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These Plastic Wrap Hacks Are Practical And Easy To Follow

Every household uses plastic wrap to seal and secure food in containers, jars and even keep fruits fresh. Sometimes, it’s also used to wrap sandwiches and cover leftovers to refrigerate. Besides that, the plastic wrap usually lies untouched in the cupboards for months on end. This is common for homes where residents haven’t realized the true multi-functional potential of the thin film.

Here’s a long list of things anyone can accomplish by using the seemingly uni-dimensional kitchen staple. As people scroll through the diverse cling film hacks, from lowering the energy bill to poaching an egg, they’ll never again let the plastic wrap rest in one corner of the house. Time to take full advantage of this product and solve many household problems right away.

Seal Windows To Reduce Energy Bill

As the temperature drops, our concerns over ending up with monster energy bills rise. If there is a chance something can be done to reduce the payout, one should grab it with both hands. In this case, trapping the heat inside instead of letting it out through gaps in the windows is an excellent way to save money.

Use the inexpensive cling film to cover the windows and secure them with double-sided tape. Blow drying it will ensure that it’s appropriately sealed, trapping the draft in between layers, which keeps the house warm. This works as a temporary solution until the windows are sealed permanently.

No More Tangled Jewelry On Travels

Is there anyone who hasn’t spent hours untangling their jewelry pieces? Sometimes, in a hurry, we’ve even ended up damaging a few. What a bother, really. Want to know a neat hack to prevent this from happening? A readily available house item – the cling film is the perfect solution.

Instead of carrying around chunky boxes to keep various jewelry pieces during travel, simply wrap each separately in a cling film. It will save not only space but also the hassle of having to untangle and straighten each piece. Isn’t it an easy and convenient way to store those precious items?

Wrapping Around The Christmas Tree

Setting up the Christmas tree with lots of embellishments hanging from it is super fun to do with the rest of the family, even though it’s a lot of work. However, it can get a lot messier when the holiday season is over and the time comes to put it away.

To make this task easier, all one has to do is plastic wrap the whole tree and the beautiful decorations. Once it’s secured tightly, the tree can be stored until the following year, and it will be a joy to unwrap and decorate all over again while surrounded by loved ones.

Extra Protection For Moving Furniture

When moving houses, one of the main concerns is to transfer the furniture without damaging them. No matter how protective layers are wrapped around them, there is always this niggling doubt that we haven’t done enough. With cling film, one can be rest assured, the wooden chests and desks are safe.

Take care to wrap the entire furniture tightly to lessen the impact on it while in transit. Also, this hack prevents the drawers from sliding out and the cupboards from opening. Once the transfer is done, it’s easy to notice that they have been delivered without a scratch on them.

Say Goodbye To Messy Painting

This hack is mainly for those DIY enthusiasts who love to pick up a paintbrush to do their rooms. Painting can get messy even on better days, so it’s always wise to be prepared for the worse. No one would want the paint anywhere else other than the walls, right?

So, wrap all the furniture in the room with cling film to protect them from even a wayward drop of paint from getting on them. Once all the objects in the room are securely cosseted under a layer of plastic wrap, one can thoroughly enjoy the process of painting the room. Easy peasy, isn’t it?

No More Liquid Spills

While traveling, it’s always refreshing to take a sip from a cuppa. Unfortunately, there’s this curse that befalls drinking while in transit–spillage. Now, how does one break that bane? The magic lies in using household items like cling films to do one’s bidding.

Prepare the drink–a tall glass of zesty OJ perhaps, then cover it with a cling wrap before sealing it shut with a lid. No more spills, even if someone jives all the way to work holding the juice in their hands. It’s hacks like these that make us breathe easy.

DIY Sippy Cups For Kids-At-Heart

Let’s be honest, how many of us have envied a kid drinking from a sippy cup? Too many of us, right. As adults, we’ll get weird looks sent our way if we walk around at work or home with those cute little cups with side ears for holders.

