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They’re Cat It Again! S-purr-tacular Photos Of Cats Being Their Loveable, Goofy Selves

Before the Internet, we thought big ideas were the thing that was going to bring people together. Notions like freedom, love, solidarity. But no. In reality, there’s only one thing humanity universally enjoys, and that’s looking at cute cat snaps online! We have all done it before. Some of us more times than others. But for some reason, we just can’t seem to stop doing it. Cute cat pictures have become as essential as drinking water and breathing oxygen, and we’re afraid humans no longer know how to live without them. For that reason, and without further ado, let’s relax and continue to relish some of the newest, furriest, and most lovable cat snaps out there. Warning: What’s coming is bound to be a s-purr-tacular ride!

Look at Those Eyes

Some experts believe we are drawn to cats because they share some of the traits that we associate with human babies. Like babies, cats have beautiful eyes that sometimes seem way too large for their tiny bodies. Immediately, our senses of maternal and paternal instinctive protection are activated, making us fall in love with these creatures in less than a second.

But whether we’re being fooled by our animal brains or merely wise enough to appreciate the beautiful things in life, one thing’s for sure: we will never get tired of looking at pictures of lovely cats, like this fluffy white charmer over here.

So What If I’m Loved?

We feed them, pat them, treat them with the same respect we would offer to kings and queens. But that’s still not enough. To win a cat’s love is not only tough but sometimes close to impossible. And no matter what we do, our furry companion will often still not be impressed.

“Look, kitten. I love you so much that I’ve engraved you forever in my skin”! Meh, he says. Not even the God of felines himself would be able to get in the way of a cat and his moody afternoon nap.

A Job Well Done

Back in the day, cats were known as mousers because they were mainly seen to keep the rodent population under control. Now that rats are no longer a first-world problem, cats have switched from vicious killers to perfect companions. But the instinctive mind of the mouser is still there somewhere.

This adorable cat is eager to show his owner what he’s worth, and he did his best to present a leaf he hunted in the backyard. It’s not a mouse, but it’s roughly the same size and color, so it will have to do!

“Hunting? That’s a Peasant’s Job!”

Strangely enough, the Garfield-like cat in this picture is the only one who’s not orange! While his brothers prepare to defend the house from a vicious pigeon, he has decided to continue enjoying life as the Royal he is. Why hunt when food magically appears out of nowhere every single morning?

Yes, cats have very distinctive personalities, with some lazy cuties going over the top when it comes to “distinction.” This lovable purr machine seems to be eating for three and hunting for zero, but we love him anyway.

Try Not To Awww

Our hearts have just melted and dropped to the ground after seeing this picture of Winnie. This blind furry cutie has an exceptional way of communicating with her owner, and it’s as endearing as a million babies and a million puppies.

If anyone is feeling an instant urge to grab Winnie and load her with affection, that’s only natural. We feel it as well. Props to Winnie’s owner for being such a good cat lover and taking care of a cat some people wouldn’t want to adopt.


As our love for cats grows at a faster pace than the world’s economy, capitalism has found a way to catch up and flood the market with all kinds of cat-related products. But since humans are pretty bad at reading the minds and likes of cats, these products fail more often than they work.

No matter how many dollars we spend on spoiling our furry friends, they will sometimes find a way of making our efforts feel worthless. Take this cat, for instance. His owner thought he’d love his new bed, but he’s not even trying to use it correctly!

The Cutest War

A cat looks adorable even when piloting a killing machine. This cutie is so proud of his tank that he’s already preparing some secret attacks. Does he obey the President, His Majesty, or his owner? None of them, because cats only obey themselves!

Millions of years from now, pictures like this will start giving highly advanced felines some world domination ideas. But meanwhile, let’s enjoy their lovable company and find true happiness by looking at their heart-melting little faces.

House Cats Don’t Like Change

Unless someone is lucky enough to live in a big house with a big garden, the chances are that their cat is mainly a house cat, spreading cuteness all the way from the lobby to the bathroom. Unlike dogs, cats don’t lose their minds when confined to small apartments; but they can find it very hard to adapt to a new home.

When a house cat suddenly finds himself in another apartment, it feels like the whole world has just changed. It’s like going from living on Earth to living on Mars, with a little more furniture involved with no prior notice.

Cats Don’t Imitate People; People Imitate Cats!

