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You Won’t Believe The Surprising Things Some People Found Inside Everyday Objects

Unexpected places often present the most surprising things. We know of ancient treasures found lying at the bottom of oceans and World War II plane graveyards. New civilizations, valuable resources, and even planets are discovered all the time. However, some of the most spectacular surprises are those that are hidden within other objects. These are often accidental discoveries that happen when we unexpectedly look inside things. One wouldn’t think that a broken item had any value unless it’s restored to its former glory. A few broken objects have proven that we shouldn’t judge at face value. We came across photos of things hidden inside various objects. These treasures wouldn’t have been discovered if the items encasing them hadn’t broken. Please feast on some of the unexpected items that emerged.

Hidden In Plain Sight

We all dream of striking gold and it would be awesome if we discovered it right in our backyard. The world is a mysterious place and folks are always finding treasures hidden right under their noses. This case, for instance, reveals that what appears to be an ordinary item is, in fact, a gem.

Cut in half, the shell exposed the opals hiding inside it, and anyone might have overlooked it. This makes us want to break those decorative shells we have around the house to find out if we have similar treasures in our possession, no matter how slim the chances are!

An Unlucky Bowling Ball

Anyone with a mild case of trypophobia should look away now because this photo is disturbing in a sense. For one, it reveals what’s hidden inside a bowling bowl, but in this case, it’s more than we ever imagined. On the other hand, it leaves us with the puzzle about how those pool balls ended up in there.

Perhaps this is someone’s customized bowling bowl and they wanted to make it a truly lucky one. They decided to stuff it with their lucky charms, including a “lucky” 8-ball. Given the state of the bowling bowl, we don’t think that those pool balls worked their charm.

When Onions Have Hidden Layers

Onions are used in every other recipe and the ingredient is also used for therapeutic purposes. The medicinal properties include being known to be antimicrobial and to contain antioxidants, making them popular for pharmacological activities. One aspect we know about the bulb is that it has many layers.

This one, in particular, proves that it has more layers than anticipated because when sliced open, it revealed another fully-grown onion inside. Like other mutations we’ve seen, the onion inside came encased with skin and all the other components found in an onion.

Diamond Tree

When people talk about fossils, images of old dinosaur bones come to mind. But terrestrial vegetation can also be fossilized, and the result is impressive. This phenomenon occurs when the organic materials of the cell walls start being replicated with minerals.

While this chunk of a tree looks like it’s transforming into a diamond, it’s rather becoming silica, mostly in the form of chalcedony, quartz, and opal. Considering how beautiful petrified wood is, it’s a wonder so few people know about it.

A Toon-Filled Discovery

Most people have switched over to laptops with touchpads or touch screens nowadays, but we’ve all used a computer mouse at some point and a mouse pad too. These computer accessories come in different designs and some even offer wrist support. Ever wondered how the inside of a squishy mouse pad looks?

This photo puts an end to the mystery because this guy found his stuffed with layers of thick, anime-decorated material. We would like to see this as a form of recycling. Why use a new material if there’s already existing material?

Fully Loaded Bell Pepper

Anyone who cooks a lot must have used bell peppers on several occasions and knows that they come in different colors. There’s the common green variety when they are raw (a green pepper is just an unripe yellow pepper), and as they ripen, peppers turn yellow, orange, or red. In terms of their flavor, the green unripe ones taste bitter compared to the ripe ones.

Then there’s this one-of-a-kind red pepper that had a green pepper inside it. We consider it a real bargain because a little color in any dish goes a long way. Not to forget about their low-calorie count and good Vitamin C profile.

Not What’s Expected

Dogs often chew things, and to prevent them from tearing into treasured belongings it’s a good idea to get them a couple of chew toys. These toys also keep our four-legged friends preoccupied and keep them out of trouble for a while.

This family must have heard their dog’s chew toy producing some crinkling sounds only to discover this surprise. Instead of the chew toy coming with the usual cotton filling, it had a bottle inside. If they spent a lot on it, they must have been disappointed by the unexpected discovery.

Upping The Nutrition

Eggs are a good source of high-quality protein, and a great thing is that they are inexpensive. They are also noted for their health benefits, for instance, they are a good source of Vitamin D. In turn, Vitamin D protects bones keeping conditions like rickets and osteoporosis at bay.