So, here’s what we can do to prepare a temporary one for our kids and us, who like sippy cups so much. Take a regular cup or a tall glass, pour any preferred drink, cover it with a cling film, then poke a hole in the center and put a straw through it. Now it’s ready for a sip!

Perfectly Poached Egg, Anyone?

Cling films are magical commodities that can do anything we wish. That’s what we’ve come to believe after realizing how useful they are around the house. Is there anything that cannot be solved with a simple plastic wrap? Poach an egg? No, it can do that too.

Take a food-grade wrap and cover a bowl with it, then spritz some oil on so it won’t stick to the cling film. Slowly crack an egg onto the wrap, tie the corners into a neat knot, drop it into the boiling water, and cook for six minutes. A yummy poached egg is ready!

For Protecting Potted Plants

Ask the gardening enthusiasts how it hurts when plants succumb to cold weather of all things. What if we said there’s an easy and inexpensive way to protect outdoor potted plants from giving up during the cooler seasons? Believe us; it will work!

A handy plastic wrap comes to the rescue again. Collect a few sticks or iron rods and place them into the pot around the plant. Then wrap a couple of layers of cling film around the posts up to the top. This way, even if the cold weather sets in, the plant is warm and cozy inside the make-shift greenhouse.

Rescue Makeup With Plastic Wrap

Anyone who ever used cosmetics would agree that dropping a compact is the makeup equivalent of stepping on a Lego block. The only difference is that we experience emotional pain rather than physical. So if one has a shattered palette sitting at the back of a cupboard, congratulations, we can rescue it!

Simply spritz the broken powder with some rubbing alcohol, wait a few seconds for it to be absorbed into the product, cover it with a piece of plastic wrap, and press it with a coin. Viola! The palette is good as new!

An Added Layer For Cleanliness

Who doesn’t like a spotless fridge? It is, after all, the place where we store food, but cleaning the refrigerator is not an easy chore. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Luckily, we found a way to make this much more simple.

Next time the fridge is cleaned, add a layer of cling wrap to the shelves before restocking them. The wrap will catch all the dust and spills, and tidying it up the next time around will be quick as one only needs to peel off the wrap and chuck it in the bin.

Ointment Efficiency Booster

Aches and pains are no strangers to us, aren’t they? We all have had injuries brought about by our clumsiness, bad posture, or accidents. We have all wished for a magic ointment that would help us recover quickly, and there’s plenty of good ones in the market.

This hack will not exactly turn the pain ointment into a magical one, but it can increase its effectiveness. After rubbing the balm into the skin, cover it with a layer of plastic wrap. Doing this will help increase its heating effect, and the aches will soon fade. Make sure to do a patch test in case of sensitive skin.

Let Us Preserve The Lettuce

A good salad is incomplete without some crunchy lettuce. Sadly keeping the leafy greens crisp for more than a couple of days seems impossible. Since necessity is the mother of invention, and we discovered a way to keep our favorite Caesar salad ingredient fresh as ever.

First, wash and pat dry the leaves and place them in a bowl. Then place a slightly damp paper napkin on the top and cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap. Though this doesn’t grant the veggie eternal life, we promise the lettuce will be good for at least a week.

Fresh As A Daisy

Flowers symbolize powerful emotions such as love, empathy, hope, and happiness. A bouquet can brighten someone’s day and help them maintain a smile even in tough situations. We can never go wrong with flowers unless, of course, they are wilted!

To make sure that the flowers stay healthy and fresh for as long as possible, cut off about an inch of the stem, place them on a damp paper towel, and wrap it along with a strip of plastic wrap. This hack will increase their longevity, and we can enjoy them for a few extra days.

Mess-Free Blending

The blender is an invention that has made life so much easier for people who cook. We love our mixing machines even if they create a little mess when we use them, don’t we? Well, here is a trick that will help us have less cleaning time when using the mixer.

After adding the ingredients into the jar, cover the top with a layer of plastic wrap and then put the lid on. It creates an air-tight seal and stops the little food splatters from escaping the jar and going into the countertops. Neat, huh?

