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Caught Red-Handed – 45+ Times Lies Backfired On The Internet

If anyone wants confirmation that lies have short legs, all they’ve to do is spend a little time on the internet. Many of them go only as far as the first few comments before their authenticity is questioned and called out. Some people enjoy correcting them with solid, verifiable proof making way for some classic facepalm moments!

There are several reasons people choose to lie, especially if it’s under the guise of anonymity – to project a specific image, cover the truth, or embarrass someone. Whatever the ploy, the detectives on the net are far too smart to let them slide. Here are a few gems that are sure to elicit laughter and make one think twice about sharing anything that’s not the truth.

All Hail, Starbucks!

What a calm and classy rebuttal from Starbucks to this user’s suggestion, or shall we say, misinformed statement on social media! Moreover, their response comes with solid statistics; isn’t it fantastic when people throw around numbers as receipts! It was a great way of informing any who didn’t know that the ace coffee makers are committed to doing their bit for society.

Calling out large corporations for their low service standards or policies has been the norm on the internet. Alas, some critics are pretty misguided, like the one in this picture. This user with probably a considerable online following should’ve fact-checked before posting something for all to see.

Subscribed To The Superbowl

Here’s a fan trying to boast of having great stadium seats to watch the Superbowl. It’s understandable why Jake would advertise this to all and sundry, for these tickets cost an arm and a leg! If only it were true, though. His blatant attempt at bluffing would have many laughing off their chairs!

Sorry to say, the blurry pixels gave his game away! The shot is clearly of the sport captured on his TV screen. His head in the foreground doesn’t help either. Well, at least Jake had the chance to watch it up close and personal from the front row of his living room!

More Than A Pretty Face

Aren’t we all guilty of doing something unwarranted at some point or the other? Similarly, here’s one where a girl decided to play victim to seek attention. Alas, if only the net weren’t full of people eager to call one out on their bluff.

She’d have gotten away with it if only her schoolmate from middle school hadn’t noticed the post and gleefully pointed out that no one had called her ugly. Well, looking at the old picture, we do agree she couldn’t have been. The young lady could’ve posted both the photos and captioned them differently. It would have saved her the embarrassment of being found out.

Playing Pretend With An Invisible Pen

We’ve heard of invisible ink, but an invisible pen? This photo has us stumped for answers. Is the school’s baseball player giving his fingers a workout before the evening game? It’d be a miracle if he did! No one can tell, but we can gather from the picture that the student is not getting any notes written in the copy.

Let’s cut him some slack, though. Maybe he was tired, forgot to bring a pen, or wasn’t in the mood to jot down any text. Whatever the reason, the boy would have had to put in extra effort getting everything done before submission.

For The Love Of The Game

If anyone has to lie, social media is definitely not the ideal place to do so. For example, this guy is proof that one should not share any fabricated stories online. If he wanted to make it seem like he won this race, he could have just told a few close friends about it.

On the internet, though, even the most casual falsehood can get easily exposed. If we were the person who actually won this swimming match, we would also correct this misleading post. If there’s anything worse than losing in a game, it’s surely lying about it.

False Claim

The expression on the young women’s faces behind this lady seems perfectly paired with our question of, “Is this lady for real?” To start off, this is an invasion of privacy because she took photos of the people behind her without their permission.

Secondly, she used the snaps to tell a lie, claiming the “younger generation” were inconsiderate because they let her stand when they could have given one of their seats. Unfortunately for her, someone saw the empty seat behind her and called the woman out for her dishonesty.

Bald By Choice

These days, more and more people are becoming involved with all the goings-on in society. Of course, we have social media to thank for that. We can now easily stay informed through those platforms, and in some cases, even lend our support to various causes.

One individual tried to show their support by sharing a photo of this presumably unwell young lady with an “encouraging” caption. There was a problem, though, because the woman in the photograph was actually perfectly healthy! The clueless individual probably found a picture of a bald woman and thought she was undergoing chemotherapy. That’s seriously a bad call!