Now this person also got a two-for-one deal, and we are starting to imagine that food mutations are quite common. Fortunately, removing the shell of a boiled egg is required; otherwise, they might have gotten an unexpected surprise if they took a bite.

Sinking The Putt

Surprising objects can be found anywhere, even in nature. This tree looked like nothing special until someone cut it open to find a strange object inside. And by the looks of it, someone has been playing golf rather badly near this poor tree…

It’s almost unbelievable that a golf ball remained lodged inside a tree for so long, but it’s the only explanation. Unless trees are sprouting golf balls now, this is a clear case of Tiger playing too close to the Woods. Not what most people have in mind when they think about sinking the putt.

How Does Fire Work?

Well-crafted fireworks show can feel a little bit like magic, but the techniques involved in the stunts are centuries-old and quite simple. To make fire “dance”, all that’s required is a well-choreographed pattern with a fuse right in the middle.

Let’s hope that knowing the facts behind a fireworks show doesn’t take anything away from the feeling of watching. Naturally, not all fireworks are this simple: in 2021, London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks cost over $2 million to the local party planners.

Red Newt Sandwich

One lesson to learn quickly while progressing through this list is to thoroughly inspect any food item before chowing down. The BLT that’s on the plate for lunch might just harbor an unusual ingredient that should be noted.

Like this guy’s sandwich, which just happened to have a red newt inside. Fortunately, this guy made the discovery before he dug in. We wonder if he was reimbursed and how they explained it. Perhaps it’s just an indication that the eatery is using organic ingredients that are free of pesticides!

Rock-Solid Facts

While people don’t tend to pay much attention to rocks, these timeless objects of nature have been around for millions of years and deserve nothing but respect. Rocks are so fascinating and mysterious that some rocks even have a second rock hidden in their core. But why?

This is the result of a natural process known as weathering rind. The outer portion of the rock was directly exposed to natural elements present in the air or water and has for that reason changed in shape and texture. On the other hand, the rock’s core has remained relatively unchanged.

 A Rocky Surprise

This one rocks for sure, no pun intended. Geologists dedicate their time to studying rocks because they hold crucial information about our planet. People collect them too for decorative purposes. A Wisconsin family were blown away when they discovered these two gems.

They found the two broken pieces of rock at the beach, first coming across the indented piece and then happening upon the second one. The second piece took them 30 minutes to find, but it was located just a few steps away from where they found the first piece. It looks like a fossil from eons ago.

Two Oranges In One

When they say that “two is better than one,” they should insert a photo of this orange to support the statement. There’s something therapeutic about peeling an orange and enjoying the tasty pulp as the payoff. It doesn’t mean that the process is mess-free, though.

An easy way to avoid the mess is to slice the top and bottom off and then peel the orange. This person did just that and they were in for a treat when they sliced off the top. They found another orange inside! One doesn’t see such a thing every day; the only thing now is that it presents the challenge of peeling two oranges.

Garlic By Any Other Appearance…

Garlic adds a layer of flavor to every dish, but the prepping process can prove to be a pain. That’s particularly the case when needing several bulbs of garlic for a given recipe, and it’s the reason why several gadgets exist to make the garlic preparation process easier.

The part one can’t escape is peeling the bulb, and just imagine finishing the process only to find this fluke of nature. This one doesn’t come with the characteristic cloves, but instead, it’s one whole piece. This makes the preparation process easier, and one definitely doesn’t see this every day.

The World’s Upside Down Now

At first glance, this looks like a regular Kit Kat bar. But a chocolate expert can tell the difference right away. What makes this Kit Kat bar unique is the way the biscuit is presented: the bars should be horizontal, but they’re clearly vertical.

Considering how standardized products like Kit Kat tend to be, this seemingly unimportant piece of chocolate happens to make for a unique, surprising object. It belongs in a Kit Kat museum, but it’s safe to assume it ended up in someone’s belly.

Twice The Luck

Some board games may have declined in popularity in recent years, but most people still enjoy the occasional game. They are the perfect solution when wanting to unplug from today’s digitally-driven world to get lost in hours of classic gameplay instead.