Keeping It Together

When we see that the recipe calls for meat tenderisation, we know that the final dish will be delicious, with no exceptions. Moreover, the cooking process itself can be pretty enjoyable as it allows one to channel some of that pent-up energy into something positive.

However, if we have to constantly struggle to keep the meat together, it may become frustrating. Now, this is where a layer of plastic wrap can be helpful. Simply cover the raw ingredient with a layer or two of cling film and then go to town with the pounding. No worries because the meat will not scatter!

Packed To Perfection

Of all the luggage that we pack while traveling, footwear is the one difficult to deal with. We may keep our shoes well cleaned and polished, but we cannot eliminate all the dirt and germs that the soles gather. That’s why packing them in the same case as our clothes and toiletries is unhygienic.

Here is a simple trick to carry those heels and boots neatly. Wrap them in some cling film; it’s as simple as that! The plastic wrap will help keep the dirt from getting on the clothes and compress the shoes to take up less space, giving our bag some extra room.

Ripe For The Picking

Fruits are especially best tasting when ripe. Naturally, we eagerly wait for our produce to ripen before enjoying them to the fullest, but there is one fruit that gets spoiled way too quickly after it becomes ready for consumption–our beloved and versatile banana.

Fear not because covering the stem of the banana bunch with a small cling film can help solve the issue of having too many over-ripe bananas. Several grocery shops also use this trick to increase the shelf life of their fruit products, so this little hassle-free hack is worth a try!

Clingy Temporary Labels

For people who love organizing things into the perfect neat rows, drawers, and boxes, labeling is such a satisfying thing to do. Sometimes, however, we only need a temporary label so that it won’t be too much of a hassle if we change our minds on what we store in a certain container.

We found out that cling wrap can temporarily stick to smooth surfaces, and it is easy to write on with a marker. Use this to label stuff instantly and peel it off once it’s no longer necessary. There will be no mess to remove and no adhesive substrate to scrub off afterward.

Wrap And Roll

It seems like there is some kind of special bond between our dough and the rolling pin because every time we roll the dough, they don’t let go of each other. Yes, we know that love wins, but this can be very frustrating for us who just want to bake.

So, to keep them apart, we must put something between the pair, and there’s nothing that could be better than cling film. Simply put a plastic wrap on the dough and watch it roll out smoothly without any hassle. Of course, this is not a professional baking tip, but as long as it works, right?

Guard Against Stains

Stains love children as much as children love to play. We know some kids bring out a unique talent every time they step out to play in a green-colored shirt and come back in a brown-colored one. As a result, half of the laundry basket gets filled with their clothes.

Luckily, there’s a way we can save ourselves from doing laundry again and again. The trick is to put plastic wrap on the kids’ shirt like an apron. With this, the clothes will stay clean every time the little ones embark on their journey to indulge in some messy activity.

Sneaky Fly Trap

Everything in the world benefits nature, even insects, which is why we appreciate them, but only when they remain outside the house. None of us want to break a lamp when catching a few flies with a flyswatter, so why not trap them?

Make something that attracts flies the most, like a sweet smell. Combine juice with fruit and soap, and the trap will be all set once it’s poured into a jar and cover it with plastic wrap. Make sure to punch some holes in the wrap so those pesky flies can go inside the container, unaware of their fate.

Protect Paint From Drying

When was the last time we checked the half-used can of paint in our storeroom? We guess it has been ages, and we can bet that the color has run dry by now. God knows how many paint cans have been gone to waste like this.

So we’ll let everybody in on a little secret. We can save ourselves some bucks worth of paint with a bit of plastic. All we need to do is cover the open end of the bucket tightly with cling film, and it’s guaranteed to make the paint last longer. Then use the money saved to buy more plastic wrap!

Open Sesame!

Some of us hesitate to buy a yummy jam when it’s contained in a jar mainly because of previous experiences of struggling with a tight lid. Nonetheless, we should not let this minor detail prevent us from tasting something as good as PB and J.

To solve that, how about we try this hack? The next time a jar lid gets stubborn, go to the pantry and grab some cling film. Then, wrap it around the top of the jar so that it completely covers the area where the hand should be. This would allow a firm grip on the lid, and it should be open in no time!

