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45+ Amusing People That Made A Life Out of Collectibles

As human beings, we are naturally inclined to hoard things that carry emotional value. While sometimes, we do so because the objects fascinate us to no end. Who’s to say what such things have to be? Or how long does one have to collect them for anything to make sense? Isn’t it true that time seems to stop when we are having fun?

While it is pretty commonplace to find people who take pride in collecting stamps from different countries or sports memorabilia, there are also many folks who gather random things that no one would ever think even to keep, let alone collect. Here are such weird and eccentric collectibles that are nonetheless wonderfully fascinating to behold. The common thread among all these gems is the passion and pride with which all these people have assimilated their treasured collections.

A Habit That Stuck

We must say that’s probably one of the top sticker ball collectibles we’ve ever seen. It isn’t uncommon to store a few for keepsake, but this one blows our minds. Some people collect tickets too. Yet, this is even more fascinating for the sheer number of years it probably took to gather so many to make it into this huge size.

Hats off to the dedication of the person who made this happen. Clearly, it’s not laziness that has led to this unique collection because it takes effort to single-mindedly collect stickers over a long period and make sure to stick them onto the growing ball.

A Buffet Of Things Not To Eat

This picture is eerily fascinating yet terrifying to behold. The number of coins in there has us disturbed but makes us chuckle too. How interesting must the children find them to try and eat them? There are a couple of things on that board that’ll make parents lose their sleep, like the sharp divider and the batteries. We are glad they are out, though.

Oddly, we understand the pediatrician’s rationale behind collecting the objects and displaying them. Nothing works like a warning more than a visual one. We hope the visiting parents heed it and alert the kids’ penchant for putting random things in their mouths, a nightmare for anyone with toddlers at home.

Keys To Keep Forever

Our first thought on seeing this picture – that’s too many motels with missing keys! Over the years, this adorable grandfather visited an impressive number of hotels as a salesman and had this incredible idea to keep the key to every room that he’s stayed in. We wonder how and why this strange fascination occurred to the gentleman.

Well, his collection amounted to such a substantial hoard that the proud man could display it as a map of the U.S.A on his living room wall for all to see and appreciate. We guess the mystery of the lost keys across the country finally got resolved thanks to this picture.

The Coca-Cola Cans Museum

Care for a drink from this wall of cans, anyone? Well, no can do. They are all empty ones that a person has painstakingly collected over the years. To be precise, this beautiful display has all the Coca-Cola someone has had since he was fifteen years old.

What’s more impressive is that it includes several commemorative and special edition cans from countries across the world except for Cuba and North Korea. It’s quite literally a museum of cans that the Cola company would be proud of. Isn’t it super cool and fascinating to see? We’d probably spend an entire day going through each of those rows.

A Collection Born Out Of Boredom

People have so many ways of finding methods to deal with monotony. When work at the office gets too repetitive, people use office supplies to make rubber band shooters or organize office-chair races. Who knew that something as insignificant as a used staple pin could also be a source of entertainment for years on end?

A few people in an office decided to start a collection of used staples just for its sake. They had not expected the whole office to join the venture and keep doing it for several years. What we see here in this picture is the resulting mammoth pile of a used pins collection.

A Wholesome Collection

A doctor’s job is very demanding but equally rewarding. These health professionals get to save lives daily. If that is not gratifying enough, pediatricians regularly receive drawings from their little patients, which become a constant reminder that they are spending their life doing something worthwhile.

Children often express their gratitude through creativity and handmade gifts. When they go to their doctor feeling ill, he treats them and makes them feel all better, or patches up their boo-boos, they thank him by presenting them with their drawings. This pediatrician decided to keep each one that he ever received, resulting in this wholesome collection.

Now I Know My A B C

We have seen various types of collections, but this one is exceptionally fascinating. This collection, started by a Type Designer Clotilde Olyff from Belgium, features stones collected from a nearby beach shaped like the letters of the English Alphabet. How amazing is that?

Only a creative person, such a designer, could have come up with such an idea. According to Clotilde, he gathered all of these stones from a nearby beach. Once he had all twenty-six alphabets in the uppercase, he started to look for the lowercase ones. We can only imagine the amount of time and patience this must have taken.

