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Side-Splitting Photos of People Who Cut Straight to the Point

Being in a long-distance relationship can be daunting, and having to be separated after living together for a while is even more intimidating. But then, when you finally get to reunite with your significant other and hold them in your arms, it seems like the time apart was worth it.

Such was the case of this person who made a bold, yet not-so-subtle move by hand-crafting this huge banner. We can only imagine how happy the couple would have been when they finally met again. Now, if everybody were this straightforward about what they want in life, especially about love, there would only be happily-ever-afters!

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

There are only two kinds of people walking the face of the earth; people who build things and spread joy and others who go around just destroying master-pieces. See these two posters here? They pretty much sum up what we are talking about.

This one kid wants a snowman and has the whole thing planned while another one cannot wait for it to get built, just so they could destroy the creation! And not just that, the destruction plan has also been well-schemed. Plain blunt and straightforward! The idea is not so cool, but we think things must have been entertaining afterward.

Likes You – Likes You Not

Being a teacher must be one of the most physically and mentally straining jobs in the world. Throughout their career, educators also learn that not all their pupils would like them or be happy to see them, and sometimes this lesson is learned the hard way.

Then again, we don’t expect kids to be sly and pretentious either. In fact, youngsters are blunter than the adults, which is why we think that this child must have actually favored Mrs. McMahon, if not, they wouldn’t have ”liked” her. Yet, the mentor has not completely won them over and must still keep working on it.

Acceptance on a Dating App

The fix-up game has changed tremendously over the last couple of decades, and there is no denying that it will continue to ‘evolve.’ People even find their soulmates on dating apps, but there are a few exceptional cases who just look for validation— you read that right, and here is proof!

See this girl here who got a match? When she was questioned about her reason for joining the online community, she spilled the beans. She wanted affirmation that she looked pretty and nothing more. At least the girl was not lying about her plan, which is laudable!

Flush, Please!

As far as clear-cut signs go, this flash warning on the toilet is pretty impressive. And we don’t think it is an unnecessary instruction either because some people tend to forget even the basics in life, you know, like flushing after using the loo – honestly, it shouldn’t be that hard!

The instructions are pretty clear – when someone has to get a number two done, they have to press the blue button and flush all of it for once. If they still forget, we expect the admonition to get written in bolder letters, but in terms of emphasis, nobody can top this SOS!

The ATM With A Guinness World Record. Or Is It?

Despite our differences, we could all probably agree on one thing – not having access to something we need urgently could be incredibly frustrating. It could be a Krispy Kreme donut that we have tried to have for a while or even an ATM that seems to be well out of service for a gazillion years.

This specific machine has not been working for such a long time that someone decided to honor it with the much privileged Guinness World Record. Not for being used the most, but for staying unrepaired and broken!

The Weirdest Pickup Line Yet

Sending the first message to your online match might actually be as terrifying as making a public speech. You need to sound like you are interested, but not too clingy already, and not scare them away, hopefully. That is why this first chat is a real puzzle!

For starters, why would someone joke about being out of jail? Well, we have seen super weird pickup lines before, so maybe the guy thought he was super innovative with this idea of a conversation opener. If he was really just out of prison, then props to him, for being honest, and fingers crossed, he did not scare her away!

Love Triangle, With A Selfie Stick

The arrival section at the airport is filled with people feeling super excited to see and embrace their loved ones. They even hold up signs that say something along ‘Welcome back Simon, I love you.’ While these notices are mainly for the passenger to help find their family in the crown, it is also to show them how dearly they were missed.

But this Simon was not that lucky. His girlfriend found the selfie stick (yes, his selfie stick!) and decided to hold up a notice, outrightly saying they were done!

Filter Or No Filter?

Now this clever father has taken matter-of-fact/gruff responses to a whole new level, and we are here for it! As you can see, his daughter is probably a Gen-Z kid, and filters are just a normal thing for her.

But the tables turned when she decided to send him this ultra-cute photo of herself with the flower crown filter, and her dad’s counter snap is just outright blunt and hilarious. Maybe he wanted to prove that people can still look beautiful without a filter. Not sure what her feelings were after looking at this picture, but we think it’s absolutely genius!

The ”Thief!”

Admit it, we have all been there! How many times have we asked our parents for an allowance and dreaded the response? More than twice, for sure! Some of us have moved out of our folks’ house, and still ask for some extra cash every now and then. But that is a whole different story.