Avoid Hardened Brushes

Now and then, people need to refurbish their rooms and give them a fresh coat of paint, or it could be painting the extra bedroom in preparation for the new baby on the way. After all that work, there’s still one last thing to take care of: the brushes.

We’re talking about the proper way to store those brushes after a project to prevent them from hardening. There are many hacks, but the one that works is to keep them under wraps, literally! So if someone doesn’t have the time to wash off the brushes immediately, just grab a cling film and wrap them up. Simple!

Keep A Tidy Fridge Top

Some fridges are as tall as a person is. We sometimes can’t even see what’s on its top, so it could be dusty without our knowledge. To make matters worse, we seldom clean that part of the fridge. Luckily, plastic wrap can do the magic; after cleaning the top, we can place one layer of cling film to cover the area.

When the next cleaning comes around, we only need to remove this layer, wipe a bit, and add another fresh layer to protect the fridge for the days to come. It’s also an added protection from scratches, especially if we put things on top of the refrigerator.

Painless Hangnail Picking

Nothing is more painful than removing a hangnail. Of course, it’s an exaggeration, but the bit keeps going deeper and getting worse the more one pulls at it. It can even lead to a bleed and, later on, a small throbbing wound. People try all methods to avoid it, from nibbling at it to using a nail cutter.

There is a new gentle and painless way to achieve this, though. Apply hand cream to the nail and then wrap it with a cling film before going to bed. By morning time, the hangnail will be soft enough for easy, painless removal.

Getting the Toilet Unclogged

Nobody likes to get the toilet clogged, but it can happen due to excessive use of toilet paper or for another messy reason. What’s worse is that it can be difficult to clear these wastes while using the plunger, and if one has guests, it can be embarrassing.

There is a way out of this, though; we can cover the toilet seat using cling wrap until it’s sealed tight. After several flushes, the plastic will swell up. That’s when we need to gently press the plastic down to create enough pressure so that whatever is stuck will be pushed into the pipes. Problem solved!

Quick Clean Shelves

We all get occupied with the daily work schedule and taking care of the family. Most of us can’t wait for the weekend to come for some relaxation with friends and family. Then we remember that Saturday is shelf cleaning day, so plans are canceled!

The good news is there’s a way to make this weekly chore an easier process. Start by cleaning the shelves and let them dry, then cover the top with a layer of plastic wrap. When the next cleanup comes, just remove the wrap and replace it with another sheet after a quick wipe.

Plastic Wrap To Unwrap Jars

We love reusing mason jars and other bottles! They make for great decorating items in the kitchen, bathroom, and even the bedroom. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly! Although, it sucks when we try to put it on display, and the label remains stuck.

Well, that problem has been solved. Soaking the area with the sticker in warm water with dishwashing liquid helps. After the soak, wrap plastic around the bottle or jar for about 5 to 10 minutes. Doing this will make the stubborn label slide right off. Who knew it would be so easy?

Psoriasis Solution

Anyone who has had psoriasis knows it’s an uncomfortable skin condition. What’s more, the scaly and dry patches that flare up on the skin make it difficult for one to wear the clothing item they want. Treatment can take weeks or even months, but we actually have something to speed up the process in the cabinet.

Cover the affected region with a small piece of plastic wrap and secure it after applying a topical cream. After that, let it stay on for a few hours or overnight. The wrap will retain moisture and let the cream work more effectively.

Keeping The Warmth In

There is a reason why some kids and adults don’t like winter. For one, it makes it hard for them to play outside or perform other activities without feeling cold. Then the snow could get in the clothes, and that’s a recipe for freezing. Nobody wants that!

Fortunately, there is a solution that is both cheap and effective. We can use plastic wrap to retain our body’s natural heat. Simply put on warm clothes and wrap the plastic around them. This also gives extra protection by keeping the cold out, and the clothes stay dry even after a snowball fight.

Professional Photography In A Flash

We have all scrolled through the internet and seen some amazing images that made us think that the photographer deserves an award for them. It’s because they can get creative with lighting and using props in ways that no one else can. Well, we can achieve that too!

