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They Lied, They Cheated, and They Got Caught Online For The Whole World To See

Yes, social media is an excellent tool for cheaters. There’s no easier way to backstab a significant other than by going online and sending some private messages to good-looking strangers. But while the Internet is great for creating lying cheaters, it can also be handy for exposing them.

That’s precisely what happened to the men and women on our list. They thought they were safe, but they were not. “Truth always prevails” may be an old saying, but it applies perfectly to our turbulent modern world. Unfortunately, these cheaters on our list got caught in the most sensational and hilarious ways. So let’s brace ourselves and get ready for some remarkable lessons in karma.

The Ultimate Payback

The Internet is a powerful tool for exposing lying cheaters. But even in the technological world of today, there’s still no better payback for a nasty cheater than a good old-fashioned street billboard, especially if the cheater ends up paying for it! Emily was hurt and deceived, sure, but she managed to come on top thanks to this brilliant revenge plan.

As for Steven, well, he got exactly what he deserved. When a person’s in a relationship, and they still decide to get it on with another woman, this is the kind of treatment they deserve. It hurts, sure, especially considering this billboard was probably just outside Steven’s office. But that’s what we get when our actions cause so much pain. Karma works, Steve, karma works…

A Cheater’s Timeline

There are so many wrong things with this picture; we don’t even know where to begin. The sad thing is that Karl and Kimberley are recent parents, judging by their profile pictures. The second ill-fated thing is that it took less than 1 hour for the post to be shared with Karl’s friend list too, although we think this was Kimberley using the husband’s login.

But it’s highly unfortunate that despite being a parent, Karl was still not able to keep his emotions under control. Due to sheer selfishness, he ended up hurting his wife and negatively affecting the future of his children. When one sees this kind of mess on their social media feed, one will probably feel tempted to laugh, but there’s nothing fun about it.

Leave Nothing Behind!

If a woman suspects her significant other is cheating on her, she will immediately turn into Sherlock Holmes. Looking out for evidence in the car, this woman has found the ultimate clue: a left-behind pair of socks. A person’s car is normally not the sort of place where a stranger’s socks should be found, unless…

While there’s a chance there’s a good explanation for this entire mess, all factors seem to point out in the same direction. The main question now is: how is it possible to simply forget one’s socks in someone else’s car? Didn’t this girl notice something was missing from her feet?

What Friends Are For

In the world of lying cheaters, girls always have the most positive approach. While some morally questionable men would do anything to cover up for the wrongdoing of their buddies, women tend to have a more commendable attitude towards cheaters. Take this good friend, for instance.

She was eating at Applebee’s when she saw the boyfriend of one of her friends with another woman. What to do? Collect photographic evidence, of course. Now, this guy needs to come up with an Oscar-worthy excuse if he wants to keep his girlfriend! As for the poor girl in the picture, she was probably another victim of this hoaxer.

Dating Nightmare

There’s no shortage of lying cheaters in this world, but this man is probably taking the prize for the top cheater on our list. Showing absolutely no regret for his actions, he decided to boast his entire family on his dating account in the hope of grabbing the attention of some young ladies. Or it’s just the work of the lovely lady smiling in this pic.

Everything about this image is wrong, from the splitting of this beautiful family to the fact that this lady must be so hurt after finding out about her hubby. Either way, we’re glad the women on this online dating community get a fair warning from this perfectly straightforward bio.

Where It Hurts The Most

Most shy guys are simply thankful for having a girlfriend for once in their lives. But not this one. This prolific magic card collector wasn’t satisfied with having thousands of collector’s cards and one loving girlfriend. He had to go and get another one. The result? He’s now out of a girlfriend, out of magic cards, and (we hope) out of a lover.

If anyone’s a collector of something, whether it is Magic cards or butterflies, let this image serve as a warning. A person cannot have good things in their apartment and still act so irresponsibly. If they want to keep their childhood treasures, treating the partner well would go a long way.