Do you see this chat conversation between a mother and her son? The latter is not guilty of actually stealing anything, but her mother thinks otherwise. This is the reply he got for asking for £250. That is one savage mom, and we cannot help but laugh at this witty comeback!

Cutting to The Chase!

This one is going to look a bit too cheesy for some people’s liking— but we cannot help gushing over how freaking adorable this father is. If you still do not understand why the gentleman has a cutout of someone in his hands, don’t fret, we got you covered!

The proud dad went the extra mile to celebrate his son’s graduation by printing out a gigantic photo of his face, and held it up high above his head, just so that the whole world could see. Not so subtle, but definitely cute. We can only wonder what he would do for the young lad’s wedding.

A Concise Review

The internet has a wealth of movie reviews, and occasionally, you come across genuinely hilarious ones. ‘Home Alone’ was one of the biggest Hollywood hits when it came out, and the film still has countless loyal fans to this day. But then there is a random person who doesn’t quite feel the same way about it.

Now he is not the first one to feel like this when watching the family comedy in question. But we must admit that a minor left behind on Christmas fending two criminals off his family property by himself instead of calling the police makes a far more entertaining film.

Irony 101

Sometimes there isn’t a more triumphant feeling than catching someone contradicting themselves and even more so if it’s a figure of authority slipping up. Take this notice, for example, posted to forbid posted flyers. That is the equivalent of using graffiti on a wall to prohibit graffiti on the wall.

But thanks to a diligent passerby with a sense of ironic humor, the tables have been turned. The original poster may not have realized that you cannot outlaw flyers with a flyer, but we are sure they most certainly do now.

For The Love Of Spuds

The occasionally harmless mistake at the workplace is a universally shared experience and a learning curve. But sometimes a colleague might try to shame you publicly for a slip-up. Take Grant, for example; he ordered more frozen french fries than were needed and with devastating consequences.

However, we think that less cash for more fries is always a reason to celebrate and stock up on the deliciousness. Here’s hoping Grant did not end up in much trouble at work for this, but the world could certainly use more sales on these tasty snacks.

Cut To The Chase

Sundays can be delightfully indulgent and lazy, and sometimes people don’t want to leave their houses. So if the local church has had one too many empty pews lately, chances are they’re trying to entice people to come back with an attractive program detailing their Sunday service. However, this particular house of God seems to have cut straight to the chase.

They did not bother detailing what to expect when you come in to pray; they want people actually to show up for a change. We admire a great sense of humor when it comes to marketing, and this is undoubtedly the most cheeky way of getting the congregation together.

Furry Flight

With strict international laws in place for having pets on board an aircraft, we can understand this person’s consternation at coming face to face with a big fuzzy dog in an airplane. When this post went viral online, they did have their question answered but turning it into a social media account was a hilarious stroke of genius.

What makes the whole situation even more comedic is the polite expression on the dog’s face as he turns to the person seated behind. The adorable canine looks perplexed at having his right to being in his seat questioned so bluntly, and we couldn’t agree more.

In Obi-Wan We Trust

It is not uncommon for people worldwide to dedicate a small corner of the house for religious devotions, and often, such areas feature the appropriate imagery. But sometimes, a simple mistake can result in rather embarrassing hilarity.

The ‘Star Wars’ movie franchise is so widely well-known that you would think it almost impossible to confuse its cast with anyone else, let alone Jesus. However, that seems to have happened here. And as if the mix-up wasn’t awkward enough in itself, the child’s decision to post his mom’s mistake online has only made the whole thing funnier.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Teenagers often tend to make less-than-wise choices when they start earning some money to spend. Take this young lady, for example, who decided to get a knife tattoed on her arm much to her father’s dismay. But where most parents would have reacted with a disapproving scolding, this dad is playing the shame game the right way.

Taking to replicating her selfies, he’s made sure she knows how he feels about her decision to get a tattoo. And as disciplining unruly adolescents goes, we are all for this light-hearted and candid approach.

Missing Purple

How does one ask for missing property to be returned around the workplace, by putting up a sign, of course? But there is no guarantee that the missing object will find its way back to its owner.

But in this case, we think the perpetrator hiding the purple marker is just indulging in a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor with their co-worker. A little humorous banter goes a long way, bringing colleagues together at the workplace. However, we hope that the purple marker made it safely back to the rightful person and no other stationery items went mysteriously missing.

Fi(n)ance Security

Spelling mistakes often make for the best comic relief, but the resulting misunderstanding can be inconvenient for those involved. As typos go, mixing ‘Fiance’ and ‘Finance’ is probably one of the most unfortunate ones to get wrong.