Humans and cats have been living happily together for so long that people are now starting to become a lot more like their furry companions. And guess who’s not happy about it? This cutie, for sure! Anyone can tell from looking at its facial expression.

After hearing quite a realistic meow from one of his human buddies, this cat got scared. Strangely enough, we feel like humans would have a completely different reaction if the opposite happened. We can’t imagine hearing a kitten talking back.

Sir, Where’s The Security Clearance?

How cute would it be if cats could work as bodyguards? Sure, it would be pretty easy for a terrorist to knock these two down. But hurting a black cat is a guaranteed way of getting some bad luck in life.

Like the guardians of a secret underground society, these two furry buddies are ready to make sure their owner does not cross over the line. They have claimed the basement for themselves, and they’re not prepared to give it up easily!

This Cat Has Seen Stuff

Despite their utter cuteness, cats have the mind of a vicious predator who loves to hunt and kill his enemies. We know; we also find it hard to believe. But some cats do look like they have seen some problematic things during their time.

This extremely moody cat is certainly getting all the love he deserves, but his dark past still scars him as an alley cat. They say that dogs who bark don’t bite, but someone never knows when a cat’s about to strike.

Don’t Mess With a Grumpy Cat!

Cat owners are not always sure about who’s the boss around the house. Are humans really in control? Or do cats always get what they want by being cute or even grumpy? Come to think of it; humans do the most for their pets.

This furry beauty has claimed the sofa and the TV, and he’s not going to let his owner change the channel for nothing! Does someone want to watch a movie? Bad luck. I’m already watching this fantastic documentary on how they make balls of wool! Who’s the boss now?

Cat-Induced Paranoia

The human species has gone to great lengths to evolve, developing unbelievable technology and social advancements. But not even Albert Einstein himself would be able to solve the world’s biggest mystery: what do cats really think about?

According to this hilarious cat meme, they’re considering all the fun ways in which they would be able to kill us. It’s not like this applies to all cats, but we’re pretty sure this wide-eyed stalker is planning something somber. We hardly ever see a cat this focused.

To Chill is a Cat’s Job

We’ve been talking a lot about how cats are super cute, but we sometimes forget to mention how cool they are. Besides sharing the traits of deadly predators like tigers, lions, and panthers, they have a unique ability to look chilled and undisturbed in many instances, even when something tragic is bound to happen.

After the expensive cat structure his owner bought for him was ruined, this cat is continuing to defy gravity and common sense by ignoring the fact that he’s sitting on a house of cards. The coolest part is that, whenever this whole thing falls apart, he will still walk out, looking as hip as ever.

The Number 1 Suspect

Evidence shows this cat has made a mess, completely ruining a perfectly fine pot of onions. He was caught mid-act, and he is now going to have to face the consequences. Or will he? His reaction after getting busted is everything.

People talk about how white-collar crimes go unpunished a lot of the time, but nobody is raising awareness of the cat-collar crimes flying under the radar every single day! While humans get away with some things because they have money and power, cats find their way out through sheer cuteness. It’s only fair.

Bribing the Cat

Getting a cat to love us is as hard as juggling five bowling balls on top of a unicycle. It’s a delicate game of balance that takes a lot of effort. But this cat owner has found an easy way out: feeding his pet some delicious whipped cream every other night.

In the human world, this would be seen as a vicious bribe. But there are no rules when it comes to cats. Love cannot be bought, but whipped cream certainly can. And the adorable cat does not seem to mind either.

Confused Cat Lurks Around

We cannot begin to tell how glad we are that this raven is not real. After all, cats have a natural dislike for birds and an uncanny ability to make them suffer. If anyone has ever seen a cat viciously attacking a bird, they can tell that this otherwise cute animal is capable of some horrid actions.

Like a lion watching a gazelle, this lovely cat is carefully preparing his next move. We don’t know what he’s going to do, but we’re pretty sure it doesn’t involve being best friends with that poor fake raven. Someone should probably tell it the raven is a fake.

Polite Cat Steals Our Hearts

We’ve seen our share of grumpy and entitled cats who are nonetheless lovely. But what can be cuter than a furry kitty who’s actually polite? Mr. Ralph here loves to play with his best friend every single day, and he doesn’t mind waiting outside like a gentleman for a while.