Most board games also make use of dice, and a little luck when rolling can help advance players in the game. This person must have thought that their luck was down when they broke the dice only to realize that it was a blessing in disguise. We imagine this is what they mean by the expression “twice the luck.”

Filled With Grapes

This here is another example of a food-related mutation that provided a two-for-one treat to someone. The grape had another tiny grape that was growing inside of it, and anyone who stumbles upon it would be amused by this delightful surprise.

This teaches us an even bigger lesson; we should savor and enjoy the things we eat but also be more observant. Most of us just pop whole grapes in our mouths not giving them a once over. Who knows how many two-in-one deals passed us by just because we didn’t take the time to look.

 A Fruity Fruit

When we thought that tangerines couldn’t get any more delicious, we came across this photo. The delightful fruit hid within it yet another pea-sized tangerine that was about one-tenth of its size. Even cuter is the fact that the person who came across it, peeled the tiny fruit.

The tiny tangerine piece isn’t one to share with anyone, and we hope that there was a way to preserve it as a keepsake. At least this photo exists to prove that beauty can be found inside just about anything on this planet.

Explains The Bargain

These days, one can find an IKEA store in just about every state and several countries across the globe. The booming multinational company offers ready-to-assemble home accessories, kitchen appliances, and furniture. Better still, they often come at an affordable price.

The issue comes when deciding to perform a little inspection, accidentally, as this person did. The wood layer at the back of their IKEA table came off and it potentially revealed why the furniture is offered at such a bargain. Cardboard made up the table’s interior support, and after seeing this, some people might rethink their furniture purchases.

A Hidden Goldmine

Car USB chargers have saved the day on numerous occasions, and anyone who is attached to their phone can attest to this fact. The nifty device ensures that worrying about drained batteries is a thing of the past by allowing the recharging of gadgets while on the move.

The problem comes when two people need to use the gadget, and many vehicles typically only come with one port to use these devices. Well, this particular one hid a goldmine within it all along because when removing the cover it reveals two USB ports!

When Kissing Enough Frogs…

In yet another case of a statue hiding a secret, this one revealed yet another statue within it. What’s even more fascinating is that it’s a statue of frogs that revealed what looks like a carving of other animals—pigs—inside it.

Could it have been an intentional cover-up or just another accidental coincidence? After making such a discovery, we doubt the owner would decide to patch it up to its original form. If anything, they now have an entirely new decorative item that should serve as a conversation piece when hosting guests.

Beneath The Surface

When playing a game of chess, the goal is to protect the king and queen because they are the pieces that are the most powerful. The king is the piece that also determines who wins each game. It’s a given that the same applies when handling and storing chess pieces, but things went wrong, and this piece got broken.

This broken piece reveals that beneath the surface, the queen is nothing more than a regular pawn. It may just have just been a production flaw and no one would’ve ever known about it if the piece didn’t break.

A Case Of False Advertising

Shoe deodorant is a great invention for curbing smells. The shoe odor eliminators come in various forms, including deodorizer pads, inserts, powders, and sprays. Besides eliminating the funk from shoes, most are also equipped to kill germs. The same can’t necessarily be said about regular deodorant sprays.

That’s the unpleasant surprise this person had to deal with. What they thought was a shoe deodorizing spray turned out to be nothing other than regular women’s antiperspirant spray. It seems like an accidental packaging fluke, and the quality control department in this company has serious questions to answer.

All Legs

Teddies are popular toy choices for kids of all ages, and there are even adults who collect them. Teddies are known for their cuddly appearance, and the kind that comes with outfits only seems fuzzier. Kids, or even parents who want to launder the toys, sometimes undress these teddies.

This teddy’s sweater came off, revealing that the doll was all legs. Whether it’s a design flaw or that’s how these teddies look underneath the sweater, it’s a bit hilarious. We bet the toymakers never expected that their secrets would be uncovered.

Horsing Around

Not even kid’s toys are free from surprises and someone at the toy factory that churned out this piece must have been horsing around. They might have run out of artificial hair for the horse tail and figured that a doll’s head would do the trick.