Not Guilty

Oh, the lengths some people are willing to go to just for clicks! This poor dog looks oblivious to what has happened because it genuinely was. It didn’t know why its owner was taking photos, let alone why it got asked to pose at that exact spot.

This pet owner wanted to stage a scene like their four-legged friend had wrecked the couch, with the canine now trying to act innocent about it. If anyone wants to successfully pull off such a ploy, they have to go the right way about it. Otherwise, they too will be caught red-handed publicly like this, which is pretty embarrassing.

Growing Tall Tales

They say that every photograph has a story to tell, which is generally true – because even some very humble snaps can contain a narrative. Some of the most exciting pictures can often be of old buildings or ordinary places, like this forest strewn with chairs.

Seeing this image with no caption would make people wonder what happened and how those chairs got trapped in the trees. Someone tried to manipulate the actual story behind the photograph and almost got away with it. So it’s a good thing someone familiar with the Belgian art scene came forward to correct the misleading narrative.

A Mountain Range

Fans of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones know of Ser Gregor Clegane, aka “The Mountain.” He was one of the most feared warriors in the series and was called such because of his massive size. The fearsome man wasn’t just tall; he also had a muscular built.

So, readers may be wondering why he’s made it to this list. Well, it’s not a lie that the actor who portrayed the character, Hafþór Björnsson, is tall and burly. He stands at 6′ 9″, which is way past the average height. The deceit is that no one’s supposedly taller than him. Here to prove otherwise are these basketball players beside him!

Keeping Up With Kimmel

It looks like someone got served some self-confidence and may have sipped too much of it. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy amount of self-love because that’s what helps us value ourselves. Nevertheless, when it gets too much, one’s opinion about oneself can become unrealistic.

A case in point is this guy over here who pretended his post was an original exchange with his hairdresser. Of course, there’s the possibility he was indeed simply channeling Jimmy Kimmel, hence, the “haha” at the end. Well, he could have at least mentioned that to prevent the answering comment with screenshots ruining the moment.

Story Of His Life

Some people would genuinely go to extreme measures merely to get attention online. Some even post a fake story only to get likes and be relevant to their followers. This guy is the perfect example of such behavior, and who better to call him out than the subject of his fake story?

We don’t know if Harry Styles was a fan of any “Tigers” sports team, but this man claimed he saw him at a game. Furthermore, his wild claim included the former One Direction member giving him $100 to get beers. He was either straight-up lying about that night or saw a Styles lookalike!

Shadows Don’t Lie

This photo is perhaps of the “looked cute might delete later” kind, so this guy decided to post it. Who are we stop him, right? As he said, it’s his new favorite picture, so he’s free to do with it as he pleases.

Nevertheless, the young man made a mistake that prompted someone to call him out. He claimed the sun was in his eyes, which was why he positioned his right hand that way. Well, the sun was indeed not in his eyes, as explained by the clever person who then commented. This poor man probably just felt cute but ended up being called out for his lie.

Flipped Phone

For those who have no idea what show this scene is from, it’s from Pretty Little Liars. The series revolved around the lives of four teenage girls. So, naturally, cell phones were involved in most scenes. Unfortunately, the TV show developed a reputation for phone-related filming mistakes.

One of those errors is this one, where the cell phone was obviously upside down. So tell us, how can Aria hear the other person on the line when the phone’s mic is on her ear? What’s surprising about it is that no one noticed this mistake with all the people on the set!

Sunglasses Shame

One downside to buying secondhand items is that some people can be untruthful about the things they’re selling just to make a quick buck. Take this person, for example, selling what he claims to be a brand new pair of sunglasses that have never been worn.

It seemed like a perfectly innocent post at first, until a sharp-eyed commenter mentioned that he’s wearing the exact same pair in his profile picture! Based on all the likes the comment received, we think it’s safe to say that these sunglasses, as well as the seller’s reputation, have seen better days.

Running To Dreamland

We’ve all made resolutions to work out more and live healthier, but how many of us have really gone through with it? This dad seemed to be all set on fulfilling his goals by going for a run outside but decided to stretch his back first before the rigorous exercise; Seems like a good idea, right?