A cat with manners? That’s a guaranteed way of getting your heart stolen! We love all cats, but Ralph and his delicate charms have made him into one of our favorite cats ever. We bet this gentle cat is an awesome playmate too.

Old Habits Die Hard

This lovely cat is finding it hard to be a grown-up. He used to love to sleep at his owner’s hand, but he hardly fits anymore. But cats are just like that. They will do whatever they want, even if such defies what’s possible and what’s not.

One of the main reasons why we love cats so much is because they have such strong and adorable personalities. All cats do share some common traits, but each cat is one of a kind, as proven by this man-child cutie.

Blinking Lights Make a Cat’s Day

A human, a cat, and a laser walk into a bar. And we already know what’s going to happen next! Making a cat chase laser lights like a crazed-out beast is as fun as life can get, mainly because cats have a soft spot for all kinds of blinking lights and beams.

But having a fully decorated Christmas tree is even better than having a laser. This purring beauty feels like he’s finally in paradise now that Christmas time has come. He can’t help but marvel at the colorful lights on the tree.

What Time Is It Now?

The caption explains it all. While some cats have a joyous personality and like to run and play all day, others are simply counting the hours until their next meal. This cat and his new food bowl are now best friends forever, and he doesn’t mind waiting for the next batch of crunchies.

Mr. Cat, you look like you could lose some weight in the tummy. But we get it. Sleeping all day while snacking on tasty cat food is way better than running around chasing mice like a hungry beast.

Mischief Managed!

Cats may not show it through affection, but they do care about their human companions. Enough to spy on them, it seems. This sneaky kitty, for example, was even caught snooping on his mom’s phone while she wasn’t looking. Too bad for him; his antics didn’t go undiscovered.

Still, we can’t help but wonder. What kind of mischief did this cat manage to do to warrant that wide grin on his face? If we were his mom, we’d be a bit worried. Maybe even sleep with one eye open whenever this little guy is around.

He’s Trying To Send A Message

Of course, not all cats are secretly plotting against their humans. Some are just thankful to have a life-long companion who will care for and love them unconditionally. This well-behaved kitten definitely belongs in the latter category. See, he didn’t always belong in a home.

Before finding his forever family, this cat was a lonely stray looking for companionship. He found it after being rescued, and now, he’s finding ways to send a “Thank you.” message to his human. It looks like he settled for this box, which just happened to have the exact words he’d say if he were able to talk.

A Little “Cinnamon Roll”

Now, this is one uniquely adorable cat! We’ve seen plenty of felines, but we can’t say we’ve found one that resembles a scrumptious cinnamon roll yet. Just look at the way his striped fur forms that familiar swirly pastry shape. If not for his cute face, it would be easy to mistake him for a tasty roll.

This little guy won’t be a fan of Cinnabon, though. While people can’t get enough of the bakery’s signature sweet treat, eating cinnamon rolls could be detrimental to a cat’s health. That’s because the cinnamon spice can trigger an allergic reaction in cats and should be avoided in all its forms.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Cat

Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat. He does whatever a spider can. It looks like somebody’s been reading a little too many Spider-Man comic books. At least enough to think they could imitate the friendly neighborhood hero, that is. We can’t really blame this kitten, though. Spidey does have amazing moves.

Too bad for him; he’ll soon realize he won’t be able to shoot webs out of his paws. He’ll just have to make do with the natural climbing skills he’s been gifted with. We’re sure he will be climbing up to high places in no time once he grows out of his cage.

This Is Bound To Be A Total Cat Fight

Now, this seems like a fight no one would want to be caught in the middle of. There’s a reason why women’s arguments have been dubbed as “catfights.” And we feel sorry for the person who would found out the reason why in this case.

We do wonder what caused this quarrel, though. Perhaps this tabby kitty munched on his mom’s favorite dress? Or maybe she forgot to buy him his favorite treats as promised? Oh well, here’s to hoping they eventually settled their differences before the argument turned into a total catfight.

“It’ll Be Over Soon, Blankie”

In many ways, raising a cat is just like raising a baby, especially in the way both can get attached to their things. Take this little guy, for example. Apparently, his human took away his favorite blanket to wash it. That clearly upset him, and so, he waited by the washing machine to keep an eye on his blankie.

It almost looks like he’s telling the piece of cloth, “It’ll be over soon.” as he watches it tumble in the water. We can only imagine how happy he was when he finally got to play with his blankie. Hopefully, he didn’t mind that his favorite toy smelled a bit different.