It’s bad enough that the poor person misspelled ‘fiance’ in their phone but the co-worker deciding to share it with the whole world is comedy gold. With that said, we do hope that the fiance did not get upset, thinking they were only in it for the money. Let’s hope they are still together!

Love Lost

Although workplace pranks can often be extremely amusing, practical jokes in the office are never without risk of severe consequences. Posting on a friend’s social media feed if they leave their computer logged in is something many have done.

But when this young lady decided to leave a friendly status update on Ellen’s page, she didn’t think it would cause a job-status update of her own. Immediately fired upon discovery, as funny as her original post was, we hope she found employment and financial stability elsewhere soon after.

A Fine Time

Stumbling upon old correspondence, in particular letters and postcards, is always a great experience. The language used is remarkably more elevated than the more informal and relaxed vocabulary of today, and the contents often carry a wealth of elegant sentiments.

But perhaps not in this case. Barbara Graham took the time to purchase a postcard on her holiday to let Jimmy know she was thriving without him on her vacation. We cannot be sure if this is a provocation or an inside joke, but we are certainly glad we came across this possibly unique example of vintage humor.


Social media is a great way to share personal news with the world but how people react to posts remains unpredictable. In this young lady’s case, her post celebrating the fourth anniversary with her boyfriend became the setting for some comical wordplay.

Choosing to flirt with a taken lady on her page is a bold move indeed. But doing it using her pun from the post’s description is a stroke of comedic genius. Though the man broke no law, we can only applaud the young lady’s decision to share this screenshot and to put him in his place.

A Job Half Done

With busy lives juggling family and work, the moms and dads of the world today have their hands full, and sometimes in their exhaustion, hilarity ensues. Co-parenting is an uphill struggle, and modern parenthood comes with its particular brand of pitfalls and triumphs.

In the case of these parents returning to the house from a grocery run, when the mom asked her spouse to put the sleeping baby to bed, he did just that. Finding their baby daughter in bed still strapped to the car seat, she took to social media to hilariously shame her partner for his negligence, and we hope he learned his lesson.

A Concise Conclusion

The decision to leave your workplace for good is fraught with many considerations. You want to ensure an excellent reference for yourself, financial security, and leave your colleagues on the best possible terms. But sometimes you throw caution to the wind and exit on your terms and style.

In this case, Todd has had it at his current job, and he couldn’t care less what the administration thinks of his decision to quit. Though we cannot recommend such a blunt approach to your resignation, Todd wins the day with his hilariously caustic style and devil-may-care attitude.

Google’s Degree

If you’re one of those people who always hit your search engine to look everything up, you’re probably guilty of trying to self-diagnose online. With a wealth of medical information at our fingertips on the internet, the temptation to look up symptoms and find a cure is forever present.

We can only imagine the frustration a qualified health professional must feel when faced with a patient already convinced of what they think they have, thanks to search engines. However, doctors around the world are less than thrilled about the whole phenomenon. And this medical professional took it a step further by leaving this sign up for his patients.

A Sinking Realization

Despite the rise and fall of many a fashion trend, tattoos seem to have hung on to their popularity. But the decision to get one means prepping yourself for handling the pain from the tattoo-gun needle and then living with the end product for the rest of your days.

So when a tattoo goes wrong, it isn’t always clear where the blame falls. But in this comedically ironic case, it does not matter. An anchor’s job is to sink to the bottom, so associating it with staying afloat is far from the smartest choice. We hope her tattoo came with a money-back guarantee.


Nothing jazzes up your look for an evening out like some good old body glitter. The dim lights often found in the hottest nightlife spots can mean we often go a little overboard when reaching for that luxurious looking shimmer. But even the most daring glitter-consumers would think twice before applying a thick coat to their entire face.

We do not know what possessed this young lady to apply that product on her entire face, but in her defense, the packaging clearly states that it is easily washable. She publicly threatened legal action against the company responsible, but we don’t know if they ever went to court.

A Fishy Plot Twist

Children’s books are a great way of spending a diverting evening in the house as they can be fun for both parents and their kids. Part of their charm is the bright illustrations often featured, which is why at first glance, this seems to be a run-of-the-mill page from a generic storybook for young ones.

So though we initially were unsure of where the narrative was going, the unexpected twist at the end had us in stitches. After all, no one expects to find a tale about fishes doomed to an untimely end in a picture book for babies!