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Hilarious Construction Fails That Are The Ultimate Facepalm

Construction work should never go wrong. Lousy construction is not only unsafe but also an ever-lasting proof of incompetence and negligence. But sometimes, construction fails are so bad that they can only be good for one thing: to make us laugh out loud! A person probably wouldn’t find these pictures so funny if they happened to live nearby one of these locations. Since we’re looking at someone else’s problems here, we will go by the old saying and assume that “laughing is the best medicine.” Unfortunately, not even a good time will be medicine enough to solve these terrible construction designs. So prepare for some truly remarkable construction fails!

A construction job requires the attention of multiple professionals, crews of workers, some modest budgets, and lots of legal requirements. Still, that’s not enough to ensure that construction work will get done right and in time. And the following pictures prove so unmistakably…

Stairway To Hell

As humans, we cannot avoid but wonder anytime we stumble upon something useless. And is there anything more useless than a set of stairs that leads nowhere? In this corner of the city, someone has installed a set of stairs so confusing that it would make the paradoxical artist M. C. Escher proud. If one goes up, they stumble upon nothing but a massive blank wall. And if one goes down too fast, they will eventually crash against yet another unpassable wall.

We know construction workers like to plan ahead, but do we need to make the stairs before making the doors, rooms, and accesses? It feels too much like a waste of time, money, and resources. And the result is never pretty.

The Doors That Do Not Door

There are complex construction jobs, and then there are easy construction jobs. Designing a billion-dollar stadium? That’s hard enough. Installing a door? That should be a piece of cake. But guess what? More often than we thought, construction workers get doors all wrong. Maybe they installed the handle in an inconvenient place. Or perhaps they made the door hit the wrong place on the wall. Either way, they have failed miserably at what’s likely a simple gig in the business. Who would want a door that does not door? Nobody! But sometimes, one just has to live with what they’ve been given…

As modern privacy issues are becoming more and more of a problem in today’s world, here’s an ancient privacy problem we’ve still not solved. After all, one can’t do anything in private when they’re counting on a door that does not door!

Bringing People Closer Together

We’re all up for ideas that bring people closer together. But we never thought someone would take the notion this literally. If there’s a time and place in which loneliness is a blessing, that’s probably when a person is hitting the lube. It seems like the construction workers who designed this bathroom were not much bothered about privacy features. According to them, the essential thing about peeing is to keep the conversation going and never feel like one is alone. A person just needs to pay special attention to the splatters and not forget to wash their hand in the end.

There’s been no shortage of talking about public health and hygiene in recent months. But if there were one place in the world designed to make a person sick, there’s no denying this would be how its bathrooms would look like.

Where The Streets Have No Common Sense

In the ever-booming city of New York, the streets have no name. But in this unusual town, the streets are lacking something even more important: common sense… In this traffic-jam-inducing construction disaster, someone thought it would be a genius idea to split a 4-lane road into two small lanes, with one going right through the middle of a residential area. This is not only a recipe for hour-long jams. It’s also a recipe for all sorts of road accidents. Not to mention the fact that this town is going to have to live with the shame of having a street this poorly designed!

All bad things can be turned around and transformed into something lovely. When one has a street this bizarre in their town, they can try to turn it into a tourist attraction. People love the tower of Pisa for its inclination, perhaps this urban planning disaster will make it to history as well!

Is This A Dream?

In this maze-like area, the construction workers decided to use all of their spare doors to recreate a scene from what looks like a bad dream. All the right components of a nightmare are here. There’s the inexplicable door near the ceiling, where we assume a little goblin must live. There’s the bathroom door, for men only. There are two extra doors on the side, probably leading somewhere dangerous.

And, just so things get a little bit more real, there’s the mandatory fire extinguisher on the wall. We love how the construction workers have decided to ignore all rules but the safety rules. Well, that could be the after-effects of the dream we suppose.