To get professional-looking photos, simply cover the camera lens with some plastic wrap, but leave a large gap around the middle. Crumpling up the wrap a little to add texture is also a good idea. For that foggy effect, don’t be scared to play around with it and create alternative styles.

Bring Dull Stoves Back To Life

Getting stubborn stains off the stove can be a hassle. Not only that, the products that promise to make the job easy can be costly. The good news is that the same results can be achieved by using a budget-friendly product already in the pantry.

Soak some paper towels in ammonia and place them on top of the soiled stove or countertop. After that, wrap the entire area in cling film and leave it overnight. It will be a breeze to remove the goo after peeling off the wrap and paper towels the following day. Then, just wipe away the excess dirt to bring out the stove’s old shine.

Shoo Animals Away

It is hard to own plants when there are pets around. Cats, in particular, tend to see the plants as rivals and attack them every chance they get. People often have to throw away the plants because they got uprooted from their pots, causing a big mess.

Plant lovers will be happy to know that they can have both their pets and garden in the same space. This is achieved by simply sealing the pot with plastic wrap but leave room to water the plants. The plant won’t look as cute as before but, at least it’ll survive brutal attacks from our loving pets.

Professional Painting On A Budget

One approach to revitalize the interiors of our homes is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Apart from adding a splash of color, we can also experiment with paint to decorate the walls. They can be the focal point of a room or the entire house, so we need a little creativity and artistry.

After applying the first layer of paint, placing plastic wrap on the walls can create a pattern. Use the paintbrush to move the sheet around, then carefully peel off the plastic wrap and apply the finishing coat to give the walls a flawless look. It will appear as though it was done by a professional!

Packing Made Easier

When we’re moving into a new home, packing up the kitchen is one of the challenging tasks. The items there are not only fragile, but they’re also oddly shaped, small, which becomes an inconvenience. Thank heavens for that plastic wrap that works wonders when it comes to packing.

All one has to do is cover the entire utensil container with plastic wrap instead of removing the silverware from the trays. This ensures that no piece will go missing and that the set will not be contaminated by dirt or filth. It will also be easier to transfer the utensils to the drawer in the new kitchen.

Wine Enhancer

Wine drinkers are frequently faced with a difficult choice in the store: quick access wine, which is less fancy, or one with a cork that’s harder to open. Of course, we’d prefer good quality, minus the corkiness. In the unfortunate case that the bottle has that corky taste, there’s a way to treat it.

Before pouring the wine over in a jug, roll up some plastic wrap and put it in the pitcher. The unpleasant taste will be absorbed by the film, making the wine taste better. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying until it does.

Cheap Solution To Protect Gadgets

We all love going somewhere fun during the summer, and most people prefer spending their days in the pool or at the beach, lounging under the sun. Everything is perfect until sand gets on things, particularly our gadgets. What a major bummer!

Fortunately, plastic wrap can save the day. Simply cover phones and other devices with a sheet of cling film to keep them safe and functional. Even though many modern gadgets are waterproof, sand and grime can still seep into the charging port or speakers if left without a cover. So keep that plastic wrap handy next time!

We Scream For Cling Film

There’s no arguing that everyone loves ice cream. It’s smooth, creamy, and comes in all sorts of different flavors. As much as we enjoy the cold treat, there’s one thing, in our humble opinion, that ruins the perfection of ice cream: freezer burn.

Good thing cling film is here to the rescue! Just place a layer of the plastic sheet right over the creamy stuff, making sure it’s touching the ice cream, before popping the lid back on and putting it back in the freezer. Now, we can finally say goodbye to freezer burn ruining our delicious treats!

Plastic Nails

We’ve all tried copying a fancy nail design trend we saw on the Internet, only to quit in frustration as our work turned out to be a huge mess. It can be hard to paint our nails and make them look perfect, so some of us opt to go to nail salons instead.

