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Wholesome Moments Caught On Camera That Only Dogs Could Provide Us With

Dogs are man’s best friend, and it doesn’t take an animal lover to agree with this statement. These furry four-legged creatures have long-term memories, and anyone can count on them to always remember the bond they share with their beloved companions. They always have their owner’s back and can cheer them up when they need it. The best of all their traits is undoubtedly the fact that dogs are unsung heroes by merely offering their companionship. Let us dig our paws right into some heartwarming moments captured on camera, reminding us that dogs are hilarious and, in every bit, man’s best friends. After all, we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t cheer up by fooling around with a four-legged goofball such as these ones!

When Your Dog Is Broken

Estimates have it that 42.5 million homes in the U.S house a furry companion. They are popular pets because, above all, they are known to protect their owners fiercely. That doesn’t mean that they are immune from being the victims of a good jump scare.

We agree with the sentiment that this pooch might be broken because canines aren’t particularly known for their climbing abilities. There is no rational reason explaining the events that led to this exact moment. The dog possibly saw something worth exploring at the top of the kitchen cabinets, and it just reminds us how dogs can be weirdos.

Is It A Bear, Is It A Dog?

Most people who visit pet adoption centers can never resist the cute little puppies they come across. Once they take one home and start feeding it, these creatures could become gigantic almost overnight. This is a prime example of what we are talking about.

This pet owner should get his pooch checked out just to be sure that it is an actual dog. We probably wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be something different. It resembles a bear, and you know what they say: if it looks like a duck…

Hiding In Plain Sight

We’ve been told that anyone can be anything they want, and we guess the same applies to canines. If a pooch pleases, it can hang out with the ducks and be a duck – at least temporarily. This particular dog did no less.

One look at this photo, and it seems like a bunch of ducks doing what ducks usually do. Anyone can see the odd one out, but it seems like the birds have accepted him, so who are we to point out the obvious?

Master Of Disguise

This photo has a calming effect, conjuring thoughts of being warmly tucked up in bed. The first question we have is where we can get these adorable stuffed animals. The next question is whether the stuffed lot is inspired by the pooch trying to blend in.

The resemblance is uncanny, and anyone might almost miss the cute dog sandwiched amidst the stuffed lot. If anything, this is one pup that is all set to enjoy a good rest. The dog looks like he’s enjoying it too.

Instant Makeover

Dogs need to stretch their legs and get some fresh air as often as possible. That’s why we take them out for walks and take them on frequent trips to the park. Dogs also need regular grooming to trim their fur and nails.

This dog felt that it needed a makeover beyond anything else, and yes, this is the same dog. He got himself all covered in mud when he managed to grab a few minutes away from his owner. One can’t believe it’s the same dog that’s looking white as snow.

Grumpy Dog

Scientists suggest that dogs express themselves more with facial movements whenever they are interacting with humans. That brings us to this unhappy-looking dog, which just leaves us chuckling. One look at this dog’s facial expression, and anyone can tell he’s displeased by something.

The dog and its owner had to leave the park early on this day. That means leaving his friends behind and having his playtime at the park cut short. We hope that, at the very least, the dog’s owner had some treats at hand to appease the pup.

The World Is Crazy

We can all relate to that odd feeling of coming across your teacher, doctor, or even your next-door neighbor out in the world. That’s what this little dog experienced when he met the lady who grooms him outside the salon.

The dog’s face says it all, and he must be wondering what the salon lady is doing out in the world. The world seems crazy all of a sudden because it turns out that the salon lady doesn’t stay there 24/7.

The Best Seat In The House

One thing most pet owners can tell anyone about their pets is that they spend a considerable amount of time lounging around. They will find the perfect spot and plop themselves there for as long as they please. Even the odd spots can make for comfy places for these furry friends.

Here, a pet owner is spending some quality time with his beloved dogs. Only that one of them somehow decided that the top of his head was the comfiest spot. We guess that as a pet owner, somebody must always expect the unexpected.

