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20 Creepiest Coincidences That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Life

Introducing, The 27 Group

The era of Rock n Roll brought about a revolution in the music industry, but there’s a disturbing commonality between some of the biggest legends of that epoch. Singers like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, and Jimi Hendrix all passed away at the age of twenty-seven. Spooky, right? But coincidence?

It could have been, had it not been for scientific research suggesting that musical legends who made it to the top U.K. charts between 1956 to 2007 are two to three times more likely to pass away in their twenties or thirties than common people. This is due to a number of factors including accidental overdoses.

How We Met 11 Years Ago

If you don’t believe in fate already, you’re about to! This is a story of a Chinese couple who met, fell in love, married, and then lived happily ever after. Until they discovered two pictures, both of which were taken eleven years ago. It was of the husband and the wife when they hadn’t officially met.

But here’s the interesting part. The pictures were taken at the same time, in front of the same sculpture in a city in China. The husband edged into the image of his future wife. What are the odds of that happening? Destiny indeed works in mysterious ways!

Vampire Life Hack 101

We’re sure you’ve seen enough Vampire movies to know how they survive in our world. They find their human preys and feed on their blood, but those are all just scary tales meant for Sunday night thrills because such creatures don’t actually exist. Though, now it seems we might have to reconsider that notion.

It appears that a Vampire got tired of hunting down human beings and just chose a shortcut for a hearty dinner. Instead of preying on live people, this person, who had “Vampire” written on his car’s number plate, drove to a blood center. Vampire Life Hack 101, indeed!

The Fall Of An Empire Under The Moon

Byzantine Empire was flourishing, at one point, with its capital being Constantinople, now known as Istanbul. Until the fateful day, when the Ottoman Empire invaded the culture and tore it down. Interestingly, what makes this incident stand out is that the fall of the empire was prophesied in ancient Greek Philosophy.

The prophecy foretold that Constantinople is destined to suffer if the moon behaves irregularly in its movement. And coincidentally enough, that’s exactly what happened! On the night of the invasion in 1453, a lunar eclipse decided the fate of the Byzantine people. The consequences of the historic event marked the end of the Middle Ages.

The Predicted Triumph Of The French

History is jam-packed with strange prophecies and the tales of oracles. One such story is of Merlin, an Arthurian wizard, who prophesied; the things that a woman lost will be regained by another woman.

While this prediction was made long ago, almost three centuries after, the French Queen Isabel signed a treaty that granted English royalty the French succession. This made the kingdom of France lose a lot. But soon after, Joan of Arc, the heroine of France, regained what was lost by Isabel. So coincidentally, a supposedly fictional wizard made a prophecy about a real event! Merlin’s beard!

The Prophecy Of JFK

The assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th U.S. President, sparked a series of conspiracy theories. Out of all, there’s one bizarre incident that happened before the ordeal that might send a chill down your spine.

Before the former president drove down the streets of Dallas, he saw a newspaper article that read less like a political piece and more like a funeral notice of the Kennedys. It certainly managed to infuriate the then-first lady, to whom John said that if somebody wants to target him from a window with a rifle, there’s nothing he can do about it. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

The Payphone Coincidence

Imagine answering a random payphone solely because it was ringing and then talking to someone you know? Your first thought might be, “Is this person stalking me”? We don’t know if this is what one Jason Pegler from Britain thought when he experienced something similar, but we do know that it spooked him a little.

Jason, who was an A.A. repairman, once answered a ringing payphone. It turned out the call was from his colleague, who coincidentally wanted to speak to him! The numbers coincided with each other, and she reached Pegler exactly at the moment when he was passing by the public telephone!

The Cursed Diamond

The “Hope” Diamond is now one of the most valuable jewels in the world, with a carat weight of 45.55, and the estimated price is a mammoth $200–$350 million. You’d love to get your hands on this treasure, won’t you? But hear us out! It seems that whoever gets the ownership of the diamond also suffers the curse of it.

So far, save one, whoever came to possess the jewel, endured a gruesome demise. The list of victims of the cursed diamond even included the French King, Louis XVI, and his wife, Marie Antoinette, who were executed by guillotine during the French Revolution!

The Lee Family Curse

Bruce Lee needs no introduction. The martial artist revolutionized Kung-Fu cinema. So, it’s not surprising that his son, Brandon Lee, also followed the steps of his father and embraced acting/ but, the father-son duo passed away tragically. Brandon’s demise was in fact somewhat linked to the last film that Bruce did, Game of Dea** .

In the movie, there was a scene where a stuntman instructed the actors on how to use prop guns. Coincidentally, Brandon passed away due to a real bullet when he was filming The Crow. If the instructions in Bruce’s movie were followed, the tragedy could’ve been prevented.

Rest In Peace, Mummies

We have seen enough Mummy movies by now to know that you never disturb an Egyptian tomb. But only if the investigators of the tomb of Tutankhamun, an ancient pharaoh, were told the same, a lot of tragedies could have been avoided.

The pharaoh’s crypt pronounced a warning that said, he who shall disturb the resting place of a King shall meet a swift end. And truly enough, six of the people who were a part of the research team passed away in the most gruesome ways. And that is why you should always let the deceased rest in peace, especially when they’re mummies.