Well, 30 minutes later, the children found dad like this, taking a long nap while sprawled on the lounge floor! Apparently, his muscle stretching eventually led to a session in dreamland. We can’t honestly blame him, though; many of us have had our fair share of snoozing instead of exercising!

Vintage Dishonesty

There’s just something so nostalgic about pictures that look like someone took them decades ago. Yet, with so many photos getting manipulated nowadays, we can’t really be sure of their authenticity anymore. This shot of a grocery store aisle, posted with a caption claiming that someone took the snap after midnight in 1979, recently made the rounds online.

However, a keen-eyed observer shattered the illusion and put them in their place by pointing out the stand for a contemporary brand of drinks in the supposedly vintage photo. After being called out like this, we just hope that the poster doesn’t make any more false claims!

Invisible Traffic

Being stuck in traffic is boring for everyone, especially if we don’t have a friend in the car to talk to and pass the time. With that in mind, what do solo travelers usually do in times like these? Whip out their phones and take selfies, of course!

That was the scene this person was trying to paint as he posted this selfie, but unfortunately for him, those dark sunglasses reflected the actual truth. Aside from setting a bad example by using his phone while driving, he has also proven to be an unreliable narrator since the traffic he supposedly got stuck in turned out to be nonexistent.

Let’s Taco-bout Delivery

Who wouldn’t love a bag of Taco Bell delivered straight to their homes at any time of the day? This guy seemed to be speaking for everyone when he messaged the fast-food chain trying (and apparently succeeding) to bargain for the chain starting a delivery service.

It got all our hopes up, but unfortunately for us, the official Taco Bell account immediately replied to the post and dashed this guy’s delivery dreams. Not only did they confirm that there was no such promotion, but they also exposed the photo as being fake. Awkward!

The Ultimate Clap Back

We all know how unpredictable the internet can be. Internet trolls are prevalent everywhere, and they don’t hesitate to share their thoughts, which can go from rude comments to blatant insults. Fortunately, some of us do not allow them to dim our light. We put them in their place with no hesitation.

Here’s a guy discovering the depths of his egocentrism. He wanted to be the center of attention at the expense of someone else. This lady put him in his place by telling him he wasn’t all that. He deserved all the backlash he got.

Fact Checking Before Wrecking

Tricks for increasing web traffic come and go. The fake celebrity news tactic, on the other hand, has enduring appeal. Such news usually starts with a website or a single person with the intent of spreading the rumor, and they quickly spread as web users get tricked into believing the story.

A website posted an article to commemorate John Carpenter, referring to him as if he had passed away. From the other side, John set the record straight by putting the fake news to rest. That is why they say fact-checking is necessary before posting online to prevent embarrassment.

Liar Liar Pants On Fire.

Most of us know that we shouldn’t believe everything we read on the internet. However, that does not deter liars from trying to get away with telling apparent and easily refutable falsehoods. Some people will attempt doing so on any social media platform they can get their hands on.

Thankfully, there are people on the internet who are willing to call out these folks. Sometimes, the truth reveals itself without anyone even trying. There was no reason for this person to pretend someone else was posting on their feed because it didn’t make the post any cooler. Now they’ve just earned themself a reputation as a liar.

Maybe Next Time Rob

It’s never a good idea to lie. The truth always comes out sooner or later. Especially if someone is spreading misinformation on social media, the truth will likely come out sooner rather than later. After all, the internet is a vast place with millions of users.

This guy thought he could fool everyone, but someone in the know exposed his false claim. We applaud the athletic young guy for exercising, but it sure would have saved him the embarrassment if he had done a little research before making such a tall claim. It looks like Rob must keep working hard to manage ‘5K in 10mins’.


Often on social media and other internet platforms, some people try to deceive one another. It certainly makes one wonder if these people are aware of the vast amount of accurate information readily available on the internet? It is all there. Given how fact-checking online is a simple matter of a few clicks, lying is never a wise decision.