All Dogs Are Not Alike

Dogs are as unique as human beings in terms of coming in all manner of shapes, sizes, and colors. This cute little pup is exceptionally unique because we don’t see such an extreme two-tone dog too often. Perhaps it’s almost going into camouflage mode.

It looks like the puppy printer had to switch ink after running out of black ink. On the bright side, this isn’t a pooch that’s easy to dog-nap. We wonder what name his owners chose, and we hope it’s something that accounts for his uniqueness.

A Dog’s Worst Nightmare

Dogs and water don’t go together. Washing a pooch is always quite the sport because most dogs just don’t like water, and they would rather avoid it at all costs. The expression on this canine’s face says it all – the horror!

He must have spotted the stuffed dog in the washing machine, and we can only imagine that it is a nightmarish sight for this four-legged furry friend. He’s probably crossing his paws, hoping that he will not be next in line.

Caught In The Act

Dogs are curious creatures by nature, and when they get the chance, they’ll explore every nook and cranny around the house. Leave them alone for a couple of minutes, and thank your lucky stars if they don’t tear down your home.

This dog was caught red-handed, trying to get its paws into this purse. He must have been startled after realizing he was being watched. The expression he has says that he knows better, but he couldn’t resist trying to dig around for something good.

Dog Ate All The Homework

We’ve all heard that unbelievable excuse about a dog eating someone’s homework. We finally traced a photo that serves as evidence of this incredible crime. The tables turned in this case, and this dog ruined everyone’s homework. This teacher had some explaining to do!

We imagine that school was abuzz that day when this teacher broke the sad news to her students. We wonder what happens in this case. Does everyone get extra credits to make up for it? We sure do hope they didn’t have to redo their homework.

What Did They Break?

There’s one other endearing trait about dogs that just makes them hard to resist. They almost wear their hearts on their sleeves, and they show it through their slurpy licks. When somebody gets back home, and they are not jumping up, it means that something’s amiss.

From their looks, it’s almost obvious that this duo did something fishy, and their owner hasn’t stumbled upon it yet. The guilty look on the two pets betrays them, and from their owner’s experience, it seems like they might have broken something.

The Three Misfits

It has happened to the best of us, getting back home and finding a lineup of creatures on the front porch. This photo captures such an experience, only that the homeowner is familiar with the dog and not its friends.

These animals must be up to something because it’s not every day that somebody will encounter a cat, a dog, and a deer hanging out. The bigger question is, where did the deer come from, and where did it go afterward?

Tiger On The Loose

Imagine getting your day started early, and on a walk around your neighborhood, you come across what looks like a wild animal. It’s a sight that could send anyone running for dear life, but somebody feels like they owe their neighborhood the favor of getting a closer look so that they can warn them.

The shadow trickery makes this innocent pooch look like a tiger to anyone who comes across it, and we wouldn’t blame anyone for calling animal control. We must say this neighbor was really brave to even get closer to confirm whether it was really a tiger.

Today I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Cue the famous hit by Bruno Mars, and it looks like this pooch took the lyrics to the next level. The dog is dead asleep, resting its weary head on a fluffy pillow and cozily covered up with a warm blanket.

The owner claims that the dog did it all himself, but we can’t help raising our eyebrows. However, we know that dogs are highly intelligent, and they learn things quite quickly. He might have been trained to tuck himself in, and that’s what he did.

The Sneaky Pooch

Anyone can train their furry friends to fetch, catch, and perform several tricks. The one thing somebody can’t teach their dog is how to be cunning, and it seems like some canines are just naturally sneaky or perhaps too clever.

This cute pup knew that if it barked near the door, his owner would go to investigate. Like clockwork, he barked, and his owner went to check what was up. When his owner was distracted, the cunning dog made away with a slice of pizza.

The Canine Dumbo

The heartwarming tale of the elephant that could fly made us believe that it is not all bad having a pair of huge ears. This unusual trait cuts across different species, and this dog right here is the canine Dumbo.

They said that she would grow into the ears, but then, she didn’t. Perhaps they give her crystal clear hearing. If they ever made an animal-based movie about a dog that could fly, she would be in the running for the lead.