Kitty Wants A Turn On The Horsie

Here’s more proof that cats are just like little kids. This gray tabby saw her human siblings playing on the rocking horse and wanted a go at the fun ride, too. She took it upon herself to climb on top of the rocker for her turn, but there’s one problem: she doesn’t know how to make it move!

And so, she would wait there patiently meowing until her humans rock the horse for her. Maybe her owners can buy her one that’s a better fit for her size? We bet Amazon would have one that can accommodate her size better.

The Stuff Of Nightmares

People love taking pictures of their cats. The thousands (if not millions) of cute feline photos on the Internet prove that. But not all snapshots are awww-worthy. Some of them can be downright scary. And this nightmare-inducing snapshot of this white cat is one of the latter.

Apparently, the owner of this floofy but seemingly faceless pet simply wanted a picture of their little furball. But instead of smiling at the camera, the kitty suddenly sneezed. Thus, his face ended up so blurred in the resulting photo; we can’t even make out his features anymore.

Easter Eggs And Ham

Pets aren’t typically the primary factor that influences people in their choice of home decor. But there are times when things just work out perfectly. A case in point is this gray tabby cat who turned into an adorable ball of colors thanks to his mom’s new window sticker.

The groovy effect was achieved by an Easter-themed decal the feline’s owner had on their door. And since cats like lying in the sunlight, he ended up bathed in hues that made him look like something out of a Dr. Seuss story. Easter eggs and ham, anyone?

Oh, The Betrayal!

As people say, one can never have too much of a good thing. So, why not get a “cat” that looks exactly like the pet one already has? That’s probably what the owner of this gray kitty when they “cloned” him on a pillow. What they didn’t anticipate is how the original would react.

Clearly, he doesn’t look too pleased to see his equally fluffy doppelganger, who’s even imitating his go-to shocked expression. The poor guy probably feels betrayed by his human, judging by his reaction. Still, we think it was money well-spent for that impressively accurate pillow.

Albert Has Been Through A Rough Day

Now that we know the full story behind this funny image, we can’t help but feel sorry for little Albert. Apparently, the Persian cat suddenly had to get surgery when his veterinarian found a cyst on his leg. That’s why his beautiful fur had to be shaved off almost completely.

And to err on the side of caution, his owner decided to put him in a cone in case he pulled on his stitches. Safe to say, Albert went through a rough day when this photo was taken. No worries, though! He recovered successfully and eventually got freed from his cone.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Cats have a reputation for being loners. But that doesn’t prevent them from teaming up with each other from time to time, especially when they have a common dream. The dream, in this case, was to get access to the snack shelf, where their human keeps all the tasty treats.

By the looks of things, they likely accomplished their mission that day. Hopefully, these two smart kitties didn’t overindulge themselves when they finally reached their snacks. We’d hate to find out that they ended up on an emergency trip to the vet after such an impressive feat.

Merry Kitty-Mas!

Nothing can get one into the holiday spirit in an instant, quite like decorating a Christmas tree. For cat people, though, it’s all about dressing up their pets in colorful sweaters. Even better is when the felines participate as willingly as this charming pair did.

According to their owner, the cats didn’t protest much when they put on their costumes. In fact, they eventually ended up in this pose after 20 minutes, even without being instructed. Now, that’s enough to make any pet parent’s Christmas (or should we say Kitty-mas?) a merry one indeed.

If It Fits, He Sits

This Bengal cat looks just like a wild feline and behaves just as wild, too. For some reason, he prefers to sit like his human friends instead of laying on the floor like other cats. He even perched himself up his tower to make a seat out of it.

This is definitely a new level of the “if it fits, I sits” cat stereotype if ever we’ve seen one. Maybe this habit has something to do with Bengal cats’ origins? They do have a significant amount of Asian leopard cat DNA in them, after all.

“Mom Will Hear About This!”

Blending a pet family comes with its fair share of challenges. Just like kids, cats can sometimes take a while to get used to living with a new sibling. This seems to be the case with these squabbling feline siblings. The white one even seems to be warning her bully about telling their mom about his misdeeds.

Lucky for her, mom happened to be on the scene and saw the entire thing. Now, she can finally prove to her boyfriend that his cat really does pick up fights with hers. Here’s to hoping the pet parents found a way to make their furry companions get along.