Beyond Awkward

No, Sam, the situation is not “awkward.” It’s way worse than that! He has cheated on his girlfriend while she was on holiday and, making things worse, he had done so with a girl from the boat club. Now poor Eleanor is trying to be strong and expose what a liar this guy is.

Even worse than cheating on someone, is doing so with the kind of unnerving relaxation that Sam seems to show in this social media post. We hope Eleanor breaks up with him because he deserves it. In the meantime, we cannot avoid making the same face like poor Dominic after seeing this image. Like the man himself has put it, that exasperated emoji is how we’re all feeling.

She’s Watching, Alex!

We wish we just got to see Alex S.’s face when he realizes his girlfriend knows everything about his new dating profile. Poor Meghan was not happy about it, especially considering she has just learned she will become a mom in less than nine months! Why do some people keep making such bad choices?

When someone is about to become a dad, that’s the time they should be pondering over their actions and dedicating time to family. Instead, this person is running their odds on a dating app without even considering the feelings of his girlfriend. If Alex doesn’t get his act together, his whole life might end up becoming a big left swipe.

Prolific Dater Gets Busted

Being young is all about experimenting, dating other young people, going out, and having fun. There’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s something very dishonest about dating multiple girls at once. Especially when a guy ends up confusing one of his girls for another, which shows they just don’t care at all.

This cheater is complaining about having to wait 20 minutes on the drive-through because he was probably late for his next date. Congrats to him for getting so much attention from the ladies, but the least he could’ve done is kept it discreet. As for Shanlee, we guess he’ll never see her again!

Cold-Blooded Cheater

Wow. One thing is to cheat on a significant other in a discreet and secluded location. Another is to blatantly shame him by text-messaging a lover while the two of them are watching a baseball game. Luckily, the man sitting right behind this couple was looking out for more than just the scoreboard. And he decided to take action.

This girl could be a world-class investigator, as she collected a bunch of credible evidence and even found out the first and last name of the “other man” in this couple’s life. Next time we see what looks like a happy family in the stadium, we better try to take everything with a grain of salt and look out for any sneaky texts.

Please Swipe Left

Tim is probably using a new dating app right now, but he’s still not trustworthy. His poor girlfriend was by his side for years, and how did he repay her love? By going online and exchanging messages with every woman he matched on a certain dating site.

Dating apps are great for single men and women to find love. But they can also help to destroy a relationship. Back in the pre-internet days, it was way harder for cheaters to find lovers, and it was probably for the better. Yet, when it comes to technology, one knows the drill: it’s not the app that’s bad, it’s always the user.

Working For The Likes

Oh, Ivan, why did he have to go and cheat on that lady? Now she is going to force him into months of embarrassing public exposure, and he deserves it… All of his friends, family, and co-workers will now know what the guy has really been up to. Even his grandma will talk about what he did to this girl, and that easily makes for an incredibly awkward Thanksgiving dinner.

We bet no one wants to end up like Ivan, so here’s what people should do. Treat their partner with the respect they deserve, be honest, and don’t ever try to cheat on anyone. It’s sad that men like Ivan only realize what they’ve got when it’s already too late.

Bros Will Be Bros

It seems like there’s a trend among women to text their lovers while attending sports events with their boyfriends and husbands. Don’t ask us why! It’s not only morally wrong but also unnecessarily risky. After all, sports events are probably among the top places where the mighty bro code thrives.

Unsurprisingly, this liar got caught by the man sitting behind her, who was kind enough to help a bro out. She will have no idea about how her man was suddenly aware of the truth. But, the next time she’s out in the stadium with a guy, she will probably pay more attention to the game.

Wounded In Battle

Imagine joining the U.S. Forces, getting deployed to some far-away foreign country, and weathering all obstacles to look out for one’s beloved family and girlfriend. In the meantime, she posts this insulting image on her social media account! While her boyfriend is risking his life overseas, all she seems to be grumpy about, are the hickies coming from another man.

The poor guy was so mad after seeing this that he had to hurriedly pour his train of thought into two separate comments. It’s great that the comments are visible for whoever might’ve thought this was cute. We guess the ten people who went ahead and pressed the  ‘like’ button on this picture, really didn’t know the backstory.