A Collection With A Limited Shelf Life

Mr. Tom Brown Clemmons NC has a unique hobby. He likes to find and collect apple varieties that have been ‘Lost.’ It is one intensive hobby that requires more dedication, time and patience than a full-time job. We’re guessing he must stay quite busy all year round.

We think so because the fruits of his hard work (pun intended) have a limited shelf-life. Therefore, unlike most other collections where people buy or acquire an item and have it in their collection for life, Mr. Tom must constantly replace the apples as they perish. We commend his dedication and self-control that allows him to resist biting into one of his precious finds.

A Chemistry Fan

We have all had to face the daunting task of memorizing the periodic table in middle school. We used various tricks and methods to help us do that, including putting up prints of the table in front of our desks and using mnemonics to help us remember the sequence.

This gentleman took things a few (hundred) steps further, and he started a collection of all elements of the periodic table in small jars. We are still trying to wrap our brain around the fact that he could get all of them, including the gasses, the precious metals such as gold and platinum, and even the incredibly costly, dangerous, and hard to obtain radioactive ones!

Collecting Clovers

As kids, we would often get told that seeing a wild four-leaf clover was a rare and lucky sight, so we would spend all afternoon searching for the mysterious plant in our backyards. Most of us grew out of that hobby, but apparently, some people still collect these rare leaves up to adulthood.

This person probably has one of the most impressive collections of four-leaf clovers we’ve ever seen. Aside from four-leaf clovers, we also see several five-leaf ones in his collection, making this guy probably the most lucky person in the world! We must wonder how long it took him to gather that many leaves and how many backyards he had to scour to collect them.

Medals Galore

Having an excellent stamp or toy collection is indeed impressive. Yet nothing is more awe-inspiring and amazing than a well-deserved collection of medals. This proud boy posing beside his spectacular medal collection is undoubtedly the pride and joy of his household, and we can’t believe he’s only fourteen!

Chess can be tricky to master for some of us, but not for this little guy! Winning awards since he was a child, we wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to gather more and more medals as he grows up. Pretty soon, this bright young gentleman’s going to need more space on his wall for all the gold.

Super Collection

Watching superhero shows and movies makes most of us feel good and beaming with a sense of camaraderie. That’s why we’re not surprised that people are attached to the characters and get drawn into collecting superhero stuff. Out of all such enthusiasts, however, we think we found the most impressive one.

This person took a photo to showcase his superhero figurines collection, and boy, are we impressed. From sizeable statuettes to more miniature, toy-like replicas, this guy certainly has it all! Not only does he have characters from multiple franchises, but some of them even look pristine and untouched in their boxes.

Monopoly Madness

We’ve all spent countless hours playing and arguing over what most people think is the game that ruins relationships—Monopoly. It doesn’t matter if we’re playing with friends or family; someone is likely to get upset when they lose all their money or when another player else gets to purchase the coveted Boardwalk property.

This woman, however, doesn’t seem to mind the game’s notorious reputation as she set out to collect almost every single variation of the board game, with some of her older models even going as far back as the early 1900s! We must wonder how many times she has played this game and how much Monopoly money she has earned throughout her lifetime.

Historical Hair

There are certainly some people who like putting movie stars and musicians up on a pedestal, and we don’t see anything wrong with that. Still, there are a couple of individuals who seem to take things a bit too far. This person, for instance, has an unusual collection inside his house—locks of hair from famous people.

This person claims to have tresses from some of the most famous personalities who ever lived, such as Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allan Poe, Albert Einstein, and even Ludwig van Beethoven. We wonder how much he spent for these locks of hair; it must have cost him a fair fortune.

Golf Balls With A Story

Playing golf can be a chill and relaxing activity. With the lush grass under our feet, fresh air, and the vast, scenic space around us, it would certainly help us unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. Some golf players love the game so much that they routinely play as much as possible, leading to inevitable damages to their golf balls.

That is most probably what happened to this person who has an impressive collection of damaged golf balls. We wonder if all of those are from his own swings or if he found some already damaged ones on the green. Whatever the case, each and every one of those has got a story to tell, for sure.

Sharp Memorabilia

Sharks are among the more fascinating creatures that dwell under the sea. Numerous books and movies have gotten made about them, and they certainly remain an ever-popular topic of interest. Even today, people often go to aquariums to catch a glimpse of these predators, and some even brave diving underwater for a closer look.

