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Creative CV Ideas For Stay-At-Home Parents

Parenting is always challenging. Whether it’s your first kid or second, you have to go through the process without complaining. But the common issue all parents face is losing their own identity. And mind you, it’s not only with moms; even dads go through a similar situation.

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There are even times when one has to take over as a stay-at-home parent. We all know how tough this decision can be as there’s an emotional connection with the complete situation. But even if you’ve been away from the job circuit for a long time, you might one day want to return to work.

Northwestern Medicine | As a working parent, you might’ve been away from the job circuit for quite a while, but you might want to get back one day

Now, when you decide that you want to do this, first pat your back for this amazing decision. But do you know that you might face some issues after such a long hiatus? Your skill-set might have become outdated, and you might have to struggle a bit to get back on track.

In such a situation, there are a few tips you need to follow if you want to land a new job.

Choose the correct resume

A correct resume highlights your talents and experiences, while a wrong one could cost you the job. Try to stick to a proper type of resume, whether it’s functional, chronological, or hybrid, and pay more attention to the skills section.

Don’t add filters

Never hide that you’re a house-husband or a house-wife. Express it in a way that people find it to be a well-thought move. Try pointing out that you took this break from work to improve yourself or to look for growth options in better places. This’d make your resume attractive.

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Jot down your experiences

Now, many of you might think this is obvious. But these are for filling up the gaps. Mention your experiences and skills which you learned while playing the role of a home parent. They should be mentioned in a way that adds a plus point to your resume.

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Stay up-to-date

Try to acquire some relevant skills while parenting. These will be helpful for you in the future and would increase your knowledge base too. Plus, they’ll also keep you updated with upcoming technology or changes. There are numerous learning options available online and a ton of unpaid ones, too, especially if you’re hesitant to pay.

Digital is the new normal

Now with every second thing being online, a digital presence is a must. You need to attach your resume to various digital websites too. If nothing else, at least get an account on LinkedIn, this’ll give you a wider range of career options and can also open new doors for you.

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Summing it up

Whenever you plan to return to the market, there’ll be thousands of obstacles in front of you. But you should be prepared. Look for that one reason which matters and stick to it. With a little hope and support, you can make wonders even when you’re playing the role of a parent.