The Pricey Dog Bed

Parents can relate to the frustration of buying toys for their little ones that they only play with a few times or barely even touch. When somebody is the pet parent, they also have to go through the same heartache.

This dog owner bought their pet a $100 dog bed, which his canine companion doesn’t exactly appreciate. The pooch looks like he prefers the comfy floor instead of the luxury bed and perhaps would have appreciated a pillow more.

Wireless Doorbells

Many people now have those wireless charging pads at home, and when you look at this photo, that is what comes to mind. Technology also extends to our pets, and we’ve seen gadgets that dispense treats on a pre-set schedule.

However, these dogs are the original wireless doorbells in a lighthearted sense. Our canine companions will always alert us when somebody is approaching the door well before they knock. They also need to recharge often, and that’s what this lot is doing.

Can’t Handle Its Own Medicine

Ever heard the saying that somebody shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them? This is something that is lost to all pups who will bite at anything, including the very hand that feeds them. What if you turn the tables on them?

This little pup’s expression is priceless, and it shows that he can’t handle it when it’s dished out to him. This is a photo we are sure the family has included in holiday cards, and they also possibly have it framed for display!

A Moving Rock

We’ve seen curiosity compel dogs to climb up kitchen cabinets, and pooches are always keen on exploring their surroundings. This photo captures the curiosity of these animals, and the fluff is probably just sizing up this other animal that looks peculiar.

Perhaps it looked like a moving rock to this curious dog, and he had to crouch to scrutinize it. Knowing how canines are social creatures, we are sure if this was the newest pet in the family, they got along just fine.

Just Lying Around

We’ve agreed that dogs have some peculiar tendencies, and this photo supports it. We think that this was a particularly hot day, and this dog just needed to cool down. Fortunately, there was some water flowing next to the sidewalk, and it did the trick.

When we think about it, dogs sometimes remind us of toddlers. If anyone else would be caught messing around with water by the sidewalk, it’s little tots who don’t know better. This pooch seems to be enjoying the water.

The Unhappy Camper

Every dog owner knows the thrill that comes with getting back home to a fur baby that is excited to see you. Most of the time, even just walking back into the room after leaving your dog for a while gets the same reaction.

In this case, we have one unhappy camper, and we can’t help but laugh about it. It looks like this household welcomed two new dogs, and the resident pet, who used to be the only dog, doesn’t look too happy about sharing his owner’s attention.

Cute Photobombers

If somebody thought that humans are the only ones known to steal the limelight when posing for a photo, this adorable photo gives us a vivid depiction of one of the downsides of having two friends with oversized floppy ears.

Their ears always get in the way and steal all the thunder, but we are sure that the two little guys wouldn’t have it any other way. This also makes yet another great frame-worthy photo. We can hardly imagine what was going on in the other pup’s head.

Perfect Photo

Pet owners have the problem of taking too many photos of their canine companions. Anyone can spot them by their social media posts, and we admit that some of these adorable and funny photos can make us hit that share button.

This photo of a dog that was accompanying its owner on a hike is one of them. We know that animals don’t always cooperate when their owners want them to pose for a photo. The picture is still perfect because it gives us lots of laughs.

Deflated Dog

The other thing anyone can expect from their four-legged friend is that it will contort itself in strange ways sometimes. Then, some have wrinkly faces, and it only makes them so adorable. It all just comes around so effortlessly.

Then there is this dog that is just all sorts of cute with its deflated look. It must be the type that has tonnes of extra skin, and it vividly shows when the pooch is lying on the ground. He also has a huge grin on his face making the photo much cuter.

Dog Queue

If somebody does not like queues, they can relate to those who prefer to do everything online. People can’t always escape queues, and they will somehow find themselves patiently standing in line at the supermarket or bank.

That is how this canine must feel, having to patiently wait at the end of this queue for its treats. This is another aspect that makes our four-legged companions even more adorable because he might have missed the fact that the other pets are of the stuffed variety.

Green With Envy

The physique of different types of dogs depends on their specific breed. There are several variations of each breed, too, with variations in size and color. This Golden Retriever, however, isn’t a shade we have seen before.