A Concrete Tragedy

Fortunately, we think this railway line is not in use anymore. Otherwise, one would have probably heard about it on the news… Yes, we would be on the brink of a real tragedy if a train ever took the wrong turn and ended up in this wasteland-like place. The real menace here, though, is not the debris. It’s the negligent work of construction made on the base of this transmission tower. This is a construction fail of epic proportions!

Imagine a train passing by this railway line. It would not only crash on the base of the transmission tower, but it would also probably shook it to the point of making it fall, causing a possible blackout in the city, not to mention the loss of human lives…

The Ghost In The Balcony

Some people dream of having access to a balcony in their homes. And yet, there are still lots of balconies out there that serve no purpose whatsoever. Unless, of course, one takes into account the existence of birds and ghosts. They’re the ones enjoying this beautiful balcony that’s only accessible via drone or climbing rope.

What’s unbelievable is that it took a lot of money, effort, and resources to build that extra, useless balcony that can never be used by a human, of course. Still, the construction workers in charge never thought for one second: “hey, what on Earth are we doing here?”

We’d Rather Swim!

Bridges are one of humanity’s important inventions. But there are some bridges out there that don’t serve its real purpose. Some people love adventures. But we don’t think even a brave enough person would want to take his chances with this bridge. This whole thing seems to be holding on by a thread, and we’re afraid a slight breeze would be enough to take the entire structure down. We know that the lake is probably cold, but we’d rather have an unpleasant Winter swim than give this bizarre bridge a chance.

It is pretty clear that whatever fix we see here is not done by professional hands. That’s a set of 6 bricks placed on top of each other, and they’re meant to support a ton-heavy concrete structure! Everything in here smells of imminent disaster.

Don’t Text And Bike

If trees could talk, they would probably complain about atmospherical pollution and mass-scale deforestation. But not this one. This poor tree seems to have even bigger problems. This construction fail is not only an issue for this tree, but also for the people who use this bike lane.

We cannot forget to mention that a big arrow is painted on the tree. That’s the way the genius people behind this construction fail have found to “remedy” the situation. Dear construction workers, we already know the right way is forward. We just don’t understand why we need to have a massive tree in the middle of our walking path!

We Need To Tsop These Sopt Signs

It’s a term so universally famous that even non-English speakers know what it means. Still, some professionals continue to struggle with spelling the word ‘Stop.’ It’s okay to make a mistake when one is writing the word down or sending a text message. But when one’s job consists of painting the name on the road for all drivers to see, we expect them to get the spelling right! After all, how hard can it be?

In a world where 7-year-olds dissect terms like ‘chiaroscurist’ and ‘pochemuchka’ to win spelling bee contests, these spelling errors appear to be a bit unnatural. Whoever was at fault with this one, the driver certainly won’t be the one to blame for any mishap that follows.

An ATM For The Short…

In this hilariously designed ATM, short people will have no problem reaching the buttons. But is this ATM an accessibility wonder, or is it the other way around? Well, most people are already accustomed to break their backs to get some money. That’s what work and wages are all about. But things were never meant to be this literal.

We can tell that the construction crew guys were probably in a fun mood when they worked on this project. Is it just us, or is this little ATM so caricature-like that we can only imagine Monopoly bucks coming out of there?

…And An ATM For The Tall

Remember our mini-ATM from one picture ago? It’s time to spice things up and present its older brother, the 6-feet high ATM! And yes, one has to be this tall to ride this ride! If a person had to work hard to get some money from the previous ATM, the same could be said about this one. But in this case, it’s more about stretching the body than breaking one’s back. So, in a way, this is a more ergonomic and user-friendly machine. Still, it seems like it wasn’t made for all humans, but NBA players only.

In case one needs some cash urgently, they should just make sure to memorize the position of every single button on the panel. This ATM can be useful for improving cooperation amongst the locals. One will have to keep a loyal friend around at all times, so they can climb on his back in case they need some extra cash for lunch.

Slide To Uncertainty

Slides are lots of fun because, even though it feels like one is falling dangerously, they always know they’re going to land in a safe place. But when slides get too dull and predictable, the people who make them are forced to get a little creative. Although, we are not sure if this design could be awarded for the creativity skill of the construction workers involved.