This person, who has an impressive collection of shark teeth, seems to have found a way to satisfy his curiosity without having to swim with the creatures. He gathered these sharp artifacts from the safety of the beach, and we can’t help but admire his vast and varied collection.

Too Good To Eat

Erasers shaped like food were a valued possession when we were young kids, and most of us would spend our recess time on the playground proudly displaying our stash of these cute and colorful stationery items to our friends. Who would have thought that some grown-ups are still on the journey of collecting these knick-knacks?

Well, it turns out there’s at least one person out there who has a massive collection of these sweet-smelling erasers in their house! From pizza and lobster to fruits and pastries, they’ve got a magnificent buffet of sweet and savory erasers. One thing’s for sure; their house must smell so good.

Sandy Shores

The beach is often a go-to destination whenever we vacation in another country or state. Nothing beats the warm sun, salty sea, and smooth sand under our feet on a perfect summer day, so we totally understand if someone wants to bring a piece of their vacation home with them after it’s over.

That was probably what this person was planning as he took home a jar of sand from his very first beach vacation, and it became a tradition. Now, he has a dedicated shelf for his vials, and we can see how much he’s traveled over the years. This makes us want to hop on a plane and spend a day at the beach.

Say Cheese!

Cameras have been around for a long time now, but before they were the sleek, high-tech gadgets we have today, the older models were large, clunky, and slow. Although they didn’t always take the best photos, older cameras helped us see what people were like centuries ago and gave us a glimpse of life in the past.

Owing to their fascinating history, this person decided to collect as many vintage cameras as he could, and we can clearly see how the device has changed over the years. We wonder what all those cameras have captured in the past and how many of them still work.

The Metallic Man

Human beings depend heavily on metal for many of the tools and structures we build and use daily. Nonetheless, unlike modern inventions like the internet that only came to be comparatively recently, metallic objects have been part of our lives ever since ancient man as he evolved through the Iron and Bronze Ages to date.

What seems to change is the wisdom employed in crafting these essential gadgets. This fantastic collection depicts the evolution through different stages of craftsmanship as humans became smarter. It’s a perfect reminder always to cherish what we have now because our ancestors may not have had it so refined.

Doctor Tools

For every household to function smoothly, we need tools. Sometimes one is faced with leakages from the ceiling to the sink; other times, it’s loose hinges and broken furniture, to highlight just a few. All the same, unless one is a full-fledged carpenter or blacksmith, a basic toolbox of around a dozen essential gadgets is enough.

Our friend here nonetheless decided to go overboard and collected every tool imaginable in the market. This guy must have searched for every size, shape, and color of every possible existing device and stacked it in his collection. As a result, we can all imagine that his household never needs to call a plumber or any other technician to fix a problem.

The Invincible Arsenal

Every history student comes across stories about wars that shook the world and nations going up in arms to battle each other. Yet, each of these historical moments also depicts sophistication in terms of armor and combat preparedness. The Royal Armouries located in Leeds, United Kingdom, perfectly represent these different stages of battlefield evolution.

The breathtaking monument has a very high wall full of eye-catching memories of the various historical periods, from how our forefathers fought up to how modern-day armies engage. So before getting wowed by the advanced modern military power, visit this place and pour some libation to our ancestors for thriving even with limited technology.

The Australian Wild Creature Collector

Australia is one of the more unique spots on earth. The region’s hot tropical climate makes it a perfect haven for natural wonders, including a very diverse collection of wildlife. All the same, once a person decides to settle down here, a wild creature’s manual 101 comes in handy to help one cope with the countless intruders.

With that said, this woman decided to see the half-full side of the glass and made it her hobby to collect a sprawling artful display of insects ranging from bugs and beetles to giant spiders and moths. Although visiting her house might creep a person out, one cannot fail to salute her efforts.

Fry Some Rock Eggs

The creativity of the human mind can go a bit overboard, like in the case of our friend here who decided to collect not one but an entire tray of smooth egg-shaped rocks. We can imagine his patience and determination as he searched through many places to get each stone of perfect size and shape.