After rolling around a freshly mowed lawn, this dog ended up with an instant color change. We must admit it’s quite a unique shade. He would fit perfectly as a member of a Halloween Avengers squad, and that would surely make other pooches green with envy!

Is It A Man? Is It A Dog? It’s A Man-Dog!

Sometimes puppies grow up so quickly that even they don’t realize the changes in their body, let alone their size. This golden retriever knows exactly what we’re talking about. It has jumped on its owner’s hug, and to be fair, it would have all been normal had their shadow not formed this man-dog-looking figure.

Regardless the owner seems to be enjoying it. Given that these dogs can weigh anywhere between 55-74 pounds, it must require a lot of effort for them to be lifted like that. If the dog could smile, it probably would be doing so, just like its favorite person.

We All Have That One Friend…

Anyone who’s ever tried getting a group selfie knows that it’s bound to be a disaster. Just getting everyone to fit in the frame can prove impossible! Of course, that’s hardly an issue when most of the people in the image are making silly faces without even trying.

Humans have figured out ways to communicate that by saying ‘cheese,’ sadly, that’s not the case for these dogs. Although we can’t promise that there wasn’t any barking taking place at the time, it’s not like it worked since they all look like they’ve had better days. Especially the husky in the back. He looks a bit grumpy.

Too Much Cuddling, Not Enough Breathing

We can’t be sure as to why this whole ‘recreating old photos’ trend started, but we have to admit we’re enjoying it a lot. In cases like these, where the child has outgrown the parent, it makes for golden comedy material. Though the top picture is adorable, we wouldn’t want to be the human in the bottom one!

It may as well be used as an example of what not to do when recreating old photos. Even though this kind of cuddling may feel wholesome, we are certain that the human’s having difficulty breathing. At least the pup looks as happy as ever!

Could This Be A New Species?

More times than we care to count, people fall asleep while sunbathing only to wake up burned from top to bottom. This picture here is the exact opposite. This little dog was so excited to finally see snow falling from the sky that he ended up falling asleep in the yard.

Unfortunately, it woke up with his fur covered in snow. As if its day wasn’t going bad enough, its human decided to taunt him forever posting this picture online. A new species wasn’t discovered that day, but maybe, a new prank war was started! We’re sure that this pup has more tricks up its snowy sleeve.

Car Hacks 101

Everyone likes a sports car, but not everyone can actually afford to get one though. Not to worry, because we have a solution! As this picture so cleverly indicates, all we need to transform our ‘90s sedan to a Jaguar, for free, is our four-legged friend.

Who needs flashy hoods, sparkling fresh paint, and tinted windows when we can have everything we ever wanted by simply attaching a dog to the bonnet? It’s highly recommended to use the family dog for it. Otherwise, it may simply run away, and we wouldn’t want that. To use only when the car’s not running!

No Filter Needed

Who hasn’t spent hours after hours fooling around with filters on Instagram? Well, ever since this lady discovered that she has an Instagram filter available to her 24/7, she surely hasn’t! We can’t be sure as to how it all went down, but the result definitely cracked us up.

In fact, on the first inspection, we were having a hard time locating the dog in this picture. Once we saw the snout, though, our lives were changed forever. This picture is so perfect, simply because it’s so impossible to recreate. Believe us; we tried for hours!

The Wholesome Pallette

Saying that dogs sometimes aren’t that smart is an understatement. Not only are these dogs here enjoying their off time under the sun, but they’ve also created the perfect arrangement for them to do so. They couldn’t pick who would sit next to who, so they simply went by color.

No one in that neighborhood will ever need a color palette again! There’s one available for free. Our only advice is to bring enough treats to feed an army while using them to ensure peace. Other than that, we’d just like to thank the son who posted this picture on the internet.

As If The Embarrassment Wasn’t Big Enough!

We’ve all had one of these moments when in retrospect, it would have been better if we were alone when they happened. This four-legged friend here sadly knows that all too well. Not only did he accidentally relieved himself in his sleep, but his owner also made sure to capture his reaction with his camera.