Parents love to take their kids to the playground because it is supposed to be a safe and appropriate place for children. But when the local playground is filled with holes and concrete, kids will be better off playing video games at home.

So Close…

Is this what happens when one asks two different construction companies to build the doors and the stairs of an apartment? Doors are great because they allow us to enter secluded locations. Stairs are also great because they will enable us to reach high places. But when the doors and the stairs of a building don’t work together, one has the recipe for an unlivable apartment complex.

With rents getting higher and higher, maybe living in this apartment complex isn’t such a bad idea. A little jump to the right and one will be right at the front door. No, we don’t suggest so but the construction staff seemingly had the idea!

Keep The Children Safe

If one wants their local playground to feel safe, but they don’t want it to look like a prison, we’ve got the perfect solution! Just install a gate that provides the false sensation of security. Probably that was the intention of the construction people who came up with a safety measure as useless as this. But whether one believes that or not, there’s no denying to the fact that this gate is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

If a parent is taking their kid to this playground, they should make sure that they don’t get too distracted with their cellphone. It may be a matter of seconds between seeing little Timmy in the swing and running on the other side of the road.

Bad Construction Workers Or Genius Pranksters?

When one installs a bench on the street, it is supposed to be a resting place for the people passing by, and not this mess! But let’s not point our finger to the workers right away… There’s a good chance these particular construction fails were made on purpose! Think about it: the first bench will allow people the possibility of thinking about their life without any distraction (other than a sturdy brick wall, of course). The second one will make for some of the hilarious pranks in the city!

To be honest, do street benches with a view still make sense in today’s world? Most people who sit down for a bit will spend all the time looking at their phones anyway! Secluded street benches are maybe not such a bad idea after all.

The Garage Of No Return

Having access to a garage is becoming a luxury in the current house market. So we can only guess how disappointing it must be to have a garage and still be forced to leave the car outside. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to the owners of this lovely suburban house. They were hoping to get their cars safely parked at night, but they came face to face with a tree issue… Luckily, it seems like they have some extra parking space right next to that inaccessible gate.

On the other hand, props to this family for respecting nature and not tearing that old tree down. It would be a lot easier for them, but they have shown great maturity by allowing it to continue there, despite all of the associated inconveniences.

A Room With A View

For some people, a home is not a home unless it has a cute window in the attic. But, as it seems, not all windows are meant to be used as… well, windows. Some are just there by sheer chance, and this picture is the ultimate proof of it. This facepalm-worthy construction fail is so bizarre that we cannot even find a logical explanation for how this happened. Was the brick wall inside installed later? Is this window only there so the house looks better from the outside?

Either way, the family who lives here is probably fed up with explaining what’s going on in there to their friends and neighbors. Usually, windows offer a great view of the outside. But in this case, it’s the contrary. The people on the inside are clueless, and it’s the outsiders who get impressed with the view from the street.

He Had One Job!

A lot of art goes into installing a window or a door in an apartment building. But this should be no challenge to a skilled construction worker. Sadly, our list is not about skilled construction workers. It’s the other way around. And few construction fails are as evident as these two. In the first picture, a window desperately looks like it’s falling forever. In the second, a door was installed so ambitiously that there’s no way a regular-sized person will ever be able to get there.

There are lots of examples of non-functional houses in modern, avant-garde architecture, like the U.K.’s quirky Upside Down House. But one can somehow immediately tell that these construction fails were never supposed to be a work of art at all!

There Are Easier Ways To Die

We really hope this disaster was immediately taken care of once the house owner noticed it! With the water from the tap aiming directly at two active power sockets, we cannot help but think this whole thing was poorly done on purpose. But if this is a prank, we don’t think it’s a funny one.

Taps and power sockets are two things that always come in handy. But if there’s one way of rendering both useless, that’s by designing one next to the other. In this case, we cannot congratulate the construction workers who have managed to pull off something close to impossible.

They Don’t Want Us To Spin!