Technology Takes No Sides

As we’ve seen, social media is amazing for exposing cheaters. But technology, with all its advantages, can also reveal a well-kept secret sometimes. Poor Nour was just trying to text his girlfriend, and he ended up getting into trouble. The origin of the problem? An auto-correct mishap.

But wait, is Nour truly innocent? It turns out his actual girlfriend, Sable, did not receive a text message at all! So, is Nour simply lying to his friends for the sake of a funny post? Or is he a careless cheater who got caught in the most hilarious of ways? This is what stepping in the mud on purpose is all about.

The Right Kind Of Cheating

Phil is a cheater, but he’s a good type of cheater. Instead of double-crossing his girlfriend’s trust, he has simply decided to explore other options when it comes to eating pizza. A regular client of Domino’s, he’s going under the radar and getting his lips greasy with the forbidden taste of another fast-food restaurant.

When Domino’s found out, they were cool about it… After all, Domino’s and Phil’s relationship is not exactly exclusive. Phil was off the hook this one time, but he shouldn’t even think about doing it again! Pizza Hut can be a classic, but Domino’s will always offer a slightly better price.

How Dumb Are These Bad Husbands?

Everybody needs to find a way to kill time during a train ride. To this man and his friends, keeping busy was all about sharing stories of what bad husbands they were. Bragging about their extramarital affairs, this group of guys captured the attention of Steph, who decided to engage on a train hobby of her own.

Probably tired of listening to these disagreeable men, she decided to expose their dark secrets on the internet, and she even asked for reposts. It seems her smart plan worked wonders. We’re not sure if these men are still married to their “stupid” wives, but they have at least made it to our list.

Therapy? This Guy Needs A Divorce

“Doing inventory” has got to be one of the top euphemisms ever invented for cheating. This woman had the nerve of mentioning therapy when she was blatantly cheating on her husband from across the bar. Good luck trying to find a good excuse now that she was caught going out with Mark again.

We all love it when cheaters are exposed like this. But to the man who’s being cheated, this is extremely hurtful. How will he ever be able to trust a woman ever again? Even though therapy didn’t work in this case, this guy might need some solo sessions with his psychologist to restore his faith in love.

Complicating The Facts

The “it’s complicated” relationship status has got to be one of social media’s most brilliant inventions. It allows people to describe their complicated relationships in the simplest of ways, all without being too specific or giving too much away. But when an unfaithful person tried to make the most out of it, she got caught in less than 1 hour.

No Carmen, that’s not what “it’s complicated” is for. When someone cheats on their husband, the situation is pretty simple. Unfortunately, there’s no social media status for people who get caught with numerous men. But if there was, we guess absolutely nobody would use it. Let’s just say that would be complicated.

The Great Mystery

George’s life was turned upside down when his girlfriend found this steamy piece of underwear under his mattress. Poor George says he has no idea how this happened. But his girlfriend Jessica, being a conscious girl, has solved the mystery immediately!

She not only found out that George was cheating on her, but she even got the size, model, and origin of the “missing item.” As for George, he is now a single guy and has probably learned his lesson. If not, he’s probably trying to come up with better excuses to use the next time he gets caught cheating.

Reverse Psychology

Is Lynette still going to get sympathy from her friends now that they know the truth? This young woman seems to be living according to a twisted logic. She got involved with a married man but somehow got stuck to the idea that he was cheating on her with his wife. Well, Lynette, that’s not how it works.

We’re not saying Lynette is the main culprit here. No married man should ever betray the confidence of his wife and family. But she seems to be incredibly confused about how extramarital affairs work. When a single woman gets together with a married man, she can only expect that he’s going to turn out to be a liar, right?


Commenting on one’s own posts and pictures is considered to be incredibly lame by social media standards. But we have to make an exception for Marshall. This is the kind of self-comment that’s not only useful to society but super funny for all of us watching from the sidelines.