The dog could not have possibly felt more embarrassed. As if being humiliated like that in front of his human wasn’t enough, his Facebook friends will now know too. All that while dreaming of a pepperoni pizza. Who knows, maybe the dog is lactose intolerant!

Get Away From The Couch!

There’s a reason why the word wet doesn’t go well with the word dog, and this picture makes it clear. To be fair, it’s not like the dog here cares a lot about its looks, but its owner probably regrets taking it out on a walk that day.

Seeing the little guy walking, we have to admit that he’s flawless, or at least he feels that way. It’s just too bad that his sparkling white fur is no longer sparkling, or white for that matter. Let’s just hope that he likes baths because there’s no other way for him to be allowed inside the house in this state!

Who’s The Good Girl?

Every single time this little lady went outside to play, she’d realize that her only way of getting back inside wasn’t an option. She could not have been more infuriated by it. Why would her humans lock her out? Was she a bad girl? How would she fend for herself?

Well, she didn’t have to answer all those questions because she figured out a solution. By positioning herself right where the glass door is supposed to be, she could be both outside and inside at the same time! And then they dare say that dogs aren’t smart!

Who, What, Where, When!?

Imagine being abducted and waking up with a huge headache only to find out that some of your private parts have disappeared. No wonder this dog’s so shocked; we can’t even begin to understand his emotional state at that moment! At least he’s all nicely cuddled up in this warm towel.

That face he’s making, though, he couldn’t recreate it even if he was trying to! It’s almost like one of these trending videos with people waking up from having their wisdom teeth removed but in a dog version. Not to worry, we’re quite certain he recovered smoothly.

Teaching A Dog How To Cringe Is A Must

This is what millennials would call cringing. This dog has become an expert at it. Of course, she’s a millennial herself; no wonder she’s so good at it! The poor thing simply decided to give smiling a try, but unfortunately, it looked a bit weird when she did it.

Although she’s, by all means, adorable, if we ever saw a dog making that face on the street, we’d probably have it looked at by a vet. On the other hand, it’s pretty amazing how she’s trying to look happy for her human. All while waiting calmly for the human to grab the lease.

Is This Where They Keep The Food?

When we first saw this picture, we were probably as surprised as that blue-eyed beauty on the right. The pup was merely attempting to yawn after a tasty meal, right before it took its nap, only to have its little sibling interrupt it in the rudest way possible.

It almost looks as though it’s trying to locate any type of food its brother would have hidden in his mouth. The lengths these pups would go to in order to find something to eat. This story is very relatable. To be honest, we’re surprised that the blue-eyed one didn’t even get mad!

Is This Funny To Any Human?

Although this Lego toy was perfect for this guy’s owner to put in his bedroom, the feeling was mutual from the dog’s side. In fact, he almost seems angry at it. With this intense look of despair in his eyes, it’s safe to say that he didn’t appreciate the gesture.

We can just imagine the insecurities kicking in, with the dog wondering if it’s indeed that short or if he has indeed put on some weight. We have to admire the human’s patience and skill for having built this real-sized miniature. We don’t think he’d have gone through all the trouble if he had a mastiff or a hound!

Sweed Dreams

We can’t even begin to imagine the running and playing this dog did before it took a nap on the couch. She seems quite exhausted. That’s not the way to be falling asleep, though; it will only give her a stiff neck when she wakes up!

At least she presented its owner with some comedic gold in the meantime. With her eyes closed and her mouth open, it’s almost as if we’re watching a human sleeping rather than a dog! Surprisingly her teeth are also as white as her fur, so she must have known she’d have her picture taken.

It’s A Kind Of Magic

If that white thing is made of water, then how can he eat it? That was probably what this golden Labrador was thinking when he came across the snow for the first time in his life. It must have been a fun experience, judging by the funny face he’s making.

What more could be possibly wanted? He could drink it; he could eat it; he could even play catch with it! Of course, maybe some warm cocoa or a blanket would be good too. But first, he had to find out all the ways in which he could use the snow.