How much fun it used to be riding one of these! There was always a kid willing to use his feet to make it spin faster and out of control. But what’s truly out of control is the imagination of the construction workers responsible for this playground disaster. Installing one of these under a concrete building is like planting a tree under a house or building a birdhouse right below a cat’s favorite spot.

Yet again, construction workers have managed to take something fun and ruin it completely. When we thought this couldn’t get any worse, we have noticed there’s a chair in this playground ride that’s not even usable! It’s the one closer in the picture, with a solid iron bar right at the center.

The Sideways Toilet

When it comes to bathrooms, people don’t usually ask for a lot. But our construction workers still find a way to mess it up. In this bathroom, innovation is required when using the toilet. It was so cramped up against the walls that the only way to use it is sideways. We don’t think anyone will find it very relaxing to fulfill their duties in this construction fail.

Even taking a picture of this toilet must’ve been hard! The photographer was forced to stand on top of something to get the right angle and capture the whole restroom. If it’s frustrating even to see it, imagine how hard it must be to use it!

Bravery Or Stupidity?

It’s a centuries-old question: when does a man stops being brave to start being stupid? Where can we draw the line between the two? We think this picture is right at the axis of braveness and stupidity. This repairman has simply found a courageous solution for his problem. But he’s doing his job so boldly that we don’t think he has thoroughly pondered on the consequences. He’s not only using an electric wire to support his entire weight, but he’s also connecting such cable to his metal ladder, risking a possible shock.

Meanwhile, the deliveryman on the right doesn’t seem so impressed about what’s going on to the left of him. So we assume the repairman got away safe. Props for the well-done job, sir, but please don’t repeat this scene ever again!

Overachieving Tap

We all get annoyed when we have to use a weak tap that pours a small amount of water at a slow pace. But overachieving taps are no pleasure either. In this bathroom, the water comes out of the tap such that one needs to go to the shower every time they want to wash their hands. Not to mention that it’s impossible not to get wet while brushing the teeth. Fortunately, the water from the tap is conveniently directed at the shower’s drain, hence preventing potential floods.

Still, this is the type of bathroom that will make a person feel like neglecting their hygiene is okay. There also seems to be a massive leak of water falling right on top of the waste bin, not to mention that the tiles are kind of unattractive.

Manhole Avenue

Manhole covers are made out of cast iron or concrete, which makes them highly resistant and inexpensive. But no matter how cheap a utility hole cover is, does one street need this many? In a street that’s probably called Manhole Avenue, fast access to the sewers is considered a priority. For that reason, tenths of utility hole covers were installed over the years. Why do people need so many manhole covers? We have no idea. But it may have something to do with the fact robbers love to steal these.

In 2004, an estimated 240 thousand manhole and street-drain covers were stolen in the city of Beijing, China alone! And boy, one does not want to fall headfirst in an open street sewer! In our list of construction fails, this is by far not a disastrous idea. Still, it’s a case of misused resources, waste of metal, and overdoing things.

Teasing The Lazy

Here’s a great way of spotting lazy people in the mall: just install a set of regular stairs, but make them look like an escalator! Lazy people will try to use the escalator, only to find out they were tricked and that they have to use their legs like everybody else.

How fun would it be if this was a Halloween prop? There are not many ways of disguising a flight of stairs, but dressing one up like an escalator would make for a fun Halloween costume! Unfortunately, we think these stairs are more about the ‘trick’ than the ‘treat.’

Stick To The Plan

When one spends their entire life reading the instructions, their problem-solving abilities can get conditioned. And that’s the story of how the stairs in this house are forever doomed not to work. House plans are designed in two dimensions, and some construction workers have issues with getting things into a 3D frame of thought. When such happens, disasters are bound to happen. These stairs are so stuck to the plan that they make no sense whatsoever. And we find it striking that nobody noticed that a total fail was on the making during the time it took to build this monument.

We can imagine the look on the face of the people paying for this house when they first laid their eyes on these stairs. This is the sort of thing that makes us lose all faith in humanity, so we can only wonder how they must’ve felt.