One of the worst cases is when people claim credit for something they know they didn’t do. This individual believed they could get away with claiming to have hand-drawn this beautiful illustration from a popular children’s book. Fortunately, another netizen was only too happy to expose their false claim.

No Rough Edges

Growing older and developing frown lines and sagging skin is perfectly normal. However, it seems Kris Jenner would rather not, and she decided to smooth out her face in this picture. Maybe that wouldn’t have been much of an issue, but Kris also thought it would be nice to work some of her magic on Gordon Ramsay’s face.

The celebrated British chef is known for his prominently furrowed brow, so taking out that signature feature was an instant giveaway. We prefer Gordon with his “rough edges.” If we’re honest, Kris already looks phenomenal for a lady in her fifties and doesn’t really need to touch up her photos.

The Glorified Dinner Date

Sometimes, it’s easier to tell a white lie rather than potentially breaking someone’s heart. Yet when a person goes overboard with their made-up excuse, things can quickly get worse than mere heartbreak. This lady used a ridiculous falsehood to take a rain check from a dinner invite.

It would have been better if she’d kept her actual plans to herself, but her social media status update outed her. Not only did the dinner host find out the lady lied about her boss’s father passing away to get out of attending, but the boss in question also chimed in, declaring his dad was very much alive. Yikes!

Pick A Book Sometime

It’s crucial to have substantial knowledge about any issue before debating it, or else one can quickly come off as ignorant. Well, our friend here did not consider that, and boy, did he get hit in the end. He chose to downplay The Great Gatsby when he hadn’t even read the book!

Perhaps the young man just wanted to take the avid book readers down a notch or two on his social media with that status update. Unfortunately, it only took a simple quotation from the popular classic and a Fitzgerald fan to expose him. Here’s hoping the next time he shares on opinion on literature, he’s actually read it.

Woke Up Looking Like This

What wouldn’t anyone give to wake up looking like they had a glamorous photoshoot in dreamland all night long? Well, this selfie poster here claims she can still look this pretty even after a night of tossing and turning in bed, but we smell a rat.

Unless the young lady left her makeup on overnight without smudging it, there is no way we’re going to believe that she indeed woke up looking like that. The chances are that she woke up, put on a full face of makeup, and then got back in bed to take this picture.

Surprise Rendezvous

If this guy knew the first thing about ladies, he would have known that women can catch a lie faster than anyone else on the planet. Coming in at a close second to that talent are their innate detective skills. Seeing as he was caught red-handed, he was definitely unaware of both facts.

Apparently, John Doe here (for lack of a better name) lied, saying he was going to bed when, in fact, he was at the club. Guess who called him out on his lie? His girlfriend, of course. One thing’s for sure, though; he’s got some quick explaining to do if he doesn’t want to end up single.

Photoshopped Fail

In an era where the guys with ripped abs usually get the pretty girls, it’s not surprising that young men would do anything to join that club. The natural way would be going to the gym and sweating it out. Yet, unfortunately, getting washboard abs is a lot of hard work.

This guy wanted the results without the accompanying hard work. His solution was an appropriately lazy one, photoshop. What he failed to realize was that good photo-editing is equally challenging. Not only did multiple netizens immediately call him out, someone even took the time to let him know he’d forgotten to give himself a bellybutton with his new abs.


Yes, we all want that special someone who will try to sneak pictures of us. That was why this guy’s caption made us gush over his predicament – for just five seconds, though. Our “aww” moment fell through right as we realized our happily committed young man is actually very single.

Honestly, the only mistake this guy made was taking that selfie in front of a mirror. If he hadn’t, we wouldn’t have known. Although now that we know, all we’d say is that either he gets himself a girlfriend who will take those sneaky pictures he seems to be missing or just focus on some self-love instead.

Online Vegan

Either this man actually intended to be a vegan and failed at it – who can refuse the taste of grilled perfection? – or he just thought it was a good day to pull a stunt online. If it was the latter, then our self-proclaimed vegan picked the wrong day to profess his fake love for animals.