Déjà vu

On 18th July 1975, 17-year-old Erksine Ebbin was the unfortunate victim of a fatal accident. A taxi struck Erksine’s moped as he was riding it down a road in Hamilton, Bermuda.

After Erksine’s untimely passing, some strange details came to light. A year before Erksine’s accident, his brother Neville was riding down that very road with the same moped before colliding with a car. It gets more perplexing as the car that struck Neville was the same taxi that struck Erksine, and the same driver was behind the wheel with the exact passenger. Moreover, both boys were 17 years old! Mind-blown.

A Blast From the Past

On 6th August 1945, Tsutomu Yamaguchi was on his way to Hiroshima for a business engagement. If you are well versed in your history, you’ll know that’s the day the historical atomic bomb landed in the unfortunate city of Hiroshima.

Surprisingly, despite the odds, Yamaguchi survived the blast and could even go home after a few days. His home was in the town of Nagasaki! We promise we aren’t making this up. As you already know, the second bomb dropped in Nagasaki a few days later, and Tsutomu survived this as well!

Blind Luck

Finding a four-leaf clover is something we strove for in our youth. If you were lucky enough, you’d have bragging rights for a while and untold luck. It is already hard to get one with your sight in broad daylight but can you imagine pulling off this find when you’re blind?

Still, Reddit-user Uncledude hopped on his subreddit to show off his blind son posing with his latest find; a four-leaf clover. To put this into context, the odds of a blind child getting a four-leaf clover stands at 1 in 247 billion!

He Lives

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were involved in drafting the declaration of independence, making these two historical figures as prominent as one can be. The signing of the declaration began the journey of independence of the USA and total emancipation from the British.

50 years after the signing, John Adams passed away with the famous words: “Thomas Jefferson still survives”. However, this was far from the truth as Jefferson had passed away five hours earlier. Brotherhood and patriotism definitely get a different outlook from this experience. We wonder if the two had a bet going and what the terms were.

The Oval Enigma

Out of all the American presidents we have had, it is quite interesting to learn that only six have brown eyes. This is not even the kicker, as 70 Percent of the American presidents have had blue eyes.

It’s quite weird considering how the stats pit these two eyes against each other, and yet you have the least common being the most common. It gets weirder as we have had eight left-handed presidents, and since World War Two, almost half of the presidents have been left-handed despite statistics showing that just ten percent of the population are lefties.

Tree Bending

When a hurricane hits, we all know your insurance policy is null and void. Still, it seems the car is hurricane-proof for this lucky driver who has probably mastered the art of tree bending or some form of sorcery. How else do you explain this image?

In 2016, Hurricane Dujuan hit the country of Taiwan and the citizens were subject to the mercy of nature. High-speed winds raced across the nation, with speeds reaching 135 miles per hour. The winds were so strong that they managed to uproot a tree next to the car. Luckily the tree’s bend was large enough to avoid crushing the vehicle.

The Immortal

Vladimir Putin is a man of many talents and hobbies. Moreover, the man is the leader of great Russia, making him one of the most powerful people on the planet. So, how he manages to execute all his hobbies and duties has remained a mystery until now.

Recently images of Russian soldiers dating back to the ’20s and ’40s show several soldiers sharing an uncanny resemblance to Putin. Then there’s the issue of the 19th century painting of the Greek general Thanassoulas Valtinos, who also looks a lot like our good man. It seems either Putin is immortal or he shares impeccable genes.

Odd Future

Franz Ferdinand’s assassination is synonymous with triggering one of the worst wars in modern-day history. However, the same assassination is eerily linked to the war’s end. The Archduke was visiting Bosnia to oversee military exercises when some Serbian nationalists attacked him.

Franz escaped, but sadly his driver took a wrong turn, placing them in the path of another Serbian nationalist who quickly dispatched the archduke with two shots. That being said, the car’s number plate A111-118, when written as a date, reads, 11/11/18 which refers to armistice day, the day the war ended. This counts as one of the creepiest coincidences ever.


Nothing screams the ’80s than the dreaded Crying Boy portrait. Originally painted by Giovanni Bragolin, the massive portraits of dejected street urchins were printed en-masse and circulated from the ’50s to the ’70s.

In September 1985, The Sun– a British tabloid- picked up on a very eerie coincidence that had swept the nation. House fires wrecked homes, burning them to the ground but surprisingly left unscathed copies of the ‘crying boy.’ This led to mass hysteria as people thought the paintings were cursed and caused the fire; leading the owners to burn them in massive bonfires. Later on, people discovered that the paintings just had fireproof varnish!


Chris Benoit was a famous WWE wrestler who passed away disconcertingly with his family. But, some strange events occurred before his passing that can make any skeptic a convert.

14 hours before Benoit was found unresponsive, there was a mysterious update on the wrestler’s Wikipedia page alleging that he was having difficulties due to his wife’s passing. The IP address was linked to Stamford, Connecticut, where the WWE headquarters are located. The update was retracted shortly after due to a lack of reliable sources, but as soon as the terrible news came to light, the poster apologized, saying it was all a coincidence. What do you think?