Taking The Corner

It’s called soccer in the U.S. and football in the rest of the world. But in this high school, the rules of the game aren’t being taken very seriously, regardless of the name. Corners are an essential part of football. But they were made impossible in this poorly designed football pitch. No player will ever be able to take the spot and cross the ball, because the pitch happens to spread beyond the limits of the school.

It would be like having a basketball field but placing the basket on the parking lot, or having a running track that ends up in a brick wall. Either way, it’s another construction disaster worthy of a facepalm! With a little bit of resilience and the right fair-play attitude, one can open the gate and allow the students to take the corner. It will not look pretty, but it will provide them with a chance to score a goal.

Respect The Rules?

Infrastructure plays an important role when it comes to rules. Think about it: would anyone stay in prison if prisons were not built effectively? Of course not! That’s why we’re not impressed that people keep getting into this “secure” location without any hassle. If that barrier was supposed to work, then someone has not done his job right. It’s easier to invade this place than it is to find a picture of a cat on the Internet. Having no barrier on the site would be better than having this embarrassing display of safety.

Let’s take it on the bright side. In this cruel world, it’s better to have an open door than gates and barriers. And even though outsiders are probably not welcome in this place, we love that they make us feel like it’s the other way around.

Stairs To Stare At

Some people were not paying attention in school because the construction workers must have interpreted the meaning of stairs as something beautiful to stare at, like a piece of art. These guys did such an excellent job finishing the house but got a bit too excited and covered even the entrance with rails.

We would like to believe that the owner of this house is a pole vault jumper who made a special request so as to get some training whenever he leaves or enters the house. But then what if he has kids someday or his elderly mum comes visiting?

An Unsure Zebra Crossing

Wonders never cease on this planet. Even preparatory school kids know that a zebra crossing has stripes across the road with a yellow indicator on either side. However, in this case, it’s unclear whether bright sunny strips have a way of shifting course, probably to adjust welcoming pedestrians to cross over from multiple directions. We’re stumped!

It’s safe to assume that two guys worked on the job and one did the task accurately, only for the other to sleepwalk with a paintbrush in hand. Whatever the logic is, this is not only confusing but also appears very unprofessional.

Shady Parking

We all love to take care of the things we love, like cars, bikes, and all those extra materials in the house that we are not using at the moment. A garage comes in handy for such stuff, especially when it’s built strategically on the ground floor of one’s home. This way, one can pull in and out at will.

Our guy here must have decided to outwit us all by trying to build a perfect nest for his vehicle with a tree shade on top of it. With the doorway partially blocked by Mother Nature, one wonders what size of a car would fit there and how?

Bridging The Gap

Our beloved engineer here must have gone through the syllabus in reverse. Or probably his English teacher did not explain to him clearly that bridging the gap does not mean building a bridge with space in between. What was the guy thinking creating such a frail road for commercial usage?

Such a disaster might be what happens when one plays scrabble too much as a kid, thinking life is all about placing tiles and demolishing them. Imagine a driver unfamiliar with this road driving at full speed at night. One would need some kind of a flying car to get across, or it’s a one-way ticket down.

The Gate To Paradise

Narrow is the gate that leads to paradise. It seems that the architect of this entertainment joint in downtown Wabash, Indiana, might have taken that saying a bit too literally. Just how is one supposed to fly and squeeze through that tiny opening to enjoy the said boutiques and dining spaces?

One could argue that being an arts center, the artist could have been trying a metaphorical display where this building is supposed to be like the door to having fun in this part of town. Whatever the case is, the plot of the design seems to have missed the mark.

Stairway To… The Ceiling

There are a bunch of images online showing how real estate builders hilariously or, in this case, unbelievably manage to mess up even the basic stuff. However, we think this flight of stairs that quite literally leads to the ceiling is in a league of its own.

We have no clue what the constructors had in mind when they put up the structure in the mall, considering that it’s a useless thing to exist there. Unless they have a mechanism to make the stairs float and take the customers to the next floor, this was an absolute failure.

