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18 Entitled Brides & Grooms That Gave Their Guests Nightmares

Planning a wedding is not a laughing matter. No one understands the gravity of the occasion as intensely as the bride, who runs on several cups of caffeine, sleeping a lot less than ordinary folks or not at all in the days leading up to the marriage date. The weight of the world is on her shoulders; even though not literally, it certainly feels that way to her.

So we can understand how a usually pleasant woman turns a full 360 degrees in temperament and unleashes the inner beast who becomes intolerably exacting on everyone around her. The list of bad brides and their unfair demands are here for all to read, starting from one who didn’t want to be upstaged on her big day to a woman canceling her wedding because no one was willing to make a $1,500 donation to fund her event.

Do Not Upstage The Bride And Bring $75

Surely, this is a joke. No one would ever put so many terms and conditions for the guests who are supposed to join the couple in celebrating a joyous occasion such as a wedding. Or at least, that’s what we thought before coming upon this note of warning attached to the invitation.

There are so many sour points that we wonder if the invitees pooled together before the marriage to pick the one that annoys everyone enough to drop the idea of even congratulating the bride and the groom. Not only did the lady not want to be upstaged at her wedding, she rudely proclaimed the guests had to bring $75 or more to be let in.

The Wedding Gifts Better Be Worth Over $400

It’s astonishing how some brides expect everyone to fall in line with their efforts to make their dream wedding a reality. Here is one who wanted, no, ‘demanded’ that the people who attend her grand event bring the couple a gift worth nothing less than $400.

She’d think about accepting something slightly lower if they informed her well in advance. That pretty much sums up the long letter the to-be-bride sent out to all her guests. It also included a liberal mention of all the top brands such as ‘Calvin Klein’ and ‘Gucci,’ insisting that the presents meet a certain standard. We have one question – did anyone attend?

Fear The Bride Instead Of The Pandemic

Weddings are expensive affairs, and since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, couples are willing to spend a significant portion of their income and savings to give themselves beautiful and memorable nuptials. In a bid to do so, some brides cross a line that no one should.

In this list of bad brides, one decided to tie the knot during the pandemic that requires everyone to social distance, wear a mask, and do everything they can to survive the crisis. Still, that’s not the worst of it; she urged the guests in not-so-subtle terms to better show up with a sizable gift that would go towards meeting their wedding expenses.

Playing Music For Cash Or Kind?

We are racking our brains to understand what prompted the bride to come up with a trade-off that worked only in her favor. As a town clerk, she should have known better and acted in the interest of one of her fellow-townsmen and made it a win-win for both.

It’s not pleasant to offer an out-of-work DJ free publicity instead of hard cash, especially during the pandemic that has affected many livelihoods. The bride offering to promote them in addition to paying their fair price would have been a much better deal in the name of humanity. Is it wrong of us to expect no one to have turned up to impress her with their resumés and skills?

Serving Food Wearing Bridal Party Attire

It’s customary for brides and grooms to get help from their families and close friends to plan their weddings. There is nothing wrong in requesting assistance here and there to oversee something, provide references, or even for financial aid to tide things over.

The problem arises when the favors turn into demands to cater to the whims and fancies of the bride just because it’s her day. This grievance post is by a third person who offered to help out a friend cater a wedding. The only hiccup was that the bride wanted them to dress up and match the bridal party that requires them to spend quite a bit on their attire they can ill-afford.

Way To Sign A Photographer For A Wedding!

Welcome to a relatable scenario of last-minute hustles, especially while planning a wedding. While it’s hard to find a bride who’s calm and composed throughout the entire process, these eleventh-hour hiccups turn them into a raging storm. Here is a classic example of a super stressed bride trying to find a photographer to cover her special occasion via a friend. Only, she isn’t playing it cool or fair.

She demands the prospective photographer not only chase the previous one who ditched the job for the pending deposit but also measure up to the genius the bride believes her to be. To top it all, the bride expects the friend to do all the talking on her behalf.

Sub-Par Price For Superlative Photography

Feel free to correct us if we are wrong but doesn’t good wedding photography cost upwards of thousands of dollars for a two-hour shoot? That’s nowhere near what the groom mentioned in the post was willing to offer. A total of $80 which translates to $10 per hour for an eight-hour photo shoot, is below the minimum wage for the state of New York, where Buffalo city is located.

Moreover, the groom explicitly wants an experienced professional photographer. People with that kind of expertise would charge much higher and probably won’t be interested in offering their services for such low rates. There should be a regulatory board even for weddings, so the brides and grooms follow fair trade.

Pay The Bride To Be Her Wedding Photographer

After the first read, we took a moment to take all the drama in before taking a deep breath and re-reading the entire post. We are amazed at how the bride, who happens to be a friend of this person, demanded he not only be her wedding photographer for free but also pays her $50 for the honor!

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? The bride should be paying him for capturing her precious moments with her groom for eternity. We have missed a critical memo somewhere, or maybe the world has turned upside down, and that’s how friendships are conducted nowadays. The behavior of those around her who harassed him for refusing is even more disappointing to read.

An Enraged Bride Short On Wedding Gifts

A girl dreamt of a grand wedding and worked hard to make it come true. She spent a lot of money replicating her dream from expensive gowns to the luxurious venue to the exotic cuisine served at dinner. Throwing a party worth $10,000 was hard, but she did it because this was her big moment in life.