One must wonder what the guy did after the mission was complete. Maybe he cast a spell that automatically converted them into dinosaur or dragon eggs? Or were they meant to be a prank for his girlfriend so the chap might crack a laugh when the lady unsuccessfully tried to fry them?

A Joyful Collection

It’s a little sad that today’s children mostly only play video games. How about we introduce them to games that engage their minds and also encourage interaction, such as dice games? They may scoff at the idea initially, but we’re confident they will appreciate it after learning how it works. Even parents can get involved and play along with the kids, which makes for perfect bonding time.

Being proud and enthusiastic board game lovers, we love this colorful dice display and hope it can get passed down through future generations. Imagine all the stories that can get shared and history one can learn just through these gaming pieces. How cool would that be?

New-Age Library

Gaming lovers will give up sleep, eating, and even going out with friends, just for their games. So this must be a person that rarely gets anything done, and we don’t blame them, considering their environment. To be fair, though, we still appreciate the artistic display.

Staying in a house with such a collection means that one would never get bored; friends can come over and have a good time playing against each other. We love that it’s all so well organized, and one can easily search for and pick out whatever they need at a particular time. While a library stacked with books is nice, this is something we wouldn’t mind having either.

A Culinary Masterpiece

This image must already be inspiring people that love to decorate with different new ideas to revamp their kitchens. While such spoons would be a treasure to own, they might be almost impossible to find today, but keep an open mind and consider other options that might be more readily available.

Besides having functional pieces in one’s home, it’s nice to have artistic elements such as these, which are history carriers and act as great conversation starters. Whoever put this together may have just wanted to display their rarely-shaped vintage spoons. They instead ended up putting together a masterpiece that will be unforgettable to anyone who comes across it.

Looking Sharp There

While the art of physically writing is now slowly fading away, it really shouldn’t be the case. Yes, technology is meant to make things easy for us, but there’s something about hand-writing down one’s thoughts and emotions, making them more concrete and easier to deal with. That should be protected at all costs.

Imagine if they kept making sharpeners such as these; who wouldn’t want to write? If not for the sake of expressing oneself, people would buy such a tool just for artistic purposes such as this. This is such a beautiful exhibit, and we cannot thank the person who put this together enough.

Covetable Coinage

We’re not sure how this person was able to find these rare pieces, but they’re undoubtedly determined folks. Most of us would never have evidence of such rich history of our country unless it’s availed to us through such means. So while this person may have been collecting because they loved to, this is a priceless gift to younger generations.

Forget magnificent paintings and sculptures; this is art at its peak. It sparks conversations about different states, what they’re known for, and the challenges that they have been through and overcome. So much to learn and address through these once purely functional and now incredibly artistic-looking coins.

There’s Nothing Like Enough Bowling Balls

When we go to a gaming arena and see a bowling alley, our first instinct is to get our name on that board, grab hold of a nice ball, throw it with a perfect swing, and watch the pins fall apart. Yet, not everybody has the same plan as us.

So, of course, we are talking about this one whom we can see is standing on a pyramid of bowling balls with utter pride. We have seen many people with weird hobbies, but this one stands out of all. With the pyramid consisting of 1,785 balls, we wonder how much time he spent collecting them.

Art Is In Every Corner

When people say that beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder, there’s truth in it. Otherwise, how would someone justify the beauty of the art that this person saw in these matchboxes? It just goes to show how we humans can admire even minute things.

He took his love for the matchboxes a bit too far and eventually started collecting them. Now we can’t help but stare at the small rectangular cubes lying on our kitchen counter. Maybe we can also manage to find the art in it and save our boxes from being thrown into the waste bin.

Quack Quack!

Just imagine having a nice bath in this person’s bathroom; how wonderful would it be! With all the cute little rubber duckies floating around, it would bring back so many of our childhood memories; and who doesn’t like to reminisce a few days from back then once in a while?

It looks like this person must had the best childhood ever though, or why would anyone want to be reminded of the past all the time! We tend to grow out of many things as we grow older, but this guy clearly doesn’t get the idea and continues to stick with his basics.

True Fan Goals

Now that’s what we call being a true fan! Just take a look at the room; we can hear voices scream ‘Star Wars’ from every nook and cranny of the room. So many claim to be fans of something, but only a few hit the mark of craze, and this person hit it right out of the park.