A friend called his bluff out barely hours after he made his vegan stance known. Apparently, a buddy had seen him indulging in a generous helping of half chicken half steak bowl earlier that same day. So much for leafy greens and strict adherence to veggies diet.


A Porsche is far from just a regular everyday car, and whoever can purchase one is certainly on a whole other level. So, it’s not surprising that many would want to know what it feels like to own such a sleek roadster.

This lady saw her dream ride and thought it would be nice to pretend to own it for a picture. The only issue is that she failed to dot her I’s and cross her T’s. A supposed Porsche owner holding a Volkswagen key? We can understand wanting to project a glamorous lifestyle online, but this seems to take the notion a bit far.

Nootella – Nutella

What happened here is a perfect example of someone who should have just let sleeping dogs lie. For one, who cares how Nutella is pronounced? Its beauty in its taste and not the name. Still, since they brought up the point, someone was quick to address it.

The mistake this critic made was thinking the product was American-based. They further assumed that the nut in Nutella should be pronounced the same way as hazelnut. It turns out they were wrong on both counts. Nutella is, in fact, an Italian product, and one does pronounce it as “nootella,” according to the company website. We hope this netizen learned a lesson here.

Celebrity Gossip Gone Wrong

We love to know about our favorite celebs, and who doesn’t? The intrigue increases to a whole new level when our beloved stars prefer to keep a few things hidden from us. So naturally, this gets us to our toes, and we can’t help but look for sources to suffice our cravings.

The internet is filled with websites that are there to serve us. Still, the feeling of responsibility gets to their head. They start exaggerating, which usually results in celebrity gossip gone wrong, something we see in this instance. Applause to the V-Man for the correction; we wouldn’t want our star to be in ‘mad panic.’

Fact Check Pro

Gossip culture has gone to our heads so much so that we don’t bother to check whether the news is accurate or not. But in order to survive, there has to be a balance. So we have people like these that go all out when it comes to fact-checking.

There seems to be beef between these two people. Maybe our fact check master was waiting for the other person to lie once to destroy the other person without delay. The feud is serious because they even attached a link to the news as the final nail in the coffin!

Next Level Confusion

All right, we agree that the English language can get confusing sometimes. For example, why does the word ‘queue’ has four unnecessary letters? But this guy right here is on a whole other level of confusion. Didn’t get it? Don’t worry, we’re here to save the day!

At first, this person enlightens us with some wisdom by saying “I am=I’m” and then says that ‘am’ doesn’t exist! Of course, we can rant about this statement, but we feel that this mic drop reply through a meme is pure perfection!

School Taught Us Good

We see people rant about how school taught us irrelevant things which we can’t practice in real life or are useless. Is cit entirely true, though? Not really. Schools teach us some basic ethics which can save us from embarrassing ourselves publicly.

Remember when we were not allowed to copy-paste or plagiarize our homework and essays? The teachers put effort to make sure that the students are coming up with something new each day. It seems like the anti-Apple joke was a rebel in school because had he abided by the rules in school, he wouldn’t be in a situation like this.

Show Off

Can we take a moment to appreciate the people who regularly post about their relationships on social media? They remind us that love is still alive and there is hope for us as well! Still, when we are feeling a bit low, these people could come across as show-offs.

It looks like this couple got cursed by one of us lonely chaps. So what if this picture is not candid? So what if it is planned? These poor people only wanted to show the world how cute they look while napping together. It’s okay though; they should be paying the price for looking so lovely together, right?

Called Out!

It is one thing to make up exciting lines or stories to get across to a target audience, but lying to them using a celebrity is an entirely different matter. It gets even worse when the star calls the publication out, as no one would enjoy using their name for falsehood.

This online newspaper did not bother to check their facts and decided to put up a deceiving caption, but in the end, it went downhill. The celeb in question who supposedly named his favorite movie Watchmen clapped back with a simple three-word reply, “No, I didn’t.”

No Sense Of Gratitude?