Still, the bride expected that she’d recover at least a considerable percentage of her cost via the hard cash and expensive presents she’d get from the guests. It turns out, many of them waltzed into the venue without any. In fact, not a moment later, she threw a fit on social media criticizing everyone who did not bring her a gift.

Maintain Same Height At All Cost

There are many stories about outrageous requests of brides from her bridesmaids, but this one takes the cake. Who would ever make a group of women transform themselves into the same height? Apparently, this lady, who we can safely call bridezilla.

It wasn’t enough that she requested her entourage not to wear heels so they wouldn’t be taller than her; she scratched that and asked for the impossible. As a result, the poor short lady had to buy and walk-in seven and a half inches heels! Yet, even with her bridesmaids’ efforts, the bride still couldn’t be pleased because she did not like the type of shoes the group bought.

A BYOB Wedding Celebration

When a couple wants to cut costs when it comes to alcoholic drinks at their wedding, an option is a cash bar wherein guests would pay for their own booze. Nevertheless, that is the last recourse, because it’s not good to make family and friends spend at a party the bride and groom are throwing.

If the soon-to-be-married couple is short on cash, it’s better to have a simple celebration just so a budget for drinks can be allotted. This bride had no qualms posting her request on social media and even enumerated the beverages her partner preferred. We are pretty sure some eyebrows were raised upon seeing that.

Asking For The Impossible

We can understand that not every bride can afford a designer dress, and that’s okay. Some stores sell affordable wedding dresses, with some looking like they are by expensive brands. This bride made it to the list because of her outrageous request for a gown she wanted for a budget of $10 – including the shipping fee.

Like what the person she spoke to pointed out, the price of transporting the dress alone is already more than the price she mentioned. Also, is there even a wedding gown that’s worth $10? If we are to guess, this lady was only playing a prank on the store she inquired in.

Because The Almighty Said So

Picture this, the owner of the house woke up to a sound coming from the front door. Since it’s a huge mansion, we can assume servants are working there. To the owner’s surprise, the entire household staff was speaking to a group of many people who appeared to be attending a wedding.

The fact cannot be missed, because among them are the bride and groom. It happened for real, when a religious couple thought that the Almighty wanted them to be married at a stranger’s mansion. They went there without even asking the owner’s permission. What’s worst was that they invited their family and friends to attend! Naturally, the story made it to the news.

A Wedding With An Agenda

This isn’t a wedding; it’s a fundraising event! Furthermore, the post’s wording is similar to an advertisement for a concert meant to raise money for a charity. Is this bride even for real, putting a price on her venue seats? It’s safe to say that her bridesmaids and groomsmen will be decided last minute after her friends and family contacted her for the amount they will be donating.

Who would even want to get those seats by spending $500 or $1000? Hopefully, this was a prank because if it’s real, no guests likely arrived at the important event. It would have been better to donate their money to charity than spend it so they could attend this person’s wedding.

Setting The Bar Too High

A person does not get married every other day; that is why it’s natural to have high expectations for the big day. However, a person must not get too carried away and should try to be realistic, something that this bride does not know how to do at all.

We agree that a wedding cake is one of the essential elements of the ceremony, but let’s not set the bar unrealistically high. A cake of such a grand scale would take days of preparation. Maybe this bride does not know anything about baking, or else she wouldn’t have made such a demand.

If Being Ungrateful Had A Face

While the whole world rants about fake friends and how they turn their back on us at times of need, there are only a few gems that stick around through thick and thins. That’s why we call those people lucky who have such gems in their lives.

Let’s just say that some people do not deserve such kindness. This groom is no different from the ungrateful people who are better off without any favors. But, of course, things wouldn’t be wrong if he only rejected the offer but had the audacity to make fun of their car. After dismissing a free BMW and Tesla, we wonder what wonder car he brought to his ceremony.

Someone Needs A Lesson On Body Positivity

It’s the wedding season, and we are all set to attend as many receptions as possible, and right when we feel super excited , we receive a text message like this. This message makes us wonder how a person can be so demanding of their guests.

This bride needs a lesson on body positivity and should be taught to be respectful towards people’s sizes and weights. Deciding on a particular dress code for the bridesmaid is another thing, but making them follow strict rules is pure demeaning and insulting towards the people. On top of all that, she still had some courage left to ask her guests to transfer money to fund her honeymoon.

Is That Too Much To Ask?

We got worried when we heard the bride was in pain, and the pain had gotten to such an extent that she canceled her wedding ceremony. The reason behind the pain must be something severe that she was forced to take such a drastic step.

However, when we got to see the complete picture, we were left speechless. The reason behind the cancelation is so illogical that it is funny to us now. She has dreamt of her big day since she was in diapers, and she is going to make it perfect at a hefty cost, which has to be paid by the guests, LOL.

A Troublesome Wedding

Weddings are an event which everyone enjoys, whether it be the couple or the guests. So, if we think about it, it would take a lot of mishaps to turn such a blissful event into pain for everyone associated with it.

This wedding is an apt example of it, and the person who made the event troublesome even for the groom is the bride herself. Even the hefty amount of $100,000 wasn’t enough for her as she demanded her parents for more, and they had to take a loan. She threw so many tantrums that even her sisters couldn’t take it anymore and preferred their mental well-being over the marriage.