It feels like we have entered into a theme shop that is specially customized for the fans of the inter-galactic series. If we were to be in this person’s place, we would make sure to boast about our collection in front of our friends while the iconic ‘Star Wars’ theme music plays in the background.

Let’s Keep Them Handy

None of us likes to write with pencils that are the size of a minion, but one cannot deny their importance. When the teacher asks us to write down important notes and we have nothing to write with, these pencils peek from the corners of our bag and become lifesavers.

We won’t be surprised if this turns out to be the reason why someone decided to collect so many of those over-sharpened pencils. When everyone else would be desperately searching their pockets to scribble something down, he would be smiling with these little buddies in his hands.

Hot Wheels for Life

Durable and sturdy, the Hot Wheel cars are easily among prized collectibles seeing how everyone fancied them in their younger ages. The toy mobiles come in all colors and models imaginable, so it certainly would be impressive to own all of them. This, for a majority of people, remains a far-fetched dream.

As it were, this collector has been accumulating these sweet rims and has lined his wall from corner to corner. Best of all, the company that makes these toys releases a new one annually which means that this hobbyist is set for life! Just imagine how cool it would be if it went on for generations. Just the thought makes us smile for sure.

Birdhouse Decor

There is never a time to not be vocal about the kindness to animals and birds and this lady is surely making a statement of it. The compassionate woman has the front of her house lined with not one or two, but numerous birdhouses.

In addition to these tiny structures being functional in offering the winged creatures some shelter, they are a pleasing sight to the eye. From kindness to nature, unconventional décor for the larger structure was birthed and we must admit that we like the look of things. Here’s hoping she will continue to expand on this beautiful collection and generous gesture.

McDonald’s Museum

Who does not enjoy the tantalizing pleasure of sinking their teeth into a juicy McDonald’s burger? But nobody can claim being such an avid fan of the chain more than Mike Fountaine; so much so, that the 60-year-old is a franchise owner. He not only enjoys indulging in the delicacies, but he has also dedicated a whopping 7500 square feet of his home to memorabilia items from the restaurant chain.

As incredible as this is, we view the awe-inspiring collection as a museum capsule. From Happy meal toys, lapel pins, limited-edition cups, to other trinkets, he has them all. These items will inevitably be of value when looking back at the evolution and growth of the Mighty Mac!

The Seed Catalogue

People have had hobbies that include the collection of items since the dawn of time. When we look at the end results of some of these, it is hard to imagine that some of them were fun at all. Like this seed collection that a social media user found in the attic belonging to their grandfather.

With how pristine and professionally cataloged the selection is, we cannot help but be proud of this elderly man. Perhaps some of these are even viable for planting and could kickstart a cool plantation. Such commitment is commendable and we can only hope for even half of this man’s patience.

Infinite Ties

How far will one go to ensure that they constantly have a tie to match all of their outfits? This gentleman demonstrates that he will go quite the distance as shown by the wide collection he has accumulated. He will definitely catch the eyes of some ladies who love a man in a tie!

These accessories are as colorful as they are numerous, and will no doubt elevate any and all clothes that the owner dons. We are almost tempted to extend unending dinner invites to him just so he can wear these pieces infinitely; there is hope yet, right?

Sands Of Time

Travelling brings a kind of joy that is hard to put into words. We always love the start of the holiday but dread the end of it, wishing that we could take a part of the experience back home with us. Most people bring back souvenirs, but this lady found a way to truly bring back a part of any place she visits.

She takes a handful of sand from any destination and stores them in a sleek glass vase. The collection looks like a piece of art and showcases how stunningly different the sand from each location can be. What an amazing way to capture memories!

Transformers Assemble

While ‘Marvel’ and ‘DC’ superheroes have a huge fan following and several thousand collectible items, there is a sub-fanbase for the ‘Transformers’ that not many know of. The movie showcases a race of automobile-based robots that can transform into a humanoid form. Its storyline that deals with clashes between the good guys ‘Autobots’ and the bad guys ‘Decepticons’ have captured millions’ attention.

This person, in particular, has fallen in love with these machines. He started the collection as a hobby, but it grew to impressive proportions. We can see the original characters as well as their car versions in this picture. Now we just need to wait for Optimus Prime to call his fellows to action.