It turns out Marshall has been flirting with way too many girls, especially considering he used to be “in a relationship.” Well, Marshall can kiss goodbye to that relationship since he’s now a single man. And that’s not the only thing that’s going away… His precious Xbox will also disappear from his life.

Life Is Not A Playstation Game

What to do when someone finds out their boyfriend is a cheater? It’s easy. Grab the thing he loves the most in the entire world and wash it in the sink. Maybe he’ll get mad about losing all of his prized Playstation saves. Perhaps he doesn’t have the money to buy a new game console. Either way, the guy’s merely getting what he deserves!

Destroying a physical object will never make up for the emotional turmoil of being cheated by someone. But inflicting some pain on a person who has hurt them badly is sometimes the first step to get it over with. We’re not supporting revenge here; we’re simply calling out for some justice.

The Cheater, The Cheated & The Ugly

It’s not the Good, the Bad & the Ugly simply because there’s nothing good about this online interaction. It started with Ms. Mason having all these existential questions about how to tell her boyfriend she was cheating on him. And it ended up involving her boyfriend Ward, who found out the truth about the whole situation, and an ugly third party: Hallin, who could not refrain from having a good laugh about the whole deal.

In a nutshell, this is why no one should let all of their feelings out online. There are better ways of letting the truth out. As for Hallin, we cannot blame them for laughing, but was that really necessary? Either we know a duo that broke up on that day.

Farm Love

Brothers don’t always get along. But whenever one is having problems with a sibling, they’re going to try their very best to restore trust. After all, brothers are family, and family must always be preserved. But what can one do to make up for sleeping with a brother’s girlfriend? According to Court, Farmville is the answer.

Naively, Court thought all it would take to get Kat back on his side was sending him a Farmville gift. Well, guess what? That’s not going to cut it. It’s not that we don’t value our virtual farms, we just don’t find them to be as crucial as Court does.

Commit To The Girl, Or Commit To The Sign

Cheating on one’s girlfriend should be a shameful act in itself. But to some men, feeling guilty is just not enough. To truly learn their lesson, they need to parade for hours in the mall with a sign carefully designed by their cheated girlfriend. And that’s if he happens to be lucky enough to have a woman who will take him back!

We would almost feel sorry for this guy if it wasn’t for the fact that he brought this upon himself. Public humiliation will probably not fully restore the confidence his girlfriend has in him, but it’s at least good to show that he’s ready to make some adjustments to his attitude.

Thank You, Pikachu!

They say Pokémon Go is a useless game designed to keep track of our every move. We do not deny it, even though there’s nothing wrong with having some fun with a mobile game. But to this user, Pokémon Go proved to be more than just a game; it turned out to be a life-saving app!

He had no idea his ex-girlfriend was cheating on him until he had the chance to look around her phone. She started to worry about her Pokémon Go data settings, but she ended up wishing she hadn’t even mentioned the subject. As for the guy, he’s simply happy to know the truth. All thanks to the hero, Pikachu!

Righteous Facejacking

Facejacking is the practice of taking advantage of someone else’s social media to post on their behalf. Usually, Facejacking is the work of immature kids and teenagers who love to have a good laugh. But on this occasion, the method was the instrument of justice used by a cheated man to get back at his girlfriend. So yeah, it can also be pretty useful sometimes.

As for this girl, we hope she learns her lesson. There’s nothing wrong with liking older men, but there’s something wrong about cheating on the people who love her. Also, one should not leave their browser open if they happen to be a lying cheater.

Oh, Kevin, Why?

Kevin seems to be having a blast with his girlfriend at the movies. But is his conscience really at ease? Or is his seemingly happy expression the smiling face that hides a dark, vicious secret? It turns out Kevin is not the good guy he seems to be, especially considering he’s been double-crossing the trust of his two girlfriends.

It doesn’t help that one of his girlfriends is taking charge of that social media account, while the other is confusingly trying to understand what’s going on. The lesson here? A cheater is always going to get caught, no matter what. So it’s always better to avoid cheating unless ending up like Kevin sounds good.