Partly Lit Residence

When looking for a place to dwell, most of us go for homes where we can enjoy natural light as much as we can. That’s also what this tenant probably hoped for until these stairs got erected right across their window, partly restricting the amount of light coming in.

We really hope the government or the construction company consulted them before the stairway got put in because we think it actually might be illegal. Such design errors should not be allowed, and it’s interesting to know who came up with the inspired idea!

Protected Stairs

A lot of jaw-dropping construction fails are on this list, and this one, like the rest, is one-of-a-kind. The side stairs lead straight up to the steel fence, and the only way to get through is by jumping over the barricade. We wonder, who would be doing anything like that while going to the office?

At this point, it just feels like the contractors had too much time and materials in their hands and had this brilliant idea to build the steps. This is a proper waste of resources, which frankly could have gone towards better use than constructing a useless structure.

Limited Access, Literally.

The whole point of having a door is to enable easy access to the room, but when a stair railing obstructs the said door, how is that supposed to work? We don’t know whether this is someone’s storage space or maybe a panic room, but we guess we shall never find out.

It looks like a pull door, so anyone can’t really open it either way. Maybe one is supposed to teleport into the room. Safe to say, the room wasn’t made for mere mortals; we’ve got to have some superpowers to get inside the protected space.

Exit To Current Location

When in a mall, the idea is to follow the signs if one wants to leave, with the exit sign the best way to access the outside world. However, anyone will be left stranded in this galleria if they went through this particular door since they’ll still be in the same spot.

Putting an exit sign above the door, which leads, well, to the exact same place, was not a brilliant idea. One could use the open space and find their way around anyway, and all we can hope for is that all the signs in that place aren’t as misleading as this one.

Foolproof Security

What on earth could these construction workers be thinking while securing the entryway to the lush park, going the extra mile? How hilariously awkward it is to see such a beautifully paved path not falling in line with the gateway!

Well, it might just be the outcome of a dreadful day on the construction laborer’s part, but his colleagues too failed to spot the anomaly. Having missed a few odd inches, they have undoubtedly hiked up the mishap chances besides creating an inconvenience. The visitors of this shady little spot better watch out on their way in!

Top-Notch Surveillance

One would wonder if it did take some thorough pre-thinking to install a security camera behind a board, absolutely out of the public eye! For those who get goosebumps at the mere sight of a video surveillance system, this might be a moment to savor.

Indeed it is hard to believe that such is the scenario of safe-keeping at this particular bank. Perhaps it needs a quick reconfiguration in its settings or a change in its setup. If the camera doesn’t function for long, some might consider it an intentional defect, and they wouldn’t be wrong!

Watch Out Below

Many of us have often walked out a door expecting to hit the solid ground at equal leveling as before, when, much to our surprise, our foot keeps on dropping until we topple over. Nursing the resulting scrapes, one often wonders, why?

Well, the answer has got us stumped, too, as witnessed once again in this image. Construction workers seem to have a particular fondness for leaving a drop after doors for unsuspecting people. All one needs to do is not be paying attention to the way out, and they’ll find themselves nose pressed into the pavement in no time.

The Little Barrier That Would

Here is a visual lesson in the art of insufficiency. Whoever designed this parking entrance barrier was perhaps skimping on a budget because that itsy bitsy little pole isn’t stopping any vehicles from entering the premises, or much else for that matter.

Yet, it does leave one to wonder why no one decided to rectify the oversight after the fact. However, we think that the poor little gateway deserves to get props for still trying to do its job. When it comes to deciding who gets to enter or leave this parking lot, this little barrier truly would, if it only could.

Lofty Amenities

Most of us keep to ourselves when using public toilets, so we’re unlikely ever to notice such a situation in real life. Yet when it’s photographed and right there for us to see like, one can’t help but stare and wonder. Who needs soap from so high up?

Well, according to our guess, perhaps the lofty dispenser is there to cater to really tall people who might have a hard time bending all the way down to the ones by the sinks. In which case, how thoughtful of the design team to be more inclusive, unless this was all quite by accident, of course.