Building A Collection

When we talk about building a collection we do not mean building it literally with bricks. Yet, this guy made a collection of bricks from around the world and somehow managed to make it look impressive. The blocks’ different shapes, sizes and colors are testaments of human ingenuity.

They are made of different materials such as clay, limestone, various sand mixtures and pebbles. Some of these are fairly recent acquisitions but some date back to the 1900s. Displayed like this along with books about the subject makes us stop and stare, and wonder what the stories are behind each building that the bricks hails from.

A Warning Wall

This collection is not as menacing as it looks. It is, in fact, put in place to help people by warning them to be more careful when they drive. It is a collection put together by a car repair shop of all the things they have had to remove from the tires.

All these metal objects have caused tires to get punctured, warranting a trip to the repair shop and probably the emergency room too. While nails are the expected culprit, we are curious about some of the larger pieces. How did a whole metal bar get stuck in the tire?

I Choose This

Pokémon (short for Pocket Monsters) is a globally famous anime series that showcases imaginary animals with various powers. Most of us know about Pokémon and adore them, and it is natural that with the worldwide fanbase, there are various collectors of this anime’s memorabilia.

Nevertheless, there is none as big as this collection owned by Lisa Courtney from the UK. Courtney’s collection has an astounding sixteen thousand individual items, and much of these are plushies. She must certainly have some world-class negotiation skills to get her parents to allow her to buy all these! Maybe we should get a lesson from her?

Back Itch Won’t Be A Problem

People who often travel to different places take souvenirs with them when they go home. Of course, the keepsake could be various things, but fridge magnets, shot glasses, mugs, and postcards are the most common. Those who go to places with beaches even take sand as souvenirs, which they encase in bottles.

Manfred S. Rothstein is not like any other traveler, because for him, the top memorabilia to collect are back scratchers. The North Carolina dermatologist has a collection of 675 of the scratching tool that he’s taken home from the 71 countries he visited. One thing’s for sure, Rothstein won’t have a problem in case his back itches at home!

Fragrant Hoard

When people pass by the house of Carol Vaugn in Birmingham, United Kingdom, they would likely notice its lovely smell. Even if it’s just a guess, there is a big chance the lady’s home smells so good because she collected 5,000 soap bars.

It’s not unusual for people to take home soap bars during their travels because there are often excess ones from the hotel rooms they stay in. Somehow, it’s different from Vaugn because much of the ones she’s collected look like they don’t come cheap. The woman must have spent a lot of money with all the units she has amassed; it’s okay, as long as they tickle her fancy.

That’s A Lot Of Toenails

Some collections wouldn’t elicit a smile from people who sees them because some are just too weird. It would come as a surprise, but there are strange individuals who collect hair cuttings and belly button fluff – yes, the last one is totally off-putting.

These people in the photo collect something unusual, too, and they are toenail clippings. Some would think the collection is gross, so it’s a good thing they are sealed in plastic bags. Of course, these three don’t share some kind of fixation on toenails; they just collect them for research. As to the purpose behind their experimentation – that’s something we can only guess.

A Stockpile Of Daleks

Rob Hull would probably win if there was a contest for the most devoted fan of the British science fiction television show ‘Doctor Who.’ Included in this photo is evidence of his devotion; a collection of 571 Daleks. Since this was way back in 2011, Hull’s hoard has likely doubled.

Those who have no idea what Daleks are, they are an extraterrestrial race of mutants featured in ‘Doctor Who.’ The cyborg aliens are The Doctor’s greatest enemy because their kind is violent and ruthless. We cannot understand why this true blue fan chose these villains out of all the possible collectibles from the show.

Stand Under My Umbrella…Sleeves

We can just imagine people scratching their heads after finding out about Nancy Hoffman’s strange collection. We had the same reaction because it’s unusual to collect umbrella cover sleeves. It would have been more reasonable to collect umbrellas if she’s fascinated with them – keeping their encasing is simply astonishing.

If we are to guess, the Peaks Island resident must have noticed that she owns umbrella covers that she doesn’t have any use of. So, she decided it would be a great thing to gather for a collection. Since the lady regularly buys umbrellas, it wouldn’t be long before she can rack up many. Today, Hoffman owns a total of 730 parasol sleeves – something she’s proud of!