An Alice In Wonderland Situation

Remember that scene in Alice in Wonderland where Alice drinks a bottle labeled “drink me,” and she suddenly grows into a giant? That’s what this funny cat photo reminds us of. It appears that the sleeping feline simply grew too big for his home!

Of course, that isn’t really what’s going on here. This is just the result of an online shopping fail. Apparently, the little guy’s human forgot to check the dimensions of the cat house they were buying and only realized the mistake when it arrived at their doorstep.

Kung Fu Kitty

We’ve seen Kung Fu Panda. Now, it’s time that cats get their chance to shine. This feline definitely looks ready to fight his way into the spotlight. He’s got the moves and has been training all of his life for it, after all. What could go wrong?

It’s just that we’re not sure martial arts is the perfect fit for his natural abilities. Domestic cats aren’t really known for their fighting skills. Maybe he can take acting classes instead? We hear Hollywood is sometimes on the lookout for animal talents for its movies.

Anything For A Drink

Of all the amazing things we’ve seen cats do, this is probably among the ones we’d find hard to believe without photographic proof. Luckily, Milo’s owner had her phone in her hand to capture his impressive water-drinking skills in action.

Being one smart cookie, Milo managed to figure out how to lap out water from the fridge’s in-door dispenser. This feat amazed not just his mom but also 39,000 or so people who retweeted the photo after it was shared on Twitter. We do have to wonder, though, why is Milo that willing to do anything for a drink?

He’s Handsome, And He Knows It

For all their quirks, cats really do live up to their reputation for being cool. Take this handsome guy, for example; he knows he looks good and acts like it, too. We bet he’s the tomcat every Molly (the term for female cats that aren’t pregnant) in the neighborhood has a crush on.

We feel sorry for his owner, though, because felines can get pretty rowdy during mating season. There’d be a lot of sleepless nights for them in the future with a stunner like this one. That is unless they decide to have the little guy neutered, as many cat owners do.

Buy A Shoji Door They Said

It looks like someone’s starting to regret they bought a new shoji door. And it’s definitely not these acrobatic kitties. In fact, it seems like they thought that the traditional Japanese divider was some kind of toy for them and didn’t hesitate to get a good workout out of trying it.

Guess this is just the price one has to pay for having curious cats as pets. That said, it’ll probably a long way before the owner of these cats spends cash on something nice again. There’s always a risk of them destroying it, as this caught-in-the-act photo proves.

The Purr-Fect Bunkmates

Now, this is money well spent! Instead of buying multiple cat beds and having her floor space taken over, the mom of these adorable siblings got them a three-level bunk bed. That proved to be a fantastic solution as the three felines can now have their own sleep corner complete with blankets and pillows.

And we’ve got to say; it’s impressive how she managed to keep them all from ruining this arrangement. It seems like the three of them are the purr-fect bunkmates looking at them, laying there all well-behaved and tucked in for bed.

Life’s Not Fair

Talk about life not being fair! This poor doggo had to contort himself in a small cat bed after his small sibling kicked him out of his own bed. And it’s not like the two of them can’t fit on the much larger one now, can they?

No worries, though. Their pet parent says that the two of them have a much better relationship than this photo implies. They get along well and sometimes share their things with each other. They even take over their human’s furniture from time to time and claim the communal couch as their own.

Mastering The Art Of Keeping Toasty

Cats may appear like lazy slobs who do nothing but sleep all day. But what many don’t realize is that they just spend their time wisely. This cozy kitty, for example, spends her days mastering the art of keeping toasty and warm by the fireplace.

After a couple of trials and errors, this is the position she came up with: laying down flat with her paws raised to the fire. Who’s the lazy one now? Hopefully, she knows better than to go any closer, though. It would be a shame for her beautiful hair to get toasted, too.

Cat By Dali

Guess what famous painting this kitty reminds us of? Yes, it’s that one by Salvador Dali where a couple of clocks appear to have been melted in a dreamy landscape. In this case, though, this flexible cat only “melted” on his human’s living room furniture.

We don’t doubt Dali himself would’ve found inspiration from this funny scene for his art. A known feline lover, he featured cats in some of his work. Remember that surreal photo of him and three flying felines? The late Spanish artist even owned an ocelot called Babou.