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Experts Say This Is How You Should Be Washing Your Sneakers

Nowadays, the purpose of your sneakers is way more than just getting you from one place to another. They are now also meant to feel as though they were intentionally a part of your outfit.

And obviously, as they cannot engage in self-care, they get worn out a lot faster when they’re used often, so your kicks need a little bit of extra tender love and care to go back to looking brand new so that you can continue to impress people with your cool outfits.

Even so, let’s talk real for a second; who hasn’t experienced putting a pair of sneakers into the washer and immediately having to get rid of them afterward because they just lost their shape in the wash? Or maybe, the sole became loose from the upper?

We’ve all definitely been there at some point in our lives. If the question on your mind is “how to properly wash sneakers in the washer,” then you have 100% came to the right place.

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How to Do It the Right Way?

First of all, you need to assess whether your shoes are rigid enough to undergo a few spins and still be durable. The finest solution can be derived by going through the care and cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer on the shoebox or their website.

If you’re assured that machine wash is a safe bet for your sneakers, you should not just end up tossing them immediately in the roller coaster ride.

Here are the pro tips for making sure they just don’t come out clean but are in the right shape.

  • First of all, remove the shoe accessories, which include the inner sole and laces.
  • Before you wash, consider dry brushing your shoe to remove any debris or dirt accumulated on it. It prevents staining the shoe fabric once the water mixes in.
  • To prevent your sneakers from getting too much smacked inside, insert your sneakers, laces, and inner soles in a mesh laundry bag before throwing it in with the regular laundry.
  • The rinse cycle should have cold water and be delicate and short.
  • Liquid detergent and washing powder both are fine but must be gentle with no bleach added.
Unsplash | Don’t we all wish washing sneakers was as easy as laundry

But Prefer Using the Safest Option; Your Hands!

Most shoe manufacturers discourage cleaning sneakers in the washing machine because not all shoes can survive the topsy-turvy cycle. The results manual cleaning can give you would leave you amazed. However, it’s not as easy as the process of rinsing your daily wear.

If you want your sneakers to look as good as new, just follow the steps:

  • The first two steps are the same as machine wash; deconstruction of shoes and brushing of the dirt and debris with a dry brush.
  • Soak your laces and shoe inserts in a tub filled with water while you work on cleaning your sneakers.
  • As the woven shoes are delicate, they need gentle cleaning. Put some liquid or powder detergent and rub it in every corner with a soft scrubber or a toothbrush.
  • Do not bleach the whites to make them whiter; instead, use toothpaste or mix equal parts of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water to make a solution and rub it on the whiter part using a toothbrush.
  • Rinse the shoes thoroughly to ensure the cleaning solution has left the insides and crevices.
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Drying Them Is Yet Another Tricky Step

Generally, people do the above process exactly in the same manner as stated but waste all their efforts by dashing the clean shoes in an automatic dryer. Then, they end up putting their dearest pair in the trash as the sole loosens or the fabric tears apart.

Never ever put your sneakers in the dryer; instead of after they are washed, stuff them with a white paper towel and lay them flat to dry out. Do not place them under direct sunlight; let the laces and sole dry separately, and once completely dry, replace the liners and laces.

You now have them ready to flaunt on the next outdoor trip.