Self-Made Disaster

Speaking of self-made disastrous moments, this one takes the entire cake. Being a social butterfly, Sarah wanted to know how each of her social media friends met in real life. One would think she knew better than to ask that particular question with a past that’s better kept hidden.

Jesse popped up with an answer on Sarah’s post, saying she met the woman at Wendy’s when she caught her with her husband. Ouch! That must have been so humiliating for Sarah, especially on a public forum, to get reminded of something no one would be proud of! We wonder if she deleted the post and ignored that ever happened.

Two Can Play At This Game

Being cheated on is painful, heartbreaking, and humiliating. And if the boyfriend believes he can get away with it, anger is more justified than hurt. In that case, breaking a few things will not assuage a raging heart; a calmly composed revenge would!

That is how it went with this lady and the ‘love’ letter written with just as much care. It’s as if she enjoyed penning down every verse, but underneath all the red hearts and clever words, her heartbreak was still visible. The letter better be valid, so the man runs pillar to post searching for his things and eventually finds them gone for good!

Dad Saves The Day

Navigating social media is tricky and sharing personal stories doesn’t always pay off. But, among it all, there are those embarrassing yet hilarious instances that one just cannot resist sharing with their friend list. This girl had one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments on Valentine’s Day.

She wanted to celebrate with her partner, but he was down with the flu. Why waste a reservation, right? So, the unassuming girl opted for a father-daughter date instead. Only to find out that her boyfriend was having dinner with another girl at the same restaurant! Ouch. Well, the dad made sure the guy felt embarrassed enough to never show his face again, for hurting his daughter. Well, we think that’s a great ending.

Serving Painted Punch Lines On Car Windows

A disheartened woman is a force of nature and doesn’t necessarily show up fierce. Some serve revenge on a cold platter with pitchforks as cutlery! That’s how a cheating spouse got the notice on his expensive car window in bold paint – a goodbye from the wife and kids with a gentle reminder that she had wiped out his bank account!

What’s better than walking out on a cheating husband? That’s right – sashaying off, leaving him broke, alone, and asking for mercy. Wonder where he’d get the dough to peel off all that paint from his car window! From his girlfriend, perhaps!

Public Confessions Of Private Indiscretions

We’ve got to admire someone for having the guts to admit to cheating but expecting forgiveness is a lot to ask, as this person soon found out. Trust is hard to rebuild in a broken relationship. And often, it takes more than honesty and open communication for the hearts to mend.

It looks like the young man is willing to go the distance for his beloved – to own up to his mistakes to the world and keep his head high while doing it publicly. It takes serious grit to open oneself to ridicule willingly. But considering he knowingly betrayed someone’s trust, the humiliating experience seems to be a fitting punishment.

Brothers In Arms

They say blood is thicker than water, but in this case, the lad chose integrity and honesty over family. When the boy found out that his sister was unfaithful to her partner with one of their mutual friends, he did the right thing (some might disagree with this) and asked to meet the said significant other.

Since the boyfriend had helped her and the family dealing with their father’s demise, he struck a tight friendship with her brother. We rarely hear of anyone telling on their sibling, but the young man knew his sister’s boyfriend deserved better. Props to him for standing up for faithfulness.

Almost Unavailable

Finding out that one’s significant other is unfaithful to them is devastating, and most relationships rarely sustain such blows. When this lady knew that her husband was out with other women when she was expecting their child, she got back to him in an innovative way, editing his dating app bio.

With the description mentioning the gentleman’s irresponsible behavior to his wife, we doubt he will ever get ladies swiping right anytime soon. This maintenance worker will most likely be better off trying to salvage and maintain his marriage after such a massive mess.

Upstairs Infidelity

Often we hear about people caught cheating, but this is straight out of the cringe book. This lady heard loud noises coming from her neighbor’s apartment and went up to ask them to turn it down only to find her boyfriend there.