We all believe in aiming higher, but it’s very easy to forget to be grateful for what we have, especially when we did not work for them. This young lady took to social media to express her dissatisfaction with her family’s standard of living, but it ended with her mum pointing out all the many good things she enjoys.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t getting the message and tried to elaborate on the post, which upset her mother. We can’t blame her for getting agitated. If only the platform could block the young lady’s account until she learns a bit of appreciation for her parents and gratitude for what she already has!

Forgetful And Deceitful

“The internet never forgets” holds true for this case because anyone can fail to remember a previous post, but they can always refer back. Therefore it is vital to have a truthful or at least consistent timeline as we make posts.

This guy probably forgot that he was 29 years old 38 days ago, or he only had the intention to inspire more senior people to get a degree. Whatever the case may have been, he was called out by a user who did not take it kindly to being deceived and insulted with a poorly crafted storyline.

Made-Up Stories Aren’t Always Original

So this person picks up a phone, types a narration, spends quality time on it, sends it after proofreading for errors, and this was all they could come up with? Even a five-year-old with a belief in magic, princesses, Dragons, and glitters could have done much better.

What’s more unbelievable is that the person sent it for grown-ups to read and digest as a true story. Well, let’s hope the laughing emoji at the end of the post is an indication they know just how ridiculous the story sounds.

In Case Of An Emergency

One of the features of modern-day technology is how we connect with the world. Like how fast one can use their phones to call the police during an emergency. Well, the poster here did use her phone in case of emergency, just not how we would expect.

I mean, now people definitely know her house is under attack, except no one can be sure the appropriate authorities know that. Yet another concern is the two people that liked the post. Are they rooting for the person trying to break in? We really hope not.

Shades Don’t Lie

Confidence is the key to get through life’s several ups and downs, but a person must remember that over-confidence isn’t a fine trait. Take this man, for instance. He very self-assuredly lied to his girlfriend, and that too with a picture as proof.

Just when the gentleman thought he’s out of danger, the same photograph that was about to get him a green flag from his partner revealed his true intentions! We pity the guy, but let’s be honest, it’s a funny snapshot! Had he not sent the picture, his trick could have worked. Ouch!

Red Hair & White Lies

Adding filters to portraits has become a common trend these days, but be careful while changing the color of those tresses or beautiful eyes; it’s only a distraction, not a permanent change in a person’s appearance. So, when this gentleman would meet his date in real life, she’d probably run away thinking he’s not the same guy!

No amount of technology can alter our genetics, and it’s best we behave the way we are. Grooming and experimenting are a part of growing up, but this man would probably need a few more years to grasp that concept.

Ain’t Nobody That Poor In Math

This person on the internet shared about another individual doing 110,000 push-ups in one day. While that might sound like an unmatchable achievement, take a moment to look at the comments on the post. Someone gave a maths lesson to these people, and we think it’s beyond hilarious!

One doesn’t have to be a genius at doing this simple calculation. Even a fifth-grader would know how many seconds there are in a day and accordingly will tell that those digits are plain lies! The amount of confidence people have these days is bizarre!

Faking It Till They’re Making It

Rumors on the internet spread faster than bushfires, and they get shared millions of times that netizens actually start believing in them. Take, for instance, the full-form of news. According to a popular belief, it is Notable Events, Weather and Sport.

It may come as a surprise for all those who thought it’s right, but it is absolutely incorrect. There is no acronym attributed to this term. Search this on the browser, and one would find several other acronyms of the same terminology. News is, in fact, a legit word that comes from Nouvelles meaning, “new things” and nothing else! Surprised!?

Liar Liar, Pants On Fire

Though in this case, instead of pants being on fire, the person got fired from the office and then exposed on a social media platform for lying about why he left the position and humiliating his office staff.

It’s commendable how the colleague took a stand and gave this guy a lesson he’d remember for all his life. Some individuals forget to take responsibility for their actions and judging by what’s written in his post, it seems he was taking one for the team, instead! We bet his colleagues must feel relieved after his departure!