Who knew that the plastic wrap we all have in our kitchens could be the perfect tool to design our nails? Just paint a layer of the colors we want on our nail, then, while the polish is still wet, blot and pat the crumpled plastic wrap over it to get a perfect marble nail look!

No-Cost Decor

Decorations make our homes look cheery and give them a dash of personality, but some of us don’t like spending huge amounts of money on knick-knacks for decorating. Lucky for us, some common household items can be transformed into beautiful ornaments that will give just enough aesthetics.

Take this innovative plastic wrap decor hack, for instance. Just fill up a transparent jar halfway with water and place a crumpled piece of saran wrap inside for a cool, mesmerizing effect. Now having a fancy centerpiece won’t have to cost us an arm and a leg!

Instant Phone Shield

We’ve all tried cooking a complicated dish with our phone open to show us the list of ingredients and steps to follow, having no choice but to touch our screens with grubby hands. It can be a pain to clean our phones after cooking, but what can we do? We need them in the kitchen!

This simple and creative hack makes use of plastic wrap that we already have in our cabinets. We can wrap our phone securely with cling film to prevent food and oil from dirtying up the screen. Why haven’t we thought of this before?

Shoe-ran Wrap

No one likes dirty floors, but sometimes it’s impossible not to bring dirt and mud inside from our shoes, especially if we’ve been working in the garden. We can’t leave all our footwear outside the house and go inside with our barefoot, can we?

Good thing saran wrap is an excellent solution to this muddy problem! Keep a box of cling film near the entrance and wrap those dirty shoes in plastic before walking in. This simple trick takes only seconds to do and would definitely help keep our floors squeaky clean!

Plastic Wrap Instead Of Sealers

The invention of sealers has definitely made storing of perishable and non-perishable items easy, but if, by chance, someone loses it or if it isn’t available in the market, here’s a nifty hack that can save the day and that favorite meal as well.

Put the produce in a bag, and before closing it, press it to release excess air out. Then wrap the packet with cling foil, and it’s done! Food remains fresh for a longer time, guaranteed. One can even involve kids in the process as we are sure they’ll have fun learning this trick.

Beauty Hack With Plastic Wrap

Blackheads are stubborn, and those treatments in salons can be expensive. So what can we do when it’s the month-end, and there’s an upcoming party? Well, the solution is in our kitchens. Take a small piece of cling film and vaseline and follow these steps.

On clean skin, rub a generous portion of the petroleum jelly. Massage the nose and then cover the area with a plastic sheet. Wait for a few minutes, take off the film bandage, and squeeze as shown in the image; this should bring out blackheads and leave a glowing effect.

Cling Foil Bodywrap To Lose Weight

Feeling too lazy to get to the gym, diet, or do Yoga to shed those extra inches? Worry not, as here’s an easy hack that will help one lose weight right before an important event without too much effort. So bring out the good old plastic wraps for this shortcut.

Prep the whole body or specific areas with an organic body pack and then tightly cover it with a cling sheet. The thing is, it’s like a cheap version of a sauna belt. As a person sweats, they lose pounds. Repeat for several more days and remember to be consistent for long-lasting results.

Seedless Juice Is Best

We all love oranges and lemons and use them for various purposes, whether consuming them as fruit, tapping the juice for cocktails, or adding them to a dish. Nonetheless, since these fruits contain tiny seeds, squeezing out the pure liquid can be challenging without several pips sliding past.

That’s where plastic wrap comes in handy. Slice the orange or lemon into two halves and spread the cling sheet firmly over the sliced surface. Use a knife or a needle to make tiny holes, and then start squeezing the seedless residue. What’s left to do is enjoy a zesty treat!

For Sanitary And Accurate Scales

We are warned against using inaccurate scales to cheat people, such as buyers in a retail shop. We can’t help it, though, if we unknowingly do it when weighing something such as flour or sugar in a container. We might forget to factor in the container’s weight and so end up with the wrong measurement.

It’s also not wise to pour a condiment like salt on the scale, which may be contaminated after measuring meat. So here’s when plastic wrap steps in like a friend in need. It offers a layer where we can spread the substance on without adding extra mass or risking dirt.