It turns out that the guy had for a long time been stepping out of his relationship and finding solace in his neighbor’s arms. While some people try to cover their tracks, he simply did not have any shame whatsoever in getting caught red-handed. As heartbreaking as the experience was, we hope the lady made the right decision and didn’t sit around trying to forgive him.

Caught In The Act

If anyone is going to be reckless and unfaithful, they should have some dignity and do it out of their matrimonial home and not with a relative. With his wife’s cousin visiting them over the weekend, this guy thought it was wise to court her attention while his spouse was putting their child to sleep.

The Mrs. caught them red-handed on returning to the lounge in what was undoubtedly a very awkward moment for all three. It’s interesting to wonder what excuse the guilty parties gave, but we just know the lady deserves someone better.

Not Who He Seems To Be

For the most part, people say all the nice things about themselves on social media and dating apps so as to be likable. While some are genuine, this guy’s chances of ever getting anyone hitting his DMs took a hit after it got revealed that he’s a fraud.

The man ruined a great relationship by cheating on his partner, and when she found out, she went on the dating app he was using and changed his bio, revealing the truth. No lady will touch him with a ten-foot pole now, for who would want to be with a clingy narcissist knowingly?

A Screenshot That Left Us Hanging

As the famous song No by Meghan Trainor, some women experience advances that they don’t like. This happened to one social media user who was being flirted with by a man named AJ. She was totally not having it, and straight-out exposed him.

Why? Because, AJ is already in a relationship and that doesn’t sit well with the anonymous uploader. The mystery woman posted a screenshot of their conversation to the internet which left us wondering what happened between AJ and his girlfriend? All anyone can do is wonder at this point.

A Caption That Speaks A Thousand Words

Upon catching a significant other in an affair, some people tend to hurl hateful words towards the person. In comparison, others choose to take a photograph of the situation and pick a caption that best describes it, which is the case of this anonymous user.

The person captioned his social media post with one word, after snapping a photo of his girlfriend in bed with another man. In the picture, the woman appears ashamed of what happened. Nevertheless, the chosen word seems fitting for the compromising situation he found the girl in. One can only hope that they can erase the bad memory.

Crossing The Line

Situations where a man gets caught in an affair between two siblings, is quite common. Still, it doesn’t fail to make us cringe. Not only is it morally wrong, but chances are once the truth is out, it’ll ruin any chance of reconciliation with the significant other.

A man named Jon didn’t get the memo on this and tried hitting on his girlfriend’s sister. Courtney, the girlfriend, posted a screenshot of what happened on social media, calling out her boyfriend and asking why he tried to mess with her sister; that’s really crossing a line, isn’t it?

The Facebook Affair

In this day and age, it’s easy to find someone through social media. So, it’s anyone’s guess why people flirt with all the information out in the open these days. Especially when they are in a committed relationship with children.

This happened with one woman who found out that the man she’s flirting with on social media is in a steady relationship. What’s the icing on the cake? He has a daughter. When the woman found this out, she didn’t want to be a part of this man’s life, stating that she respects herself. Way to go, girl!

Christmas Morning Reckoning

Discovering that one’s significant other may have been unfaithful is not welcome news even at the best of times. Although many people prefer an immediate confrontation looking for answers, some are much cooler in their approach to such problems – this lady has got true style.

Upon realizing her man had been snooping around with other ladies, she put together a Christmas morning surprise by wrapping his chat history screenshots in a neat present for him. We can only imagine his genuine surprise and perhaps even horror upon discovering the jig was up, and he was hitting the road with all his stuff on Christmas. Well done, ma’am!

Karma Can Be Unforgiving

What happens when a person is trying to express their feelings for cheaters on social media and their ex-boyfriends comment on it? Well, Jess was not expecting her two exes to come together and reveal her deep secret to the rest of her social media friends.

While she is saying she hates her ex-boyfriend because he cheated on her, Jess forgot about Mike, her another ex-boyfriend, who commented on her post and revealed that she was the one who betrayed her previous relationship with him. At this point, her second ex-boyfriend jumped into the conversation and said that Jess had cheated in their relationship as well. So, we guess this is how Karma works!