve seen this go south so many times, so learn from the mistakes and regrets of others. Get a bracelet or something. Perhaps have matching couple shirts printed out but permanent ink, especially on the face? That’s bound to end in misery soon enough.

Crocodile Tears

This guy’s face tattoo looks incomplete. With a little more detail and color, he could really go for the Hellboy look here. Then top it off with the right costume and bingo! It’s a sure-win for any Halloween costume party, giving out prizes to amazingly dressed attendees.

Unfortunately, the real story here is more sinister in nature. This guy’s tattoos indicate that he was a member of a notorious gang prevalent in various detainment facilities across the United States. They were known for their illicit practices. With that kind of background, that eerie face ink makes a lot more sense.

Life Choice Displayed

This woman became a vegan and wanted to let everyone know about her major life decision. So she had it tattooed on her face. Nothing wrong with this, but what if she decides to change again sometime in her life? That tattoo will still be there.

Some people might think this is a good idea since servers will automatically give her the vegan options on the menu when she’s at a restaurant. Most people are bound to ignore that, though, and they will probably not assume that the young lady’s vegan just because she has it inked on her face. Wearing a pin saying as much might’ve been better.