Knowing that kids often break their toys within no time, this could come off as a cruel trick. What happened here was an intentional exploration mission after this kid’s parents opened it up to find out what was inside. What they found inside looks like something from a horror movie!

Dissecting A Punching Bag

We’ve always assumed that punching bags are filled with some type of fiber or foam. Never would we imagine that they come stuffed with what looks like pieces of clothing. The first question would be how the discovery came about.

Someone might have gone to town on the punching bag, causing it to burst open. But it looks like something that happened gradually to eventually reveal the dirty secret hidden inside. We hope that this is an isolated case and that not all punching bags come filled with bits of clothing.

A Mini Screwdriver

When we were younger, we all wanted to grow up, and we looked up to older folks who could pretty much do as they pleased. This photo brings back those memories, except that it looks like a screwdriver that took the easy way out.

The mini screwdriver got encased with the black cover somehow and it made it appear bigger than its actual size. We are not too sure if a bigger handle changes the performance of the screwdriver in any way, but maybe it just provided a better grip.

One Pool Won’t Do

Having a pool at home is a luxury most of us can only dream about but thankfully, we have several public places where we can access similar facilities. During the summer months, a dip in the pool is a great way to beat the heat.

The occupants of this house decided that having just one pool wouldn’t do, and they went for a pool within a pool. The entire pool is the same depth instead of the usual shallow and deep-end model. At least it stands out from the rest.

 A Troublesome Can

Canned food and beverages are convenient, making them easy to take along when on the go. Sodas, in particular, are popular even at home, and they come with an easy-to-open lever. Some cans like this one remind us that they can end up being a nightmare to open.

The person popped open the lever, and instead of giving them access to the delicious beverage within, they found out that they would have to wait before enjoying the drink. Another lever hidden beneath stood in the way and it looks like they had to go looking for a can opener which beats the whole purpose of the lever!

A Pocketful Of Science

Pockets are functional elements added to outfits, and many of us would prefer if our clothes came with several of them. They may also add a layer of design to the outfits because they often come with zippers or buttons.

This pair of jeans, however, proves that some might truly qualify for the description of a pocketful of surprises. A sneaky student found a way around acing their science exams by printing out the periodic table of elements on their jeans’ pockets. We think it would just be easier to study than go through the torture of trying to sneak a peek at the pockets during an exam.

The Wrong Shade Of Green

The world is pushing towards a greener economy, but this is probably taking it too far. What looked like a regular iPad case turned out to be a handmade product with a little… surprise. It’s bad enough that the interior is made out of cardboard, but that’s not all.

Regular cardboard would be okay, but a tablet case filled with a toothpaste box? That’s not what people expect to find when they buy a new tablet case. Suddenly, this feels less like a sustainable product and more like an e-commerce scam.

Super Glue’s Alter Ego

In the world of household glue, super glue is the nominal superhero. And like most superheroes, this particular super glue also has a secret identity. It’s not Clark Kent or Peter Parker, but rather a regular tube of glue that’s not super at all.

While it’s cool to think of super glue as a superhero, this is the kind of mishap that can make people feel furious. Not only super glue has a secret identity, but it’s a Russian one! Is this superhero movie suddenly turning into a Cold War thriller?

Summertime Glitch

According to simulation theory, humanity is living in a computer simulation. It’s a far-fetched idea, but one that applies perfectly to this non-sensical ice cream cone. This mess was probably caused by a faulty factory machine, but it really looks like a glitch in the Matrix.

It’s a double-wrapped ice cream cone with a second packaging that goes inside the first. That’s confusing enough, but the saddest thing is that this delicious-looking cone is probably not appropriate for human consumption. Not to mention the fact it contributes to packaging waste.

Two Cacti, One Destiny

Every dog-owner knows that dogs need to chew on something. Constantly. And that’s probably why someone decided to invent toys that are meant to be chewed. So far, so good. But the real question here is: why the sad face?

Cactus number one was completely devoured by a playful dog, while cactus number two was left intact. So why is he so unhappy? Not to overthink a toy’s expression, but there’s a good chance he’s simply terrified about what’s coming up next.

The Owl Enigma

There are big mysteries in the world, and then there are little ones. This poor decorative owl got broken in half and revealed a puzzling enigma. Concealed inside were four strange figurines that look like they’d always been there. But how? And why?

Assuming there’s no way of putting things inside the owl, it’s safe to conclude the figurines have been there since the moment the statue was made. It’s most likely an Easter egg created by some bored sculptor, which only came to light when this poor owl met its fateful destiny.

A Balcony Railing Society

Humans have taken control of the natural world, but they’re still forced to deal with unwanted animals here and then. Found a wasp nest on the balcony railing? That’s as desirable as seeing a deer crossing the highway. But that’s the thing about bugs: seen or unseen, they have adapted majestically to the world humans have built.

Checking the balcony railings for wasp nests should become a new weekly chore. But while these bugs can leave a sting, they’re also entitled to a life: insect societies can be extremely complex and hierarchical and make for a fascinating object of study for scientists.

A Plush With A Plus

Unlike most secret objects on the list, this is the result of some well-made manufacturing, not the opposite. This poor dog looks like he’s guilty about having destroyed his new squeaky toy, but he’s actually done everything the way he was supposed to.

After all, this Yoda-inspired plush was surely meant to be ripped apart by man’s best friend. Inside the plush was a squeaking heart, which means the makers of the toy must have been expecting this to happen from the very beginning. May the Force be with them.

Smart Slap-On Bracelet

Slap-on bracelets made for a DIY fad in the ’90s, but not all bracelets were purely decorative. While most of these accessories served no real purpose (other than making wrists look pretty), this particular slap-on bracelet contains a functional, handy secret inside.

Saying this is an engineer’s slap-on bracelet would make for a good guess. This very special bracelet is not only decorative but extremely practical: it can be used in math class, in sewing, and for woodwork. It’s always smart to have a ready-to-use measuring tool.

A Secret Weapon

It’s already been about 65 million years since dinosaurs last walked on the planet. It doesn’t prevent those of us with overactive imaginations from envisioning a day when these creatures might spring back to life to once again rule the planet.

If we came across this trailer on the highway, we would also take lots of photos to document it, whether the animal is real or not. It’s wishful thinking on our part, but this could be a Tyrannosaurus Rex engineered by the army as one of America’s secret weapons. The military-style vehicle only promotes the mystery surrounding what we are seeing.

A Spooky Reveal

Halloween is the holiday where everyone embraces fear. People also use it as an excuse to dress up in all manner of costumes and chow down on all the candy they can eat. It’s not often that one will be frightened by a spooky item that was lying around the house.

This family was in for a scare when they undressed a Frankenstein’s monster toy they had and discovered that it was spookier on the inside. They found a structure shaped like a human’s head making up the inner part of the doll. It sure gives more meaning to the name “Dr. Frankenstein”!

Stephen Erikson King

Someone must have had a lot of explaining to do at this publishing house when this mistake came to light. In another world, this may be a book mash-up genre that becomes the next big thing, but on the planet we live in, it could end up being a costly mistake.

This publication by Steven Erikson, a Canadian author, had some pages of a Stephen King novel inserted inside it. We believe it’s the result of a simple accident, but if legalities were involved it could expose the publishing house to a lawsuit. Either way, we wouldn’t mind having such a truly unique book in our possession.

Hidden Inside A Buddha Statue

We can learn a lot about past civilizations from ancient relics, and that’s why historians continually study these artifacts. The process usually involves studying the antiquities externally and also subjecting them to scans to uncover what is hidden within them.

A case in point is this Buddha statue that researchers discovered in 1990. It is more than 1,000 years old. In the bid to restore the statue to its former glory, they did an x-ray and found out that it encased a mummy. Believed to be one of a kind, the mummy remains encased within the statue to preserve its integrity.

Concretely Not Concrete

This “concrete” table hides a secret, and it’s all about saving money. Because concrete is more expensive than styrofoam, the people who made this sturdy-looking table decided to save some and present their clients with a product that looks tougher than it actually is.

One can even say this table is a little bit like some people we all know: they look strong on the outside, but they’re all soft and sweet on the inside. Still, that’s no excuse to sell a concrete table that, in the end, is mostly made out of styrofoam.